How Lewis Hamilton's Race Unravelled | 2020 Russian Grand Prix 

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Lewis Hamilton started the 2020 Russian Grand Prix hoping for his record-equalling 91st race win, but two time penalties for practice start infringements put him on the back foot almost from the outset.
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Tony Chapman
Tony Chapman 16 napja
They’ll probably give him a speeding fine at the next race too!
Malik DJ
Malik DJ 16 napja
I don’t know why lewis is being treated like this in formula 1. Hes a GREAT driver
Kenny Ren
Kenny Ren 17 napja
If the fia think they break the rules, fine, just give penalties... but there was no way to give penalties in that way... really haven't seen anything like that in my whole life...
Davis Patterson
Davis Patterson 18 napja
I agree with the stewards, anything dangerous must be penalised. But couldn’t understand why they failed to penalise that ‘huge wasp’ that stopped Bottas from overtaking Lewis in the 1st and 2nd corners!
Nelson Davila
Nelson Davila 19 napja
Bono sus
Esteban Ocon
Esteban Ocon 20 napja
At least the best driver got a penalty
Kallem Sanith
Kallem Sanith 20 napja
Lewis :- What happened Seb :- Honestly Max :- Unbelievable Legend Kimi :- FoR wHaT...
Tony Bowker
Tony Bowker 21 napja
Turns out Leclerc did exactly the same thing in Belgium with the same notes and remains unpunished. Yes the FIA are out to get Hamilton.
Jack Pat
Jack Pat 21 napja
Ridiculous ... F1 becomes a Monopoly game.... not a speed sport anymore.
letsrockza 21 napja
reeks of conspiracy!!!!!
Lachlan P
Lachlan P 21 napja
Hamilton after penalty: '*******' Riccardo after penalty: 'I'll go faster'
M T 18 napja
Go check out Riccardo's attitude towards his team when he lost the 2016 Monaco Grand Prix. You're welcome.
Hideyoshi No-Kami
Ferrari should offer Bono a contract
Vegas Flatout
Vegas Flatout 21 napja
Where’s that in the rule book.
Pasión Verdolaga
It's a shame FIA is looking for excitement based on penalties
KWAW 22 napja
Lewis, you are the firm figure in the history books when it comes to motor racing, so keep your head down and take it easy as always. Love you.
Amit Patel
Amit Patel 22 napja
Well deserved penalty. 1) Lewis should have discussed such a departure from normal practice start procedures BEFORE getting in the car. 2) He gained an advantage over his rivals for doing this. 3) The team let him do this twice. Was no one paying attention to his location / telemetry before the race start?
Etienne Botha
Etienne Botha 22 napja
suur gat hammie
Android Lee
Android Lee 22 napja
Don't really understand.. What was the mistake committed?
10-sec penalty in the middle of the race and he still managed to end up 3rd. 🐐
SB40 22 napja
Pacifier matters.... when the baby cries
eudofia 23 napja
But why did Mercedes choose to serve the penalty by stopping Hamilton for 10 seconds in the pits? They could allowed him to race, and open up a sizable margin by the end of the race, and when the 10 seconds was added, it would not affect his position. That was what Renault and some other team did. At best Lewis would have finished 2nd. IMO, Mercedes just wanted to gift the win to Bottas. Remember that the team owes Bottas a favor when in 2018 in this same Russian GP he was asked t o move over so that Hamilton would maximize his championship points when he was fighting with Vettel.
pheon1300 23 napja
Without been a fan of Hamilton,all this penalty’s and “rules “,are ridiculous and destroying f1
I mean it's their for safety reasons, teams should just know it's there and there wouldn't be an issue here
G.E.O. 23 napja
Hoten Hitonokoe
Hoten Hitonokoe 23 napja
Go Hamilton
Andrew Davis
Andrew Davis 23 napja
Give Hamilton a t-shirt with the slogan 'F1 Rules Matter'.
cob0745 23 napja
I’m not a huge Hamilton fan and even I say that is B$#’фт
iinsoon 23 napja
Team Made a huge mistake giving him misleading information. Disappointed.
Skippy68Son 23 napja
On Sunday I thought Lewis was being a sore loser. Hearing this, the team lead him wrong. Between Merc and Ferrari they just cannot seem to get it right.
tuberholic 23 napja
After he breaks the record, I'd like to see Hamilton go to another team and see how much of it is the car and how much of it is the driver. Just curious.
I mean he has already done that? He didn't start for Mercedes you know that right?
A BB 23 napja
FIA tryna bring him down..
Сергей Александрович
Первый раз Льюису посочувствовал...
Asseletion 23 napja
Guess Merc are doing what they can to help Botas 😅
Świr Troll Szarman
F1 Compromitation. two days after race the fult points was cancelled. It;s non consencvention and it's a shame of FIA.
HXC1 X726
HXC1 X726 23 napja
stuart mcmahon
stuart mcmahon 23 napja
rules is rules, but i think he tried too hard to win this race, started in qualifying, some laps disallowed for trying to push too hard.. he'll get that record, just needs to calm down and drive how he always does.
jz1199 23 napja
is there a video out there that clearly shows both of his "out of place" practice starts he got the penalties for? Official F1 page has a video about this, but there is only the supposedly 2nd practice start shown there, and Bono even says they did 2 separate out of place starts there, which both got penalized
Jay Bee
Jay Bee 23 napja
Newbie here.. why did he have to start from there.. and what does all rubber mean.
Jay Bee
Jay Bee 22 napja
@MiniBirthMyChildren Thank You so much for taking the time. Super helpful. There is so much debate going on out there and I want to understand why that decision was made and why was it penalized even though it didn't jeopardize safety of other cars. Just because its a race directors rules set for the race ? Does not make sense to me.. thanks again mate !
The reason they have to practice start in pit lane is for safety reasons else a car could just stop in the middle of the track to practice start which is dangerous All rubber means there is a lot of rubber from the tires on the ground, this also happens outside of the racing line last in races if you wanna visually see it
Ian Tan
Ian Tan 23 napja
I come for the "FOR WHAT". Oops, I forgot this guy can't do it.
Simon van Ophem
Simon van Ophem 23 napja
Double standards of Mr Hamilton he thinks he can do everything rules for you not for me than liberal thinking blame the judges.
He asked the pit wall and got incorrect information, you are chatting nonsense I guess blind hatred is more fun than actually listening to you people 🤡🤡🤡
Jatin Bangar
Jatin Bangar 23 napja
Driver of the day : *Lewis Race Engineer*
Ahmediniho Salem
Hes such a cry baby! Im so happy he lost the win😊
tsar599 23 napja
It's on Mercedes team and not Lewis this time. The limits of the rule broken are different for each track and Lewis asked his team if it's Ok and they confirmed.
Turtle 23 napja
More like F1 are on team with mercedes to keep the races interesting so they are finding ways to keep Hamilton out of first.
PoliClips 23 napja
I want to see him stop winning every freaking race as much as the next guy, but not like this. Seems wrong and unfair.
wolfe1970 23 napja
Im glad the revoked the points on his license, but can tell they are out to get him, hows Grosean sat with zero points on his license.....
Ashley Richard Moldskred
after all these 5 years , fia is actually being fair . im quite surprise they decided to give hamilton a penalty after 5 years of all the rules hamilton break .
Mubashir 23 napja
Mercedes is so far ahead in performance that even a 10 second penalty wasn’t able to knock Lewis off podium
Alexander Trefz
Alexander Trefz 23 napja
Ever the whiny baby. This is why no one will remember him as one of the greats. He isn't even close to a Schumacher or a Senna.
He isn't close, he is better True
Paul Li
Paul Li 23 napja
maybe Mercedes wanna give some points to BOT... closing the gap and makes BOT happy
Jordan Striker
Jordan Striker 23 napja
Hamilton is a plastic WC
Circle not square
I so wish he said is it coz I'm black!!!!
Rah May
Rah May 23 napja
Cry baby.
M C 23 napja
*Total failure by race control and stewards!* Based on article 28.2 in the sporting regs, and 19.1 in the events notes, Hamilton CLEARLY does his practice start in the legal pit lane exit area between the exit lights and the second safety car line at Marshall Post 1.4! There is no RULE Hamilton broke; the stewards INVENTED a punishment based on nothing! This is genuinely a travesty for F1's credibility (and I'm no fanboy of any driver or team!) I did the research into this topic by looking up the source documents and rules myself, verifying that Hamilton's location is legal based on this video footage and Google earth imagery of the track; it's utterly clear Hamilton did NOTHING WRONG based on the *actual rules* that were actually written down!!!
Sajer 23 napja
Title says Unravel Me: O S H I E T E
Ashton shae Cheong
Prat Ramkilawon
Prat Ramkilawon 23 napja
Just like Tiger Woods, there is a definite move to prevent Lewis Hamilton from breaking Schumachers record...he is,afterall...black!
Noobikus 23 napja
I feel this season is war against Mercedes vs the pits
Kacper K
Kacper K 24 napja
Kinda crazy that a race "unraveling" for Lewis is still a podium finish.
samlc7 24 napja
Hammy has it taken from him while Schumi had Rubens give him his.
Ah, the return of the lollipop man!
Chrizz Dizz
Chrizz Dizz 24 napja
Why is he crying?
Oskar L
Oskar L 24 napja
U guys are blind. He did this on purpose. He wants his 91st win in Germany, for Mercedes, against schumacher. If u cant see that, your blind.
Lord Tyranus
Lord Tyranus 24 napja
Whenever he gets 2nd or 3rd he always looks out of place up there on the podium ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
xiao xiao
xiao xiao 24 napja
F**k FIA and the stewards. intentional nonsense oversevere penalty!
Nico Setiawan
Nico Setiawan 24 napja
the cry baby
azamiruddin 24 napja
I don't understand by a "lot of rubber, can i go further out?" what did he mean?
Toro Loco
Toro Loco 24 napja
A lot of the drivers do their practice starts there. They discard a lot of Rubber on that section of tarmac doing so which means if your practicing a start there late on its not going to be representative of the grid start
Bias 24 napja
I blame books, with their rules and such.
ac0rpbg 24 napja
It was not Team fault either, if you vaguely specify where you can do practice starts, then a team interpret it wrong then it is your fault, similar thing happend in Monza, well yea we send a sms to a person in the factory didn't he tell you the pits are closed. hmmm oh well he had 3 seconds to do that, def you messed up...
walter hank
walter hank 24 napja
Ferrari spies are on Mercedes paddock CONFIRMED
Deftones Dsm
Deftones Dsm 24 napja
So uhhh u did illegal start practice so get a penalty Team sport=penalty effects driver and team. None of Hams penalties have been unfounded that ive seen
@Deftones Dsm Well most people (including the FIA) agrees he isn't repsonsible Do you also blame drivers when they have a bad pit stop? Is that their fault too?
Deftones Dsm
Deftones Dsm 22 napja
@MiniBirthMyChildren teams fault =he is part of team and they talked on radio. I.m.o. they all deserved punishment.
His penalty was revoked because even the FIA knows it wasn't his fault
Tsar Bomba
Tsar Bomba 24 napja
Just give him all his super licence points back! How does an f1 fan know where to start over an f1 driver. Poor excuses Hamilton. Thought you were the best 😂
@Tsar Bomba and there is two of them?
Tsar Bomba
Tsar Bomba 22 napja
@MiniBirthMyChildren no. 1 car
No. 1 doe, so he is
Owen Burns
Owen Burns 24 napja
Can someone explain to me what Hammy got the penalties for? What were the rules they thought he'd broken?
Troy R
Troy R 24 napja
And to think he asked for permission first
robert walton
robert walton 24 napja
WHY did Mercedes do that to Hamilton....why? They must have known what was going to come of it. Is this another Mercedes/Rosberg situation? Some entities hate the prospect of a a driver who identifies as being black, becoming the greatest driver of all time, never to be bested. Lewis suspects that to be the case, hence his words after the race.
Bruce Ali
Bruce Ali 24 napja
Still We Rise Lewis💜🖤
Marc Marquez
Marc Marquez 24 napja
Does the driver not read the rules?
Armaghan Mahboob
I still don't understand why he got 10 sec penalty.... Can anyone explain it to me in simple english
Bilko367 24 napja
For doing an illegal practice start, he got 2 for doing 2
stoic X
stoic X 24 napja
10 seconds penalty..still podium...
Stewart Grindlay
You can’t do what you did Hamiltion. It’s plain dangerous. The team has let you down on comms side but use your head. You have far too many safety violations this year for it to be a one off.
Rayan 24 napja
I guess they want to let the record for Schumacher (white man)!!!!!
Dafydd Thomas
Dafydd Thomas 24 napja
Lewis gets penalized but Lecerc with his collision escapes scots free.
BOLTS 24 napja
crybaby. he wins just about every race (and it's getting boring, btw) and has a hissy over a time penalty.
WhyNot 24 napja
Tough world when you introduce ridiculous politics & the race card into F1. Stop whinging and take the punishment like every other driver does.
Joe Oshea
Joe Oshea 22 napja
👌👏👏👏 Hamilton X
Uncle A Jr
Uncle A Jr 24 napja
And Lewis was late to the hair dresser to boot!
Andrés Padilla
Andrés Padilla 24 napja
Well done F1 expose him and his behavior he will feel more and more victim! Anyway will take the title and will then try to lecture us how he came out from “adversity”. I mean .... with this points lead? He makes a tantrum.
Nexu Jin
Nexu Jin 24 napja
Out of this whole affair there are only losers. Just to respect the rules, but doesn't seem like fair play to the participant in the car.
Sharcc 24 napja
Hamilton gets penalty "THIS IS UNFAIR... YOU'RE TRYING TO SLOW ME DOOOWN!" Riccardio gets penalty "Ok guess I'll just go faster" Kimi gets penalty *Swallows microphone *
Rick Blake
Rick Blake 23 napja
@Rudolf Janse van Vuuren They get told when to go fast and slow down by the team control center that looks like the NASA mission control, the drivers don't make that decision anymore, computers do!
Rudolf Janse van Vuuren
The question is: why not go faster all the time?
ajcardiff1 24 napja
Danny Ric loses a win because of someone else's actions: "Save it...Nothing youse can say can make that any better...Just save it," and then whinges about it for weeks and criticises the team. loses a win because of someone else's actions: [Assaults other driver] Vettel loses a win and feels hard done by: Moans on the radio, moves around the position markings before the podium It's almost like these drivers don't like losing...
RawLu 24 napja
"MAYBE ITS BECAUSE I'M BLACK" - Yes, He did say that over penalties in the past so you know its even more of that Craziness now... They are walking on egg shells to not offend the poor Black American... @ Americanization 24/7/365...
MD KW g 24 napja
Go Max!
ENZO 24 napja
I’m new to the sport, can someone explain what happened please?
lovethe darts
lovethe darts 24 napja
I'm not a fan of hamiltons, but where was leclercs penalty for putting stroll into the wall at over 100mph?
herbat1 24 napja
So what happened? Seriously I don't get it...
Liofa 24 napja
It was all done safe enough, FIA are just out to get him because of the t-Shirt at the last race. Fine the team, don't punish the driver. He asked if it was ok, they said yes as long as he's not blocking traffic.
Amal Shanthi
Amal Shanthi 24 napja
Superstar gone wrong again
monster289 24 napja
That has to be the most petty and draconian penalty I've ever seen since Senna was disqualified from the 1989 Japanese GP.
monster289 22 napja
@Rick Blake I didn't say or compare this event to Senna in 89 other than I thought Senna's penalty was also ridiculous. The big thing for me was the 25k Euro fine. For what? Nobody was harmed, nothing like that. There was also nothing clear in the rules making it forbidden to perform a practice start there, and no penalty defined if you did a practice start there. It's all 100% ad hoc, baseless, and without precedence in my opinion. The F1 rulebook is FULL of loopholes and it doesn't have to be. All it takes is someone with a mild understanding of basic language to state specifically WHAT is allowed, and WHAT is forbidden. Given the money that this sport's governing body takes in, you'd think they could at the very least hire a law student to write the rules.
Rick Blake
Rick Blake 23 napja
The FIA decided a long time ago no to allow practice starts on the pit lane exit due to the blind right hand turn, the concern was that if all the drivers tried to do a stop start right there it would end up in a very embarrassing accident, just unfortunate for Hamilton, but he wasn't disqualified from the race for it so for me it doesn't come close to Senna in 89!
Anoop Bains
Anoop Bains 24 napja
Clearly not Lewis's fault . Bono and ROn meadows are at fault . BUt the Disck head Stewards didnt think Charles Pit manuvere on Stroll was dangerous
Anoop Bains
Anoop Bains 24 napja
Clearly not Lewis's fault . Bono and ROn meadows are at fault . BUt the Disck head Stewards didnt think Charles Pit manuvere on Stroll was dangerous
Anoop Bains
Anoop Bains 24 napja
Clearly not Lewis's fault . Bono and ROn meadows are at fault . BUt the Disck head Stewards didnt think Charles Pit manuvere on Stroll was dangerous
TheGirosoBros TV
Yeah but if Hamilton askes to do the practice start at the end of pitlane and the team says "Yes" It's the team's fault,not Hamilton or Fia's fault
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