How The Team Battle For 3rd Was Won | Jolyon Palmer Analysis | 2020 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 

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Jolyon Palmer digs deeper into how McLaren got the better of Racing Point in the battle for 3rd in the team championship - and the crucial pit stop that was investigated by the stewards.
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Felippe M Marques
Thanks for the best season ever! 👊
szewei85 29 napja
Haha cool
SINCE 1987
SINCE 1987 29 napja
MY LORD ..... McLaren In 3 Place , Let's Celebrate ! ! ! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
James Hónapja
The price of having a pay driver, it means the other driver is having to do more heavy lifting to keep the team up with the points
Ajeshwar Sra
Ajeshwar Sra Hónapja
mate comb your hair at the very least.
valle3452 Hónapja
The (wrong) decisions made under safety cars (twice I think?) robbed Sergio of big shots at podiums, getting tapped into a spin by Max at Portimao did too, and at least one less 3rd place due to engine failure in Bahrain would have buried any hopes McLaren and Renault had of grabbing third waaay in advance. But, Lance just didn't deliver consistent results when Checo couldn't. That's the single biggest reason as to why they lost out.
Thoradim Hónapja
RP should be happy not getting a penalty for that release
Jeremy Zhang
Jeremy Zhang Hónapja
This race was so bad even Palmer's analysis is boring
Lundo Hónapja
honestly, stroll didn't even have to slow down at all. there was still a large enough gap that he could have stayed at 80 the entire time.
Lundo Hónapja
I mean, Carlos would have still ended up passing stroll.
Thomas Hónapja
Vettel better be the bag man because Tracing Point need to driver who can carry for Stroll.
The Fake Kenny S
daddy's cash
Grant Bierlmeier
Respect to McLaren as they are a great team but in my book Racing Point got 3rd. The FIA took away 15 points from Racing Point - but let them use the car after all. It’s the prerogative of the FIA to do that, and ultimately they make the call, but in my books Racing Point was best of the rest and the unadulterated results support that.
MrMattie725 Hónapja
Giving critisism on the steward on the official F1 channel. Respect Palmer.
MrMattie725 Hónapja
That graph looks like they are not allowed to go 81 instead of allowed to go 80! Clearly going 80.5 or 80.6. Marginal gains I guess :D
y1521t21b5 Hónapja
This race doesn't deserve the quality of _Jolyon Palmer's_ analysis.
aFacelessName Hónapja
Racing Point's 15 point penalty cost them the season.
Andrew Blucher
Andrew Blucher Hónapja
Essentially Sainz gave Stroll 2 tenths. But Stroll's mechanics were ... strolling.
Visan Georgian
Visan Georgian Hónapja
Racing Point will NEVER be the team McLaren is. At least not while Stroll is there
Alan Drak
Alan Drak Hónapja
the difference:two consistent drivers Ocon and Stroll not consistent enough
Rangifulla Hónapja
Merry Christmas Paywall Palmer
GloomGaiGar Hónapja
For you F2P players: The bit you missed was just fast Max and slowish Mercedes.
Nanorisk Hónapja
Fernando will probably ask where Palmer is again next year.
Jeff Keith
Jeff Keith Hónapja
Laurence hit the Red Button on Checo's car.
mieguistumas Hónapja
Racing Point knew that without Perez they are just not going to do it. Stroll is too terrible of a driver, looking for excuses instead of pushing. He complained about the temperatures later and said that the car had pace at some points, but not for long. I mean, when you find F1 seat under a Christmas tree, you kind of stop playing with it after some time. Too bad that him playing with daddy's toys cost Perez his seat.
Procat Procat
Procat Procat Hónapja
I hope Vettel gels, and totally destroys Stroll next year. Billionaire daddy's son F1 drivers need to be a thing of the past. (Next target should be all pay drivers)
Bobby Tzarevski
Bobby Tzarevski Hónapja
Surely if anything, Carlos backing up slightly actually advantaged stroll by letting him get closer to him before the pit boxes? By doing that you can see stroll was right up his rear wing when Carlos peeled into his box compared to the few car lengths between them when they both crossed the pit limiter. If Carlos had kept to the limiter stroll would’ve still been those one or two car lengths behind which would’ve given Carlos more breathing room and he actually would’ve gotten out slightly more comfortably ahead.
Darrell Border
Darrell Border Hónapja
And it still comes down to pit stop strategy and timing. Just ask George Russell.
Jade Moyles
Jade Moyles Hónapja
Up McLaren
Karan Nair
Karan Nair Hónapja
Stroll doesn’t deserve that seat man...I mean racing point lost the championship the second checo’s car went kaput
Alan Yammine
Alan Yammine Hónapja
That Alfa Romeo pit crew member who almost got hit by Stroll tho😂😂
ShadesCE Hónapja
Short answer: Stroll Long answer: Strooooooooll
David Žižka
David Žižka Hónapja
It was unsafe exit by stroll no?
CalgarGTX Hónapja
Guess racing point couldn't take photographs of the cooling system in the Mercs, also the other way around wasn't Strolls pitstop an unsafe release ? He ended up stuck between Sainz and other mechanics...
TechGeeker Hónapja
It was always Perez vs (Norris and Sainz).
Michael-paul drew
Karma for tracing point...the car was illegal
Dhruv Singh
Dhruv Singh Hónapja
I understand that I am just speculating, but the pace that stroll was holding was garbage anyways. So would stroll being in from of sianz out of the pit made a huge deal?
Biswajyoti Mukherjee
Racing Point or AM will run 2 unmotivated drivers in 2021.
Gábor Szabó
Gábor Szabó Hónapja
Guys, do you know the name of the song that is hearable mostly in the first few mins?
sai rahul
sai rahul Hónapja
Stroll is no match for Checo's performance
Karthik Chinnasami
It was Gear Box failure for Perez and not an Engine failure this time :) Abu Dhabi race should either be taken out or moved to earlier in the Season as its not worthy to be present as the final race of the season especially when the Championship goes down to the wire in the last race.
Megawave79 Hónapja
Nice double stack from mclaren
India Sport
India Sport Hónapja
Money deal was made with mc laren with fia
Lol what
Woah palmer really took alonso personally
porkimond Hónapja
Analyzed by a driver who forgot to turn on the correct engine mode on for qualifying... so what he does is basically stating the absolute 100% obvious
Technically F1
Technically F1 Hónapja
Jolyon palmer is clearly not educated on the car speed differences and downforce. Look dude I get you can’t comprehend it but once Ferrari fixes its engine then it will be a 5 way fight for the championship mercedes Red Bull Aston Martin ferrari and mclaren. It takes a real f1 fan I guess to understand the future is bright
Tony Hibbert
Tony Hibbert Hónapja
Racing point complained that Sainz slowed Stroll down in the pits ! ... BUT it was Strolls release that was the dangerous point ! ,.,,, RP should of been given a pitstop penalty for unsafe release
Steev Hónapja
So F1 TV not gonna do a analysis on Alonso's Young driver test??🙃🙃
Steev Hónapja
So F1 TV not gonna do a analysis on Alonso's Young driver test??🙃🙃
Tony Hibbert
Tony Hibbert Hónapja
Mercedes turned down every engine except for Perez .... The idea was Perez would have such an advantage he should of finished on the podium ! ...Karma though does not like cheating ! And the final result ??? Boring race for everyone
Screw You And Your Sensitivities
Why do we only get part of Palmer's review? We want the full thing, come on F1
Ivan Marquez
Ivan Marquez Hónapja
I would rather say, How the Team Battle for 3rd was lost by Racing Point.
geonerd Hónapja
Not a peep about RP's unsafe release of Stroll?
Sejan Bari
Sejan Bari Hónapja
now Vettel is hired as Stroll's manservant
Blackcain Hónapja
Next analysis, the driver's young test please!
TEEJ Hónapja
Spot on, thank you!
Aswin Thomas
Aswin Thomas Hónapja
If it was Perez he would have made it.
Pieter Fret
Pieter Fret Hónapja
If anything, Racing Point should've gotten a penalty for an unsafe release... Stroll nearly ran over an Alfa Romeo mechanic while avoiding Sainz.
odie ostrich
odie ostrich Hónapja
'ultimately, nothing to see here.'
kaushal shinde
kaushal shinde Hónapja
RP wld hv easily won the constructor championship or wld hv got way ahead in bahrain gp itslf if Perez engine didn't blown up in last few lap & dani kvyat didn't caught up stroll making him rollover & sakhir gp wld hv been the last nail in D coffin for McLaren & Renault... Anyways dts history now...
Ann Daly
Ann Daly Hónapja
no mention of rp points deduction early in the season?
MrSniperfox29 Hónapja
The FIA doesn't want people to discuss that since it makes no sense for a car to be illegal one race, but completely legal in every other race despite not actually changing anything.
m felix
m felix Hónapja
The main thing is that Stroll didn't have the pace anyway. Racing Point can't claim the pit stop thing stopped them getting p3, because Stroll clearly didn't have the pace to keep Sainz behind him anyway.
Jim Metropolit
Jim Metropolit Hónapja
Enjoy the analysis more than the race some weeks.
Ann Daly
Ann Daly Hónapja
Sainz slowed and stroll got closer, yet stroll lost out?? ha ha
Lennon6412 Hónapja
Enjoy Palmer's analysis even if there wasn't a lot to analyse this race.
Laura Vance
Laura Vance Hónapja
I'd like to see the speed graph of every car entering pit lane. I'm just happy to see that the pros do the same IRL as I do in the F1 games. I've gotten so many speeding in the pit lane penalties that now I hit the limiter, drop below the speed, then floor it as I cross the entry line to let the limiter keep me from getting a penalty. Seems exactly what Lando and Carlos did.
Chrs Lettin
Chrs Lettin Hónapja
He didn't lose a place in pits still came out behind
Nick Alappat
Nick Alappat Hónapja
“KARMA” Fernando is back, how do u feel joylon? “WHERE IS PALMER”
NotoriousAudio Hónapja
Is slowing Stroll down in the pitlane the worst thing? Seems to help everyones safety
grxengine Hónapja
Stroll IS a liability! He can drive, but he is not a winner. When Seb joins the team next season he clearly needs to be the #1 if they intend to truly be contenders instead of just The House that Lawrence Built so his son could be a cool race car driver.
twinscrew928 Hónapja
The speed trace shows that Stroll did not slow down below the 80kph in the pit lane... THEREFORE nothing to complain about.
Mohd Awad
Mohd Awad Hónapja
Stroll wasn't even in the speed trace......
grxengine Hónapja
Here in the USA we’d call RP coughing up 3rd place a Choke Job one week after their first double podium & after Nico Hulkenberg appeared out of thin air to get them into the 3rd place to beginning with. McLaren used experience, strategy, and a rare piece of teamwork by the drivers to steal that spot away. Racing Point clearly had the 3rd fastest car this season.
Dane Paulsen
Dane Paulsen Hónapja
How about a point for fastest pitstop 🤷‍♂️
THE Riften Guard
Off topic but I hope f1 channel will deliver us a proper KVYAT video & if it does not contain hard bass I'm going to be disappointed
Real Hónapja
Know what's a desperate move? Copying the design from the winning car the previous year and going so far as to literally making an exact copy of their brake ducts. That's desperate. I hate that Vettel went there because I like Vettel but I have zero respect for RP. But according to Stroll, it didn't impact anything. So it's moot. If anything, he made the gap closer. They both come out almost exactly as they entered. Don't understand why there was so much contention.
Syed Shabih
Syed Shabih Hónapja
Am I the only one who was happy when Perez was out.? I really didn't want rp to get p3.
Eliot Salandy Brown
Jolyon your analysis is superb! Thank you
Amey Mishra
Amey Mishra Hónapja
It's simple RP lost their 3rd position just because they were dependent on Perez's performance most of the time just like redbull with verstappen. Yet it was stroll who used to get preferential treatment for his car.
MrSniperfox29 Hónapja
No, they lost 3rd because of a 15 point deduction despite the car being the same before and afterwards.
Dazed:3 Hónapja
Video unavailable? why
Enderbot cyborg
Enderbot cyborg Hónapja
Fun fact: Most of the comments are Karma and Where is Palmer? meme
Marek Masopust
Marek Masopust Hónapja
How McLaren won the battle for p3 ? Short answer: drivers Long answer: better drivers
Hero ϟ Towy
Hero ϟ Towy Hónapja
is the same 😅
Nikt Ważny
Nikt Ważny Hónapja
Equal drivers. Perez and Ricciardo were awesome but their teammates scored not enough points and finished below top10.
Misael Sierra
Misael Sierra Hónapja
It was won by bad luck, not skill not abilities
Lol keep crying
nasigoreng Hónapja
2:16 bammm
F1Turkeyy Hónapja
C'mon McLaren 🇬🇧
Μικρο Κ2
Μικρο Κ2 Hónapja
There is no rule for such a little variation of speed...it was nothing and completely agree with palmers opinion
Andrew Storm
Andrew Storm Hónapja
I think they have to investigate afterwards because they only have speed data access from the actual car so have to hardwire that data
David Brown
David Brown Hónapja
If I gave Liberty Media the same money as Abu Dhabi gives them, they would hold a F1 race in my very small back garden. As Lewis said in Melbourne "Cash is King in F1"
Checkyoursix77 Hónapja
This analysis is a YOKE!
Checkyoursix77 Hónapja
I would love to hear Palmers analysis of his own career in F1...
John Hodgetts
John Hodgetts Hónapja
P11, P11, P11, P11...
Chuckiele Hónapja
He actually analysed himself a couple of times.
Scott Elder
Scott Elder Hónapja
I think they should’ve penalised Sainz to where he lost one position. So he loses to Albon in the Drivers but McLaren still come 3rd in the constructors. I don’t think it changed the constructors result at all, even Perez not breaking down probably wouldn’t
Monk W
Monk W Hónapja
This guy looks like an ex-f1 driver. Should apply for a mclaren seat next to alonso in 21.
speediskey Hónapja
We need to bring back v10's, modern f1 just misses the wow factor it has
RH Hónapja
Must be something wrong with that pink Merc... when's the last time Merc engine failed
RH Hónapja
@Mohd Awadright, but the new unit? Back to back failure?
Mohd Awad
Mohd Awad Hónapja
Matthew Lowdon
Matthew Lowdon Hónapja
My expert analysis; McLaren finished third because they got more points than Racing Point.
Matthew Lowdon
Matthew Lowdon 27 napja
@abhi verma lol okay spoil sport. In your opinion it’s done incorrectly. Thank you for sharing your opinion.
abhi verma
abhi verma 27 napja
@Matthew Lowdon I know it's a joke... but it's no fun when it's not done correctly
Matthew Lowdon
Matthew Lowdon 27 napja
@abhi verma I think you’ve taken my expert analysis too literal :)
abhi verma
abhi verma 27 napja
@Matthew Lowdon Technically they did score more points... The sum of their scored points and off track penalties was less than that of McLaren would be the correct statement
Matthew Lowdon
Matthew Lowdon 27 napja
@abhi verma but technically, they didn’t.
Michael Hónapja
Racing Point taking a leaf from Renault early in the season and just grassing in a desperate attempt to explain their shitness
TheGreatLoco Hónapja
This is outstanding documentary. Aston Martin May miss Pérez next season, he was mostly consistent. Perhaps pushed the engines too hard. Would have not be needed if Stroll were more consistent.
Matthew Lowdon
Matthew Lowdon Hónapja
I feel bad for Sergio, not for Otmar.
Nana Badu
Nana Badu Hónapja
Who actually watches the full analysis on f1tv?
Rhodri How
Rhodri How Hónapja
There was absolutely no substance to the idea Carlos slowed down in the pits deliberately McLaren got 3 because they were far more consistent
amit shet
amit shet Hónapja
Stroll's performance was disappointing..
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