How to Make NEAPOLITAN PIZZA DOUGH like a World Best Pizza Chef 

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Neapolitan pizza dough is the most recognized in the world, but many get it wrong, so I’ve enlisted world champion pizza maker, Johnny Di Francesco to teach us his secrets to how to make neapolitan pizza dough. True to Italian tradition, Neapolitan pizza dough is made up of very few ingredients, water, salt, yeast and all-important flour. The taste and crunch make all the difference, so watch as we pair it back and respect the simplicity of this fine dough.
This is the first episode in a series completely dedicated to pizza. If you aren’t already obsessed with perfecting your version of Neapolitan pizza, you will be with these traditional methods that will ensure you get it right each and every time. This is how to make Neapolitan Pizza dough like a World Best Pizza Chef
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600ml water (room temperature)
1kg 5 Stagioni Napoletana Pizza Flour, Tipo 00 (RED)
30g salt
1-2g fresh yeast (or half teaspoon of dry yeast)
Large mixing bowl
Table or bench space
Your hands!
OPTIONAL: This pizza can also be made using a stand mixer
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Simon K.
Simon K. 2 hónapja
He's so earnest, he just genuinely wants everybody to make better pizza. He just shares his secrets with everyone, what a wholesome guy.
JD Spiration
JD Spiration 3 napja
Lots of lesson from this one
Muhammad Al Kafir Ibn Yahud bin Murtad
@Dominick Amador we arab muslims will punish you in the name of the allmighty Alla...
Hammas Haukka
Hammas Haukka 23 napja
@Dominick Amador wrong. Yes, (prompted by Vincenzo) he mentions that he has a flour which is good for making pizza. And if this was a commercial, he would say that this is the only flour you should use. Instead he goes on to explain, *why* his flour is good for making pizza and what you need to look for when buying flour which allows everyone to either buy his flower or find their own equivalent. Not to mention that technique is often far more important than ingredients and he shows technique.
Diggensagg 24 napja
@Dan Gallagher Are you aware what amen means and how the concept works? I doubt it.
John Chaser
John Chaser Hónapja
@Dominick Amador I hate people like you.. rotten from the inside
daluke61 57 perccel
Very helpful for a relative newbie when it comes to making pizza. Will give it a try in the very near future. Thanks for the inspiration!
f c
f c Órája
Shut up before I eat my mouse pad!
Diego Rouvier
Diego Rouvier 2 órája
When I heard "wada" you made me cry. I’m Argentinean but I really miss living in Australia and I can't wait to go back
Irene Asti
Irene Asti 2 órája
Johnny I'm a teacher and I have to say you are an excellent teacher. I'm going to learn your technique and appreciate your knowledge and talent Bravo!!!
Fau Sidu
Fau Sidu 3 órája
peace peace
peace peace 4 órája
Precise description! Smell good!!😀👍🏻
MaZEEZaM 7 órája
I’m surprised he’s Australian, or at least has an Australian accent.
Vincenzo's Plate
Vincenzo's Plate 4 órája
I’m Italian, but I’ve lived in australia for many years now
Solo Tra la folla
Solo Tra la folla 10 órája
Bravo...explaned very good.
Vincenzo's Plate
Vincenzo's Plate 4 órája
Johnny is a master, thanks to his tips everyone can now make pizza like a pro!
Saqr Ramzy
Saqr Ramzy 14 órája
Yes, nothing better than the taste of authentic Napolitana.
Vincenzo's Plate
Vincenzo's Plate 4 órája
Oooh yes, I totally agree 😍
Amore 16 órája
Technically good tips ! Thanks!
Vincenzo's Plate
Vincenzo's Plate 5 órája
Johnny is a pro! Now you can make your pizza to perfection 😋
Steven Joseph
Steven Joseph 20 órája
Help me make this pizza. So I can sell it in Ku food truck
Vincenzo's Plate
Vincenzo's Plate 5 órája
All the tips are in the video!!
I love pizza from Naples its crunchy light airy my favorite.
Vincenzo's Plate
Vincenzo's Plate 4 órája
Definitely the best!!!
seedubyu Napja
Just make some thick toast instead, might as well. Pizza, Pasta, flour based crap.
Made this dough in the Ooni Koda 16, this is my go to recipe now, man its so good
Mario Napja
Thumbs up for those who hate the way he says the word "important".
Jimmy Vooys
Grazie mille, molte molte grazie, l'impasto perfetto. the absolute perfect pizza dough I've ever made.
ruben J
ruben J 2 napja
i used to make pizza in Cali, never had a guy trying to kiss me while i was cooking
Thamargoe 2 napja
You are adorable 🤩🤩♥️♥️♥️
Vincenzo's Plate
thank you, you too kind!
Chris Williams
This was excellent. Pizza looked delicious. I just subscribed.
Chris Williams
@Vincenzo's Plate Absolutely. That’s the plan. And You’re welcome.
Vincenzo's Plate
Thanks for the sub Chris 🙏🏻 Now you can make pizza like a pro!😋
Love 💖 you from Lahore Pakistan 😘 very yummy 😋
Rahul Deepak
Rahul Deepak 2 napja
I love this video. The tips are super great. Just one thing. Everytime I leave the pizza dough to rise, I see that there's a hard outside layer that's formed. But it didn't happen for you. Is there something that I'm doing wrong?
K M 2 napja
Salt killing yeast seems to be a myth... hurun.info/to/vide/aJpml4uGw5TWvqs.html
Logic Lock
Logic Lock 2 napja
this man knows how to teach
Vincenzo's Plate
oh yes, he's the best!!
Remo Bandini
Remo Bandini 2 napja
Proprio !!!!
Kolibalimited Koliba
ive paid £350 to learn this technics
Your channel has opened a whole new delicasy world I can make at home. Thank you chef Vincenzo If you are ever in Croatia specially in Slavonia region (which is a gastro centre) i would be please to cook something for you! Cheers
Vincenzo's Plate
thank you very much ❤️ I'm really glad you like my recipes, hope you try to make some! Hope to visit croatia very soon 😍 would be great!
Huong Nguyen
Huong Nguyen 3 napja
Thanks for the great video. What if I am using dry yeast. Do I also put 1 gram of dry yeast?
Huong Nguyen
@Vincenzo's Plate Thank you so much!
Vincenzo's Plate
Use half teaspoon of dry yeast
Kenza Suisse قناة كنزة
Jay Juarez
Jay Juarez 3 napja
Johhny is a beast and explains everything with so much detail that makes sense thank you ninja appreciate it
Vincenzo's Plate
yes Jay, he's probably one of the best pizzaioli in the world!😍
Fiza Salman Vlogs
(Pakistani Style Simple Chicken Handi Recipe) Very Easy And Tasty hurun.info/to/vide/npyUrmmjlHfIr90.html
kokopiko 4 napja
I love how this guy is substantive. Great video. Thanks!
Vincenzo's Plate
Thank you!! Johnny is great, now everyone can make pizza like a pro 😍
Sam Lonergan
Sam Lonergan 4 napja
How much yeast if I’m using dry yeast?
Vincenzo's Plate
Haf a teaspoon ☺️
Baz Lio
Baz Lio 4 napja
Vincenzo's Plate
super good 🤤
Fabrizio Euripide
Come mai non mettete l olio nell impasto?
C T 4 napja
How many 250g dough balls will this recipe yield? Gracie!
Allan Cardoso
Allan Cardoso 4 napja
If I want to use dry yeast instead, how many grams do I use?
Here’s the best one don’t miss hurun.info/to/vide/hpp0snpv0nPD1tk.html
Cesar Paul
Cesar Paul 4 napja
Best ever pizza video !!!! Thank you Mr Di Francesco !
Vincenzo's Plate
thank you so much! 🙏🏻 thanks to johnny's teachings, now everyone can make pizza like a pro pizza chef! 🤩
kristian mosele
perchè non setacci la farina???? è un errore grave
kristian mosele
@Vincenzo's Plate non sono d'accordo
Vincenzo's Plate
credo che lui sappia quello che fa ☺️
Larry Lamovsky
An Australian teaching us to make pizza dough. Nice.
Marija Matić
Marija Matić 6 napja
hurun.info/to/vide/dq9_pJ94lJGstpo.html Best pizza dough ever!
Forest Food Kitchen
Crispy and soft, perfect pizza❤️❤️❤️
lacewing01 6 napja
Can I use dried yeast and if so, is it double the amount of fresh? Thank you. Need to get my pizza mojo back. Love this video.
lacewing01 5 napja
@Arvi ooh interesting! Thank you I’ll have a look 😁
Arvi 5 napja
@lacewing01 You're welcome. You can also experiment on making fresh yeast from dry yeast. There's a video from Vito regarding that and I tried it. 🤣 It's cool. 🍕
lacewing01 5 napja
@Arvi Thank you!
Arvi 5 napja
Nope it's less than fresh yeast. Around .04-.08% for Instant Dry Yeast. Or if you have no kitchen scale that scales to that, a tiny pinch. 🤣
recipe refashion
Venividivici 6 napja
The crappy Tasty channel got 25M views and this one less than 50k. It deserves more. Much more. Vincenzo- more marketing per favore!
heike kershaw
heike kershaw 6 napja
Mind blowing!!!!! 👏👏👏
Vincenzo's Plate
Many many thanks 🤩
Evan Sala
Evan Sala 7 napja
Great video. Very informative
Vincenzo's Plate
Glad you liked it 🙏🏻 Now you can make pizza like a pro!
Elizabeth Sodahl
Excellent demo and explanations. Thank you.
Vincenzo's Plate
Glad it was helpful! 🙏🏻 Now you can make pizza like a pro! 😋
Gixxer983 7 napja
Best explanation on youtube.
Vincenzo's Plate
Wow, thanks! 😍
Home Phomm
Home Phomm 7 napja
Nah I like Chinese food
Oliver Olsen
Oliver Olsen 8 napja
Amazing video
Vincenzo's Plate
Thank you so much 😍
Sagittarius A*
Actually I'm a fan of Vito Iacopelli BUT Johnny Di Francesco gives a lot of useful tips here - especially the W rating which I never heard of before. I took a look at my different flours and found out that my Pizza flour contains 12% of protein, which is pretty close to Johnnys recommendation (with help from en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wheat_flour#W_index).
Scorpion g ten
Congratulations on the video. Your advice is valuable. Thank you. But please tell me something ... in the summer we let the dough ripen because the temperature exceeds 17 degrees. In the fridge? You say you avoid it. So .... Thank you very much.
Almira. B
Almira. B 8 napja
Very good..Thank you..LIKE
paghob 8 napja
I am a beginner at pizza making. Thank you Johnny di Francesco for such an enlightening lesson on the method of pizza making. Awesome!!!
Vincenzo's Plate
Johnny is the best pizzaiolo ever, now you can make a pizza like a pro🤩
Gero Sundermeyer
Great guy, great instructor, great tips!
Vincenzo's Plate
Glad you enjoyed it 😍
Asli Schmuck
Asli Schmuck 9 napja
Best Video i have ever seen for a Pizza reciep 👍👍👍 step by step every important thing!! I will try my best to make it 😂🤗🥰
Just beautiful dough and video, thanks! I just don't like fresh mozarela, prefer to use dry one since I am not a cheese lover :D
Vincenzo's Plate
Many thanks Kristjan!
Arsein 01
Arsein 01 10 napja
Grazie Raggazzi. saluti dall´Italia
Vincenzo's Plate
Grazie a te 😍 Un abbraccio da Sydney
Charles Thomas
Charles Thomas 10 napja
What kind of salt? It wasn’t specific
Kiny Johnston
Kiny Johnston 11 napja
How many pizza’s can I make with this recipe? Do I have to used all the dough after 24 hours? I will be the only one eating the pizza and I think this will be too much for me.
marty lee
marty lee 11 napja
Put your videos on here its better than HUrun and you get paid partners of parler rumble.com/register/jedster64/
Harry Cash
Harry Cash 11 napja
I did not see you put any sugar or honey in there
Aarif Mimoun
Aarif Mimoun 11 napja
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curatron 24
curatron 24 11 napja
Bhijwade bhai mere address pe
Joyce Pie
Joyce Pie 11 napja
Omg tried this with the kids and it’s a foul proof recipe pizzas are totally amazing the 24hr is worth waiting for pizza that tastes like it’s straight from Italy no kebab shop pizza here! And if u put some cornmeal on the base of the pizza it stops it burning We put it on gas mark 9 on grease proof paper then half way threw took the parchment paper away to let the base cook properly as I don’t have a pizza oven!
Romney Velasco
Romney Velasco 11 napja
Thanks for the very comprehensive instructions! I'm going to make better pizza after watching this! ❤💛💙
Vincenzo's Plate
It's a pleasure!! Oh yes, now you can make pizza like a Pro 😍😋
Michael Carey
Michael Carey 12 napja
I honestly feel like I found some gold or won a lottery. I had read and reread the napolitan pizza associations reipes and instructions, but this is a true clarification, a distillation, of the BEST. Thank you all for sharing this.
Vincenzo's Plate
Oh wow! 😍 It's an honor to receive this comment, we thank you with all our heart! ❤️ Johnny is truly the king of pizza, the best! Are you going to make it?
شهيوات داري مع وصفات صحية وتجميل
Delicious Pizza 👍 sepur chef 👏
Vincenzo's Plate
wow thank you so much, glad you liked it!
Felipe Maldonado
This is the beauty of italian cuisine: few simple ingredients done right! And I have to say it, what an amazing explanation of every detail. I loved how he explained the way of stretching the dough, breaking down all the steps. Superb!
Vincenzo's Plate
Thank you very much! Felipe, it's all about Johnny, who is one of the best pizza chefs in the world
D M 12 napja
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Tom van Bodegraven
I love it.
Vincenzo's Plate
This is probably the best pizza recipe I've ever made!! Try it and let me know😋
For Love
For Love 12 napja
You guys rule, grazie a voi due, vi mando tanta passione e amore
For Love
For Love 12 napja
Vincenzo's Plate Anche a te 😇
Vincenzo's Plate
Grazie mille a te 🙏🏻 sei davvero gentile! un abbraccio ❤️
samir kumar mukhopadhyay
One of the best video i have ever seen. thank you
Vincenzo's Plate
Glad you liked it! Thank you Samir 🙏🏻 you're so kind!
Charlie D
Charlie D 13 napja
I have let my dough rise in the fridge for 24 hours, should I stretch right away or take them out the fridge for a little bit? Any reply would be much appreciated. 👍
Vincenzo's Plate
yes you can stretch it right after!
championchap 13 napja
I've never seen the mozzerella get added at the end before. Looks amazing though!
Vincenzo's Plate
If you use fresh mozzarella, if you put the mozzarella at the beginning it become soggy!
Senna 1993
Senna 1993 14 napja
Brilliant cheers 👍
Lus Sim
Lus Sim 14 napja
Lus Sim
Lus Sim 14 napja
mmmmmmmm... so tasty
Everson Gagliardi
Tks a lot, mates! Love pizza! Greetings from Brazil!
Chef_2019 14 napja
Amazing Guy Amazing Pizza Thank you!
Fam van Heesen
Fam van Heesen 14 napja
Tries this but my dough balls went flat during the 24 hours. Sure I did something wrong ☹️
The Yellow Cursor
You probably killed the yeast.
Shinji D
Shinji D 14 napja
i tried this today. Tho i dont have the right type of 00 flour but the dough is still strong. Lets see how it turns out after 24h :)
ahmad daas
ahmad daas 14 napja
What the water temperature supposed to be when start mixing
Shinji D
Shinji D 14 napja
just google room temperature :P just luke warm will do the job
Leila Rabiey
Leila Rabiey 14 napja
Thanks a lot, for all details. Will try it soon. It really seems best Pizza dough
Vincenzo's Plate
Our pleasure, Johnny is the best! Please make it and let us know 😋
Elijah Joy
Elijah Joy 14 napja
TrisSulis 14 napja
Best channel to learn how to make pizza ! Very good explanation. I am so lucky to find this channel.
Vincenzo's Plate
😍 Wow, thank you! I'm honored 😍 Welcome to my channel bella! Are you going to try this pizza?
Voudika Vinka
Voudika Vinka 14 napja
Voudika Vinka
Voudika Vinka 14 napja
@Vincenzo's Plate love your channel I’m going to try a few recipes this week & over Christmas !
Vincenzo's Plate
Mr Bean Bean
Mr Bean Bean 15 napja
Jay Sean?
Gorrak Smashskull
This is the first time I have seen pizza where the mozzarella is not cooked
André Teixeira
André Teixeira 15 napja
Thanks a lot for the vídeo. Really helpfull. If i chose to put it on The fridge, how longe should i take it out before start stretching it? Thnx
achmad fajar
achmad fajar 15 napja
unedited zindaghi
red alis
red alis 16 napja
600ml of water on 1kg of flour 🤯 .... I have to try! Flour is THE MOST IMPORTANT INGREDIENT!!!
sepehr s
sepehr s 16 napja
Vincenzo, this recipe gives 5 dough balls - what if I don't need that many balls? can I reduce the portions proportionally by 50% and get the same result ?
Frank Gonzalez
Frank Gonzalez 16 napja
Authentic Pizza I made it came out so good after we ate we watched the godfather movie NICE !!! thanks for the video ...
Chris Hussein
Chris Hussein 16 napja
Can i buy this flour in the UK? Thanks. Loving your work Vincenzo
Chris Hussein
Chris Hussein 16 napja
@Vincenzo's Plate thank you!! I’m addicted to your channel. I miss Italy!!
Vincenzo's Plate
Yes you can! You have to check "le 5 stagioni flour" website ☺️
Vincenzo's Plate
Thank you so much 👍
lanam tamang
lanam tamang 16 napja
To work for this guy would be my lifelong goal. So much love and technical details going in on making a pizza, probably that's why Chef Johnny's the world champion
Vincenzo's Plate
Johnny is probably one of the best pizzaioli in the world, as well as being a very good person!
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