How to Make NEAPOLITAN PIZZA DOUGH like a World Best Pizza Chef 

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Neapolitan pizza dough is the most recognized in the world, but many get it wrong, so I’ve enlisted world champion pizza maker, Johnny Di Francesco to teach us his secrets to how to make neapolitan pizza dough. True to Italian tradition, Neapolitan pizza dough is made up of very few ingredients, water, salt, yeast and all-important flour. The taste and crunch make all the difference, so watch as we pair it back and respect the simplicity of this fine dough.
This is the first episode in a series completely dedicated to pizza. If you aren’t already obsessed with perfecting your version of Neapolitan pizza, you will be with these traditional methods that will ensure you get it right each and every time. This is how to make Neapolitan Pizza dough like a World Best Pizza Chef
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🌍Get the recipe on my website www.vincenzosplate.com/recipe-items/neapolitan-pizza-dough/
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600ml water (room temperature)
1kg 5 Stagioni Napoletana Pizza Flour, Tipo 00 (RED)
30g salt
1-2g fresh yeast (or half teaspoon of dry yeast)
Large mixing bowl
Table or bench space
Your hands!
OPTIONAL: This pizza can also be made using a stand mixer
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Simon K.
Simon K. 5 hónapja
He's so earnest, he just genuinely wants everybody to make better pizza. He just shares his secrets with everyone, what a wholesome guy.
Bara Klail
Bara Klail 2 napja
@Dominick Amador I am have alredy done this recepie twice. It works magic and I don’t have to use his flour he just mentoins it. He doesn’t force it or anything. He just says what to look out for.
Maplecook 8 napja
Indeed, what an inspiration! I love beautiful foods like this, with colours that tease the eye. Eating is just as much a visual delight, as an oral one.
Hanis Mansoor
Hanis Mansoor 14 napja
Well, I believe that he believes giving didn't made someone's poor. So, he shares. That's what a truly champion is.
KIRMIZI 16 napja
Santiago Draco
Santiago Draco 22 napja
@Coco L putting mozzarella after is not the proper technique. It "looks" interesting but it's not going to have the right taste or texture. The cheese goes on before you put it in the oven.
Sirioo Calabriaa
Im pizzaiolo and i do diferent we dont do napolitan but its good we use a litle bit Olive oil to add crushiness and flavour but This is the real deal This is the vera pizza the real one
Charles Howe
Charles Howe 2 órája
This is one of the best pizza dough Instruction video! The instructions are detailed, well explained and practically useful. Thanks!!
IHOP 7 órája
What is the diameter of pizza , is there anyone who can tell ?
Daniel Castillo
Daniel Castillo 11 órája
That man really loves pizza. Who doesn’t!
Vincenzo's Plate
Vincenzo's Plate 7 órája
oh yes, that's the right question: Who doesnt??
Alex Larsen
Alex Larsen 12 órája
The spiteful error splenomegaly destroy because disease unsurprisingly punch without a hurt loaf. unsuitable, plausible committee
johan situmeang
johan situmeang 13 órája
can instant yeast be used?
Vincenzo's Plate
Vincenzo's Plate 7 órája
of course!
Valur Mather
Valur Mather 22 órája
Vincenzo's Plate
Vincenzo's Plate 7 órája
my pleasure!
Wendy Martin
What a guy - what a fabulous pizza and so well explained -- off to make it now
Vincenzo's Plate
thank you so much Wendy! Please try this recipe and let us know 😍 we're sure you will love it!
Jaxx Brat
Jaxx Brat Napja
Vincenzo's Plate
this pizza is amazing 😍
very informative. thank you 🙏🏻
Vincenzo's Plate
many thanks to you! Now you can make pizza to perfection!
Delvy Duke
Delvy Duke 2 napja
Is the recipe written down anywhere ? I would love to print it so I can follow along
Delvy Duke
Delvy Duke Napja
How that I have the written recipe I will try and figure out how much of the dry active yeast envelope to use. - can’t get any fresh yeast anywhere around here, Trying to make two pizza for two hungry essential workers 🙂
Vincenzo's Plate
oh yes, here's to you the written recipe www.vincenzosplate.com/recipe-items/neapolitan-pizza-dough/
Savage Sm0kHound
This was awesome, can't wait to try and make this
Vincenzo's Plate
Please try this recipe soon , I'm sure you will love it 😍
John Mok
John Mok 2 napja
Your instruction is so clear! Very helpful video! Many thanks.
Vincenzo's Plate
I love to hear that! Anthony is a Pro, and he makes pizzas to perfection 😍
Patriot 1776
Patriot 1776 2 napja
Thank you for the excellent lesson! Well worth watching and learning!
Patriot 1776
@Vincenzo's Plate absolutely I will! Combined with what I also learned from your good friend Lucio. I watched both their techniques, ingredients, and recipes very carefully. Add to that Lucia’s tips for using an electric oven at home to make the best homemade Neapolitan pizza. I even watched the video on how he likes to make his sauce. The advice from both men was invaluable and the videos were excellent! Thank you for putting them out. As a cook, I love to learn from watching other cooks work their craft! Bon appetité as the French say!
Vincenzo's Plate
wow thank you so much! I'm glad you liked the video... are you going to follow the recipe? 😍
radeorm 2 napja
I have one question. Water cold or warm?
Vincenzo's Plate
room temp water!
aldaris38 3 napja
It is similar to the Margerita but the cheese is added after cooking, looks delicious...yummy
Vincenzo's Plate
This is margherita pizza, but we used buffalo mozzarella, that's why the cheese was added after cooking!
mike robinson
mike robinson 3 napja
Great demonstration
Vincenzo's Plate
Thank you so much Mike! I'm glad you enjoyed the video!
Ender Yesil
Ender Yesil 4 napja
Brawa of love from istanbul. Türkiye. Thankyou so much for pizza italyan.
Vincenzo's Plate
Thank you! Are you going to make this amazing pizza recipe? 😋
val 4 napja
Thank you so much for sharing! Your energy is wonderful
Vincenzo's Plate
Thank you a lot ❤ Are you going to give this recipe a try?
Jannik Andreasen
I tried the recipe, for the pizza dough, you got from Johnny Di Francesco, and I have to say, that's some of the best pizza I have tried. In Denmark we've only got türkish pizza-places, and I'll never use them again, I'll make my own, from now on. 😅
Jannik Andreasen
@Vincenzo's Plate I learn alot from your channel. An idea for future content, could be how to make guanciale or panchetta. I know it takes months to prepare, but it's imposible to find either, in Denmark, so I have to settle with bacon... and now that I have learned to get the eggs perfectly creamy in my carbonara (again, thank you very much), I would like to get the full experience of this amazing italian dish
Vincenzo's Plate
wow, this is great 🤩 I'm super glad to hear that, and super happy to know that you loved this pizza recipe 😍 grazie Jannik!
Tiger Guitar
Tiger Guitar 5 napja
Italian People have heart, heart of Pizza
Vincenzo's Plate
oh yes, that's so true!
Jeed92 5 napja
why no morzerella in the oven? Its better to add after cooking?
Jeed92 4 napja
@Vincenzo's Plate ah ok thanks!
Vincenzo's Plate
in this case yes, because that is buffalo mozzarella, otherwise cooking it becomes rubbery!
Stefano Passoni
This is the true way we Italians make pizza. 100% perfect video tutorial.
Vincenzo's Plate
Thank you sooo much Stefano 🤩
Dom 5 napja
And that cheese looks shite
happyfood 6 napja
#happyfood 🤩😋
Vincenzo's Plate
oh yes 😍
Sander Van Doorn
Di Francesco que spetacolo
Vincenzo's Plate
Graciasss ❤️
Vincenzo's Plate
This is the best pizza dough recipe 😍
Luciano Petrella
Great episode Vincenzo, congrats to Johnny, I’m trying the dough tonight, your episodes are right up my abruzzese alley. Looking forward too getting back to the homeland post covid. Keep it up, you inspire me, mille grazie è salute paesaaa.
Luciano Petrella
Turned out great, a few tweaks for oven conditions and will be even better next try, grazie
Luciano Petrella
@Vincenzo's Plate it’s proofing now, baking tonight, I’ll let you know
Vincenzo's Plate
Grazie Lucianooo! Have you tried the recipe?? How it was? 😍 I’m super curious
Spoon Fork Heart
Joe has been looking for a pizza dough recipe the last few days. I am going to send him this video right now. Very nice my friend.
Vincenzo's Plate
Amaziiing! I’m sure he will love this recipe 😍 thank you!
Ubaldo Enne
Ubaldo Enne 7 napja
Bravo Vincenzo!
Vincenzo's Plate
Grazie Ubaldo ❤
Souad Aouissaoui
Grazie per la technica sei molto generosi💕
Vincenzo's Plate
è un piacere per noi! Seguirai questa ricetta? 😋
veggiliciouz 8 napja
Great video, learned a lot :) I just wish he were speaking Italian instead of this dialect, to me as a German speaking American English this Aussie or whatever it is is super hard to understand.
veggiliciouz 7 napja
@Vincenzo's Plate Mille grazie💯❣️
Vincenzo's Plate
oh, I'm really sorry! if you want, you can find here the written recipe www.vincenzosplate.com/recipe-items/neapolitan-pizza-dough/
Burak lenk
Burak lenk 8 napja
مطبخ ديما - Dima's Dishes
مطبخ ديما - Dima's Dishes
@Vincenzo's Plate have you visited mu channel, you can have some ideas 😋 my videos have English subtitles too 😇
Vincenzo's Plate
This is soooo good 😍
Sami Ishaq
Sami Ishaq 9 napja
Can you show us how you make pizza sauce plzz
Vincenzo's Plate
Oooh yes, this the video recipe for pizza sauce hurun.info/to/vide/YXKWrp17ynOVpbM.html
Jesus Abella
Jesus Abella 9 napja
what kind of fresh yeast, that you use, you add only 1gram for 1k flour ????
Vincenzo's Plate
these types of dough and especially the Neapolitan pizza needs little yeast since then they have to rest for a long time! this means that the stench is lighter and more digestible
Anwang Acoustic
Nice one 😊
Vincenzo's Plate
Thank you a lot ☺️ What’s your favourite pizza?
This is my favorite pizza as always, thank you for sharing.
Vincenzo's Plate
Wow this is great to hear! Thank you! So Have you tried this recipe??
Shams Razouk
Shams Razouk 9 napja
Nice way
Vincenzo's Plate
Many many thanks! Are you going to try this pizza dough recipe? 😋
hernan cho
hernan cho 10 napja
Muzzarella it's not heated in the oven? interesting..
hernan cho
hernan cho 8 napja
@Vincenzo's Plate oh I didn't know that, thank you very much for your answer.
Vincenzo's Plate
Nope, cause that’s buffalo mozzarella! If you cook that mozzarella, it would become soggy!
Secrets of the kitchen
You are Super ! ! ! Good Luck ! ! ! Thank you so much for this video ! ! ! ! !
Vincenzo's Plate
Oh wow, thank you very much ❤️ you’re really kind!!
D MS 10 napja
Y U M !!!
Vincenzo's Plate
Deeelicious! A must try recipe, of course!
Johnny's Rustic Kitchen
Vincenzo's Plate
This pizza recipe is definitely the best!!
Ты Можешь Всё!
Wow! Amazing tutorial for beginners! Thank you. 🙌
Vincenzo's Plate
Thank you so much! Johnny is a Pro and he explained everything to perfection! Now you can make the best pizza dough 😍
Bartłomiej Berczynski
just made pizza with this recipe and it was my best pizza ever. first time i made pizza without olive oil, also I never thought that so little yeast is enough. Pizza dough was so delicate and little crispy. Just well done. Thank you so much for this video!
Vincenzo's Plate
Aaaamazing 🤩 wow I love to hear that! Super glad you LOVED this recipe 😍 grazie for trying!
Michelle Farrugia
Can i use dry yeast instead of fresh yeast? Thanks for all your helpful tips!
Vincenzo's Plate
Of course you can use dry yeast! ☺️
Adrian Radulescu
Paisan! Madon', that IS what I call real pizza! Learned a lot! Grazie!
Vincenzo's Plate
Johnny made pizza to perfection, now you can make the REAL pizza!! 🤩
MailOrderGamers 12 napja
Such a great lesson
Vincenzo's Plate
Thank you a lot! Are you going to make this amazing pizza recipe? 😋
Panayiotis Gregoriades
batta la belle
batta la belle 13 napja
Am from Algeria🇩🇿I like it ,thank you very much
Vincenzo's Plate
Many thanks to you! 😘
MC Sweet Bakery
MC Sweet Bakery 13 napja
We are taking notes sir! Thank you!
MC Sweet Bakery
MC Sweet Bakery 13 napja
@Vincenzo's Plate Sure thing!!
Vincenzo's Plate
Great! Are you going to make this recipe? 😍
MC Sweet Bakery
MC Sweet Bakery 13 napja
Wow! If only there was an Oscar for pizza making!!!!
Vincenzo's Plate
Hahaha you’re right! This pizza deserves an Oscar!!
Ty vincezo i love your channel i cook for my famaly i from poland and you my GURU for italiano cook
@Vincenzo's Plate no i love your pasta carbonara IT is best recipt
Vincenzo's Plate
Many thanks to you 😘 are you going to make this pizza recipe?
Martina M
Martina M 14 napja
Omg so beautiful
Vincenzo's Plate
Yes, this is incredibly delicious! 😍😋
MIx TV MY goals
MIx TV MY goals 14 napja
I do that sir thank you for sharing
Vincenzo's Plate
Great job! How it was? 😋
Спаржа 14 napja
Wow! Very good! I'll go cook
Vincenzo's Plate
Yay, please try this recipe 😍
Teresa mendoza
Teresa mendoza 14 napja
That looks magnificent
Teresa mendoza
Teresa mendoza 14 napja
Vincenzo's Plate Absolutely. Thank you for sharing
Vincenzo's Plate
Wow, thank you so much! Are you going to try this amazing recipe? 😍
OJOk 15 napja
How many does this serve? :)
Vincenzo's Plate
You can approximately make 5/6 pizzas
Ra Nia
Ra Nia 15 napja
Who tried the recipe and get the same result???
Vincenzo's Plate
many people told me that they tried this recipe and had a great result
david csiherra
david csiherra 15 napja
well done vincenzo top class
Vincenzo's Plate
oh yes, Johnny is a pro!! 🤩
Nocny Kur
Nocny Kur 15 napja
bravo, lavoro magistrale, grazie e saluti dalla Polonia👌👍👋😁
Vincenzo's Plate
grazie a te, questa pizza è pereftta 😍
Gabrin0 15 napja
Normally I would not add mozzarella after cooking. In this way a lot of savour is lost.
Vincenzo's Plate
it is advisable to do this if it is buffalo mozzarella
Karina Panakasidis
Vincenzo's Plate
this is really good!!
LOORD A N A S 15 napja
Med West
Med West 16 napja
So simple, yet the best pizza in the world, making our mouth watering!
Vincenzo's Plate
Oh yes this is definitely the best pizza dough recipe!!
Rajesh Ganesan
Rajesh Ganesan 16 napja
what is the name of the cheese, please ?
Rajesh Ganesan
Rajesh Ganesan 15 napja
@Vincenzo's Plate thanks!!
Vincenzo's Plate
Buffalo mozzarella (mozzarella di bufala)
Alley Cat
Alley Cat 16 napja
So how do we make the sauce?
Vincenzo's Plate
Here’s to you the pizza sauce recipe www.vincenzosplate.com/recipe-items/tomato-sauce-for-pizza/
Michael Koch
Michael Koch 16 napja
All looks good, until they add the Mozzarella afterwards.
Vincenzo's Plate
That was Buffalo mozzarella, and it is always better to add it later otherwise it becomes rubbery
Nana Komatsu
Nana Komatsu 16 napja
Ya Roo
Ya Roo 16 napja
water temperature ?
Vincenzo's Plate
Room temperature
Baishali Sarkar
Baishali Sarkar 17 napja
Vincenzo's Plate
welcome aboard 🥰
TNToncourt 17 napja
So no rolling pin? Help!
Vincenzo's Plate
noooo! absolutely no rolling pin to make Neapolitan pizza
Biljana Cosic -Magicna varjaca
Avin Suresh
Avin Suresh 18 napja
Can we normal allpurpose flour?
Avin Suresh
Avin Suresh 17 napja
@Vincenzo's Plate thank you
Vincenzo's Plate
oh yes!
Youcef 18 napja
This Chef looks somehow like Johnny Depp !
TNToncourt 17 napja
Me thinks you need an eye test
Andrea Kovacs
Andrea Kovacs 18 napja
This is the best pizza video ever. And a truly authentic Napolitana... absolutely fantastic, thank you for sharing!
Vincenzo's Plate
oh yes, this is definitely the best Pizza dough recipe 🤩 a must try!
UrbanJungle 18 napja
Great to see such passion and dedication to creating perfection.
Vincenzo's Plate
Johnny is a Pro, he puts all the love into his pizzas, and this shows in the final result
Abnsdllnnlosnfd 18 napja
It´s a pizza dough! It´s not exactly rocket science!
Abnsdllnnlosnfd 14 napja
@Mike m Frozen pizza is disgusting ;-)
Mike m
Mike m 14 napja
All frozen pizza are alike as well? Some people just can not not tell the difference between a great pizza and crap pizza. Those like that are the ones who get extra cheese or overload it with a bunch of toppings.
Antonio Gonzalez
Love it
Vincenzo's Plate
this is definitely the best italian pizza dough recipe 🤩 A must try!
Enkeria 18 napja
Do they really use that much cheese in italy?
Vincenzo's Plate
Lulu Sandrini
Lulu Sandrini 19 napja
As a Neapolitan myself, I can tell this is real dough for the best pizza ever. And, frankly, the 1365 thumbs down ...they’re competitors, of course 😁😁
Vincenzo's Plate
thank you so much!
Cook With Aqib
Cook With Aqib 19 napja
Awesome Content MY FRIEND, Keep Uploading and Good Luck
Vincenzo's Plate
Many many thanks! what's your favorite pizza? 😋
Bill y
Bill y 19 napja
Fkn excellent 😂👍
Vincenzo's Plate
Oh yes, this is DIVINE!
Thyara Merlo
Thyara Merlo 19 napja
The best video about dough ever! Thanks!
Thyara Merlo
Thyara Merlo 19 napja
@Vincenzo's Plate absolutely yes! But maybe I'll have a challenge to find this quality of flour in my city.
Vincenzo's Plate
Wow! Thank you a lot 😘 Johnny is a pro, he makes the best pizza dough Are you going to try this recipe?
Mavi Yaprak
Mavi Yaprak 19 napja
Thank you very much🌸
Vincenzo's Plate
Our pleasure! What’s your favourite pizza? 😋
Lidia Dias
Lidia Dias 19 napja
Que bom
Vincenzo's Plate
Yummyyyy 😋
Savory 19 napja
hurun.info/one/R0Vj4m0ahUA_3bjR9bgYIw jhg
Remon Toma
Remon Toma 19 napja
You post, I watch, my stomach start twitting 🍕
Savory 19 napja
hurun.info/one/R0Vj4m0ahUA_3bjR9bgYIw gff
Just Reviewing
Just Reviewing 20 napja
Very well explained. Thank you.
Vincenzo's Plate
Our pleasure! 🙏🏻
FunduClasses 20 napja
He dint bake the cheese along, why?
Vincenzo's Plate
‘Cause it’s buffalo mozzarella!
Uchtina Diniari
Uchtina Diniari 20 napja
2 handsome guys
Vincenzo's Plate
Thank you a lot 😘
M Flournoy
M Flournoy 20 napja
Where do I find your flour! I can't wait to try this!
M Flournoy
M Flournoy 20 napja
​@Vincenzo's Plate thanks! I went to Amazon and it says it will be available on Feb. 18....One can pre-order. Dough is intimidating for me, but the instructions were grand and I'm ready to try! lol
Vincenzo's Plate
You have to check “le 5 stagioni flour”
lil 20 napja
Vincenzo's Plate
This is suuuper delicious 😋😋
Allouche Wassim
Allouche Wassim 21 napja
what if i diont have fresh yeast?
Allouche Wassim
Allouche Wassim 20 napja
@Vincenzo's Plate how many grams
Vincenzo's Plate
U can use dry yeast!
JoyEze 21 napja
So great - Thanks from Denmark
JoyEze 17 napja
@Vincenzo's Plate YES absolutely
Vincenzo's Plate
Many thanks to you! Are you going to make it? 😋
LU3EBW 21 napja
Why don't you speak in Italian? Let youtube to subtitle you in English! BTW: vero capolavoro.
Vincenzo's Plate
Well, most of my followers don't speak Italian, so I prefer to speak in English
Carlos Fernandez
I'm trying to make some pizza for the SB this Sunday. I' gonna kill it Vince, thanks.
Lil Lady
Lil Lady 11 napja
Good luck making the pizza and it turned out looking very yummy of course. Looks good to me and it would be nice to try it and they must love it because they're tearing it up and they even have it down pat on how to eat it the easiest way even by folding it. Great job, thanks for sharing the video.
Vincenzo's Plate
wow, please try this recipe and let us know 😍
Xloyan V
Xloyan V 21 napja
What a great guy , thanks bro, i'm trying it right now !!! Just hope it comes out like yours ;-)))
Vincenzo's Plate
I'm sure you will love this recipe 😍
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