I bought a Fiat 126! See why it's one of the coolest cars ever... 

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See why the Fiat 126 is brilliant for driving in London: hurun.info/to/vide/dn-Dqoya23W6sKc.html

Okay so it may seem a bit mad that I love this little car so much. But when you get to drive all the latest and greatest news cars it's great to come back and remember what cars used to be like. There's something pure and simple about the Fiat 126. And in this video I'm going to show you round my own Polski Fiat 126p aka Maluch.
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Mat Watson Cars
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TheGolfHead 11 napja
In the balkans we call it (in direct translation) the tiny wardrobe iron (peglica)
brixmath vlogs
brixmath vlogs 16 napja
Žluna Zelená
Žluna Zelená Hónapja
Make drag race trabant vs fiat 126😁 with yanni in trabant😂😂 i think the trabant will win
misterPAINMAKER Hónapja
I want more of it.
BoyDieBoy 72
BoyDieBoy 72 Hónapja
My uncle has two,,, one for spares and one that runs any ideas what he can do with them he needs them gone
Ahnaf Khan
Ahnaf Khan 10 órája
Pls clean and wrap at Topaz!
silkdestroyer 20 órája
I have a plan to cycle to Poland on my Moulton, (a "funny little bike"), to buy one of these to then drive home.
It is not the coolest car at all. It is only cool because you actually have the kind of money to afford cars 100 fold the value of this one. Stop this culture appropriation wont you? You get richer and richer and then marvel at wind up windows? "Oh look how simple it is (compared to my Audi)" Just because you don't show it in the video, does not make you invisible in that respect.
Tomasz kwiatkowski
It was my dad's first car, he drove it 25 years ago
newplayerbut_pro oof
Terry 4 napja
Somebody was riding the clutch pedal.
Online Explorer
Opening Crowder
Bring it to the CarWizard he will straighten yo out.
agerven 6 napja
Reminds me a bit of my first car, an Austin mini, with which I had similar fun.
vittorio fiore
I'm italian and i still ask myself why did u buy that nightmare.
Nicopavvi 8
Nicopavvi 8 8 napja
My grandfather had one of those built in Italy. I've learned how to drive with that car.
slavzen 8 napja
That car you can repair only with the screwdriver. No electronics.
Eby Alexander
Eby Alexander 9 napja
This shows how carwow pays mat😆
dadautube 9 napja
Mini Miner ... Fiat 500 classic and the new Fiat 500 ... this one, the Fiat 600 ... Renault 5 of the 1970s and a number of other cars much older than all of these are all my most fave little cars of all times! the other somewhat bigger Fiat of the 1950s/`60s is also another lovely one i adore so much! imagine this one for example, exact same looks inside and out only built with more uptodate safety features plus present day amenities (computer, GPS, A/C etc) and then i'd love to have that one too! :-) Poland also made a small but 4-door Fiat for sometime in the 1970s ... a luxury car compared to this one ... that's also a very nice car ...
surfingjc 10 napja
I love this car....except the choke....so cute...Would love to see a remake
Dot W
Dot W 14 napja
My parents had the red Little One '91-'97. It was also the first car I drove when I got my driving licence.
Brian Haygood
Brian Haygood 14 napja
Needs a Yamaha R1 engine.
Rushika 15 napja
I love the starting procedure 😍
Panos 15 napja
0:47 Scalpers.
brixmath vlogs
brixmath vlogs 16 napja
astraldreamer84 16 napja
I remember that maybe 30 years ago I traveled with my parents and brother to a Baltic Sea for a vacation in this tiny funny box on a wheels. But major fact:the distance from our home to the destination was about 600 km ;) Like for a kid it was quite a lot of space at the backseat there. I can't imagine this nowadays. It is so surrealistic.
Just joking
Just joking 16 napja
The window wiper thing was funny! 😂
Qimodis 17 napja
also as aheads up that is not how Polish people pronounce 'fiat'
Qimodis 17 napja
126p not just 126
Mains Fortes
Mains Fortes 18 napja
I totally love your car. I'm a FIAT fan myself. I currently drive a FIAT 500x.
michal gorny
michal gorny 19 napja
It is. Unless you have to use it as a family car.
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martin warner
martin warner 20 napja
Coolest car, I believe that; 1) Will not start 2) Will not keep running..... Cool alright.
MrNickelbrille 20 napja
With only 60 Kilo more you can Drive a kinda sporty car. The Citroen AX 660Kg5oHpmin 4.4Liter max 7.2 Liter consumption.That was a fun car!
AirGus 20 napja
I bought this car for 500 złoty(150$)
Damian Ochendalski
It was my very first car. I had red one and bit newer with 1 PS more powerful engine.(0.65 litre)
Radomiak89 22 napja
Nightmare, and dream. Everyone in Poland had this shit.
KKefir 23 napja
I have so many memories about this car... My parents had one when I was a child. It was around 1988. I remember going for holidays. It was 500 kilometers journey one way. As a kid I was sitting in a back sit with a lot of luggage and we also had some suitcases on a roof rack. That was insane. When I was like 20+, I got newer version of 126p. I owned it for few years. The car has never dissapointed me. It was very "Spartan" and pure, but at the same time it was doing it's job - I could travel from A to B point. And that's it. Almost zero effort, low cost, yet doing it was doing it's job... I'm missing it, seriously.
tunsaree 24 napja
Non Japanese Kei Car. Or NJKC
sejtano 27 napja
i miss this little car, it's been many years
Branko Kockica
Branko Kockica 27 napja
My friend bought one of those several years ago, IT IS SO MUCH FUN DRIVING IT IN A WINTER TIME, EPIC ADRENALINE EXPERIENCE, two cylinder engines are fast to get going, I hope you experienced that already. And to tell you, he sold it for a decent amount of money :D It was the same color as yours, I wouldn't be surprised if that is the same one :D For your own sake :D I used to change with him, giving him my Mercedes and it always took a lot of convincing... PEGLICA xD That is how it's called here, type it into YT xD
Erwin Weber
Erwin Weber 28 napja
Fiat 500 the old one
Noel Sampson
Noel Sampson 29 napja
Couldn't find video on coswort
Noel Sampson
Noel Sampson 29 napja
Love thee fact you appreciate car's new and old keep up the good work
homopoeticus1 Hónapja
126p is very safety car. The crush zone ends at the engine. :)
Big Boom
Big Boom Hónapja
Polski zlom
Izabela Sękowska
We went skiing for 2 weeks with a family of 4 and a dog. The Fiat 126 p has made Poles masters of stuffing a large amount of things into a small space. :D Those were magical times. Once he fired it was like a tank
Uroš Gajić
Uroš Gajić Hónapja
Very bad.
ludoluda1986 Hónapja
Remember as a child how loud was the sound of motor in the cabin :)
Raiyan Moledina
Raiyan Moledina Hónapja
23 hp 😂😂😂
MDM_ denzel
MDM_ denzel Hónapja
Luxurious??it certainly is not😹😹😹😹
bugatti1710 Hónapja
thats the green car from my summer car
Aaron Balchand
Aaron Balchand Hónapja
Lol frunk (front trunk) Gotta love those rear engine tiny cars lol
hristaki99 Hónapja
He never explained the jerry can
brad manchester
brad manchester Hónapja
He must have a posh version as my 126 had the ignition between the two front seats on the floor...it was great while living in London as it was small and nippy but trips to Manchester certainly made the bum numb ...
Bonias Hónapja
Respext from river
Rabid Jock
Rabid Jock Hónapja
Stop sugar coating and give us this cars bad points... My mate had one of these with 2 breeze blocks on the floor in the back because it would fill up with water and slosh around your feet. 😆
Kunta Kinte
Kunta Kinte Hónapja
Strong car 👍 Wenn the border opened end of the 80s i have seen a lot of them driving on german motorways. With 4 adults in it. Guess there had to be some gyneologecan basic knowledge to get in and out. 😉
billybhoy32 Hónapja
Hazard warning safety lights, yes they will be most useful when rocketing towards a wall at 35 mph.
Mert Hónapja
12x30=360 pound. Hell shit.
Rafał Sawicki
Rafał Sawicki Hónapja
Johnny Zghaib
Johnny Zghaib Hónapja
Mat, did Top Gear UK contact you or not yet?
U U Hónapja
She is so cute
Steve Burroughs
Steve Burroughs Hónapja
When I was a kid we used to call them fart boxes
Marola Ludynia
Marola Ludynia Hónapja
Maluch jest z Polski to ty jesteś z Polski xddddddddd
Kokica Langarec
Kokica Langarec Hónapja
7:22... He pulled the choke
Dono Oetomo
Dono Oetomo Hónapja
misterPAINMAKER Hónapja
We need more of it.
ForzaCruza Hónapja
I bought a Fiat 126 brand new in 1976 for £1350. A great little car. It had a hand operated throttle as well as the throttle peddle. I use drive it sitting on top of the seat back with my head out the sun roof and the hand operated throttle set to max. Happy days.
Svt K
Svt K Hónapja
12 pounds a day ?!
Anže Megušar
Anže Megušar Hónapja
In Slovenia it was called bolha, which means flea.
Top Autos con Walter Koren en español.
I love this car. Very good presentation,.
Robert James
Robert James Hónapja
I drove one of these in Africa some years ago. It was called a LADA Niva. It was brutalized but never failed to do the business.
Damian Domski
Damian Domski Hónapja
A car we're getting next! That's all I know 🤣 I've travelled on the back of it, 5of us, to a after school party. And yes, on the roof too (in countryside, my aunt, a driver, was holding my ✋)
belly tripper
belly tripper Hónapja
leonard marco
leonard marco Hónapja
love this car 🤪
Rixen Kings
Rixen Kings Hónapja
Hi Matt, please tell me where you bought the fantastic fiat 126p. Which website ?
Rayane Haddad
Rayane Haddad Hónapja
its a pretty cool car, not perfect but cool
Carr2 Oman
Carr2 Oman Hónapja
Nice car
Voy_Speed Hónapja
hurun.info/to/vide/g3yPwaCfw2fFsLM.html Love this car :)
Woodie7 Hónapja
I "borrowed" this car from my mum at 15 to take my friends for a ride. We took it for a trip just outside of town and parked it near the lake. We had a great time with it. I'm from PL obviously :)
DifferentAngle Hónapja
Oh dude ... You nailed it. I am polish and I have so many good memories with this thing. First car I have ever driven as a kid. My uncle had it in lovely orange colour. They are so rare these days... Look after it. Take care.
speedfrc Hónapja
Hi, I'm polish and we've had one of these when I was a kid. I've absolutely hated it, there was never a guarantee that we're gonna make it there. Promised myself that when I will grow up I'll never have a car that reminds me of it in any way. That's how great passion for cars started.
Joelay Hervia
Joelay Hervia Hónapja
I want one
Joelay Hervia
Joelay Hervia Hónapja
It looks nice😍
Adithyan S
Adithyan S Hónapja
Mat : It has no soundproofing. Yeah no shit!!
Sammy Goris
Sammy Goris Hónapja
Really enjoy your material. I enjoy Doug de Muro’s quirky videos but honestly I think yours are getting better than his
Chris Mussi
Chris Mussi Hónapja
It makes me smile a lot, because i'm italian and this was a common car here, still you can see them circulating, but a few. Tanks for this funny review that requalify a lot the 126 fiat
Chris Mussi
Chris Mussi Hónapja
John Rogers
John Rogers Hónapja
I have to say, Mr.Watson, you are one of the most entertaining fellas on the interwebs! Thanks!
Aaron Balchand
Aaron Balchand Hónapja
This car is the perfect size for me
Aaron Balchand
Aaron Balchand Hónapja
Forget that, this car is actually literally me. Its small, decieving by looks, and simple
Pakoslaw Lasocic
We were a family of 5, and owned one of these...Lovely cars, hated them as much as we loved them and it only happened when they were able to take us from A to B.
Lukas Gayer
Lukas Gayer Hónapja
Great video. I enjoyed every second! The horn is just "Monty Pythonish" :D honk-honk naughty! naughty! :D
Neim Hónapja
Polska gurom!
carl bentley
carl bentley Hónapja
i had one in the 1970s nightmare, strange but i would love another.
Xpozed Gaming!
Xpozed Gaming! Hónapja
We still use this car till now in egypt along with the lada, fiat tempra, fiat 124, fiat 125, fiat 126, fiat 127, fiat 128, fiat 132 and way more of these and yes am talking about the 19th century versions of these cars not the new ones and i don’t even know why egypt still use these cars till this moment but yea welcome to my country i guess lol.
576 . Manvik Km
576 . Manvik Km Hónapja
"Horrendous"Most British person ever
Vinko Purgar
Vinko Purgar Hónapja
Matt, please stop fooling around. You are a serious guy and you know your cars and generally I appreciate your reviews. But this is NOT a car, it is a coffin on wheels, literally. No chanche of survival in a crash.
Roger Hudson
Roger Hudson Hónapja
Great little car, the headroom, particularly in the back is so much better than the Fiat 500.
Anton Afsar
Anton Afsar Hónapja
Is that not what Pablo used to smuggle drugs In
Richard Macintyre
It's nice to see someone else appreciating weird but super basic machinery.
Szymon T
Szymon T Hónapja
Its not 126 its 126p
Giuliano Meschino
Martin Burke
Martin Burke Hónapja
Sir you are a hero!!!
Peter Pimmelkopf
i remember my cousin left this out in the field and we had to go get it. he put a brick on the gas and his feet up on the dash lul
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