I Can’t Beat This 

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Blake 4 órája
Dude Roman I do the same thing ! I over think so much shit about me dying or if there is smt wrong with me if smt hurts. It only happens when I smoke weed though. It’s weird
J J 4 órája
I be feeling the same way Roman
Kameron Joseph Forbis
rgor shla
rgor shla 4 órája
Thanks for this video. I need this.
Adrianna Leanna
Adrianna Leanna 4 órája
Me Cooper
Me Cooper 4 órája
lmao "I Can’t Beat This" hahahahaha, I can't help but wonder with this kinda content if he will end up exploiting his own parents deaths. _(If he has done that already I am sorry, I don't actually know who this is other than random hearsay)_
Much Sunshine
Much Sunshine 4 órája
What is he getting at?
Reaper 7
Reaper 7 4 órája
love you bro, keep it real
Aptronix 4 órája
Evacuate the city and get this man a condom.
Amaal Farah
Amaal Farah 4 órája
Please help
SlushyYT 4 órája
Im struggling with depression so this helps a lot
Rhiannon Brooker
Rhiannon Brooker 4 órája
I love going to watch all of the videos all of the right from the start and remember watch you guys ever time there was one put up. Love you all
Jenny A
Jenny A 4 órája
whatmyohmy 4 órája
You Sound Like Your Bipolar!
Becca Jane Wood
Becca Jane Wood 4 órája
We miss you so much Roman and family! Really hope to be seeing you fully back really soon!!!
Steven Condor
Steven Condor 4 órája
Let me guess, he still can’t tell us the bullshit reason and is gonna keep side stepping around it
Jack fl
Jack fl 5 órája
I hope you get better soon lad you’ve got nothing to worry about you’re a top lad keep smiling and moving forward
Juancho Macaraeg
Juancho Macaraeg 5 órája
Go withD Flow
Go withD Flow 5 órája
I haven't seen this guy in 6 years
Joe Soares
Joe Soares 5 órája
😢😢😢😢 I'm not going anywhere
Sierra Johnston
Sierra Johnston 5 órája
I’ve struggled with this for sometime now, I’m glad we’re not alone in feeling like this 🥺 thank you for sharing ♥️
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SmudgyAtom712 5 órája
I love how positive the chat is💛💜💛💜💛💜
Jack fl
Jack fl 5 órája
You’re probably not going to see this but we need your positivity going through this shit time in life
oasdfe 5 órája
damn man this guy in anorexic
Aman Seecharan
Aman Seecharan 5 órája
I’m 16 and I can relate to this on so many levels. My anxiety and panic attacks started last year around the time my grandmother passed away, and ever since it’s gotten worse over time....especially during lockdown. It’s comforting to know that I’m not the only one fighting such a battle.....literally in this week I almost passed out in school while writing an accounting exam because I started panicking. I hope that more internet influencers raise more awareness about mental health, especially during this period because many people need some form of support.
TechnoGame 5 órája
you helped me so much through my tough time your so true in your video i admire you so much take the time that you need i think whether youtuber or not everybody is human i miss you guys cant wait to see daily vlog or whatever you feel giving us next on you channel stay strung love you and your family
foresaken to none
Kaden Albert
Kaden Albert 5 órája
I’ve dealt with anxiety and depression since second grade due to relationship issues and family issues and your videos have always made me smile and forget about the real world your videos are my saving grace so Roman keep your head up dude we all love you
Carson_Riot _Frost
S Y 5 órája
Yes, indeed everything is okay even though we think it's not. It's life and we can control it either physically, mentally or emotionally
Nikki Koutz
Nikki Koutz 5 órája
This video is exactly what we needed to end 2020 up with!!! We all got this everyone!!! Thank you so much for making this!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️
Maliboo 5 órája
LotsOfTHC 5 órája
With my panic attacks I have to talk to somebody till i forget about it
HCMF_BEASTjr 5 órája
This man has helped me grow up since I was 8 I love you and your family
Christie Willey
Christie Willey 5 órája
Sending my love to you and your family.
Oliver Wachs
Oliver Wachs 5 órája
Moving out is very hard
SmallFri 5 órája
Holy shit I haven’t seen this dude in forever
Nikki Koutz
Nikki Koutz 5 órája
Fred Davis
Fred Davis 5 órája
Do you want to sell you channels?
Dave D
Dave D 6 órája
3.6 million + views so far, 191k+ Likes...not bad for a channel only uploading 5x videos this year. Looking forward to the next video, until then Stay happy n Healthy Atwood Family.
Alex Flores
Alex Flores 6 órája
I love when Roman makes videos where he is just talking to us!
Smile More everyone
HONG KONG 6 órája
Men I like how where all talking about the good old days when Roman Atwood used to post daily 😔.
Explore With Rick
Get your testosterone checked. True story.
wormgirl666 6 órája
ok but the “i cant beat this” makes it sound like you’re clickbaiting about cancer....?
Eror404 5 órája
archer 6 órája
CrazyCassie 6 órája
For me this year has become a radical acceptance year, my go to motto this year had been 'it is what it is' It has helped me a lot.
Aino 6 órája
Just remember that you have helped so many people to heal from things that they have. You and you’re family makes everyone always happy and I hope that you understant that! It’s something so amazing that you have done for people. Just keep up your good work, you guys are amazing!!!
Sle3pe 6 órája
Miss you guys so much
destroyer turbo
destroyer turbo 6 órája
I can relate to this worrying and overthinking sooo muchhhh
destroyer turbo
destroyer turbo 6 órája
Godd we've grown up so much 🤯
destroyer turbo
destroyer turbo 6 órája
Thankyou for this ! ❤️
Tom Roberts
Tom Roberts 6 órája
Get to the point
tom ee
tom ee 6 órája
Must be easier to dissappear when your fans have made you a multi millionaire
Murat Kılıç
Murat Kılıç 6 órája
Do you know tum hi ho baby?
ionicblood666 6 órája
Damn near half the video I'm like spit it out fuck!
TheWordIsMarc 6 órája
Damn this is hard to listen to after the shit I've been through this year. But helpful as hell too. Just that acknowledgement that others go through it like that.
Jacob Monish
Jacob Monish 6 órája
wayne wayo aveyard
me @ 10:01 alright. so....what can't you beat?
Flynn Andrew
Flynn Andrew 6 órája
Something has always bothered me about Roman and his family vlogs. I personally just feel like he’s disingenuous and might have a scandal coming soon.
WuTang118 6 órája
Can someone explain the carbon monoxide and how that happens? And how to avoid that
MoneyCaptain 6 órája
I just want the ps5 mann
MoneyCaptain 6 órája
Only people who remember Zeus can like
Lucia Rosi
Lucia Rosi 6 órája
My fellow light worker , our ego thrives on fear and keeps you panicked . So since its been thriving for 21 years, it kept growing. I have learned from life that if we keep pushing that fear and that anxiety to the side we create a loop that will test us harder and harder each time. The way I dealt with it its by actually going through it , don’t dismiss the hurt . Let yourself feel the pain with compassion. Go back to when you were 16 when that fear was activated , go through the details carefully of what happened and clarify anything if needed. Its not easy but it is worth it at the end when we have released and let go . We have a power and that power lies in our words and thoughts , words and thoughts have energy with the ability to heal, to help,to humble,to hurt,and to harm. I see you already knew that by speaking yourself down whenever fear would sneak up on you . Next time you have a fearful thought just look at shoulder and tell the ego “I got this, don’t worry you don’t need to intrude”. Im so excited to see so many people awakening , can’t stop won’t stop until every single one of you beautiful humans have awakened to your true selfs . I love you all , much love and light to everyone 🥰
healdogtoe2c 6 órája
Cheesy is good. Good joy to you.
Krei Wyndham
Krei Wyndham 6 órája
Hypochondria is an anxiety that’s talked about as much, i got it at 19. This makes me feel better someone with a platform has it. Makes me feel less alone about it
Dan Dan
Dan Dan 6 órája
This is the first time I have met you via social media, I do not know you, nor subscribed before, but this year is a reset, something that has not been seen since 1918 - 1920, where millions died, far more than any war....The short answer is , every day is a gift, treat it as such. Laugh alot , cry alot, ponder all that that is good and bad in life, and live it with your all.
Soni Singh
Soni Singh 6 órája
Alana Dauber
Alana Dauber 6 órája
i’ve never felt so relieved to hear that someone else goes through the same feeling, i’ve been struggling with this forever now.. and i’m only 17
Luke swanner
Luke swanner 6 órája
I know how you feel Roma
Koefi Brown
Koefi Brown 6 órája
what is up with those thumbs bruh
It’s been a while but we are still here. We ain’t leaving ya no matter what is happening you can count of us. (P.S we did watch till the end of the video🙂)
whoami 6 órája
I feel for you man, it sounds like you have a pretty bad case of complex ptsd. It usually develops from repeated, inescapable trauma. It sounds a lot like what you went through with the carbon monoxide poisoning
Alana Fernandez
Alana Fernandez 7 órája
I’m so glad you made this video. I am 17 and what you explained is exactly what is happening to me right now. I try to explain how i feel to my parents but I just can’t seem to explain it. This happens to me frequently it comes in days i’ll have a few bad days in a row and then be totally fine. I feel like my heart is beating out of my chest and i feel like i’m gonna pass out. It’s really good knowing that this is a common thing and i’m not just crazy.
wyw.ant_ 7 órája
we love you to roman take your time we understand, focus on your fam🙌🏻‼️
Nisa Mather
Nisa Mather 7 órája
Me and My dad Love your vids and thank you keep it up and when ever you can or want to can i get a shout out in your next video pls that would mean the world and be safe and take care I love you and your family makes me and my dad smile more and where I live we have your logo where I live I taken a pic so that was really cool
Geesy 7 órája
So this the reason he been off HUrun ? Or
Nicholas Cottage
Nicholas Cottage 7 órája
The legend!!!!
Abbie Baldwin
Abbie Baldwin 7 órája
You’re beautiful, You’re one of a kind, Smile More :)
Zack Partner
Zack Partner 7 órája
Good on you for getting trending
OnlyFans2Me - The OnlyFans Downloader
2020 was crazy. But old HUrunrs coming back gives a nice sense of nostalgia
Ribbits 7 órája
Honestly, I've never wanted to see someone I looked up to seem so sad. I think everyone can understand this feeling.
G 7 órája
I go through the same thing
Tyler Fornella
Tyler Fornella 7 órája
Yeah, my therapist said the same bout technology
Tim Braun
Tim Braun 7 órája
I feel like many many people out there nowadays have had a panic attack due to anxiety or fear or depression. And I've been having my own struggles lately with a similar thing. Just saying what's going on in your life, no matter how personal of a level you may think it is, getting that off your chest is the best thing you can do. Im proud of you roman and I wish you all the best in this crazy world nowadays. Stay positive because that is your superpower man. And i will smile more, because of you and all the things im grateful and lucky to have. Thank you
The man is a legend✅✅ Collins okyere China wuhan🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳
Rose JD
Rose JD 7 órája
Love you Roman
Koen Ryset
Koen Ryset 7 órája
I left a like to help out
misolou fout
misolou fout 7 órája
Its crazy reading these comments, seeing how much we’ve all grown up, realizing how things have changed. I love you all. Stay strong Roman.
Nathan Gings
Nathan Gings 7 órája
The legend Smile more
Kelly stanford
Kelly stanford 7 órája
You have been my favourite HUrunr since you’re pranking days, and you just explained the last year in my head. I’m 19. Idk why but it kinda just blew my mind, the way you want talked about everything in this video is the reason why you are and will always be my all time favourite HUrunr
Emmanuel Licup
Emmanuel Licup 7 órája
We are all missing the challenges video and a lot of crazy things from the recents year of this channel... Well guys always smile... Pray and grow... God bless
misolou fout
misolou fout 7 órája
I pray that you get more peace in your head very soon. Thank you again!! 💜💜💜💜💜🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Critical Gaming
Critical Gaming 7 órája
Thank you Roman i’ve had anxiety since I was 12 and it’s just gotten worse maybe you’re right maybe it’s our phones maybe it’s the Internet would you take a breath go outside and enjoy life thank you 🙏
Baby Blue
Baby Blue 7 órája
I am wondering if Brit had the baby already,or it's coming in a few days...miss them all so much,I knew there may be a time when they get tired of filming all day,but like going off like this is sad...and when he said that there is something,but he can't tell...he said they are all healthy,no lawsuit...what is the thing??? Did they film a reality show???🤔🤔🤔
mandy johnson
mandy johnson 7 órája
Hi Atwood’s my name is mandy im from Australia. I just want to let you know I love you and we are in this together ok xx
Amanda Nichole
Amanda Nichole 7 órája
"I could sit and talk for hours, hours, but I'm gonna cut it because there's probably very few of you guys watching at this part of the video". I watch. I look to you guys for positivity and have prayed for you all often. Always a gift when you check in.
Keyvonta Williams
I'm back
Jaylee Farley
Jaylee Farley 7 órája
Today was canceled because of my family some other relative got in contact with covid 🥺😥😣
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