I Jumped the World’s Most Extreme Skydive (Near Death Experience) 

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Seek Discomfort Moonshot Collection is out today, so go to www.seekdiscomfort.com to check it out!
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-Nathan Lam @naythanlam
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Yes Theory
Yes Theory Hónapja
This took years for Ammar to plan... Such a delicate yet challenging jump, watch all the way to the end to see how he pulls it off... To celebrate, we created a collection called “Moonshot” on Seek Discomfort for the dreams so big they scare you just thinking about them... See the collection here: www.seekdiscomfort.com
Metro 24
Metro 24 10 napja
sky diving is also a dream of mine i allways dremed of flying i have never even got on a plane i just wanna feel what its like the wind and the sky and that meditive space that is being up there
jennifer j. avila
Ammar if you're seeing this I just wanted to let you know, you are strong and what you went through is devastating. I was also in a car accident back in April 2020 with my two siblings ( i am 19) and I also went through a horrific car accident. What you went through is truly a hard thing to get the grasp of. I remember thanking God everyday, but I was so afraid on doing anything. My mentality was at the lowest and seeing what you went through is truly motivational. YOU ARE STRONG. amazing content guys!
#PadCrewX Studios
I have been skydiving a couple of years ago to raise money for my nephew's wheel chair he has spina bifida, it was all inspired by Ammar and the yes theory crew and the yes theory family,that day I fell in love with it I want to do it agai
Ziggy Builds it!
Thanks for this awesome video, it’s been over ten years since I’ve done any jumps and boy did this get the emotions rushing back in 😂👌💕 there really is something so special about skydiving, I’m gonna take my best friend for his 70th birthday, he’s never been and is an adrenaline junkie.
Wait ...you can FIRST strap a stranger to your body and jump BEFORE you're even allowed to jump alone? Really? Why ? I mean ..ok ..if you need to do it with an instructor ..but with strangers ?
J M 4 órája
What verse from the curan is it ?
Shubham Shah
Shubham Shah 10 órája
It's okay man. There is nothing to cry!
Mustacheman 11 órája
Props to the dude who recorded every jump and did them to.
james jone
james jone 15 órája
Hey I don’t really have a dream of a job or something I want to do in life
Maria Page
Maria Page 17 órája
Awesome and inspiring in every way! Loved the shots from 27:50... the stillness ( even at 300miles/hr) and the shadow of the cameraman moving across their bodies. Amazing... all three of them!
Casey Ross
Casey Ross 23 órája
Makeout sesh
Phillip Robertson
Imagen Ammar *reached back to pulled the parachute, and he doesn't feel his backpack..*
Nezar Rahali
HOW TO BUILD A CAREER. Thats what this vid explains lol.
Misael Amayo
From fighting fires this has to be my next goal
Some beautiful shots in this video, well done and gz on your epic dive. There's not much left i want to do in life, sure, some things that iv'e done could be done better but getting new experiences no matter at what level is always fun. I still dream of being able to sail around the world or visit ISS, the later is perhaps a bit out of reach but sailing around the world would be something that could become a possible reality one day(Plenty of possible situations that could be out of comfort). The past decade iv'e been slowing down on adrenaline activities so if you for some reason wanted to gift me a skydive id rather see someone else get the chance to experience that :D (Iv'e never sky dived but i have done bungee jump and high dives in the past).
simplyme Napja
that’s crazy omggg ...
Maarten Warson
One of the greatest videos I have ever seen around on the internet! It is so great to see you can achieve anything you want, great to witness all of the friendship and Love throughout this video. It makes me craving for more peace in this world. Thank you Yes Theory for sharing this amazing content, it really makes my day!
Joshua Tejano
You should come to the Philippines when it's safe already!
suhan miah
suhan miah Napja
One of the best video I ever see
Yaaa Yeet
Yaaa Yeet 2 napja
My dream is to pay my parents debt off/ retire them and give them the security they once gave me as a kid! Loved the video and it inspired me to keep pushing and challenge my self to accomplish higher goals! 🙏🏼
Sebastian Waseta
Watching this video I was inspired and someday I'll take the courage to jump out of a plane. Ammar is absolutely brave. I'm so sure skydive is on everyone's bucket list to check off.
Mr. Boss
Mr. Boss 2 napja
I'd love to go sky diving!!!
Tim 2 napja
One of my dreams is to go skydiving with you Ammar. And i’ll buy you dinner after
Joshua Ickes
Joshua Ickes 2 napja
Hello family, my name is Joshua. One of my biggest dreams is to be able to solo jump one day like Ammar. My best friend is currently in paratrooper training and he’s getting the experience of jumping and I would love to be able to share that experience with him as we grow older. Hoping to soon go on my first jump before the end of the year.
Nick Buchner
Nick Buchner 2 napja
My dream is to once i finish university to earn enough money to travel the world and do stuff like this🥲
Jhanvi Bhaskar
I wish I could work with you guys and learn how to seek discomfort.
MC 2 napja
I don't know if I could jump out a plane, it is terrifying to watch. I have been getting goosebumbs every time you jump
basil moraga
basil moraga 2 napja
Man, the story telling and cinematography are amazing, its really inspiring and overwhelming at the same time it really tells me to seek the discomfort to discover incredible things. :D
Erin Dreyer
Erin Dreyer 2 napja
My dream is to help the Earth. Without it how can we seek discomfort? We need our home to thrive for future generations. My dream is to help that become more and more of a possibility.
Cassandra Slough
The jump made me cry and I don’t even know why.
Camilla Louise
This video hit a deep place in my heart that i didnt know could be reached by a video. at 27:05 i felt this intense feeling rushing through my body as if i was there in person, and it really made me emotional. This video as a whole, made me get a new perspective on life and changed my way of thinking completely. Even though i am insanely terrified of heights, i felt a feeling of peace as the timestamp on this video passed 27:06. This video inspired me in so many ways. (but i dont think i will skydive even if i get the chance to, my fear of heights is way too big) but i will definitely use the feeling this video gave me, in other parts of my life!
Victoria Sabillon
I wish I could do just Basic Sky diving. No one ever keeps their word to actually go and do it with me. Look like so much fun! #bestdream
monu jain
monu jain 2 napja
How to join the skydiving school?
Dan G
Dan G 2 napja
Camera man who did the same thing never gets any love
Phyz 2 napja
Me: Takes my backpack off to rest my shoulders My skydiving instructor: 😐
Shane Thomsonll
Amazing job Ammar !!!
Yashashvi Chauhan
This was so overwhelming 💞💞💞💞💞
Ibn Umer
Ibn Umer 3 napja
Hope I get skydive once Insha Allah
Jimmie Pridmore
This isn’t just another HUrun video. This was a work of beautiful art! A movie! A masterpiece!
Mane Volent
Mane Volent 3 napja
- Turning your brain waves into magnetic force, thinking about death and risk... Man, that just proves it. Canceling high-risk event (Skydive), because of fear, but so much energy wasted can't just disappear nowhere, which leads to inevitable disaster. if it wasn't sad, it would be funny. - Keep it up guys, you're such a big inspiration and life changer. Peace
Dylan Atkinson
Mark Homer
Mark Homer 3 napja
What an amazing video. My son showed me Yes Theory videos a few years ago and it has been a great shared experience for us. My teenage sons want to go skydiving but I have been nervous about it. In my twenties I was learning to skydive but on my 8th jump, instead of getting to jump, at about 1000 feet our engine died and our plane CRASHED with all of us in it. We all walked away a bit banged up and bruised, but while I have flown in small planes since that crash, I have never gone back to face the fear I now have of skydiving. This video has inspired me to think about scheduling a jump with my boys which from the perspective of a father will truly be a "LOVE OVER FEAR" experience. I am not a frequent commenter, but wanted to let you all know the conversations your videos inspire about life in our household.
Rena Lee
Rena Lee 3 napja
Wow that was hard work and so inspiring! Congrats
Alex Jennings
Alex Jennings 3 napja
the main dude: iv wanted to do this scince i was 10 the camera guy: a week is all i need
Oliver Clarke
Oliver Clarke 3 napja
At 28:47 that had me almost crying
Colten_779 /
Colten_779 / 3 napja
i’m going for my 18th birthday right away then i’ll get my license asap
DJ Armoon Vlog
Please visit in nepal. Big fan
Attributes3 4 napja
dude is it me or is this the most inspirational shit
Abdul, The Raja
Suprita 4 napja
This is the kind of friends and community everyone needs in their life. Always supporting and having each other’s back and pushing each other to achieve their biggest dreams👏🏼🥰🤗
Tommy Chong
Tommy Chong 4 napja
my dream is to skydive as well... it would be amazing
MeeepTheGamer 4 napja
Even though i am probably too young to skydive wow this has been an amazing experience watching your childhood dream come true like that you really inspired me. My dream is becoming a skydiver / wingsuiting or learn to fly a plane. I have asked permission to my parents to try a glider and start from there. And i will probably try making videos of it and try becoming a youtuber. Thanks yes theory you really inspired me!
Regina Gardiner
As a Mom, I'm so proud of you!!! So, So, So, Proud!!! You did it.
I just want to say the thing that I envy the most is the change you guys are making in the world. My all time life goal for as long as I could remember was to make the one shot I have at life worth while and to make a difference in the world its self so when I'm gone the changes I have helped to influence can make the world a better place for everyone.
unklscrufy 4 napja
I don't get it. What makes this the "world's most extreme skydive?"
hugo visser
hugo visser 5 napja
Dude you have one BIG angel on you’re youre side trust him 💪
Alberts stuff
Alberts stuff 5 napja
You will break the new jump from space world record 👍🏼
Ellián Romero
My dream is to live my life at his limit, in all the aspects, You really motivate me to achieve it.
Kade Coleman
Kade Coleman 5 napja
Where can I find that karan verse he was talking about? Very interesting and profound
Bruno Diogo
Bruno Diogo 5 napja
Amazing video, its so annoying (and with annoying i meam freaking amazing) how you guys can be so inspiring to the world and showing that anything is possible if you got love and the passion in your heart. My dream is to get my diving license so i can fulfill my all time dream of diving with sharks without a cage
Syria Explained
Amazing Ammar & team! Huge props to the camera man/woman who captured an incredible moment. So inspiring.
Una Petrovic
Una Petrovic 5 napja
wow... just wow... I almost cried. I am happy that i get to see your growth. Are you even aware what you achieved?!!! ALL OF YOU!!! CONGRATS! Be thankful for all those people and be thankful to yourself!
Craig Smith
Craig Smith 5 napja
Sidemen x Yes theory? Seeking discomfort everyone In the sidemen conquer there worst nightmares?
Roldan Yuean Jalan
literally every minute of this video gives me goosebumps !!
Merijn Ruis
Merijn Ruis 5 napja
My dream would be to make a video with yes theory one day to inspire people all around the world to do the things they love! Skydiving with you guys would be very close. Sooo let's gooooo!!! :)
Maverick 5 napja
Take me with you for once...... will you? 😊
Nisachon Miller
This’s insane!
Pasquale Gelardi
You are a rare breed.
Ursula Music
Ursula Music 5 napja
Scuba in the sky 🤙
Infelicitas 6 napja
Touring the world with my band
Lambo Gamer
Lambo Gamer 6 napja
Respect to my man Ammar for doing the HALO jump you were the Superman up there
Tom Are Ødelien
That was amazing Ammar, breathtaking. AWSOME video! Congratz on a dream come true!
joy gabriel
joy gabriel 6 napja
Hey ammar u nailed it man..i can feel the calmness, excitment and most importantly cutting out from all the worries..when i done a paragliding 1st time i feel the same..congrats man..🍻
Megan Beener
Megan Beener 6 napja
Red Bull quite literally helped to give you wings haha.
Verk Music
Verk Music 6 napja
Nobody: Ammar 3 years from now: I want to skydive from the space station 😀
Brian R
Brian R 6 napja
Angoose 6 napja
And this is how yes theory never fails to inspire and motivate us. I am pushing myself everyday to be all round adventurer of India, right from high altitude treks to water sports to air adventures. Its a long cherished dream, and i hope to achieve it some day for sure.
Taleb TK
Taleb TK 6 napja
Wow you did it, Iam happy for you😊 It’s a dream of mine to skydive 🪂 I registered my name three years in a row to skydive, but every single time I cancelled not because am Afraid, but I choice to help my family with that money. I hope 🤞🏽 one day The dream of mine come true as yours did. Fly safe brother And continue to embrace your comfort zone ‘’Seek Discomfort’’
shin asuka
shin asuka 6 napja
No offence but you look like a discount markiplier
Sam R
Sam R 5 napja
I love how people go out of their way just to be dicks
Loreta Falcutila
Fantastic ❤️👍
SyedYousuf Hashmie
I wanted so bad to see the view from ground of them flying down .....
Beans Longo
Beans Longo 7 napja
My dream is to be on the challenge on MTV lol would absolutely love to compete in anything they have for me 😊🤙🏻
Beans Longo
Beans Longo 7 napja
Woww shouts out to the camera man in the sky 💯🙌🏻 great job
Beans Longo
Beans Longo 7 napja
Amar your the goat bro lol
victoria 7 napja
changing my view on life one video at a time, incredible
Doomx 7 napja
11:13 yo xQc??
Brandon Gutierrez
The feeling watching this video was so good I was feeling a rush just watching it good job man keep on striving
Connor Price
Connor Price 7 napja
Okay this is awesome, but why did I think ammar was gonna get kicked in balls at 24,000 feet
martijndevis 7 napja
the use of music in this video is crazzy good, you dont notic it unless you do when you do. it just clicks. 10/10 ( ex 17:20 that violin at the half way point of the video )
Randy Grueneberg
Halo has always been my dream as well
nomo lobo
nomo lobo 7 napja
idk why I feel so much love, life and emotions after watching your videos. I have tears of joy all the time. I love you guys so much. Love from Bhutan. #LoveoverFear
Bodhan Sellings
What are the shoes he wears on the last jump the blue ones?
Hari Krishna
Hari Krishna 7 napja
Absolutely love the video. Can anyone tell me what is the exact shoe his wearing (Teal Air Jordan) this is the first time I love the look of air jordon. Please help live or death situation.
Carlos Conde
Carlos Conde 7 napja
By the end of this year my dream and goal is to climb the highest Mountain in my country (México)
rhondell dipnarine
Beyond amazing. Must be a great opportunity
tagwolf 8 napja
My dream is to do paramotoring. My boss and close friend just passed away this weekend. Love your work. You're always an inspiration for me to use the time I have.
Ellen de Boer
Ellen de Boer 8 napja
C T 8 napja
Literally gave me goosebumps. The editing of the video kept me breathtaking.
mustafiz ahmed
No Words to explain my feelings, I wish I can do that before leave this world
siddhant kolkar
Leah Wilkinson
my dream is to be an airline chef but i am terrified of flying😂😩
Devon Mac Intosh
I have actual goosebumps, great video!