I Won’t Lose - Jake Paul Vs Nate Robinson (Episode 3) 

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I Won’t Lose gives viewers a look inside our lives during boxing camp as Nate and I train and prepare for battle on November 28th
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Riyan Malik
KSI - Can’t Lose(first) Jake Paul - I won’t lose (copy)
Angelsxx 7 napja
God bless you, God cares for you and Has a plan for you whatever your going to though give it to God for he cares for you!
just meh
just meh 5 napja
Christian Flores
Nate robinson..softest man alive 😂 2nd to jake paul hahaha
Rick Dramdoski
Rick Dramdoski 11 napja
I hope you won't lose. Imagine training boxing and losing to a basketball player.
Prometheus 10 napja
bro he knocked nate out havent u seen the fight? it was brutal
Aurelia Ramon
Aurelia Ramon 11 napja
It's funny how Nate said " you get hit in the face what happens you you gotta bounce back and swing " Jake hit him in the back of the neck and immediately fell to the ground
Sam Dudley
Sam Dudley 11 napja
This dude thinks his a problem child I've been a problem child for 30 years old lol from sam from Birmingham in the UK 🇬🇧.
Mert On 60Hz
Mert On 60Hz 12 napja
I swear ksi did I cant lose all you do is copy jake come up with something that YOU actually make
TMP_SWEAT 14 napja
Jake is undefeated he will be the champ plz heart Jake lov your vids
A C H U 15 napja
3:47 this man predicted it
mike roussos
mike roussos 16 napja
still waiting for episode 4
Among us with Yitzy
Now nate is the biggest meme 😁😂
We need more dislikes
ARJUN Kanuga
ARJUN Kanuga 19 napja
Just imagine if the fight was on September 12
Christian Flores
I think Nate would still lose
Joel Banda
Joel Banda 20 napja
Sparr me get In some real work
Roseline Simeus
Roseline Simeus 20 napja
Song ??
Annonymous Annonymous
If u have guts have a match with Khabib. will fucking vanquish you.
KeepItREEL 21 napja
I guess yo was right
AudiousSecret 21 napja
Jake paul using NLE Choppa's music?
Wavyy 21 napja
Matthew 3:2
Wavyy 21 napja
Repent Jesus Christ is coming soon
Jai Thorpe
Jai Thorpe 23 napja
Sorry Nate but I think Jake will have it u can’t really train and fight in a few months
Prometheus 10 napja
they already fought bro
Izzaiah Gutierrez
wut the fuck jacky
Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris 25 napja
Nikita Ababiy vs jake Paul
Mekdes Anshebo
Mekdes Anshebo 25 napja
This dudes push ups are so trash
Tanner Bungerr1
Tanner Bungerr1 Hónapja
Where is the old jake Paul
Meagan's Art and games
Bat Man
Bat Man Hónapja
Less than 100k views lol slowly getting less and less mate
ThatOneDude579 Hónapja
Like he wasn’t lying
Illianna Guerrero
No he doesn't
Benett Pace
Benett Pace Hónapja
3:30 dcut called the fight 😂
F B I Hónapja
Did he relly say they from the ghetto lol jake ain’t from the ghetto lol
The fact he got knocked out the FIRST round lmaoooo
KILLA Hónapja
2nd round**
kavish dookran
kavish dookran Hónapja
Im glad Jake is over the view thing
Reekid12_mods Second Chanel
Jacke ur a joke
IG.03 Hónapja
Mayweather gon knock u out fo sho
Sk8bro _
Sk8bro _ Hónapja
Wrong Paul brother pal 😂😂
Hailey J
Hailey J Hónapja
ayy but i will give the boy credit for nle choppa shotta flow 5 song
Max Connolly8
Max Connolly8 Hónapja
Nice jake please can I have a shoutout please
SabirPlayz Hónapja
Ashworth Choyfoo
Jake hope he loses
AScoobis Ate-u
AScoobis Ate-u Hónapja
I wanna see Greg Paul vs ksi doll
L. K.
L. K. Hónapja
I wonder if Jake have to take drug tests before fights. I would pay to see the results . lol
youvebeen hacked
You will lose
Prometheus 10 napja
say again? xDDD
Max Connolly8
Max Connolly8 Hónapja
Nice jake please can I have a shoutout please
Spudd Hónapja
He couldn’t get 1m views this actually kind of sad
Jason Chow
Jason Chow Hónapja
this video doesn't age well lol
Braydon Barnhart
Who else notice how Jane Paul his vids went family friendly to his vids now lmao
ᅘClogz Hónapja
@zxīîīp big fax
ryanoo753 Hónapja
@zxīîīp facts
zxīîīp Hónapja
The money changed him big time
Raphael Ibus
Raphael Ibus Hónapja
nba vs wwe LOL XDDDDDDD
Tike Myson
Tike Myson Hónapja
1:01 *Everything together*
iijake Hónapja
IM sorry childhood
Crazy Toyz Tv
Crazy Toyz Tv Hónapja
Yo Nate kicked the ball and looked at it like he was finna beat it up
moist apple sauce
Now do a 1 on 1 basket ball contest with nate
BigBoyJeffrey2 Hónapja
mans literally got a Karma tattoo for himself. setting himself up on a date with the devil i see
LeeOne 2000
LeeOne 2000 Hónapja
All I’m gonna say is rip Jake Paul when he fights KSI
Junior Maqueto
Junior Maqueto Hónapja
U really think JJ gonna beat jake??🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️thats jist stupid unfortunately jj losing m😞😞
OP aaron gaming
OP aaron gaming Hónapja
Let's go baby jake Paul is undefeated Let's go
Omar Almutairi
Omar Almutairi Hónapja
who’s here after jake knocked nate out
XDCGamer1.0 Hónapja
Jake fight Ryan Garcia
Coach Delgado
Coach Delgado Hónapja
I wanna see you fight the rock lol
aola wili
aola wili Hónapja
I actually appreciate that his friends are doing the training with him so he won't be alone and he can stay focused as well that is incredibly awesome
Wilimates Hónapja
Jake Paul: I won't lose against Nate Robinson. Me: (in a mumbling whisper) "Bizaardvark"
The Mexican Gamers
Dude did Nate even train. I just see him playing basketball 😂
kixy is free.
kixy is free. Hónapja
I like new jake paul worried about himself
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Hónapja
This guy Nate acting like he’s been boxing for 10 years yet never seen him spar guy doesn’t know boxing
aola wili
aola wili Hónapja
Jake Paul’s: ‘Financial Freedom’ Lest we forget
Andre Werling
Andre Werling Hónapja
Talking all dat but you got knocked tf out *BINK*
Andre Werling
Andre Werling Hónapja
3:50 my song😌
Andre Werling
Andre Werling Hónapja
JAKE Knocked him out had to get him on a stretcher
bongi mthethwa
bongi mthethwa Hónapja
Nate Robison you going down bro jake will beat you up boy
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Hónapja
I’ll flight this clown for a dollar and be happy
doliio volay
doliio volay Hónapja
Omg I thought nobody knew the song “quicksand” it’s a great song!
Advised Gnu69
Advised Gnu69 Hónapja
It’s like Jake Paul ruined the NBA
Menma Hónapja
@manny pacquiao
Blast Vlogs
Blast Vlogs Hónapja
Welp just like your brother You knocked him faster than the patriots did to Antonio Brown
Vernon Mingle
Vernon Mingle Hónapja
@jakepaul cant beat me 4 sure
Cool_ Guy_1298
Cool_ Guy_1298 Hónapja
Jake paul: (trains for 1 year) Nate Robison : (trains for 4 months ) Jake paul : ( knocks out a basketball player) Jake paul: ( wants to fight floyd Mayweather even tho he only fought 3 boxers )
doliio volay
doliio volay Hónapja
This guy Nate acting like he’s been boxing for 10 years yet never seen him spar guy doesn’t know boxing
jayjay3013 Hónapja
U trying so hard to make NELK videos now 😭😭
seiom jvony
seiom jvony Hónapja
2:52 danm he just explained his whole career there no jokes ...
Albert vlogs daliy
Message to Nate: nba never box again
Momoneylee Hónapja
When Nate Robinson's name popped up on the screen I said Ohh I thought that other dude was Nate
Mike Ross
Mike Ross Hónapja
Jake Paul’s: ‘Financial Freedom’ Lest we forget
seiom jvony
seiom jvony Hónapja
Send me your friend numbers I’ll troll and prank them
Francis Samuel Posa
“Humble yourself before the Lord will” “The Lord brought me this far for a reason so I’m going to see why he brought me here” Maybe he took himself to seriously and the lord said nah son, Humble y’all selllf
WraithFace ,
WraithFace , Hónapja
Wasn't this guy's fan base an army of 10-12 year old girls a year ago?
mike carpio
mike carpio Hónapja
I’ll flight this clown for a dollar and be happy
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Hónapja
Nate looks scared...underselling his self and just going in on jakes personality instead of what really matters.
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Hónapja
Nate Robinson practice so hard now he got knocked the fuck out?.?!
Lul 1cy
Lul 1cy Hónapja
jake is so serious now who misses the old??
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Hónapja
Rapper and a boxer 🤣🤣🤣
Francisco Diaz
Francisco Diaz Hónapja
Jake Paul called out two MMA fighters.. Connor McGregor and Dillon Danis. First of all, stop calling out people who aren’t boxers. Second of all, you fought an NBA player with little to no experience in boxing. Stop letting Jake Paul fight guys who aren’t boxers, put him up against an actual fighter in the same league and see how he does. Also, stop calling out UFC fighters if you aren’t going to step in the octagon. I said what I said 🤧
Karen Kriel
Karen Kriel Hónapja
Bruh he talking about views and bring up ksi but didn't even get 1mil views this vid
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Hónapja
All yall Jake Paul fan gay asf
MrTulle Hónapja
What happend to Apollo your dog?
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Hónapja
This guy Nate acting like he’s been boxing for 10 years yet never seen him spar guy doesn’t know boxing
Sour Clue
Sour Clue Hónapja
Well god just made nate humble
Heee Mann
Heee Mann Hónapja
One question: Where's the fourth episode? It's been way past November 27
Matthew Murray
Matthew Murray Hónapja
Jake: 👊👊👊 Nate: 💤 😴
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Hónapja
The fact that Jake Paul has gohan on his channel makes me like him
Derrick Rose
Derrick Rose Hónapja
Jake Paul: I won’t lose Steph Curry: I see no lies.
Tj Brwakfast
Tj Brwakfast Hónapja
Send me your friend numbers I’ll troll and prank them
alea davin
alea davin Hónapja
Jake try to beat manny paqiuao the bocing legend
Kenan Ibradzic
Kenan Ibradzic Hónapja
Omg he called ksi content boring but called his content fun lmfao 😂😂
Carlos Madera
Carlos Madera Hónapja
Nate got hit but didnt get up to fight back like he said
Pauli S
Pauli S Hónapja
Rapper and a boxer 🤣🤣🤣
Omar Qasoom
Omar Qasoom Hónapja
Nate Robinson practice so hard now he got knocked the fuck out?.?!
Ryan Hónapja
But Nate’s from the streets remember 😂😂🤣
Xavier Blauser
Xavier Blauser Hónapja
All yall Jake Paul fan gay asf
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Hónapja
Nobody: Nate's trainer: We, we , you, you , the, the he, he , when, when,