'Ice Driving', Hamilton's Title Win And The Best Team Radio | 2020 Turkish Grand Prix 

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After such a brilliant, enthralling race, the airwaves were predictably full of absolute gold - and a lot of bleeps! From Lewis Hamilton's reaction to winning his record-equalling seventh world championship to the fallout from an amazing qualifying session, we've got you covered.
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PXD hams
PXD hams 10 órája
Danill kyvat seems lo happy to be drifting definitely a change of mind since 2015
siisus 15 órája
grosjean: "yeah but ************* **********"
amirul hakimi
amirul hakimi 18 órája
cuts to grosjean: ################! ######! #####! #########! ######
Giorgio Setti
Giorgio Setti 18 órája
Jenson Rob-button, lewis hemil-bot
Sunnybunny bunny
Sunnybunny bunny 19 órája
Ferrari engineer without Binotto: Seb: HOW DID U LIKE THE FIRST LAP Engineer: IT WAS AMAZING. U WERE A LION THERE With Binotto Seb: BRAKE FAILURE Engineer: COPY THAT STOP THE CAR
More Cloud's:3
More Cloud's:3 23 órája
2:44 Captions:Joke What i heard:choke
Kacper Pawłowski
I love this "can go for it! go for it! go for it!". I watched this at least 1000 times :D
Konstantinos Mpoutoutsis
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees Lewis
Joao victor Lima
Stroll was so happy
Asim Zaidi
Asim Zaidi 2 napja
All drivers say “mate”. Perez says “man”.
Luis Paulo Guerzoni
Grosjean blaming the track is hilarious. What's gonna be next?
Allinsport 2 napja
Hello from my channel
v3rsionn ➊
v3rsionn ➊ 2 napja
aaaaand this is why Lerclerc is my favorite driver on the grid and always will be. so humble, never satisfied, hard worker. top class.
michelle werner
1:41 so carlos' engineer is daniel ricciardo?
Mitchell Larrieta
Charles radio: 🤬🤬🤬🤬😃🤬😃
stroll:I have pole position hamilton:but i won the seventh world title
Dexter Haven
Dexter Haven 3 napja
LeClerc is sounding less like a composed, confident driver. And more like an excited schoolboy. Wonder if the boys at Maranello are having second thoughts.
Krusty 3 napja
Turkey really hard one for young pilots
Der Janbällchen
Charles shut up
wenyhreg 3 napja
Charles still remembered congratulating Seb even when he was so furious about himself. That's the Charles we love.
Ein Google-Nutzer
5:02 never thought i will hear it again but even with P3 vettel sounds depressed
Ein Google-Nutzer
2:33 ericson did it again
-NN- 3 napja
Charles, calm down.
Lightening McQueen
Ocon, Bottas did not hit you the first time. He spun on his own.
Lightening McQueen
I'm so touched by your emotion, Hamilton!
Lightening McQueen
Leclerc, you still did a great job.
Lightening McQueen
Wow, Grosjean does swear a lot.
Berkay Bağcı
It was enjoyable to watch i hope FIA add this circuit permantly
infernus-UG 3 napja
Seb the best.
S W 3 napja
Expectation: 00:58 Vs Reality: 2:58
Jk M
Jk M 3 napja
Lewis Hamilton the Greatest of all time
Kaleab Tesema
Kaleab Tesema 4 napja
Someone needs to make a documentary on Grosjean. Talented driver but he struggles like a grandpa - breaks things and complains how they weren’t built right.
h08817 4 napja
Seb and ferrari, they are so awkward with their enthusiasm for him. Love the reaction from Charles, what a competitor, next race he will be on fire.
Cristina Torre
The rebirth classic Vettel
Sht-s 4 napja
niggeuh 4 napja
Im so happy kmag and grosjean are out
Randy Savage
Randy Savage 4 napja
Leclerc criticizing himself is such a different level of WOKE!
Vok250 4 napja
Toto:. "It was an honour to witness you. Congratulations Lewis." Brad: " sigh, pole position, I guess, whatever"
Vok250 4 napja
Alexa say pole position
BadDay - Lets Plays
I dont know who Strolls engineer is, but man his radio is pure gold
estbecks 4 napja
2:17 I think we are missing some story here
Zonka 4 napja
Did Toto say "slicks"?
albatros massaka
stroll : Let s gooo ... shannon briggs: Let s go champ...
Georgi- drums
Georgi- drums 4 napja
What is the song?????
Anon 4 napja
Yeah and they're getting rid of Perez..
Noctn 4 napja
Bottas: Bottas after 40 laps: Ferrari: Enjoy the S🅱️inalla™magic™
Ivan Caravona
Ivan Caravona 4 napja
Best race of the season
Ahmet Kurak
Ahmet Kurak 4 napja
Just Enjoy This Pist Don’t Care Anything ♥️💯😅. 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
remigio griso
remigio griso 4 napja
ma non darti tutte quelle arie ... con quella macchina avrebbe vinto il mondiale anche il penultimo in griglia . l'ultimo no perchè saresti tu con una delle due ferrari da vergogna ... ciao
UATBD 4 napja
Rocky Daud
Rocky Daud 4 napja
Ferari Radio on Leclerc: Slow button On, slow button On.. Leclerc: I thought that button was turning On before this season started.
ProtMythic 5 napja
ferrari: slow button on leclerc: IT WAS ON THE WHOLE TIME
Grosjean cant talk without say any big words 😂
I like frogs .
I guess lewis finds it harder than most due it been black to been on the top of f1 according to him . Sorry but I don't see anything or anyone holding him from the top. In fact, all he got was help and he still calls f1 racist :/ standing at the top with the largest team and sponsors behind him and the highest paid ever hmmm. Poor lewis.
metaTinker 5 napja
This would be even more awesome uncensored!
Ben 8473
Ben 8473 5 napja
This sport has huge balance issues that can't be fixed; but need to be fixed immediately
Ben Myatt
Ben Myatt 5 napja
Boi was happy about that pole.
RoBRAdinho 5 napja
2:19 Just can´t stop to laugh
Keczeli Adam
Keczeli Adam 5 napja
Congratulation to SEB, first Podium in this season 🇩🇪❤🏆 Seb said "grazie a tutti" Great from Seb 🙂
Ark Blast
Ark Blast 5 napja
Stroll sounds like a cat 😂
heathen_fxdb 5 napja
I’m so glad Seb at least got one more podium with the Scuderia. I was so stoked when he went over from RB, hoping he’d bring the titles back to Ferrari. Gutted to see him leave, and even more gutted with how they’ve treated him. I hope Charles sees that and proceeds cautiously.
Ahmet Erkal
Ahmet Erkal 5 napja
Mike Lewis
Mike Lewis 5 napja
Man I thought surely we would get some Smooooooooooth Operator out of that one. Dang. Guess Carlos is saving it for when he gets that P1
Şahin Şahiner
Cry hamilton cry
Marco Tiberio
Marco Tiberio 5 napja
What is this soundtrack? Is it possible to extract? I feel it amazing!
NetZ 5 napja
huge respect to charles
m m
m m 5 napja
ar VI
ar VI 5 napja
Mercedes have ruined celebrations for me🙄
Hasan Gürkan Bozkır
real drivers do not complain and just trying to do their best and others always crying and blame weather or track. it was, it is and it will be like that. İstanbul Park, welcome again Formula 1 and thank you for this amazing race !
Vinotinto Real
So Lewis engineer always do the same thing and the one time that he actually need to said: "GET IN THERE, LEWIS!" He doesn't said it, come on!!!!!
murat skyblue
murat skyblue 5 napja
What a Race still missing Schumi.
Leonardo 5 napja
Grosjean radio was soooooooo funny hahahaha. Love it.
19future91 5 napja
Sadly no RedBull in this vid but i'm happy for Seb and Checo
TK17 5 napja
2:09 The moment where Stroll lost a likely victory.
Bjorn van der Post
Leclerc is so critic on himself, and I like that, hé Will become a champ!
Wanda Dwijaya Salim
What's this? -Checo 2020
morondes 5 napja
Formula 1 channel, please !@#$!#@$!#@$ stop with the @!#$!@#@!$ censoring.
GreatBriton 5 napja
Ocon lacks awareness
Made4Tank Fight
I love how gross-jean always makes mistakes, give his fault to others, and then do more mistakes and blame the car hahahahahah
Rena Chen
Rena Chen 5 napja
3:03 Norris:yeehoo!!! lolllll
Mujahid Islam
Mujahid Islam 5 napja
Grosjean: "What the **********************?!" Engineer: "Are you okay?" Grosjean: "Yeah but ********************!"
lea martinez
lea martinez 5 napja
Leclerc has the Mamba Mentality
HighOctane 5 napja
I dont think papa stroll is gonna be happy about this race....
Fag Got
Fag Got 5 napja
How can you not like Charles man
JiLoa13 5 napja
I was hoping to hear Vettel congratulate Hamilton over the radio.
Muhammad Fathurrahman
I love grosjean's radio sounds like someone sending morse codes or something
Inan Dogan
Inan Dogan 5 napja
I did not watch F1 for a long time as it got boring tbh but what a race this was...F1 on fire!!... there are no bad conditions there are skilled drivers! Want more of this!
Josef Cvaniga
Josef Cvaniga 5 napja
Raphael Jr
Raphael Jr 5 napja
Lance: LETTT'SSS GOOOO His Tyres: no
Dr Sri's Dental
Best race of the season
Just Inn
Just Inn 5 napja
It Haas to be Guenther driving that car. So many ******* 🤣
SuperEpicgod 6 napja
The best job ever gahhhhh
mill chan
mill chan 6 napja
Antarctica Station.
Splendid Truth
No, RJ, yore the joke of F1. How are you still here?
Mark Bailey
Mark Bailey 6 napja
Mr Lewis "you can do it too MAN" "I believe in you Guys" not very equal here... Women Lives Matter too
Kal 6 napja
The part in italian of Leclerc team radio is missing (he repeated many times “sono un coxxxglione” - ‘I’m a asxxole’).
In this race u heard alot of beep in the radio
gurdeep gill
gurdeep gill 6 napja
BottAs and racing point at lap 30 stop the count
dartagnanx1 6 napja
This channel is simply the best channel on HUrun!
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