Introducing my Experimental Prototype Lambo 

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Big time shout to Nick, Stefan and Luke for helping!
Nick's HUrun Channel: hurun.info/one/dcRo3w9qpfD5CucWwelHtA
Stefan's HUrun Channel: hurun.info/one/xswUTu1DV0yyGIAaX_rwcA
Luke's Instagram:

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Nic Mahlangu
Nic Mahlangu 2 napja
Buy a McLaren
Dat_coffeeGuy 4 napja
well if u notice baby burlacher don't look into windshield while driving ......he's way above it
Nolan Fay
Nolan Fay 15 napja
Day 15 of trying to get James to heart my comment
Chris Parayno
Chris Parayno 16 napja
So Alex choi rips off all doors/panels several years ago and you call this experimental🤷‍♂️
SAXGaming 16 napja
Brlacker looks like the Pink Panther that one episode where he drives a tiny motorcycle
Cernan Sabturani
i stopped watching u for 2 months what happened???//????//?
Miguel V.
Miguel V. 17 napja
Idk, I would get bored super fast if all I did was drive cars around. I mean cool, but there’s more to life than masterbating over cars.
Thunderbolt Gaming
Buy a honda civic and customize it
Tom Berris
Tom Berris 18 napja
Hello james, why are you such a savage? 🤣
Oswald Joseph
Oswald Joseph 18 napja
do the wide body kit the car will look so sick an top it of with a baby blue color
Ggaming Salas
Ggaming Salas 19 napja
Strad why don’t you build it back
Ggaming Salas
Ggaming Salas 19 napja
magic wand
magic wand 19 napja
Pls work on ya camera stability, am getting tired of it...and really I love and adores ya channel so I ain't leaving in a hurry
John Constantine
Tanner H
Tanner H 20 napja
Wish you could come pick me up in the Veyron. I’m still in Salt Lake and am from Dallas. Love the channel either way!!!
Kamil Yusuf
Kamil Yusuf 21 napja
Where is tessa
Houston Brown
Houston Brown 21 napja
Can you do a wagon build?
Jailyn Creek
Jailyn Creek 22 napja
Give it to me
Blizzy 22 napja
Hey strad, what happened to the Liberty walk lambo
Gazzer McVenge
Gazzer McVenge 22 napja
And this is why you should not let Burlacher give the last word ha ha
Gazzer McVenge
Gazzer McVenge 22 napja
As soon as Nick got in, it looked like a go cart HA HA HA
Ethan Faulkner
Ethan Faulkner 22 napja
One of the funniest videos ever 😂 All love 🙌
Matt Taylor
Matt Taylor 24 napja
Seriously, does he actually do coke every day?
ZyRoZ RL 24 napja
Budget setup : me realising I’m broke ahah
Edgar Cortez
Edgar Cortez 25 napja
Stradman What type of dogg you have?
Alex Fischer
Alex Fischer 25 napja
Get 500 items from a $1 vending machine for the fun of things
Linh Schulz
Linh Schulz 25 napja
Really nice car
Armaan Khokhar
Armaan Khokhar 26 napja
The lambo when it’d finished will look📌🔥
Slaneeyyy 26 napja
widebody on the front and leave it as it is at the back
Peter Valk
Peter Valk 26 napja
James could be the new voice of kermit the frog when he said " he said I'm beautiful".
happydollar1982 26 napja
Dont act like a little child mann!!
Blue ice
Blue ice 26 napja
Nobody literally nobody: Thestradman:daffin you got bbq sauce and fry's here
Devon Playz
Devon Playz 26 napja
Do the wide body already
Sprattax Op
Sprattax Op 26 napja
i love their friendship
Shazia Parween
Shazia Parween 26 napja
Clear wide body
Cody Davis
Cody Davis 26 napja
Hit the 👍👍👍👍👍👍
Brandon Stone
Brandon Stone 26 napja
what's left over when you peel that tape it is not coming off lol
banksy 27 napja
stephan is a slob😂
Griffin Guidry
Griffin Guidry 27 napja
Do the widebody kit asap
Kuba Dydowicz
Kuba Dydowicz 27 napja
Make a see-through body for the roadster
VERZ sTaTiiC 27 napja
You should put the WIDE BODY KIT ON its adicting to see you put it all together, its like a series
Buktownx 27 napja
Thats about the same size brick as a million dollars in 100 dollar bills
Liam Pro x
Liam Pro x 27 napja
That sound like a you problem
Jimmy Sandusky
Jimmy Sandusky 27 napja
I like how Burlacher looks like a giant driving the Lambo 😂 He's need a full face helmet
Kristen Ethridge
Mario McLaren
Gurkirat Singh
Gurkirat Singh 27 napja
buy back your old audi tt
Axton Gaming
Axton Gaming 27 napja
Love your vids!
Aorus Mini-ITX RiG
It looks like buggy of road car
Kevin Nguyen
Kevin Nguyen 27 napja
What the
akio andz wanganmidnight
Legacy Rice
Legacy Rice 27 napja
Man I miss the orange aventador he should drive it more
Rainbow Tiger
Rainbow Tiger 27 napja
Put the widebody kit on but with a rear bumper delete and new exhaust system!
brycepunk1 27 napja
You could blow 10k of that money buying groceries for poor people. That'd be fun.
Martin Ray Resuena
Please have a giveaway jamesss. I might get luckyy "might". I really want to have my own bike hihi😊
swarag anil
swarag anil 27 napja
3:33 🥵🥵🥵
William Schmidt
William Schmidt 27 napja
Put it together before you forget how lol!
Av 4real
Av 4real 27 napja
Kind off, sort off.
Bill Corkill
Bill Corkill 28 napja
You and @DailyDrivenExotics need to get some clear body panels made and make see through super cars.
the bannana
the bannana 28 napja
use 14000 to make a ricer mobile yes I did say ricer not racer
Chelsey Ruwo
Chelsey Ruwo 28 napja
Osnatious 28 napja
How about an external rollcage like Alex Choi's huracan?
dr.s.k. gupta
dr.s.k. gupta 28 napja
Buy a Ferrari Roma
Sonnybuk 1
Sonnybuk 1 28 napja
you should buy a really crap car and put a huge wing on it
Kaitlyn Thibodeau
Oscar is getting older than he used to be
Electric stuff
Electric stuff 28 napja
I know I’m late but whole else got back to the future vibes from this
Limbo Himbo
Limbo Himbo 28 napja
Love ur vids man
EjBMX AND VLOGS 28 napja
Now this is what I call weight reduction and maximum engine airflow
The Alcohologist
That poor Lambo, put her back together James! She’s looking worse than Humpty Dumpty
Noah Z
Noah Z 28 napja
Hot tub in the frunk of the lambo!!
Dylan Fraser
Dylan Fraser 28 napja
When is the last time you broke the orange Lamborghini
Vasu Shah
Vasu Shah 28 napja
Why do you not upload
Brady Neidhardt
Brady Neidhardt 28 napja
You should get a Mercedes G wagon 6 x 6
Jacob Kilgore
Jacob Kilgore 28 napja
Buy a smart car
Paul Cohen
Paul Cohen 28 napja
Single dollar bills ......... Let me think .......... Exotic Kitty Gentlemen's Club
Michael DeSimone, Jr.
hey congrats on 3,000,000 subs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Benjamin Pare
Benjamin Pare 28 napja
Your dog is so cute
AnkitOfficial 28 napja
Imagine a purple lambo with white interior!
Matus Ribansky
Matus Ribansky 28 napja
build a rally car out of that lambo
Maddax 28 napja
every time you drive ur Lambos and super/hypercars i feel like I'm playing Forza Horizon 4
Thomas Gehrig
Thomas Gehrig 28 napja
I don't understand, Lamborghini spends millions to make the car as aero-efficient as possible only to see some people do bumper/body panel delete mods just for clout on youtube/ig? Is the goal to make a 500k car look ghetto?
Gary Mucks
Gary Mucks 28 napja
this guy is annoying
eric porter
eric porter 28 napja
fun stuff haha keep it goin lol
Ahmed Cassim
Ahmed Cassim 29 napja
Please can you pay some to but the LBKW
Pete 67
Pete 67 29 napja
Fun fact, you should of sold the RR as spairs, 10g for the engine, 5 g for the gear box and about 10g for the other parts, just saying.
Mrinank teji
Mrinank teji 29 napja
stradman you should definately buy a dogde demon , we need to see it on the channel
Alex Fetcu
Alex Fetcu 29 napja
Buy me a Rolex with that money
rocket almighty beats
hes buying a mclaren
Mehak Mubashir
Mehak Mubashir 29 napja
Buy v12 and wid body kid
Travis Hartley
Travis Hartley 29 napja
Roblox Domination
He sied
tori lee
tori lee 29 napja
wait i saw that stradman replied to my comment and i got super happy but it’s gone :(
H0vi Baby
H0vi Baby 29 napja
Like for FIRST 2 ENGINES LAMBORGHINI!!!! WITH A engine in the front and one in the back!!!!
H0vi Baby
H0vi Baby 29 napja
Yo should make the FIRST 2engine front and rear engines Lamborghini!!!!
Grahsyn Bailey
Grahsyn Bailey 29 napja
Finish the wide body and bumper delete
BullittStarter 29 napja
I wanna see burlacher pick up the front of the skeletal aventador 👍
Adalberto Espinosa
You should get a Lamborghini huracan twin turbo wide body kit
tori lee
tori lee 29 napja
“i need some funny ideas for these. put them in the comments” the only place i can think of is huge dollar store haul or the strip club. get this to the top
F-16c Thunderbird
Car enthusiasts: Removes interior because weight reduction bro. Stradman: Naw, let's do the opposite. Lol
Ryan Daniel Moran
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Stephanie Sims
Stephanie Sims 29 napja
Keep the money and save up to get a new car
Ryan Daniel Moran
That's nice, thanks for commenting, you can send a message to my administrator Andrew Gordon on watsap to earn in crypto especially Bitcoin. ..+..1..6..8..2..2..1..4..3..0..2..4.. He's excellent at what he does, tell him I referred you to him. His passionate strategies are top notch.
Owen Newman
Owen Newman 29 napja
You should get a McLaren P1, my dream car, so cool
Ryan Daniel Moran
That's nice, thanks for commenting, you can send a message to my administrator Andrew Gordon on watsap to earn in crypto especially Bitcoin. ..+..1..6..8..2..2..1..4..3..0..2..4.. He's excellent at what he does, tell him I referred you to him. His passionate strategies are top notch.
I bought a new Daily Driver!
Meet my Girlfriend.
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Is this a good idea?
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