Is Lewis Hamilton One Of The Greatest Athletes Of All Time? 

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As Lewis Hamilton basks in the glory of his incredible seventh title, Will Buxton and Lawrence Barretto discuss if the Mercedes driver can be called one of the greatest athletes of all time.
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Vince Edwards
Vince Edwards 5 órája
I give Barretto much credit about his point at the end !!!!!! Hamilton is a great driver, but
Vince Edwards
Vince Edwards 8 órája
I always felt that Lewis Hamilton is one of the best drivers ever! Folks give Shumi the title of GOAT, but before Shumi won a championship, Senna had to die.
Dark Matter
Dark Matter 11 órája
To answer the question in the title, no he isn’t. An athlete throws javelins, hammers, discusses and sprints, jumps and vaults over hurdles and high jumps. However, he might be one of the greatest racing drivers of all time.
navnig 13 órája
Greatest of all time....Not sure about that....He's certainly the greatest of his generation. Incredible achievement!
lorddotorius 16 órája
The fact that people are even questioning Lewis' greatness is insulting.
minimancam97 17 órája
He's the greatest racer ever but he's not an athlete. Athletes compete in ATHLETICS hence the name. You wouldn't call CR7 an athlete he's a footballer
JP S 19 órája
I am not sure but I don't think. If everyone has the same car I doubt Lewis was number one. I prefer Max is better driver.
samuel fitzpatrick
Lewis is what you call A BIG FRICKING DEAL.
Hadi Pawar
Hadi Pawar Napja
Drop the “Is” and “?” From the title.
Hatim Salim
Hatim Salim 2 napja
Lewis Driving Matter Movement 👍
Hatim Salim
Hatim Salim 2 napja
if you’re naturally born very talented in what you do then you’re magnificently a powerful champion, but if you aren’t born talented enough then you can only be just a winner,… not anyone can tame wild horses time and time again repeatedly but only those who are born with that special talent can easily do, and this explains the huge difference between Hamilton and Bottas in the same racing car Just like a powerful horse needs a special rider, the best car needs an outstanding driver, and obviously that driver is Lewis Hamilton not Valtteri Bottas 👍👌🤗
Thustine 2 napja
Kkr drerrie 2
Kkr drerrie 2 2 napja
dimych 555
dimych 555 2 napja
Thank you🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂
BachaHele g
BachaHele g 2 napja
50% car 25% luck and 25% driving skills
Harrow 2 napja
Lewis wtfw!
Ishwar Prasad Naik
Michael Shumaker is my All TIME FAVORITE F1 DRIVER ALL TIME🏁🏁🏁🏎️🏎️🏎️👑👑👑
Renata Tostada
I keep trying to tell people that were watching the building of a legacy. Hamilton is among the Schumachers and Sennas of motorsport. This is the type of driver that people never stop talking about.
Xhino Peci
Xhino Peci 3 napja
nice math
Tor Atle
Tor Atle 3 napja
A point that was not talked about, is that Nico Rosberg was world champion in there, between all the championships Hamilton has with Mercedes. What it means, could be many different reasons - and discussions. About Mercedes being so much better than the others, or maybe Rosberg and Hamilton pushed each other so much that, that alone made a difference. Or that Hamilton that one year, was "only" 100%, and Rosberg was 101%. Or something else. It can be looked at from a lot of angles.
Tayeb Hamdaoui
They sure can count.
Karlo černeka
fangio clark senna is top 3
giorgio ciaravolol
Answer: no
Flanker 27
Flanker 27 3 napja
The answer is no, he is not. Can we just watch some actual racing?
RottieShep CALIBRE
sorry but it bugs me the way Lawrence keeps glancing at the camera. when he talking to Will
Sumit Saurabh
Sumit Saurabh 3 napja
It was Michael and Nico who created that Dominant car sorry Will Buxton fanboy.....you are absolutely wrong here
Rob Thornton
Rob Thornton 3 napja
Wrong. Listen to Toto Wolf interviews and you'll hear about Lewis' input to the car.
Englishman inFrance
Lawrence has been an excellent addition to the team , his views are insightful , well thought out , and cleverly expressed
Burning MrB
Burning MrB 4 napja
No, just, no
The Joe Cobra Youtube Channel
Not unless he wins in a lesser car.
bannerlad01 4 napja
izzmedic 5 napja
Hamilton is definitely the greatest hypocritical virtue signaler in the world.......
Oliver Court
Oliver Court 5 napja
The other thing about the Schumacher comparison, is that people seem to forget how much help schumi had from his team mates. They were all number 2 drivers, even moving over on the last lap to hand him victories, EARLY in the season! ...Hamilton has had rivals in his sister cars. I mean he had Alonso in his debut season ffs! The guy is one of the greats.
Bijou Smith
Bijou Smith 5 napja
Nope. The greatest athlete of all time so far is Alex Honnold, and there is no one even close. In the words of Tommy Caldwall, "Imagine an Olympic gold medal level event, and you have to win the gold model or you die." That's what Honnold did when he went free solo up El Capitan. And it was not shear lunacy, he performs such feats regularly. I will read any comments anyone has to better Honnold with great interest. But yeah, if you can sit in a very fast car and exert the control Lewis does, then you are one of the greatest drivers ever, for sure.
Shwetha Ramanathan
Was the goats in the title meant to be greats??
Leonard Gleicher
Hamilton is a fake. I want to see him in a Williams winning!
Eduardo Bilimoria
Just me, or is that palm tree absolutely LIT?
Vishrut Shah
Vishrut Shah 6 napja
not just you, it is absolutely lit
Felipe Santell
oooh, throwing some shade to Montoya... hehehe.
Nico C.
Nico C. 6 napja
One of the greatest athletes of all time? yes, The greatest athlete ever? No, Michael Jordan far outpaces what anyone else in the history of sport has ever done, along with brand value, what he has done for his brand and obviously , for Nike. If F1 can and should grow more in the Americas, hopefully that perception will change.
JcMata 6 napja
Lewis is like Lebron James. Micheal is Jordan. It’s just how u see it, and when they are gone they will both be seen as GOATs
Keira Metz
Keira Metz 6 napja
Can't wait to see Lewis raise a bar so high...
Daltira 6 napja
That banging in the back is so annoying
Hasan Ismail
Hasan Ismail 6 napja
Baretto? I tot the guy is indian.
Steve Fortier
Steve Fortier 7 napja
Sumit Saurabh
a vegan Goat hehehhehe
Matthew 7 napja
8 championships 100+ race wins by end of 2021
Simon Ambrose
Simon Ambrose 7 napja
With full respect, 44LH and Mercedes is killing the Sport, I've been watching F1 for over 20 years, first time this year thought this might be the year to stop.
Mac fl
Mac fl 7 napja
If Verstapen had that car he would win that title easy. Congrats to Hamilton he is mega driver and has the best car on the grid period!
Rob Thornton
Rob Thornton 3 napja
But Max had the better car for the conditions in Turkey, but made too many mistakes. I think Max is a great driver, but Lewis showed in Turkey that he is still a step above. He won a race that according to Seb, he had no right to win, by driving with such precision after running wide in the first lap.
Derrick Derrick
"Is Lewis Hamilton One Of The Greatest Athletes Of All Time?" no.
Vasilis G
Vasilis G 7 napja
Now its Sir Lewis GOAT Hamilton
Nick Kapetanias
The amount of people that are butthurt is so funny.
tittlemouse92 7 napja
Kromer0 7 napja
Ambassador Scorpio
I am from Argentina, Fangio and Senna were my unmatched idols. Today I have three idols. And I gotta say.. Lewis` driving, really, thrills me like Ayrton`s did...though, my heart is still green and yellow a bit...Lewis is awesome.. truly remarkable
Rob Thornton
Rob Thornton 3 napja
Well said. Respect.
Timothy Parker
Lewis is such an inspiration on so many levels. Congratulations Lewis!
Jazz Zsm
Jazz Zsm 7 napja
100% I think people don't realise how physically and mentally fit you have to be to drive for 2hr's at high speed and immense G forces on the human body and race against others at the same time let alone win. His level is the highest of the high that's why you have the jealousy from other drivers and this silly talk about the best car like it drives itself. Give him the respect he is due the other drivers have to up their game, if they can consistently to get to his level, let alone match it, no matter how much they try to hype up Max to think he's the same as Lewis when he hasn't achieved nothing yet but he has potential but after 6 seasons his temperament is still not there yet, alot of manufactured hype by F1 to create excitement.
Simo DC
Simo DC 7 napja
speedGmaster 7 napja
The next F1 record Lewis Hamilton is yet to get is the longest time to not be on the podium, that will be very hard for Lewis Hamilton to achieve
Malik Nielsen
Malik Nielsen 7 napja
😂😅He's not the best that is he's car best he's is a Primadonna
David Goliath
David Goliath 7 napja
Salt. lol
Jorge Foronda
Jorge Foronda 7 napja
Por supuesto que si
senna ayrton
senna ayrton 7 napja
Hamilton is GOAT lol. Hamilton's machines are GOAT.
xuimod 7 napja
Love his racing and accomplishments. Not a huge fan of his preaching.
George Parkinson
Up there with Roger/Rafa, yes, but still behind Martina.
cat stevens
cat stevens 7 napja
What a weird title, Hamilton is a racing car driver not an athlete. So by definition he is not one of the greatest athletes. Athletics is a well defined series of sports carried out on an athletic circuit. It does not include F1 motor racing. He is however very athletic in his physique which is a word used to describe a persons body style when it’s similar to an athlete.
Nuno Tavares
Nuno Tavares 7 napja
Simon Maderazo
Should've been 8 man, that 2007 rookie season still leaves a scar on me.
Shivam Tuteja
Shivam Tuteja 7 napja
I would say that he is one of the best
leezo212 7 napja
Lewis the GOAT in my opinion what a competitiure
Kevin Wilson
Kevin Wilson 7 napja
We'll never know because we don't know what another driver would have done in the cars lewis has driven, I suppose it's like saying who's the greatest drummer of all time weve all got are favourite and will fight there corner . I just dont get all the hate just because he's got interests outside f1
Conner Kelly
Conner Kelly 8 napja
Lewis Hamilton>Michael Jordan
Toluwalase Olajoyegbe
I consider Lewis the greatest F1 driver of all time but its hard, if not impossible to compare. I think Sebastian said it best...different Eras, we really don't have a means of knowing. But Vettel, Fangio Prost, Senna, Hamilton, Schumacher are in that realm of the greats, Kings in their Craft all have earned that respect not a question if they deserve it.....Its been earned
C Y Lok
C Y Lok 8 napja
Will Buxton is so right on so many levels regarding his critique of Lewis i.e. Lewis' role in developing the car. Lets not forget that Michael great driver that he was did not always race with integrity (same can be said for Ferrari as a team) as opposed to Lewis who has always raced hard but fair. Not only did Lewis have better teammates to race against than Schumacher he also did not have to rely on contract clauses making him the number 1 driver and taking advantage of team orders.
wkrwu 8 napja
Will is the wikipedia of F1
Stephen Tuthill
He can win in dry conditions, he can win in wet conditions... He can win on ice!
szewei85 8 napja
Haha the GOAT has arrived
First Last
First Last 8 napja
He should keep his mouth shut alot more.
eleycki 8 napja
How can you still say ‘is’ with a question mark? Ffs
Timmy Schnitzel
xGORJAx 8 napja
The stats say it all. And he's still not done. Congrats Lewis.
Sergio David Buitron
Hamilton es uno de los grandes por supuesto,pero tambien decir que ha coincidido con un coche campeon.
Ronald Grey
Ronald Grey 8 napja
He may look amazing but it is 90% the car that does the work. The Mercedes is so superior, there are at least 5 other drivers in the current field who can do what he does with this car. Nothing special.
BcnPop nando
BcnPop nando 8 napja
Congratulations Lewis Hamilton, don't stop!
Sebastian Saxon
I think Kelly Slater takes the title of best athlete of all time, but Lewis Hamilton definitely sits up there with the greats.
Kaye Loop
Kaye Loop 8 napja
5:50 💯 correct when you compare Merc and Ham to Ferrari and Michael. I think it shows the class of of Merc and Ham combo
Penguinboy 8 napja
Honestly if you think about it if Lewis didn’t have that engine failure in Abu Dhabi in 2011 and if he didn’t have the engine failure in Malaysia 2016 arguably he could actually have 9 championships
Ciaran Racing
Ciaran Racing 8 napja
We are all arguing over who his better, Lewis or Michael, the answer is neither, it’s clearly Senna, change my mind
Donald Sunny
Donald Sunny 8 napja
Marc Bröcher
Marc Bröcher 8 napja
🥱😴 worthless with a merc so ridiculous overpowered now for 7 years. No competition, no achievement.
Nodar Aronia
Nodar Aronia 8 napja
He is one of the greatest F1 drivers of all time, that's for sure.
sheriff5119 8 napja
In a nutshell.... YES he is. Jordan, Woods, Bolt... err O'sullivan! Lewis is right up there with all of them.
Ciaron Smith
Ciaron Smith 8 napja
He does NOT deserve a knighthood. Getting knighthood incorporates several factors. First, Lewis pretends he's American. Second, he doesn't pay UK taxes. Third, he simply doesn't act in a manner becoming of upper royalty or British values, and was apparently quite rude when he met her majesty at Buckingham Palace.
Alan Ali 12
Alan Ali 12 8 napja
@Ciaron Smith Liking your own comments I see as soon as someone replies. Now to answer you, you must be reading fake news or a very biased article. Take things with a pinch of salt..
Ciaron Smith
Ciaron Smith 8 napja
@Alan Ali 12 Read his views on the Queen. Apparently Lewis admitted he went to Buckingham palace for a dinner and the Queen ignored him when he spoke out of turn. That is a HUGE mistake to make, and in the world of royalty can cost you a knighthood. If the Queen doesn't like you, you won't get it. Simple as. Maybe he'll get it, standards have dropped these days.
Alan Ali 12
Alan Ali 12 8 napja
1. Lewis doesn’t pretend he’s American.2. He pays all his taxes except for his plane but now that’s sorted. 3. No evidence of that has ever been spread- citation needed. You are hating sir.
Ajay Bansal
Ajay Bansal 8 napja
Don't do this man!!! Please don't compare !! Lewis is best in his own way!! Michael was best in his own way!! Senna! Prost!! Jim clark!! fangio!! seb!! Don't compare just appreciate!!
the bluejay
the bluejay 8 napja
He is genuinely the greatest driver of all time. I dont think we’ll such greatness again in our lifetime.
Paper Book
Paper Book 8 napja
How many times did Lewis Hamilton overrule his team's strategy or advice to win which tells you it's not just about the car or the team that's the differential factor in a championship race.
Arınç Aydemir
i wont call someone greatest of all time when he lost wdc to his teammate in his prime sorry michael was better
Arınç Aydemir
top5 all time but not the goat
Tenatious _E
Tenatious _E 8 napja
Luminoze 8 napja
Hamilton WILL be remembered as the greatest F1 Driver of all time as soon as he retires, people in decades from now will talk about him. No doubt about it. This guy is beating every single record out there, he's literally setting the bar higher than it's ever been in the history of this sport, how can you deny it?
cinegraphics 3 napja
Yeah, well, I could beat him if I had a full size Lamborghini and he had a small battery-powered car for 3-year olds. Would that make me greater than "the greatest one"? Yep. At least by your criteria. Because you don't care that he had the abnormally dominant car for 7 years in a row. No other team has ever been allowed to keep their dominance for that long. F1 would change the regulations to break the dominance. But he was left to keep the dominance, hence it cannot be compared to normal conditions.
silasarthas 8 napja
No, he is not.
Tim Querengesser
He's thrived whether in the best car or not. Hyper talent but also incredible application. Very Schumacher-esque as he's aged.
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