Italian Chef Reacts to Popular CARBONARA VIDEOS 

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There are too many carbonara videos out there but are they done right? In this video I react to some of the most popular Carbonara recipes on HUrun.
Are these videos any good? Lets Find out...
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Vincenzo's Plate
Vincenzo's Plate 2 hónapja
Are you still going to put cream in your CARBONARA?
Max Mustermann
Max Mustermann 17 órája
Yes, because it tastes good is easy to do and I don't give a rat's ass about the tradition.
LCPony Napja
If i feel like having dairy that day
Fahima Mydin
Fahima Mydin 3 napja
Since i can’t use both pancetta and guanciale as its non halal so yes maybe I will use cream...🤷‍♀️
David Shaw
David Shaw 10 napja
I never started...
Max Mustermann
Max Mustermann 17 órája
I hate people like him, who think there is a right and wrong in cooking. If somebody is adding Parsly to his version of Carbonara it's perfectly fine. I think it fits well with the dish and I don't give a shit about if that's traditional or not. I like to cook what tastes good (to me) and not "how it is done normally".
Ben Moxon
Ben Moxon 23 órája
Banish, as a joke: I'm going to ask all Italians to leave because now we're making modern carbonara. Vincenzo: *actually leaves*
Vincenzo's Plate
Vincenzo's Plate 15 órája
Hahahahaha 🤣
Marco Romieri
You should use yolks only
Robert M
Robert M 2 napja
My grandmother was born in Sardinia, she always used 1/2 Parmigiano and 1/2 pecorino for her carbonara. I’m going to make it with just Romano for the first time tonight. 🤞🏼
Vincenzo's Plate
wow, yes please 😍 You will love it!! Try it and let me know 😋
Vishnu Kapoor
Vishnu Kapoor 3 napja
By showing us these videos... You r ruining what we have learned from you.....!!
Thomas the handsome
The title of the video should be: Italian chef dying on the inside for 18 minutes
Nancy Johnson
Nancy Johnson 4 napja
Dude, I love you. You're great.
Vincenzo's Plate
wow thanks, I love you all!! ❤️
Kuro Ken
Kuro Ken 5 napja
The third one was just disgusting.
caboosemd123 5 napja
He looks so disgusted at the one with cream lmao
Redmailnet 5 napja
GUUUUGA FOODS - best barbecue ever! Love from BR!
Arabwel 5 napja
I feel justified in my carbonara decisions now :D I'm not lazy not separating folks, I'm *traditional*
Idk? 5 napja
Is it me or does he look like faze nekan but older
Sylwia Nadolska
I love italian accent.. ♥️ tomorrow im cooking spaghetti carbonara first time, good luck for me 😅
Vincenzo's Plate
wow, have you make them? 😍😋
Giacomo Gattodoro
The 8:00 plate we call it mortar in Italy Ce fai la calce co quaa pasta
Black Lion Records TV
You should react to this hurun.info/to/vide/ip6Sx3t9qnuUttE.html she's amazing
lucky sevens
lucky sevens 9 napja
I've seen people put sour cream and pine nuts in enchiladas. I feel your pain.
Vincenzo's Plate
oh no 😭😭
Pamela Dean
Pamela Dean 9 napja
Love Italian recipes. Simple and delicious. Less is better ❤
Vincenzo's Plate
I totally agree! 😍 Italian cuisine the best in the world 😋
Laninha FPS
Laninha FPS 10 napja
i loved this video
Vincenzo's Plate
Many thanks ❤️
David Shaw
David Shaw 10 napja
The Godfather’s carbonara was too loose for my taste. I’m sure the flavor was amazing though.
David Shaw
David Shaw 10 napja
People not raised on pecorino, or other robust, tangy, nutty aged cheeses may find that pecorino only in the carbonara can be quite strongly flavored. I’m not saying I agree, I’m just saying I understand it.
Vincenzo's Plate
Yes David, it probably is!
Annette Allen
Annette Allen 10 napja
I did this the way Antonio did, but with pecorino instead of parmesan (thank you for recommending it), and it was DELICIOUS.
Vincenzo's Plate
Wonderful! 😋 great job Annette!
Michael Griffin
Michael Griffin 10 napja
It tastes better with Pecorino cheese
Vincenzo's Plate
Ryou Kenji Minami
0:20 "Its going to be fun" right............
Thorne Pleiades
Thorne Pleiades 11 napja
Rest in peace Antonio Carluccio
Semiotichazey 11 napja
I'd be very curious to hear what you think of the recipe on Not Another Cooking Show (hurun.info/to/vide/aml8w6KKo4WqzKs.html). The ingredients are very similar to what you use and all within your range of approval. But his technique is very different from any I've seen so far.
ChrisC 12 napja
Between this and your demonstration video, you inspired me to try making carbonara myself. I was nervous that I'd end up with scrambled eggs, but with your help it didn't happen and it was wonderful! Thank you! It was maybe a bit too salty. Everyone says you can't neglect to salt the water because it's so important. Well, I always salt water when I cook pasta, so I was thinking maybe this called for a little extra because everyone was so insistent. That was wrong. I could have done with my usual amount of salt. And you said to use about 200g of pecorino in your other video. That just seemed like too much for 4 eggs by the time I was partway through grating it. What appeared to be the right amount came out to around 130g instead. And you can't easily find guanciale here, so I used pancetta. (Which still did NOT NEED OIL; it had plenty of its own fat.) Still, very, very good, and I'd have had no confidence in the technique without hearing you talk about it so much first. Thank you again.
ChrisC 11 napja
@Vincenzo's Plate Thank you for the suggestions. This probably calls for some experimentation, which means I'll have to eat more carbonara. And that's a good thing.
Vincenzo's Plate
wow Chris, thank you so much! I'm really happy you tried and loved it 😍❤️ if it's too salty, you could try making a mix of cheeses, pecorino and parmesan!
Weapon Alpha
Weapon Alpha 12 napja
"I'm speachless" yea I was too with the chicken stock issue.
Gian michele Manalo
Vincenzo's Plate
Grazie mille Gian Michele 😘
brianboru62 13 napja
Poor Antonio great cook with lots of heart RIP Italys finest👍👍👍
pavlos perifanos
Hot Wheels
Hot Wheels 13 napja
The 2nd Tasty one is pretty much pot pie pasta without the chicken
Effie Kon
Effie Kon 13 napja
In Italy all carbonara tastes the same, and lasagna and ragout in bologna.....etc etc
Seun Fawehinmi
Seun Fawehinmi 14 napja
You have a new subscriber.
Deo Volente
Deo Volente 14 napja
Why am I watching this while fasting and also being gluten intolerant?
Jack Marfori
Jack Marfori 15 napja
There is nothing special about carbonara..
Ryan B
Ryan B 15 napja
Here we go.... anther wannabe judging Chefs they’ll never meet.
Valentina Tamagno
Carbonara è una religione
Vincenzo's Plate
sono pienamente d'accordo! è una divinità! 🤩
Plank do Rodo
Plank do Rodo 15 napja
He stands more for pecorino than a lot of people stand for their dreams
Darkseid stronger than Thanos
putting cream on carbonara is illegal you will be arrested by the 👮. so don't Do it
Severinsen 16 napja
Even though I now know how to make real carbonara, I'll still make the sauce with a little cream, and though it won't be *true* carbonara, it will be carbonara with a twist, just the way I like it.
Petr Perníkovec
Many non italian peoples (mainly from west, australia, usa, middle europe) dont grow up on other milk than cow milk, and for us is really strange taste of sheep or goat milk. So we prefer a cow milk, thats reason why we like and use Parmesan.
John Ernst
John Ernst 17 napja
Thanks Chef. I have seen the whole egg method, but to hear all your input on what was wrong I learned a great deal. Chef John
Vincenzo's Plate
oh John, thank you so much! I'm glad it helped
Mihai Miclea
Mihai Miclea 17 napja
E abbastanza copiato sto video "Chef Vincenzo". A Italia squisita non so se piacerà sto post
Jonathan Driebergen
Please rate the ``BREAKFAST PASTA (CARBONARA!)`` from Sam the Cooking Guy!
Gabriele 18 napja
Sei un'eccellenza italiana♥️♥️
Vincenzo's Plate
WOW Gabriele, ti ringrazio 😍 sei troppo gentile! grazie mille 😘
SafSaf 18 napja
I don't eat pork so is there an acceptable replacement for it?
Derrick Wan
Derrick Wan 19 napja
Carbonara is the very first dish I cooked in my life, and I followed Antonio’s recipe, and I’m proud of myself trying his recipe for four times straight.
AL3X_R3YD 19 napja
D3IM0S 19 napja
You know what i use to decorate my carbonara? A LOT of fresh cracked pepper. I love fresh pepper. Fresh pepper has so much more flavor then the preground pepper, and fresh pepper has less heat in my opinion. So you can use more fresh pepper than preground pepper without it becoming too spicy.
Glori4n 19 napja
Could've sworn I read Corona Virus as this video thumb... guess I really need to go outside.
Vincenzo's Plate
Hahahaha the funny thing is you weren't the only one! 😁
Valeria Gulino
Valeria Gulino 19 napja
Grazie Vincenzo per divulgare la vera Carbonara, non quei piatti orrendi che la spacciano per Carbonara. C'è la variante sud coreana che introduce, addirittura, i broccoli 🤮
Vincenzo's Plate
questa mi è nuova.. addirittura i broccoli 🤢 un applauso ai sud coreani per il coraggio 🤣 Comunque ti ringrazio di vero cuore Valeria ❤️
Darren 19 napja
Enjoyed this. love your enthusiasm 😊
Darren 19 napja
@Vincenzo's Plate oo flour and egg pasta cut into ribbons with pizza cutter (easiest way i know how) panchetta thick rough cut small cubes this time i had 3 x 8mm thick slices and 1 slice of another cured meat id never heard of but i got that as it had more fat very similar to panchetta (not the cheek though) .Put that in a cold wok and slowly heat up and fry golden brown. 3 cloves of crushed garlic near end of frying good pinch of crushed and seived blackpepper as well while cooking. Crack 2 eggs into a bowl. Managed to find a bag of mixed parmy and pecarino cheese add a good big pinch to eggs and whisk. Cook pasta about 4-5 minutes keep tasting till its smooth and silky. Meat has been off for about a minute by now no sizzling. Throw in pasta quickly so good amount of water with it. Stir it up a bit add egg cheese mix keep mixing add more pasta water if needed . Serve with extra cheese and pepper so you can add what you like. Basically following a Jamie Oliver video I watched using ingredients i can source locally. He also didnt add much garlic i might leave it out next time but wife and i both love garlic (i grow about 100 plants each year and still end up buying it for a few months😆) all the best Daz PS Anna just read this said "your not leaving the garlic out" 😂
Vincenzo's Plate
Glad you enjoyed it! 😍 How do you make carbonara? 😋
HellGate 19 napja
If my grandma had wheels she would have been a bike...
Grzegorz W.
Grzegorz W. 20 napja
Wagyu and truffles - ok, only egg yolks not whole egg ? - naah traditional recipe use whole eggs to avoid wasting food and being budget friendly ;D
ust bot
ust bot 20 napja
guess every "carbonara" i eat is fake ones
Vincenzo's Plate
yes probably... that's so sad 😕
M4nfr3 20 napja
Nononononono e ancora no... Dai... Eccheccazzo
Crutch io65
Crutch io65 21 napja
Purists annoy me so much
Arzahell Cazanova
Asian: Egg fried rice "Uncle Roger" Europe: CARBONARA "Uncle Vincencoz"
Not a muffin
Not a muffin 8 napja
I mean your not lying
person 22 napja
My inner Italian is SCREAMIING right now. What are they doing?! 🥺
Vincenzo's Plate
they're making an HUGE mess! 🤯🤯🤯
The-Doc 22 napja
The amatriciana is much better 😁
Vincenzo's Plate
Oh yes Amatriciana is really good, but I prefer carbonara 😋
Angela Villadiego
"All these people say they like parmegiano I don't understand it can someone in the comments explain?": The answer is that different people just have different tastes formed by the foods they grew up eating! ☺️☺️
Sara Valandro
Sara Valandro 22 napja
I miei occhi.
Luiza Silva
Luiza Silva 22 napja
what they don't think in about is that pecorino in other country is SO EXPANSIVE!!
UpfulWarrior 22 napja
You are the man Vincenzo
The Truth Awaits
Hey, chief! maybe they don't have any intentions to cook "original" carbonara? Ever hought about that?? Those are their interpretations...chill out dude...
paulina plottke
paulina plottke 21 napja
So,don’t call it carbonara ! Simple ☺️
Demer Demer
Demer Demer 22 napja
Only Iditots makes Carbonara with Cream or Milk....
Vincenzo's Plate
🤣 🤣
Thea De Vera
Thea De Vera 23 napja
I'm thankful I found your channel ❤️ I learned a lot from carbonara and never thought I've been doing it all wrong until now. Because nowadays some chef or cooks shows using cream a lot and calls it carbonara. Thank you!
Vincenzo's Plate
I'm so happy to help! ❤️ Thank you a lot, and welcome to my channel! So now mistakes are no longer allowed when making carbonara 😉😘
JackStepTV 23 napja
No. La panna no... La panna CAZZO NO
Kay maty 64
Kay maty 64 23 napja
Mi basta leggere carbonara e tasty e zgiá sto morendo
Matt Songer
Matt Songer 23 napja
Trattoria Da Enzo in Rome. Thank me later.
Yes We Can
Yes We Can 23 napja
I agree everything you said ❤️
Wirayuda G.
Wirayuda G. 23 napja
The simplest way I can explain it, Vincenzo, is that some people find pecorino too strong for their palate (including mine too), and so to balance it out, they use the parmesan to make it not too pungent.
desta fajri dwi purnomo
Try to review carbonara by antonio carlucio
michel Campos
michel Campos 23 napja
Leandro Potroel
Leandro Potroel 23 napja
I use some sweetener to cut the chicken stock in my carbonara.
Peşeng Deniz Genç
Ya paşam ne ağladın be isteyen istediği gibi yapar
Abdel Ziani
Abdel Ziani 24 napja
Very original!
777 Jeremy 777
777 Jeremy 777 24 napja
Mamamia 😱
Anibal Salaris
Anibal Salaris 24 napja
Don't get me wrong some of this recipe might be really tasty but are not carbonara
Raden Prasetyo
Raden Prasetyo 24 napja
Vincenzo's Plate
What a shameee 😣
InfinitySwitch 24 napja
One of the restaurants I used to work at years ago put carbonara on the menu and they used their spaghetti bolognese they already had on the menu and added peas and bacon to it and called it carbonara.
Vincenzo's Plate
Oh no😱 I can't believe it! You had to report them 😡
30k Subscribers Without Video
where is uncle roger?
zachicreamO momo
Who adds chicken stock on their carbonara??!?
Vincenzo's Plate
Mad people 😱
Mystery Mystery
Mystery Mystery 24 napja
Mr vincenzo i am a muslim and i want to make carbonara what can i use to substitute the guanciale ?
Eleanor Tsang
Eleanor Tsang 25 napja
COVID has given me time to perfect my carbonara: pecorino only (no Parmesan), lots of pepper, egg (+ extra yoke).
Vincenzo's Plate
wow, it sounds great! Nice job Eleanor 😍
Cairuz 25 napja
Its not carbonara its carbonaura
Sergio Z.
Sergio Z. 25 napja
Once you hear the serious voice of a narrator you bet that there will be a lot of mistakes ahead.
Alvils Sovas
Alvils Sovas 25 napja
I worked with two italian chefs and both were pretty bad and damm hard to work with. Messy and too proud of themselves.
Lord Grim
Lord Grim 25 napja
**Marzia has entered C H A T**
Peter Playz
Peter Playz 25 napja
i like cream on my carbonara (italians if u sh-- on me i swear ill sh-- on ur future)
Arkan Satria Hardiputra
Did you not notice in Tasty's video where they added lemon zest in the end😭😭😭
Renjhon Gutierrez
would love to eat hawaiian pizza in front of this guy
Fir Dauz
Fir Dauz 26 napja
i love his reaction to gordon ramsay's rainbow carbonara lol....
A Blue Whale
A Blue Whale 26 napja
I'm sick of Italian chefs and they're boring ass "authentic recipes" bore off.. The reason people change things up is because THEY'RE BORING AND BLAND
Dezna APC
Dezna APC 26 napja
I was listening music and HUrun recomended this to me. And i agree to the comentaries this chef do, i always apresiate every profecional comentary, More It Is unparcial. I going yo follow him and the guy how he praise when he was cooking the pasta. The translader doesnt let me write.
DAVIDE Gramignano
Mia madre da buona madre Siciliana sa cucinare benissimo qualsiasi cosa,qualsiasi! È bravissima in cucina, ma la carbonara che fa lei non è molto diversa da quella di questo video,infatti avvolte più che una carbonara fa una frittata😅,È TERRIBILE! Spesso mette addirittura il prosciutto al posto del guanciale e il parmigiano al posto del pecorino romano e cosa ancora peggiore è che a mio fratello piace,insomma se devo mangiare una buona carbonara la vado a mangiare in osteria o al ristorante,lo stesso vale per la cacio e pepe. Purtroppo non capisco nulla di inglese (ciò provato,non è così facile impararlo😁),però metto like solo perchè è giusto portare un pò di ordine all'estero perchè molti "orrori" che vengono spacciati come "Italiani",italiani non sono,non parliamo poi della pizza all'ananas🤣,io toglierei la scritta:"italiano" ai ristoranti che servono la pizza all'ananas🤣🤮
Alessia Sanna
Alessia Sanna 26 napja
WTH is the guy doing with eggs and the cheese? So terrible 🙃
Alvina Ali
Alvina Ali 26 napja
any ARMY's here?
imaginary ghost parade
The way my brain read "CORONA VIRUS" was almost inhuman
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