James Allison on Mercedes' Revolutionary W11 | Tech Talk | 2020 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix 

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Mercedes are on the brink of winning the Constructors' Championship at Imola. But what has made their W11 car so dominant? And is it their best car ever? Technical Director James Allison chats to Will Buxton ahead of the race weekend.
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Allan pereiraa04
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Allan pereiraa04
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het orakel
het orakel 20 napja
Is nobody noticing the Ferrai book above the head of James?
First Name
First Name 20 napja
Message for foreigners: he just presented this from in front of a firestation. Those big red garage doors... Iconic
alexander Tsvetanov
this was the most boring Tech Talk i have ever seen
Ahad Ahsan
Ahad Ahsan 21 napja
Boooooooooring! Bring back Sam (English Marcelo)!!!!!!!
Carpe diem
Carpe diem 22 napja
Note to Mercedes F1 competitors: don't cheat again, it will ruin the chances for us the viewers to see close racing at the front.
mikethemaga 22 napja
MrAli171 22 napja
Absolutely brilliant engineering and Lewis and Vialteri push the car to the limits every race
konto marki
konto marki 22 napja
Make a CC.
Mark Freeman
Mark Freeman 22 napja
The clarity of thought and speech is humbling.
Dr ones and more
It is weird how the rest of the field are "looking forward" to the rules change so they can catch up, But the rules have changed here and there but mainly stable and teams couldnt catch up, So why would building a brand new car help them? If they dont understand how to go about it looking at a winning car and still not being able to race truly with AMG Merc, A whole new set of rules will only put the rest further back, as they havent grasp how to make a car go faster, as was mentioned at the end by JA.
Birk Schall
Birk Schall 22 napja
Just bla bla where are the facts....tell us the secrets of the engine and aero😃😊👍....that's happend to all champion f1 cars they disappear into a myth and no one ever will know why they were so quick, except the engineers 🙈😔
avada 22 napja
1:49 I wonder when starving F1 will have enough money to use non-flickering LED lights, so they don't look ridiculous like this in slow motion.
Akash Yadav
Akash Yadav 22 napja
Sri James Allison, The Legend!!! Illegal Ferrari gave us W11.
Aravind sharma
Aravind sharma 23 napja
One day too early
A_Hopeful 23 napja
That's some assortment of books on the shelves behind. Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Fangio, Andretti - would love to have such a collection for my study someday....
Vihaan Singh
Vihaan Singh 23 napja
Valteri it's JaMEs
Fabio Ferrari
Fabio Ferrari 23 napja
I'm sick of them
B007 23 napja
Why is he wearing a mask for a video chat???
pettson2001 23 napja
Nothing against Will but I think this interview would have been even better if it was Sam Collins instead!
Gábor Miklay
Gábor Miklay 24 napja
Best part: me being a fan of F1 enjoying tech talk. 👍
Gaurav Singh
Gaurav Singh 24 napja
These are THE best cars I’ve ever seen in F1(performance wise and nature of dominance). I know it makes for extremely boring racing but we are witnessing history in front of our eyes. We could tell our children we watched this happen from day 1.
JurrasicDinoX 24 napja
I applaud what Mercedes are/have done in F1 and if there doing the better job then the rest they deserve to dominate more it’s that simple. So what if people don’t like it that’s not Mercedes fault, it’s up to the rest to do better.
eltzrothm1 24 napja
Valtteri, Other James.
Anisha Patel
Anisha Patel 24 napja
Mercedes built a monster 13/13
Amber Michalka
Amber Michalka 24 napja
1:39 I quit my job because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
krsslim 24 napja
It's this teams humble nature that got them this far.
Brenden Kawa
Brenden Kawa 24 napja
Love how Will's book is in the background behind James.
Danish Khan
Danish Khan 24 napja
Am I the only one who looked forward to Sam Collins talking about every car on the grid and would have rather watched this on the Mercedes HUrun Channel?
whale oil beef hooked
Sham to dnf
Kenneth Joseph
Kenneth Joseph 24 napja
why u hate valtteri sir 🤔
The brummie Rail enthusiasts
It’s not James Allison it’s James Allen
MaquiNando 24 napja
yeah... we all see that F1 media test the formats on us, and when we like it, they put on the paid show
matt 24 napja
i noticed mercedes has a copy of will's book on the left shelf!
Solomon John
Solomon John 24 napja
Sam Collins, its James...
Santiago Velo Barros
Look behind at his books, and Adrian newey's biography is there. Legends appreciate legends
Jack Challis
Jack Challis 24 napja
Love James, he's one of my favourite people in f1. I don't think he has any idea how brilliant he is, deserves to be mentioned up with Brawn, Chapman, Murray and newey.
sphere 528
sphere 528 24 napja
I swear Merc has a dream team from top to bottom
jey da
jey da 24 napja
Where's Sam Collins?
Charlie Robertson
I dont like hamilton but i like mercedes
조아훈 24 napja
1:40 He's killing Ferrari lol
Mert Çalıcı
Mert Çalıcı 23 napja
He's roasting Ferrari
Guinness Harvey
Guinness Harvey 24 napja
Why have VW never entered f1? They clearly know how to develop high performance cars (Bugatti, Lamborghini) and have plenty of cash and innovation expertise. Might give Mercedes a run for their money.
Sekhy Hybrid
Sekhy Hybrid 23 napja
Lamborghini (worthless team) and Porsche (engine supplier and won 5 titles) have entered F1 before.
Vito Di Meo
Vito Di Meo 24 napja
Kieran Cliffe
Kieran Cliffe 24 napja
The legend himself we all known for 50 years with the memes of him
Magic Vibrations
I think James Allison is a really likeable guy. A true racing fan. He even said in a Q&A on the Mercedes channel that he would love to see the blue flag gone in F1, which just shows you that he cares more about exciting racing than he does about winning.
Sekhy Hybrid
Sekhy Hybrid 23 napja
Oh, I'm sure that at least 80% of the Mercedes engineers are actually true racing fans, which include Toto Wolff. (In fact, Toto Wolff was a racing driver) From what I've seen at Mercedes is that the employees, mechanics and engineers are pretty passionate about their job.
dries3654 24 napja
Although many are tired of the Mercedes dominance, you have to admire Mercedes' incredebly efficient way of working and groundbreaking inovations they have brought to them. Hats of to them and nothing more than massive respect. Hopefully 2022 will bring the field closer to.each other than they are know, but don't get your wishes up that Mercedes won't be a domminant force in the new era
Vin Diesel
Vin Diesel 24 napja
I’m sure they already started on the 2021 car, and it will again be the car to beat and again people will cry about that.
Louis Janssen
Louis Janssen 24 napja
nice one but we want sam back!
V0lCANIC 24 napja
Happy to see that Will’s well again and can get back to being the reporter we all love!
Borden Webb-Brown
Maybe I’m being ignorant but why the masks when reporting outside practicing social distancing while filming? There’s no one within 20+ feet of this guy.
EriksR 24 napja
James Allison made that Lotus go brrrr
Peter Griffiths
Peter Griffiths 24 napja
I miss Sam
Richard Schoonhoven
His comments about the PU basically say that Ferrari's (illegal) engine actually has made this W11 even more unbeatable.
Fabian Wörner
Fabian Wörner 24 napja
Nah James Teams didn’t loose their stride the FIA just implement rules against their dominance like the tyre rule in 2005.
Nepal Sharma
Nepal Sharma 24 napja
Mercedes is a perfect team ,they have made a beast car....they will make beast cars in future too..they are not stopping till next 5 years ...love it or hate it.MARK MY WORDS☝️☝️☝️
Nazar Dudyk
Nazar Dudyk 25 napja
Kudos for the FERRARI book on the shelve
Sehrn 25 napja
Khalid Alharthi
Khalid Alharthi 25 napja
This is james
Gurpreet Singh
Gurpreet Singh 25 napja
Nah, they know what they're doing at brackley, new 2022 regulations are hardly gonna change the order. 😢
Janhouu 25 napja
Why is Will wearing a mask by himself? That’s just silly
Mukul Mukul
Mukul Mukul 25 napja
Red bull gives you wings..... Mercedes gives you wins....😂💜
Royce Amatique
Royce Amatique 25 napja
Why are you wearing a mask Will?
Chaabi Taha Taki Eddine
Did he just say "bendover backwards "
Sathvic 25 napja
This looks like an interview with Tim Apple
Livid Jaffa
Livid Jaffa 25 napja
Force india's car for next year looks amazing
Dalibor Zak
Dalibor Zak 25 napja
Just give them both titles already and kick them out of F1 to make it more exciting and unpredictable.
Rexhinald Hazizaj
mercedes should quit F1 and try to build a space ship so they can have some challenge
Bharadwaj R
Bharadwaj R 25 napja
Ig James might be the Team Principal if Toto steps down.
Varun Sambi
Varun Sambi 25 napja
James saying it was painful for their engine guys to watch the races and being told that they are not the best engine anymore. 😂 And then saying the gains HPP made were ‘DECENT’. That Ferrari cheating engine is the culprit. 😅 it made Mercedes push to compete with it. And now Ferrari don’t have that engine. The poetic irony.
RB86_Racing 25 napja
He has a Ferrari book in the background, just saying, very ironic
Akib Mahdi
Akib Mahdi 25 napja
The single greatest man-made land vehicle ever created❤️
NK 25 napja
Mercedes AMG Petronas W11, I hereby grant you the title of Sir. *Knights him
James 25 napja
I hope they keep the black livery
speedzup 25 napja
Sooo nobody’s gonna mention how quite stunning the production quality is? Okay ...moving along. great interview tho!
Sharangdhan Bhave
These guys are so dominant that they can just tell everyone what they are going to do next and still win
You seem correct and maybe I'm somewhat wrong but
1:29 Ferrari should listen to this honestly
Nqobile Mahlangu
Sam Collins please!
JazzByDaBay 25 napja
DiD I see a book named "Ferrari" behind the magnificent head of James? I think Mercedes is learning more from Ferrari than Ferrari.
DealerNextDoor 25 napja
This man deserves more credit
Garrett Crayton
Garrett Crayton 25 napja
“Keeps us all in a job.” I’m glad even he has a sense of humor (he even chuckled), since he’s probably guaranteed a job on the grid for as long as he wants. (Him and Adrian Newey)
Jacob Lopez
Jacob Lopez 25 napja
Wheres my man Sam Collins at
Graeme S
Graeme S 25 napja
Why didn't Sam get to interview James Allison.... he seems to have a much better handle on technical details :( I love WIll but Sam is great and he deserves more screen time, this is HIS segment after all.
tigerrx 25 napja
James out loud: we found quite a bit more performance under unchanged regulations. James actual thought: Renault/Ferrari/Honda, do better!
Parth khaladkar
Parth khaladkar 25 napja
Where's Sam?
Ryan Cuda
Ryan Cuda 25 napja
allison, arrivebene, kimi, seb and a few other notables have left ferrari. the boss passed away and then they got caught skirting the rules. im not gonna call them a cheater but it sure did seem fishy and now the performance, lap delta, sector times and it all makes sense. ferrari is now a midfield team
Brian Jay
Brian Jay 25 napja
Will, you just interviewed a world-renowned successful F1 designer who happens to keep a copy of *your* book on his shelf behind him! Congrats on achieving super power hyper-flex status!
S S 25 napja
(That's his excited voice)
Sp3xz 25 napja
Racing point are watching this back at base with their notebooks and pens out
black -beauty
black -beauty 25 napja
valteri its james 🤭
MannyGamerTV /MGTV
In everyone else's case 🤣🤣
Andres Umaña
Andres Umaña 25 napja
At least not James Vowels, can’t stand that guy for the “Valeteri, it’s James” messages smfh
faco mori
faco mori 25 napja
Scripted interview...The facemask exposed Will'$ bias.
argh666 25 napja
HUrun vanced app blocks all ads
Ewok FromEndor
Ewok FromEndor 25 napja
BYE BYE DAS, You will be missed. RIP
Ewok FromEndor
Ewok FromEndor 25 napja
Nicolas Ramirez
Nicolas Ramirez 25 napja
Basically aerodynamic improvements from Rory Byrne's work at Maranello. Rory is the same designer of the Ferraris of the Schumacher era.
UpTheAnte1987 25 napja
"Well it keeps us all in a job, you know..." 😄
ol are
ol are 25 napja
Et en français
arnold kamau
arnold kamau 25 napja
They're deliberately not updating the w11 to create competition
eoe123321 24 napja
Which still doenst exist.
Ognjen 25 napja
No one to comment a Ferrari book on the shelf?
Sandy Barnes
Sandy Barnes 25 napja
Will Buxtons' book? 😆
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