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A career tinged with tragedy, racing Lauda and Hunt, and mentoring Michael Schumacher - our latest guest on the official F1 Beyond The Grid podcast is Jochen Mass, who opens up candidly about his remarkable life and career...
0:00 - Introduction
1:25 - Jochen’s blameless part in the 1982 crash which killed Gilles Villeneuve
4:10 - The crash later the same year which made Jochen quit F1
9:57 - Jochen’s early years in racing, arrival in F1 and his chaotic debut
12:50 - Mastering the fearsome Nürburgring Nordschleife
14:02 - Joining Emerson Fittipaldi at McLaren in 1975
19:29 - Jochen’s sole F1 win on a tragic day in Spain
23:30 - Racing with James Hunt at McLaren in 1976
27:30 - Nürburgring 1976: Jochen on course for victory before Lauda’s horror crash
32:32 - Tangling with Hunt in Canada 1977
37:44 - Why did Jochen turn down a drive at Williams just before they started dominating F1?
44:14 - What did Jochen teach Riccardo Patrese at Arrows?
46:29 - Jochen on the driver strike at the 1982 South African Grand Prix
50:01 - What was a young Michael Schumacher like as a sportscar teammate?
54:03 - Was Heinz-Harald Frentzen actually quicker than Schumacher?
55:40 - Jochen career-defining advice for Michael after a drive in Prost’s Williams
1:00:23 - Jochen’s advice to Schumacher on racing bikes and his F1 comeback
1:03:49 - The things Jochen would do differently in his own career
1:08:41 - Jochen on his sportscar teammates, Ickx and Belloff
1:14:00 - Jochen’s unexpected part in a road safety campaign in Brazil
1:15:16 - Summing up Jochen’s life in racing
1:16:44 - Tom reads your messages about Beyond The Grid. Thanks for listening!
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Don Achille
Goodness me that was enjoyable. Jochen is always a legend for me, his life and career story are so fascinating.
mtassface Napja
Great stories! And so on...
Moritz 2 napja
And so on you know?
Jan Urbaniak
Jan Urbaniak 2 napja
And so on
Hubertus Magnus von Nepomuk
Binotto Out!!!!
Dan James
Dan James 10 napja
Its brilliant to hear the history of F1 and beyond from one of the drivers of the past. As a new F1 fan, it really does give the sport more depth for people like myself. Thanks Jochen and Thanks Tom!
V12 Naturally Aspirated
Please FORMULA 1 upload the lap of Juan Pablo Montoya 1:24.770 on lap 39 (lap record) and fastest lap overall on that circuit, 2005 Turkish Grand Prix, both from the outside and onboard, thank you very much!
Yeolde GamerSteve
Francois Cevert mentioned makes me happy, he was my hero.
Important Nonsense
Definitely one of the most interesting guys you’ve interviewed! I didn’t know a lot about jochen mass. Absolutely fascinating! What a lovely guy
δ 11 napja
Boys put the ads during the video Men put the ads at the beginning or the end of the video Legends make the ads a part of the video
Risto Kappet
Risto Kappet 11 napja
70 horsepower?!?
Eric Rowland
Eric Rowland 12 napja
Did Jochen say the Sauber-Merc did 426 kph on the Mulsanne? My word! Great interview and great stories from a fine gentleman and underrated driver.
Jason Gillard
Jason Gillard 12 napja
Arrows 12 napja
One of the few different f1 race winners we have here in germany. Jochen is a very nice guy and I liked him the most as he drove for McLaren ( one of my favourite f1 teams of all time ) from 1974 - 1977. Its sad and unfair that even today some people blame him for Villeneuves death. As some people wrote it here too: It was a tragic misunderstanding. Mass changed too late the line and Villeneuve was way too fast in that moment and thought he could squeeze himself through an already closing gap. Not long after the the tragic collision with Villeneuve Mass had only a few races later in the same year another absolutely horrific crash ( this time with Baldi ) in Paul Ricard and after that crash Mass immediately decided to retire from f1. A very wise man he was with this decision.
jon mup
jon mup 12 napja
@59:35 did he just refer to himself in the 3rd person 🤣
jon mup
jon mup 12 napja
First 7 mins were gripping
Xendex Motorsports
Sorry I do not know much about this south african guy but this podcast was so great. Many great drivers and engineers also don't talk this great. Also listen late on brakes yamaha boss episode...this was such a bliss for engineers
Matthew Burgess
Matthew Burgess 12 napja
When brakapan south africa gets a mention on beyond the grid.... 😂😂😂😂
sam oksner
sam oksner 12 napja
No but seriously, have you tried using you VPN for Netflix?!?! Because it hasn't worked in years, all of the commonly used VPN IPs are systematically blocked, please stop saying this, it's false marketting. Thank you.
Nathan ten Brinke
Can F1 see this
MegaCm123456 12 napja
Wait, what???? F1 Beyond the greed is advocating the use of VPN to bypass streaming service providers' rules?
Surya kishore
Surya kishore 12 napja
Ok....why does the thumbnail has christian horner ?🙄
Martin Collins
Martin Collins 12 napja
Great insight that really enjoyed it. Have noticed with these podcasts that if they have driven for arrows it gets missed out. Would have liked to have heard him talk about the Arrows A2 buzz bomb car.
Xendex Motorsports
30 people still for a podcast 👌
Pierre Fernandes
Subtitles please
DocProdusser 12 napja
"Alle Teile Scheizze" :D
Underbird 12 napja
Finally a proper Beyond The Grid podcast again!
Xendex Motorsports
If you cut the Schumacher part. Why don't they just bring him instead asking what did you liked about Schumacher ? If we combine Schumacher questions 2hr podcast can be made combined 🤣
LPKelly380 12 napja
Can we talk about how F1 dropped the Hanoi Circuit for “political reasons”, but then made a deal with Saudi Arabia, a country led by perhaps the most nefarious family (after the Trumps, of course) in the world????
2020 F1
2020 F1 12 napja
1. Lewis Hamilton 2. Juan Manuel Fangio 3. Jim Clark 4. Ayrton Senna 5. Michael Schumacher 6. Sir Jackie Stewart 7. Sir Stirling Moss 8. Alain Prost 9. Niki Lauda 10. Fernando Alonso It was not always decided in order from 1st to 10th. It is listed from 1 to 10.
ZX R-CADE 11 napja
@Daniel Taboada remember who was voted the most influential person in f1 it was the great Micheal Schumacher Hamilton isn’t influential he’s just a bad role model
2020 F1
2020 F1 11 napja
@Daniel Taboada thank you
Daniel Taboada
Daniel Taboada 11 napja
Great list, but Alonso ? In 50 years time we will still talking about the likes of Ronnie, Rindt, Villeneuve, Piquet... Not sure will be much talking about Alonso. Your list is great because evoques the most influential ones
I ride around and stuff
Back in the 90s around the time when Schumacher was in first year for Ferrari the German Formel 1 Magazin played down Mass' career like "The last German GP winner was Jochen Mass and that was just by luck and only counted half."
Mr Mathh
Mr Mathh 12 napja
Jochen was not at fault with gilles' accident, gilles was an incredibly quick driver that was know for taking risks, and always tried to be the fastest, he was truly the reincarnation of the great tazio nuvolari...
Alex G
Alex G 12 napja
To Long i did. Not like him, But Since Goodwood i have much Respekt of Jochen, he is a nice dude
Daniel Holtkamp
Daniel Holtkamp 12 napja
He really was and still is a gentleman. Great Person and one of the Greatest german Racing Drivers of all Time
Arrows 12 napja
Charlie G
Charlie G 12 napja
Very much interested in his time with Rothmans Porsche Team along with Bellof, Stuck, Ickx, and Bell.
I am sure if Belloff survived MSC would not be the first Ferrari WC since 1979
Piotr Kobielus
Piotr Kobielus 12 napja
The Racing Pilot
Did anyone else think this was Christian Horner lol
futuredxve 12 napja
jochen mass is a class act. deserves to get more attention.
Rui Yurra
Rui Yurra 12 napja
Saziya Naikwade
Saziya Naikwade 12 napja
827th viewer
Frank Smith
Frank Smith 12 napja
Regarding Villeneuve: Mass moved too late. He was indecisive when he needed to give clear intention on which side he would take. But he took the racing line and moved away from it way too late when Villeneuve could not change his trajectory anymore nor brake effectively. The other possibility is that Mass did not even look in the mirrors. The way how he kept going right while allegedly looking in the mirrors is against common sense. When you see someone approaching the same way to which you are steering you would at least reflexively move the other way. But Mass kept moving to the right until the moment of the contact.
Bramwell Music - Private
Tell me again when you last drove a F1 car during a qualifying session.
Gerardo B
Gerardo B 12 napja
Great listen, great eras.
Vrtulka103 12 napja
770th view
Philipp Middel
Philipp Middel 12 napja
Jochen is a very fine human being indeed.
Bono, my battery is dead from watching the whole video
@King Rat hahahahaha
King Rat
King Rat 12 napja
Press the slow button , slow button on , Scenario 1 Scenario 1
Aditya Narain
Aditya Narain 12 napja
Funny no talks about Mass himself XD
Xendex Motorsports
I think this podcast was way better than many . Lots of great people had done podcast but never much if engaging just a gossip type. Also watch late on brakes yamaha boss podcast by MotoGP. It is very interesting. Next time text TC to not include boring Schumacher questions. Why don't they than ask Schumacher for a podcast instead of asking questions everytime? If we add these Schumacher questions 2 hours of podcast can be made combined 🤣
jon mup
jon mup 12 napja
@katsching he loves doing that. Always brings it back to "what was it like driving with x or y". X and y always seem to be the same drivers in every interview.
katsching 12 napja
Yeah everytime he wanted to talk about himself, TC kinda cut him off and asked him about another driver
Jerry Helmet
Jerry Helmet 12 napja
Technically he was to blame for Gilles crash because he chose to move when it was Villeneuve's choice of which side to overtake.
Arrows 12 napja
@Anh Đức Trần True!
Anh Đức Trần
@Jerry Helmet it was tragic indeed, the world lost one of the best driver of all time. But we can not blame Jochen for that incident.
Jerry Helmet
Jerry Helmet 12 napja
@Anh Đức Trần Wrong
Jerry Helmet
Jerry Helmet 12 napja
@Arch Stanton because it's factually true.
Arch Stanton
Arch Stanton 12 napja
Tragic misunderstanding, for which nobody can be blamed. Plus why bring that up here?
Mishael Trivennios
Behind of the HAMboring time zzzzz.
2020 F1
2020 F1 12 napja
F1 best driver Lewis Hamilton
2020 F1
2020 F1 12 napja
@Damjan Stevanovic Sorry. (But in my mind, it's the best driver.)
Damjan Stevanovic
@2020 F1 Hamilton is not The best F1 driver.
2020 F1
2020 F1 12 napja
@Damjan Stevanovic What did you say? Ha ha ha
Damjan Stevanovic
some small stuff
Yes 111. Viewer
Geert Matthys
Geert Matthys 12 napja
In before a Honda engine fails
RPZ Pacific
RPZ Pacific 12 napja
@Brianna Dorin 5 engine issues for Honda against 3 for Renault *during the races*, so not counting the practice sessions.
Brianna Dorin
Brianna Dorin 12 napja
Brianna Dorin
Brianna Dorin 12 napja
Does f1 respond
Brianna Dorin
Brianna Dorin 12 napja
@Xendex Motorsports ok
Xendex Motorsports
Very rarely on boring comments
Maybe, possibly, chances,chances
Charles 12 napja
some small stuff
Big "i"?
Praveen Konda
Praveen Konda 12 napja
Brianna Dorin
Brianna Dorin 12 napja
Nope your 5th
legendary Killer
Brianna Dorin
Brianna Dorin 12 napja
Tyres are dead
Dustin Pohl
Dustin Pohl 12 napja
@Brianna Dorin then say it was soo tricky
Brianna Dorin
Brianna Dorin 12 napja
@Dackyc92 then wins by 30 seconds
Dackyc92 12 napja
...then sets 3 purple sectors. 🤣
Brianna Dorin
Brianna Dorin 12 napja
Dackyc92 12 napja
I'm earlier than Hamilton crossing the line
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