Jolyon Palmer Reveals His 2020 Pre-Season Predictions 

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Jolyon Palmer takes a look back on the predictions he made at the start of the 2020 Formula 1 season, and reveals how well he fared.
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KurioussS 8 napja
I bet no one will believe me but this guy has the EXACT same name as me Jolyon Palmer is my name to the POINT PLEASE BELEIVE ME
pavani reddy
pavani reddy 8 napja
Williams to get a point
Andrea Bertani
Andrea Bertani 10 napja
My prediction: Lando will laugh
Septimus ii
Septimus ii 13 napja
So 3 technically corrects
Riyadi 13 napja
Next year prediction : abu dhabi will be the most exiting race of the season
Snufflegrunt 13 napja
Saudi Arabia this year, North Korea 2022?
sam tinkler
sam tinkler 14 napja
But did he predict that Sainz will improve his singing?
Bojan Marsetic
Bojan Marsetic 14 napja
wouldn't it be fun to have every driver switch car every race man....
Sugandh Saxena
Sugandh Saxena 14 napja
Hamilton will not score a point
War Peace
War Peace 14 napja
Seriously?... you are still claiming 3/3 predictions! When you set the bar so low and still fail - I would expect a bit more humility. Ricciardo did not hit Ocon as you claim - Even in your video it shows clearly he was his my a Mercedes and forced into contact. As for Russell's points - never going to happen in a Williams barring a miracle. Mercedes again intervene to give him a seat in the best car. Maybe even you could have scored a point in that car. I would have been too scared to race at all.
Nadia Passarelli Carvalho
Bold predictions: Latifi to score points Stroll beating Seb Williams being ahead of Alfa Romeo 4 podiums for Checo
swanner95 15 napja
At least 2 races with no retirements Sainz to outplace Norris in wdc Vettel to win midfield battle (Inc Ferrari) in wdc Latifi to outqualify Russell at least once Mazepin to be replaced before season's end
Víctor Sioufi Menéndez
Wheres Vietnam?
Luke4348 15 napja
Bryan Alexander
Bryan Alexander 15 napja
I love how he put details in his each predictions, Like george get a point("he will got multiple points this year..") and checo will get a podium("Tbh, it could be more..") and its totally spot on!
Anil Jethwa
Anil Jethwa 15 napja
Palmer is probably the best F1 analyst right now
Poole Dogg
Poole Dogg 16 napja
2021 A car will be on pole.
alan robertshaw
alan robertshaw 16 napja
can you please add subtitles to your content
CalgarGTX 16 napja
The Renault one was kinda a stretch... he clearly got hit by the merc front wing first
Ben R.
Ben R. 15 napja
And compared to teammate battles we've seen recently Ricciardo/Ocon doesn't even make the top 10. They were down right polite compared to Vettel/Leclerc 2019, or Hamilton/Rosberg 2016.
alexander clayton
Jolyon looks way more comfortable. I want to see more material from joylon!
Xavier Ribeiro
Xavier Ribeiro 16 napja
My 3 predictions: - Hamilton will win the championship; - Verstappen will make Perez look like a beginner; - Williams will not be last.
avada 16 napja
2:44 Why does anyone keep repeating this atrocious lie? There's no limit on aero development, they get a new PU, the cars will be drastically different, and even the regulations change.
Aidan Aquilina
Aidan Aquilina 16 napja
Guj Bun
Guj Bun 16 napja
Prediction: Mazepig the Groper will not complete the season.
Felippe M Marques
Thanks for the best season ever! 👊
Ruth van egmond
Ruth van egmond 17 napja
That George Russell board radio won't ever stop hurting
Ben Bradbury
Ben Bradbury 17 napja
We need more of Palmer. Proper bloke.
axis Villena
axis Villena 17 napja
2021: Where's Palmer?
François Duez
François Duez 17 napja
Technically speaking, 3/3, but only the prediction about Perez deserves a whole point...
maVericK 17 napja
What Palmer is doing?
Josh A
Josh A 17 napja
Prediction for 2021: Ricciardo almost beats Hamilton to the championship.
RYG 18 napja
Honestly, those word Russell ushed out is more negative and does not fit Mercedes culture.
polyglotuk 18 napja
WesaynotoSaudiArabia WesaynotoMazepin WesayyestoJP
Brad Collins
Brad Collins 18 napja
Sorry, but who is 'Jolyon Palmer'? Anyone who I should have heard about?
Fredrik Z
Fredrik Z 18 napja
Karma Karma Karma
Bimon Solivar
Bimon Solivar 18 napja
They just didn't crash because the honey badger was too far in front...
Kushagra Deep Mishra
wow that was a safe call. why did you even predict
JH 18 napja
I predict that Ericsson will hit someone...
Taveira GT
Taveira GT 18 napja
Williams for constructors next season
Ajay Warde
Ajay Warde 18 napja
Nisheet Verma
Nisheet Verma 18 napja
Next year's prediction: lord mahaveer will get a seat.
WholeWizard 18 napja
Jolyon palmer travelling back in time to tell himself what to write be like.
Loki 19 napja
My prediction for 2021, fans will be allowed back at some point and when they are expect them to boo off the idiotic knee taking antics.
Isaac Chua
Isaac Chua 19 napja
Next year, we need more predictions
extinct body
extinct body 19 napja
Next year bold prediction: Aston Martin will atleast finish one race 1-2😎
Arham Muhammad
Arham Muhammad 19 napja
Alonso: Karma!!! Jolyan Jolyan: se see in the next season
House Station Live .com
horrible season for williams.
Reynaldi Widjaja
I'll predict lulu will add another world champion tally
Anco 19 napja
Not very bold that was. I was expecting him to have written RP will win a race or something.
CAMS Graphics
CAMS Graphics 19 napja
no Grosjean, dare I say less accidents ...
vijaya malleswari
Yeah man you missed about Sergio Perez moving to red Bull
The falcon
The falcon 19 napja
3:04 😓😓😓
8meterwish 19 napja
Not bold.
Akmal Ibrahim
Akmal Ibrahim 19 napja
Prediction: Mazepin will have his Super License revoked
ParanaHue 14 napja
Ben R.
Ben R. 15 napja
Press X to doubt.
Daniel Atlas
Daniel Atlas 19 napja
There was no puncture,the car didn’t react like any other car with a puncture! Normally the tail off in performance is very pronounced but here ,nothing.....
Calum Andersen
Calum Andersen 19 napja
You can't claim Russell or ocon/ricciardo! Russell didn't score a point in the Williams and if not for bottas diving up the inside then ocon and ricciardo were fair team mates and stayed a mile clear of one another.
Scott W Frijns
Scott W Frijns 19 napja
Zandvoort needs be with the crowd tho. Otherwise drop it
Pierre Gasly
Pierre Gasly 19 napja
You didn't predict me winning Monza. Viva la France!
Sebastian Vettel
who is Jolyon Palmer?
philip russell
philip russell 19 napja
Perez to win more than one race.
Kris Tere
Kris Tere 19 napja
No abu dhabi jolyon palmer analysist ?
Ross Macfarlane
Ross Macfarlane 19 napja
For all that is mighty, put this guy in the paddock...he is a class presenter who knows what he is talking about!!!!
aditya banerjee
aditya banerjee 19 napja
Akhil S Kumar
Akhil S Kumar 19 napja
you forgot to mention super Yuki Tsunoda
Antonioo 9756
Antonioo 9756 19 napja
Rishi Naik
Rishi Naik 19 napja
My prediction for 2021: Hamilton to stay at Mercedes and we will hear Get in there Lewis × Wins
H K 19 napja
Ocon is a child whereas Riccardo isn’t, and obviously, Riccardo is definitely way more faster and cleverer. I reckon that is why Ocon and Riccardo haven’t come together. Maybe...Perez is not fast enough to keep Ocon’s head down :(
Le-WiiSs 19 napja
Where is Palmer? "Fernando Palmer has retired" Karma!
Linh Tieu
Linh Tieu 19 napja
Commentator : And its lights off Bono : Get in there Lewis
Next year's prediction: Hamilton's 8th title
pw jc
pw jc 19 napja
Preseason talk was all about the DAS, doesn't look like it mattered.
niuean3000 19 napja
Jolyon Palmer only got 1 prediction right he's a fail
Callum Macleod
Callum Macleod 17 napja
He got 2 wdym
Jason Jansen
Jason Jansen 19 napja
Prediction for 2021: Hamilton's tyres will be gone
CRA_55 19 napja
2021 Prediction: Mazepin goes to prison
Sindhu Sojan
Sindhu Sojan 19 napja
Most unpredictable moments of this season: Russell in a merc Sergio winning a race from “last” place Gasly winning in monza Ferrari in midfield
Adithya Ramanujam
Also the tracks like Imola on the calendar
Oki Doki
Oki Doki 19 napja
Pfff Ocon it is that Toto is his manager
Samet Akın
Samet Akın 19 napja
A guess for next season: Vettel will spin at least 20 times lol...
Martian G&T
Martian G&T 19 napja
Let's root for one more rookie that wasn't even mentioned here: Yuki Tsunoda.
A Bains
A Bains 19 napja
2021 prediction Perez beats max
pollogamerXD71 2
Blue flag...Blue flag....Blue flaag
Kasetti 55
Kasetti 55 19 napja
Are they going to race at Vietnam?
Spinbastian Vettel
mans deadass forgot about Yuki
Daniel Ayoub
Daniel Ayoub 20 napja
Did Palmer forget about all of Alpha Taurus and Red Bulls changes
Aidan Underhill
Aidan Underhill 20 napja
My top 3 predictions things in December 2019: Stroll pole at Turkey Ricciardo podium at Imola Hulkenberg qualifying P3 at Silverstone
Aidan Underhill
Aidan Underhill 19 napja
@tuna mert yıldırım haha 😛
tuna mert yıldırım
This is not a prediction, this is your best moments
VeljkoVasicIII 20 napja
Next Year’s Prediction: on every F1 video someone will comment Mazepin Out just for likes.
Ankit Behera
Ankit Behera 19 napja
You are not getting the likes you hoped for.😂
D Y 20 napja
3:25 Lol
geonerd 20 napja
23 races?! Greed much?
geonerd 20 napja
FFS, STOP with the random camera cuts as he talking. It's lame and downright irritating!
Alan Jenkinson
Alan Jenkinson 20 napja
I predict that no team will want Palmer AGAIN! What we need is video from successful drivers in 2021
crxdelsolsir 20 napja
2021 Palmer: Gives a technical comment on Alonso's mistake Alonso: That's a yoke!
Not Sosig Ramsey
My really bold prediction is: Every car will use an engine
Kalyan PM
Kalyan PM 20 napja
My bold prediction for 2020: We will have one HAMBOTVER atleast, and Max will have a retirement, and Bottas will get unlucky with his tyres. Hamilton will also drive through a tornado and win the race being the sole survivor
Peter McM
Peter McM 20 napja
Bold prediction: Mercedes score at least 1 point
Teo Vokes 03
Teo Vokes 03 20 napja
Nobody likes Palmer, he's a yoke
Jelly fish
Jelly fish 20 napja
2021 predictions: 1. Mazepin will bin other drivers 2. Bottas still no. 2 3. Alonso will be the best young driver
BC648 20 napja
2:59 F E R R A R O O O O O
Salman Fauzi
Salman Fauzi 20 napja
My next year prediction: Mazepin to have clashes at least three times with other drivers.
JanitorIsBack 20 napja
the RIC and ocon should not count. The merc was on the inside and push ric out. Was never a spa type moment with ocon. thumbs down
racegod09 20 napja
Next years prediction: 1) Red Bull finishes 2nd behind Mercedes again. 2) Perez does not podium for Red Bull. 3) Alonso will be a flop. 4) Mazepin will not not score a point. 5) Racing point will not be as competitive. 6) Williams will continue to press into the midfield - Russell will score multiple points. 7) Bold Prediction - Haas F1 will be sold at the end of the season.
racegod09 19 napja
@Samuel Jayachandran wow mate you got specific! With RP becoming AM my concern is the build. They didn’t understand the car this season, and with reg changes I’m not confident they’ll build a competitive package. I think we’re looking at 1. Merc 2. RB 3. Mclaren 4. Ferrari 5. Alpine 6. AM
Samuel Jayachandran
some of your predictions make me feel a bit sad and are realistic. But hey here's mine: 1) Vettel to win at high downforce tracks in the Aston Martin (they will find a way to work that Merc engine and it's suspension and low-speed downforce package to really help his confidence in the car). He will be a surprise title contender. 2) Alonso to win a few races. 3) Lando to win the Austrian Grand Prix and a possible podium at Monza. 4) Ricciardo takes a podium in Australia for McLaren and a few more podiums in other races. 5) Stroll to win the Azerbaijan Grand Prix and be on the podium at his home race in Montreal. 6) Verstappen wins home race and a few races. 7) Perez wins home race and a podium at Baku and that's all. 8) Aston somehow gets 2nd in the constructors in a very close matchup. 9) Hamilton world champion. 10) Hulkenberg replaces Mazepin after Mazepin gets race bans for dangerous driving. 11) Leclerc and Sainz get a 1-2 at Monza. 12) season as close as 2012.
Mr Bungle
Mr Bungle 20 napja
Bold prediction,if Red Bull deliver from the start,Perez will be the closest title contender to Hamilton in the first half of the season
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