Kevin Magnussen's Most Memorable Moments In F1 

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From a podium in his first ever race to that legendary battle against Nico Hulkenberg, we look back at K-Mag's best moments in his six years in F1.
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Hobson McMaster
k mag and grosjean are incosistent with theyre top 5 on the grid on theyre day and abismol of it
Ruben Rodriguez
Ruben Rodriguez 14 napja
2:16 i've never seen a wheel deflate so fast
Legoo Jan
Legoo Jan 17 napja
we will miss u kevin mag.
Black Sword
Black Sword 19 napja
Goodbye Kevin Magnussen 😢😢😢
Romanische050 22 napja
Funny the the only memorable moment in 2020 was his donuts :3
Schultz07 22 napja
I feel very bad for Kevin, he deserved more than this. He might be one of the best f1 drivers when he overtake Lewis Hamilton on his debut!
djonas79 24 napja
scored a podium (2nd place) on his debut race, and never even got close after than.... is this a unique record in F1?
Danielo Vega
Danielo Vega 25 napja
gp da australia 2014 gp da russia 2016 gp da belgica 2016 gp do azerbaijao 2017 gp da hungria 2017 gp da cingapura 2017 gp do japao 2017 gp da australia 2018 gp do canada 2019 gp da austria 2019 gp da hungria 2020 gp de abu dhabi 2020
Adreng20 25 napja
Haas better in 2018 : Ferraris last SESON leading 2018 hass best season : 2018 Ferraris worst season 2020 hass worst season 2020 are Thise two cars the same?
X Yellowcard X
X Yellowcard X 26 napja
Also give K mag a seat please
X Yellowcard X
X Yellowcard X 26 napja
That crash in spa was horrific
Anthony S.
Anthony S. 27 napja
Going to kiss K-Mag!!!!
No Tru
No Tru 28 napja
Poor dog I liked my own commet how sad.
ModelN22 28 napja
K mag really deserved a better car, and now there are none danish drivers on the grid :(
TheMilkybar89 28 napja
Goodbye Kevin, no one will miss you :)
OrestMu5203K 28 napja
I'll miss you KM20 😥😥
Morten Pejter Roitmann
Most entertaining driver in formula 1 is out. This sport just keeps getting more and more boring. Only drivers that drive in a straight line, is accepted. Changes needs to be made, or this sport is gone in 10 years. And that is coming from as life long fan, that will skib at least next season. Sad sad sad.
Gouthaman Guna
Gouthaman Guna 28 napja
Please make top 10 best starts of the season kmag will be there in 7 places...😎😎
No Tru
No Tru 29 napja
Yang sayang aku like yang cinta allah coment.
Fikhri Abdi Digdaya
3:02, kevin on p9 and his still happy about that😭😭😭 Bottas in p8 : "i can't race with this engine!!! " 😂😂😂
magnus berthelsen
Im from denmark 🇩🇰🇩🇰
Joshua breurken
Joshua breurken 29 napja
That balance of the Renault tho yikes
Joshua breurken
Joshua breurken 29 napja
That balance of the Renault tho yikes
Joshua breurken
Joshua breurken 29 napja
That balance of the Renault tho yikes
Shricks 29 napja
Kevin, it's been great having you in formula one. You have had ups and downs. We will truly miss you.
Olivia Haejin Chun
Olivia Haejin Chun
John Cash
John Cash 29 napja
Other drivers think twice when passing k mag, he fights for every inch of track !!!
TESSLA Hónapja
What's the soundtrack of this video?
Arindam S. Roy
Arindam S. Roy Hónapja
Make a list of Kevin Magnussen crashes
johnny Brravo
johnny Brravo Hónapja
The Magnussen's carreer in reverse would be more satisfaying
Ethan Philp
Ethan Philp Hónapja
we all hate the hill in Belgium
LightningMan212 XD
1:10 Who is this guy?
Kereka Hónapja
If Magnussen had Bottas Seat he would put Hamilton under pressure Im sure and actually take chances to overtake him unlike Bottas One of the dirtiest but fastest drivers on the grid, hopefully he will make a comeback, he always performed well in underperforming cars!
Hugo González
Hugo González Hónapja
Poco tonto que es magnusen
Uitae Yoo
Uitae Yoo Hónapja
So sad
Liam Cockcroft
Liam Cockcroft Hónapja
wow I forgot about 1:05. That was low and scummy. Glad he's gone when I see driving like that.
Carlos Ferrari
Carlos Ferrari Hónapja
Wait so the K-Mag compilation includes quite a few crashes but the Grosjean compilation shows no accidents? Really…?
Daniel Souza
Daniel Souza Hónapja
I remember when Magnussen was the next Hamilton
Wiggle&Wine Hónapja
Alonso Will be glad that Kevin is not there Any more. Alonso has always been afraid from Kevin. I Will never forget when Ricciardo couldn't get throw Kevin in a whole race in a faster car. Ricciardo was complaning over him the whole race.
G-M Hónapja
PrimeHockey Hónapja
If he had a fast car he would’ve been a race winner and a possible world champion
Javier A.p
Javier A.p Hónapja
Best starter in F1
Zulu Bunsen
Zulu Bunsen Hónapja
I've watched some IMSA here and there but now will be following it more for sure. I hope he'll get more chance to succeed in a DPi.
indalecio madrazo
1:12 "chu pame el pi to", xD, Classy Mag
Alexander Chisholm
that magnussen and button double podium is one of my favourite mclaren moments
Mads cosmusmossin
Sebastian Kay
Sebastian Kay Hónapja
He just needed an ok car and he would have SMASHED everyone
Dirk Hónapja
2:29 everytime I hear that board radio I smile
Teeuwis Bakker
Teeuwis Bakker Hónapja
when a driver has no 10 moments of brilliance
larsruben1 Hónapja
Formula 1 is fantastic !!!
Tim Suetens
Tim Suetens Hónapja
A career evolving in reverse... 2014: "YEAAAAH, P3!!!" 2017: "YEEAAAH, P5!!!" 2020: "YEAAAAH, P9!!!" It's too bad, really. Kevin always attacks and defends like his life and honor depend on it.
Brad Williams
Brad Williams Hónapja
Thanks for the send off guys! p.s Racing in IMSA is better than f1 bcos you can do this thing called overtaking😏
yiğit akdeniz
yiğit akdeniz Hónapja
man he was agressive but to stay front with slow car u must be aggressive because they will just pass you even in F1 game thats the deal
Katie Cartledge
Katie Cartledge Hónapja
Who’s that person he pushed wide
Katie Cartledge
Katie Cartledge Hónapja
@Claus Kristensen Hulkenberg
Claus Kristensen
The ball sucker ...
Joaquin Alonso
Joaquin Alonso Hónapja
Que asco de piloto
Anders Jacobsen
Anders Jacobsen Hónapja
K-MAG is a true legend
Timmy Hónapja
Si el se va y le hicieron video Y a kvyat le hicieron video... Kvyat se va?
Maximo Ramazzotti
a shame to lose this guy and get mazepin
Santiago Remedi
Santiago Remedi Hónapja
1:51 he squeezed his what right past?
Steve Russ
Steve Russ Hónapja
We will see him at the Indycars ...
Ramon Diaz
Ramon Diaz Hónapja
A truly underrated driver
Khawaja Basit
Khawaja Basit Hónapja
Man Really sad K.Mag leaving F1.Dude was highly talented. I mean sure he had a few crazy moments but still we never got to see his full potential in a competitive machinery. Hope he does well in the future and that he could have another chance at F1, He derserves it.
alexander melson
that last one got me cause im from denmark godt gået magnussen just some danish u know :,)
Lerouge Lampelouch
"Kevin Magnussen all over Lewis Hamilton" is one thing I never expected to hear
Toma Hawk
Toma Hawk Hónapja
He's in Cloud~9 when secured a P9! Such a humble guy ... 🕯🌷🕊♥️🌍
Asbjørn Møller
HUrun showed me a big mac ad. Coincidence? I think not!
DoggedJoe Hónapja
Some revisionist history here Magnussen overtook Hamilton because his engine was failing
UnimatrixOne Hónapja
Hulkenberg is STILL right!
01AceAlpha Hónapja
Didn’t the stewards notice that Kmag passing Lewis was just to unlap himself under a safety car?
Pedro Teixeira
Pedro Teixeira Hónapja
1:51 I bet he did squeeze his (h)ass... Tight overtake.
Scratch Beats
Scratch Beats Hónapja
Its sad how great drivers don't reach their full potential because they end up in bad cars :(
Lord Omiotek
Lord Omiotek Hónapja
Must be annoying to have ur only podium in ur 1st race
frazebean Hónapja
Paweł Lipkowski
Kevin you are the best
Luke Daniel Galon
K-Mag in singapore for me i see potential in him
Gong Zero
Gong Zero Hónapja
Kevin Magnussen should design widebody kits for cars when he’s done with racing 🏎
Simon R
Simon R Hónapja
Jimmy J Jackson
Jimmy J Jackson Hónapja
Melb 2014 was also Danny Ric's first Podium, until he was disqualified for Red-Bull's sneaky fuel sensor breach.
Rahil Sanghavi
Rahil Sanghavi Hónapja
If the guys at F1 can read this, appreciate the effort but would have been better if it were longer.
ApoloJit Hónapja
Konstantinos Gerakis
Dirt driver...dislike 👎
Charlie Robertson
Funny how one of the most memorable moments is him having a crash
İsmail Alican
İsmail Alican Hónapja
New F1 safety regulations for 2021: - Magnussen is out so it is more safe to race now.
Nick Giannopoulos
a true racer k-mag
HrGustavDK Hónapja
K-MAG We love you and we will miss you ind F1, håber du får det godt.
Grimm Fandango
Grimm Fandango Hónapja
so underrated.
Calvin Lee
Calvin Lee Hónapja
As the racer he is anyone would approve even Senna. Ill miss him in F1, Ill be watching him everywhere he goes. Godspeed KMag in my heart you are a champion.
capo plaza
capo plaza Hónapja
thank you 4 everthing magnubot
NillerMann Hónapja
A surprisingly long video..
Slayer and Green Day Fanboy
Best Danish F1 Driver
big boof
big boof Hónapja
Really underrated
William Buttel
William Buttel Hónapja
to aggressive at times but again like other drivers with the correct equipment you never know but thats formula 1 lol pay to win
Zombie Alive
Zombie Alive Hónapja
Don't forget he's the only guy who brave enough to fok smash Guenther's door
DoorShoey Hónapja
K Mag has the talent, he just need a fast car to drive
oneshot_me Hónapja
Going to miss him in F1 but lucky I'll be able to watch him here in the USA
R K Hónapja
It’s so sad that he never stood on the top of the podium. He really deserved to have at least one or two in his career. Best of luck to him in the future though, but sadly I’m sure that we’ll never see him in F1 again.
마크입니다 Hónapja
He definitely deserves a seat for the next seasons.
aaron ayad
aaron ayad Hónapja
hahaha only a 3 minute video
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