Kimi Bumps George, K-Mag's Mega Pass And The Best Onboards | 2020 Eifel Grand Prix | Emirates 

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Watch all the best wheel-to-wheel action at the Nurburgring from the best seats in the house.
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tom d
tom d 3 napja
They race me so hard, yea cause they’re coming for your seat Albion! I mean what world is he living in smh
XT 71
XT 71 3 napja
Naughty Kimi, pretty sure I saw a definite purposeful movement of the wheel hard to the left as Russel came back? Can't believe there was no penalty??
Miguel Henry
Miguel Henry 5 napja
Haas should sack Grosjean & Magnussen. Then sign Hulk and Perez.
ShotsByGus 5 napja
Albon is so over hyped and such a crybaby 🤦🏻‍♂️ get him out of that seat and put someone else with more potential! Gasly doesn’t have to let you by because your in the “better” car stop crying and race
Rashawn GT
Rashawn GT 6 napja
Kimi you have a penalty Kimi: For what!
Flanker 27
Flanker 27 6 napja
Kvyat is such a hard worker, he has come so far from the torpedo that he used to be. It is such a shame to see him having so much bad luck. I hope RB make the right decision about him
geekdiggy 6 napja
i feel for albon. he's a brilliant driver, and probably wasn't even being that series when he said it, but now every F1 fan is going to hold him to it the rest of his career.
Traking 6 napja
The merc engine sounds quite nice on the williams onboard , bit more similar to the red bull's onboards
Marco 6 napja
Dear F1 : It would be awesome if each race you show the start of every driver (cockpit) for the entire first lap. Would be a half hour video at least. Of course any incidents need to be shown from different perspectives.. Thank you :) EDIT : Please thumbs up whoever wants this!
Pablo Ib
Pablo Ib 6 napja
Kimi: FINISH HIM! 12:03
林建安 6 napja
That One Guy
That One Guy 6 napja
A Williams overtook the Ferrari and we didn't see this on TV?! Come on F1, this was a historic moment...
Tuno Vettel7
Tuno Vettel7 6 napja
10:27 Russell doesn't have to overtake Ferrari because then you catch Alfa Romeo🤣
Siddarth Sv
Siddarth Sv 6 napja
Steve Alvarez ( Super GT) did much better at the 24 hours of karting than albon did at the Eiffel Grand Prix Super GT for red bull 2021!
TJ Bledsoe
TJ Bledsoe 7 napja
Those Mercedes engines are starting to sound like the Hondas off throttle...The spitting sound and I love it! Edit: George Russell deserves a points finish...He is a beast in a subpar car!
Kev Renner
Kev Renner 7 napja
Magnusson or Hulk to red bull, Albon back to karts.. Mario karts
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden 7 napja
Why is it always not Lewis if a Mercedes doesn't work. He had so much luck in his carrier. And with this car and that weak teammate I wouldn't wonder when he gets 150 wins and 10 titles 🙄 Not that I am saying he has no talent or something no he's one of the best but nowadays its just too easy for him. Wonder how it would be if Max, Charles or Fernando would be his teammate
Dual Wield
Dual Wield 5 napja
@Tyler Durden Hamilton would have won in 2012 if he didn't have horrible reliability bad strategy and awful pit stops. He lost 100 points or more that season much more than any other driver. Here is the list of what exactly happened to Hamilton in 2012. China - Qualifies second but started seventh due to the gearbox change penalty. Finishes third. Estimated points loss: three Bahrain - Running third but following two slow pit stops ends up eighth. Estimated points loss: Eight to ten Spain - Qualifies on pole but demoted to back of the grid for McLaren fuel infringement. Finishes eighth. Estimated points loss: 21 Monaco - Running third but suffers slow pit stop and loses positions to first Alonso, who stops a lap later, and the even later-stopping Vettel. Finishes fifth. Estimated points loss: Two to five Europe - Slow pit stop when running third drops him to sixth and behind ultimate race winner Alonso. Spun out on final lap from third after a collision with Pastor Maldonado while struggling with tire wear. Estimated points loss: 15 (based on likely position ahead of Maldonado in closing stages without pit-stop delay) Singapore - Running first when gearbox fails. Result: DNF. Estimated points loss: 25 Korea - Rear anti-roll bar failure early in race plays havoc with tire wear. Drops down the order from fourth. Result: 10th. Estimated points loss: 11 Abu Dhabi - Leading the race by three seconds when fuel pressure problem grounds car to a halt. Result: DNF. Estimated points loss: 25 Hamilton’s Japanese GP weekend was also hampered by rear suspension problems. He also had a further DNF in Germany due to puncture damage and in Malaysia, he had another slow pit stop in addition to the collection, and in Brazil, he was leading the race until Hulkenberg crashed into him as well.
Dual Wield
Dual Wield 5 napja
@Tyler Durden Hamilton had far more reliability problems in 2014 than Rosberg and still won. He was already 25 points down on Rosberg before the season even began in Australia after he had an engine failure right at the start, while on pole position. In Canada retired because of an ERS failure after passing Rosberg for the lead. In Germany, he had a brake failure in qualifying, had to start last. In Hungary, he had a turbo failure in qualifying, had to start from the pit lane. Also, he had another DNF in Belgium as well. Rosberg also had problems out of his control but not as much as Hamilton. Overall Hamilton had significantly more reliability problems over the course of the season than Rosberg in 2014.
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden 6 napja
@Sekhy Hybrid 2016 was the only exception May I remember you that Nico was the one who had a engine failure in the last eace of 2014 And what was 2012 ?
Sekhy Hybrid
Sekhy Hybrid 6 napja
All salt and nothing more. Say that to the 2016 Lewis Hamilton with the horrible reliability he had that season in the early stages and Malaysia 2016 being the cherry on top. If you believe Lewis is always lucky, then I suggest you to rewatch the 2012, 2014 and 2016 season once again.
Dylan Chauche
Dylan Chauche 7 napja
love the williams sound
mammakamel 7 napja
6 commercials in 6 minutes. What the actual
SIXITHS 6 napja
Firefox. Plugins.
Sickboy 7 napja
Giovinazzi start was flawless
Legio XXI Rapax
See also the start he did in the 3 last races, was phenomenal.
Daxter 7 napja
3:06 I wonder what, it is he is holding down for the get away?
Kai Kluss
Kai Kluss 7 napja
The williams sound is grate
Daruso 007
Daruso 007 7 napja
I love The sound of The williams
Kilian ROBERT 7 napja
Vettel doing a Magnussen to Magnussen was priceless 🤪
Magnusson had an absolute dog fight start to finish! Haha
UnimatrixOne 7 napja
Did Kimi apologize afterwards?
Matheus Costa
Matheus Costa 7 napja
come on, kimi is an idiot
Mahriz Hossain
12:25 The Ferrari jump-started .
SIXITHS 6 napja
You are allowed to do this as long as you stop again within a very short defined distance.
Flaba Blaba
Flaba Blaba 7 napja
4:34 how can Kvyat blame this on Albon? He goes off the track and tries to stay ahead. Albon probably expected Kvyat to just let him past.
Abhijit Pattanayak
Albon always tries riskiest corner pass, leaves no room most of the times & complaints a lot
Ultra se7en
Ultra se7en 8 napja
Oh no, hard racing what will we ever do, move over and let albon pass? Edit: albon autocorrected to alvin
NPowa99 8 napja
I think it's the nail in the coffin for Albons seat.
Agustin Landi
Agustin Landi 8 napja
What happened with the K-Mag's career engeneer? 😂
james pisano
james pisano 8 napja
Was a fun race. Nice to see Max get fastest lap and Danny Ric on the podium!!!
Matsuru 8 napja
mag power!
Heini-Sten Poidjutšenko
It's sad to see that only one driver scores points for Red Tractor F1 Team.
Ferdi18687 8 napja
It's just Red Bull and Red Tractor Driver F1 Team
Justin Williams
It’s a miracle their wasn’t at least one major crash on Lap 1. Cold tyres on a pretty green track in cold conditions. Overall I think it was an exciting race. Not a classic and a bit slow in the middle but still plenty of action on a fantastic circuit.
Heini-Sten Poidjutšenko
They race me so hard :D Is Alex Albon's career over???
Blake Mc Jones
12:03 It wasn't Kimi's fault. If Kimi had not turned his steering wheel to the left, his car would have oversteered and rammed into George's car. Had it not been for Kimi, both the cars would have been out of the race.
Jens Leck
Jens Leck 8 napja
Motorsport@his best, very nice🤩
Fernando López Ramos
Really F1? No onboards from Pérez overtake to Leclerc???
TemplarDG 8 napja
Another great starting lap for Giovinazzi.
Magicsenna 8 napja
Everyone is an idiot bumping his car into Kimis but otherway around... silence, no comment no sorry.
156football 8 napja
What upset me about albon is HE had a bit of break lock up, HE divebomb/lunged up the inside, and HE almost hit the alpha tauri. And YOUR the one complaining?
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Color Emperor
Color Emperor 8 napja
Magnessen really deserves a competitive car for once.
Fran Ardusso
Fran Ardusso 8 napja
Alex AlOut of Red Bull
Giuseppe Vitacca
The spin from seb?
Ruslan Novikov
why onboarding video from cars formula 1 does not show readings of speed, speed, engine rpm and so on?
Prosun Rakshit
Kimi had an oversteering.
Fartyplayz 8 napja
Now Ferrari aren’t even the best Italian team anymore
Mujahid Islam
Mujahid Islam 8 napja
Hats off to Leclerc for qualifying P4 and finishing P7 in a red tractor
Ravakeksis 8 napja
Anyone can tell me why Kimi hates Russel?
Daniel Bocancia
12 min of video and 6 commercials... greedy sons of ...
isaac aguilar
isaac aguilar 8 napja
Never seen a pink F1s car!! The greatest move was done by Checo!!! Why isn’t on the video??? Are you racist?????
Will4May 8 napja
11:14 the Ferrari is already known for having a bad aero, but this drag down the straight shows just how bad the Williams package is.
novacat415 8 napja
Painful to listen. Like bad coffe grinders.
Pavel Kotsev
Pavel Kotsev 8 napja
Russell overtakes a 4 time world champion just to be taken out by another world champion. The guy doesn't yet have a point scored. Feels unfair.
jhampongfarhan Piczon Lamban
how about showing hulkenbergs drive from p20 to p8? same as what they are showing last year when a driver climbs the order
VictoryItAnyCost [OLENI]
Kimi: 'contact with Russel's car' Also Kimi: "Russel? I don't know that"
The Carpenter
The Carpenter 8 napja
Im gona throw it out there, i think Albon is in the process of transitioning into a woman and his estrogen levels are a little high!
TracerHD 8 napja
Magnussen did great.
I don't like the way Magnussen drives
Bini LGN
Bini LGN 8 napja
BiTcH PleAsE
BiTcH PleAsE 8 napja
None of the on boards had Daniel ricciardos overtake. What is wrong with you?
tyc00n 8 napja
6:18 had a heart attack :D
Paweł Smoliński
Słaba wstawka.
Extinct Animal
Like the way Kvyat drives, shows alot of respect to giving others space and still racing.
Onur Özalp
Onur Özalp 8 napja
Saurabh Jathar
Lizard 🦎 crashed with Leclerc cam coming from rear of Hamiltons car 3:37-3.38 😅😁
Adam Elhelweh
Adam Elhelweh 8 napja
Remember, when Vettel is losing a fight to a Williams *Call Kimi*
Daniel Solis Rodriguez
12:11 Fly is much better with Fly Emirates on the tail😁
Daniel Solis Rodriguez
10:41 Crying is valueable, is very normal cry when someone dont cares about a penalization🙄
Daniel Solis Rodriguez
10:23 😡🖕🏻 (For the idiot who did this to williams)
Lucas 8 napja
Man... whatching Leclercs POV, feels like Ferrari cars are far away from 2020...
Daniel Solis Rodriguez
4:33 That thing costs 100 000 dollars and you only broke it?! 😤
Andy T
Andy T 8 napja
It's a shame. The duel between Charles and Checo deserved to be in this video
Daniel Solis Rodriguez
Yalcin Yalcin
Yalcin Yalcin 8 napja
does the Williams really need a rear camera?
A P 8 napja
The only reason Aldon is still in the team is because he is Thai and Red Bull is owned 51% by a Thai.
Sjögel Miihels
Kimi be like: "Get out of here"
Miquéias Silva
In my opinion Williams and Red Bull have the best engine sounds
Raro Al
Raro Al 8 napja
I'm single 😥😥😥😥😥
Corey Hagen
Corey Hagen 8 napja
Raikennon what a dueche
ryan desler
ryan desler 8 napja
Vettel:Being a torpedo George:Flaskback lando 2019 the Torpedo vs mini joker
Shaun 8 napja
The day I lost all respect for Albon. He needs to go find a different series to race in, F1 is clearly too much for him.
ryan desler
ryan desler 8 napja
Vettel:Being a torpedo George:Flaskback lando 2019 the Torpedo vs mini joker
Pauli Pétas
Pauli Pétas 8 napja
6:18 Wow that was close!
Alex Busca
Alex Busca 8 napja
How in the world Magnussen is allowed to drive is the most the ridiculous question on F1
au51emu 8 napja
RIP Alex Albon
ILIA TILEV 8 napja
0:50 that sound.. WOW amazing
MrBryan86 8 napja
I’ve said it before, and I say it again, Albion is overrated. And this race just proved it even more. Running over Kyvat’s front wing, complaining about competitors racing him hard when it looked like a perfectly normal wheel to wheel battle. Hey Albon, this is F1, no one is gonna let you pass just because you’re in a Red Bull, and probably not for long?
Rosemarie Agsaulio
Steamed breaks for Hamilton at start
Cem Yıldız
Cem Yıldız 8 napja
Albon: They race me so hard KMag: Hold my beer
MclarenSLATER 8 napja
These cars sound terrible now. Speed without the sound is boring. Watching a turbine propeller wizz pass at speed is boring. I like to hear the mechanical heart beat of the machine working its heart out, while flying past. Not a whooshing nothingness go by. Formula 1 will never be as spectacular with out that sense anymore. I suppose like everyone else, the governing body has given in to the greenpeace sandle clad hippy b&*tards. Who want to ruin peoples happiness. Idea: Put into place a budget cap but have a fee to race. Then take that fee money and throw up a few wind turbines or some solar panels. Bobs your uncle, V10's back in!
rohit patnaik
rohit patnaik 8 napja
What was albon thinking when he said "they race me so hard" If that was hard... Then what about nico vs Lewis in bahrain 2014 Albon is soo poor this year🥴
AM75 AM75
AM75 AM75 8 napja
Kyvat when off the circuit which led to his contact so you can't blame Albon entirely. Secondly, did Vettel leave his race craft behind at RBR or something!?!?!
Dario27 8 napja
Why is Kimi shortshifting everytime?
Jelwin G
Jelwin G 8 napja
2:14 *Top 10 most stupidest thing you ever heard*