Kimi Raikkonen And Antonio Giovinazzi Re-Sign For Alfa Romeo In 2021 

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It will be an unchanged line-up in 2021 for Alfa Romeo, with Kimi Raikkonen and Antonio Giovinazzi driving for another year. Will Buxton and Lawrence Barretto react to the news.
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Gábor Miklay
Gábor Miklay 21 napja
I'm happy for them. Especially for Kimi, but Gio from P20 to P10 was great.
Nobody 23 napja
My theory: Ferrari was caught cheating on the engine; F1 doesn't want to lose Ferrari, but F1 doesn't want to let Ferrari off either. So they made a secret agreement where Ferrari will artificially limit the engine performance by a huge margin during the 2020 season. I hope I'm right. Otherwise, Alfa Romeo is doomed.
sidan warish
sidan warish 23 napja
kimi is one of the main reasons I still watch f1...he should retire at 60..62 or sum
BossingtonHill Forever
Breaking news: PWOAH PRESIDENT stays ! XD
Igor Brezovic
Igor Brezovic 24 napja
Kimi and Vale will race in their 60s
Michael Sullivan
All I know is that Kimi's first lap at Portameow was absolute proof of his driving prowess! Ice man indeed!
Stuart Leckie
Stuart Leckie 24 napja
Remember how well it worked when Haas kept the same line up for 1 year too long? Yeah. Same here (IMHO)
jamdc2000 24 napja
Reporter: Kimi, how do you feel staying another year in f1? Kimi: bwoah Reporter: Antonio, how do you feel staying with the team another year? Antonio: They cut another flock of my hair
Well, a Man has to have his Sunday Hobby...
Polish Eddie
Polish Eddie 24 napja
Next year Kimi will literally be the only driver to have driven almost one-third of all Formula 1 races ever!!!
Hez_am_i 24 napja
I read this as resign......
Ben Johnston
Ben Johnston 24 napja
So Schumacher and Illot at Haas? May asewell cause they are both way better than Mazepin
Vash Stampede
Vash Stampede 24 napja
The stability of Gio crashing the car at a consistent basis?
Mario Zoisl
Mario Zoisl 24 napja
Kimi gonna drive with Robin Raikkonen in the same team... Well I love it... Every year with Kimi is a win..
Dynamo Dosenbier
What is this Giovinazi guy doing there?
schnookieshull. Hull
sorry Kimi needs to retire now and give someone else a chance for future in formula 1. Time to move onto other things I think for kimi..
Joe Mother
Joe Mother 24 napja
I read the title as “resign”
fiol91 24 napja
Kimi for president!
Mathew Gilbert
Mathew Gilbert 24 napja
mistake keeping gio. hes alright. hes in f1. but is he top of the top caliber? meh.
Lowell Walter
Lowell Walter 24 napja
Initially, I thought the title of this video was "Kimi and Antonio resign for Alfa Romeo in 2021." The hyphen makes a differnce.
goesfastandfar 24 napja
Great news indeed. Another year of Kimi!
CHRISTIAN C 24 napja
Tutti pazzi per Giovinazzi! Tutti pazzi per Giovinazzi! T U T T I P A Z Z I P E R G I O V I N A Z Z I! Kimi,please,never stop to drive,never leave Alfa *.*
J4M3S B 7103
J4M3S B 7103 24 napja
Callum Ilott is more consistent then Schumacher. He would be a better fit for Haas than Schumacher. Ideally both would get the Haas seat but looks like Nikita Mazepin is getting one. Id go with Ilott and Mazepin. Note i didn't say Ilott was better but more consistent.
jmpetersson 24 napja
Congratulations 🎊
Adriel N
Adriel N 24 napja
Subtítulos, por favor! Subtitles, please!
rakesh g
rakesh g 24 napja
Schumacher , Raikkonen & Alonso together again in f1 yet again.. Oh boy .. Names do matter
Scott Atwater
Scott Atwater 24 napja
Love Kimi but he should of retired and given a youngster a shot! 20 yrs isn't enough?? F1 should cap drivers at age 40! Really! F1 loses a lot of talent by leaving over the hill drivers on the Grid! There should be a better turnover! Last race Kimi had a great moment but let's be realistic. Overall, he's over the hill! Alonso should not be back in F1 and Vettel has been floundering since 2018! Let's get the kids on the grid!!
Beta Orionis
Beta Orionis 24 napja
Giovinazzi must have some high-level connections, it's not that he has shown anything on track.
Ciaron Smith
Ciaron Smith 24 napja
@Legio XXI Rapax What's the H2H in the races? Oh. That's what I thought. Kimi is destroying him. Non metterti più in imbarazzo.....
Beta Orionis
Beta Orionis 24 napja
@Legio XXI Rapax Points at the back of the grid are only scored when other cars fail to finish. That Giovinazzi has three points, Kimi and Grosjean have two points and Magnussen has one point does not reflect their relative speed, but that how they were placed the day other cars failed to finish. As a matter of example, Kubica outscored Russell at Williams in 2019, when he was clearly slower. Equalling a 40 y.o. Kimi (who never was a great qualifier, in the first place) in qualy is nothing to write about, neither. Points don´t change the fact that, after two years, Giovinazzi hasn't shown anything special.
g t
g t 24 napja
Another year of Guovinazzi crashes will keep formula1 interesting for 2021.
Tosa 24 napja
These morons are mumbling gossip all the time.
Dennis Overdiep
Dennis Overdiep 24 napja
For kimi... Formula 1= hobby, Alfa Romeo = family, Hotel = Trivago
Dennis Overdiep
Dennis Overdiep 24 napja
Kimi is Kimi, but I think Antonio is part of the Alfa Romeo sponsor deal. Because Italian brand, Italian driver.
Jiajian Hou
Jiajian Hou 24 napja
I thought it says “resign” lol
Flanker 27
Flanker 27 24 napja
Those are excellent news indeed, now we need to have Kvyat reconfirmed and it's all golden
Jog B
Jog B 24 napja
This is daft. Raikkonen couldn't keep up with Vettel, Vettel can't keep up with Leclerc, it's time for him to go and let some younger talent have a shot. And Giovinazzi no faster then Raikkonen. Meanwhile younger drivers wait and Hulk and Checo are without drives.
Ciaron Smith
Ciaron Smith 24 napja
Raikkonen outperformed Vettel in the races in 2018, if not for 4 DNFS he would have finished ahead. He also outqualified Seb in 2016. It's well known the handling traits of the 2014, 2015 and 2017 cars did not suit Kimi. You cannot compare different years - right now Kimi is better than Seb.
Dom Waffles
Dom Waffles 24 napja
Would you ever do a segment on how paddocks get constructed? I think it's really fascinating that they're able to build full "camps" if you will out of a few trucks.
Leoni Camar
Leoni Camar 24 napja
I would like to see Perez on Red Bull.
Мария Смирнова
Breaking news: Kimi Raikkonen re-sign for Alfa Romeo in 2021 Kimi: BWOAH
FreddieP-71 24 napja
"Stability is super important". Haas replaces both drivers.
Nimrit Anand
Nimrit Anand 24 napja
Kimi you will have the seat, hopefully without the slow button
Eru Ilúvatar
Eru Ilúvatar 24 napja
Gio re-signs: nobody cares Kimi re-signs: Bwoah!!!! BEST NEWS OF THE YEAR
Blame 24 napja
Ah well..that's just disappointing.
Smily Penguin
Smily Penguin 24 napja
they are only keeping gio because its the same car next year he will be gone 100%
Pierce Long
Pierce Long 24 napja
I'm actually glad that Antonio kept his seat, very underrated imo.
CalgarGTX 24 napja
Raikkonen and Schumacher junior would have been funny tho
Filippo Fanin
Filippo Fanin 24 napja
How is Giovinazzi still there? Mistery
Filippo Fanin
Filippo Fanin 24 napja
@Legio XXI Rapax I disagree. You have some data, but not enough to make your conclusions facts, rather than opinions exactly like mine. You do not have data on the alternatives to Giovinazzi. For example, would a Perez or Hulkenberg be better than him? Would a F2 younger prospect be better (he's 27 this year, after all)? Your data do not cover, and cannot possibly cover, these scenario, which are valid alternatives that could have been pursued. I am fully aware of limitation of my opinions, get used to understand that at times what you think as facts, are just dressed up opinions
Filippo Fanin
Filippo Fanin 24 napja
@Legio XXI Rapax love how you make and take thing personal. I have my opinion, and despite your dislike for them, they are equally as valid as yours. Unless, of course, you are a F1 racing driver or engineer. Have a nice weekend and enjoy Imola
Filippo Fanin
Filippo Fanin 24 napja
@Legio XXI Rapax that is assuming Kimi is a great driver to compare against. Barely did better than GRO at Lotus, destroyed by ALO and VET. That is what the facts you are mentioning are saying about him, when we look at stats. And, at 41, I doubt he is better than he was at 35
SleekStratos 24 napja
Kinda wanted to see Kimi take a shot at the Red Bull seat. He'd whip that team into shape, the radio messages would have been legendary if nothing else.
Jacob Russo
Jacob Russo 24 napja
Antonio is really disregarded, he's still a great driver
Lee 24 napja
Fun fact: Kimi has started in 31% of all F1 races EVER
Durmus Kurtulus
Durmus Kurtulus 24 napja
Alfa Romeo Sauber chose to stay at the rock bottom 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
daisychains 24 napja
anyone else unable to watch the video because it's "unavailable"?
Denis Kudlik
Denis Kudlik 24 napja
If only the Ferrari powered cars could match the quality of their drivers coming up through the junior program.
Tim’s Hot Takes
Haas = Hulk and Schumi
buddhaboy -
buddhaboy - 24 napja
pure class!
Mohit arya
Mohit arya 24 napja
Reporter - what's your plans for 2021 in f1? Kimi - Stay🤣😅
Ali Fazel
Ali Fazel 24 napja
Kimi keeps his hobby.
jamiejosh96 24 napja
No schumi then?
Shane Hawkins
Shane Hawkins 24 napja
Kimi and Antonio have a great relationship on and off the track. Antonio is one of the only people in the paddock that Kimi would call a friend. Great partnership, great and brave decision from Alfa Romeo!
nikhil shetty
nikhil shetty 24 napja
oh Re-sign, my first thoughts were resign.
Jacob Horgan
Jacob Horgan 24 napja
Schumacher and Mazepin to haas. Both bring money to the team
777rockerboy 24 napja
Best news of the day!
erikrost22 24 napja
So next season 1 time world champion 2 times world champion 4 time world champion And 7 time world champion Just wow
Ashley Scott
Ashley Scott 24 napja
This was the news that Lewis was waiting to hear before he signs his two year deal with Mercedes. This way Lewis only has to be the oldest person on the grid for 1 season. Expect to hear on Monday of Tuesday that Lewis has signed for another 2 years
Apophis STR
Apophis STR 24 napja
You heard Kimi is staying right? Then go get the blankets and put them on!
ALC0LITE 24 napja
I read "resigned". Was about to blow a gasket.
SmashGhost 24 napja
Antonio can throw the car off the circuit some some
ReyBee9 24 napja
This ones an unprecedented
Everyone please press F for our fallen soldier Ilott.
F1 34
F1 34 24 napja
Hhhh Kkkk
Hhhh Kkkk 24 napja
Kimi one more year (Everybody liked this) Giovinazzi one more year (Everybody doesn't liked this)
Elvijs Lasis
Elvijs Lasis 24 napja
Now rain should sign contract for next year. Looks like they couldn't find agreement for this year.
Erik Iwaniw
Erik Iwaniw 24 napja
This just makes sense, and love it.
Moron Gamer
Moron Gamer 24 napja
When will this old kimi retire He should give a chance to the youngstrs
lukaku20wba 24 napja
Disappointing lack of ambition from Alfa Romeo
PaNic PaLe aLe
PaNic PaLe aLe 24 napja
Great to see Kimi doing his favorite hobby one more year!!! 🥰😇
David Webb
David Webb 24 napja
I wish Kimi would be given a better ride. I would love to see him on the podium again.
David Webb
David Webb 24 napja
@Niels van de Bildt I know. But we just dont see/hear much of him at the tail end of the field...
Niels van de Bildt
It is just a hobby for him, he doesn’t have to if he doesnt want
Frank Cheng
Frank Cheng 24 napja
Let's go Kimi!
Bastijn Vos
Bastijn Vos 24 napja
No Kimi you will not have the retirement
Keerthi Sagar
Keerthi Sagar 24 napja
I mean , Kimi can be in F1 for another 10 years and I would still enjoy watching him race. His first lap at Portimao is evidence that he still has what it takes.
Dev Vadchhedia
Dev Vadchhedia 24 napja
Kimi is the Zlatan of F1
son 24 napja
Alfa Romeo is a better team for Schumacher, not HAAS. Alfa has a much stronger technical team and connection with Schumacher's history. HAAS can't fix problems with their car for entire seasons...and have a bigger budget
Johan Kuhles
Johan Kuhles 24 napja
Kimi Raikkonen Born: October 17, 1979 (age 41 years) ... Antonio Giovinazzi Born: December 14, 1993 (age 26 years).
MelianInc 24 napja
Enjoy this era fellas.
Martin Wink
Martin Wink 24 napja
I don't think Ilott will have a F1 seat soon, since he is an incredible cry baby on the radio everytime something doesn't work out for him. I'd say he has quite a bit to learn in that area first.
Du Kirpalani
Du Kirpalani 24 napja
Kimi forever!
Gabriel C. Gusmann Torrelio
Speak of Aryton Senna
Ginger Knight
Ginger Knight 24 napja
A Magnussen potentially leaving the sport A grid potentially containing Alonso, Raikkonen, Schumacher, Verstappen Wait... What year is this?!
tdfh1 24 napja
English is weird. "Re-sign" and "resign" mean literally the opposite things.
COTE Official
COTE Official 24 napja
Very cool for Kimi. Gio is absolutely useless so it's surprising they resigned him.
Andreas Gunnarsson
Antonio lul
Greg S
Greg S 24 napja
Sees title: *Everybody liked that*
Leo Pacca
Leo Pacca 24 napja
Worlds Worst Musician
Pretty surprised Antonio kept his seat...
Worlds Worst Musician
@Legio XXI Rapax hes still hopeless and the slowest driver out there!
Robert Saldana
Robert Saldana 24 napja
B.O.R.I.N.G. this is the worst silly season ever
Caligula 24 napja
0:57 "Hess"
PastaRulla 24 napja
So in a few years there is only one former champion left, Kimi, and reigning champion Hamilton who wins the next 6 titles.
L K 24 napja
Out of interest, why does Ferrari get to decide where the junior drivers sit in other teams? Is it a part of the engine supplier terms, that they have a vote for where the Ferrari juniors sit in the customer teams?
Ricardo Pereira
Ricardo Pereira 24 napja
Grande Kimi !!!!
daniel m
daniel m 24 napja
This is the smartest team decision on the grid after Gasly's at Alpha Tauri for 2021.
Victor Silva
Victor Silva 24 napja
Please re-upload the imola history video
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