Kimi Raikkonen's Last Lap Heartbreak | All The Angles | 2005 European Grand Prix 

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Disaster for Kimi Raikkonen at the Nurburgring! He was set to take the victory at the 2005 European Grand Prix, but this last-lap crash saw his hopes crushed and the win go to Fernando Alonso.
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Al Fa Za
Al Fa Za 9 napja
They need the security screen (like Indycar)
3:31 Them sunglasses though... What are they?
John Paul Dorado
James Allen's commentary is so exhilarating.
Andy Wolf12
Andy Wolf12 11 napja
No Kimi, you will not have the podium.
GT012345tube 11 napja
you will not have the WDC
A. Rusyaidi
A. Rusyaidi 11 napja
I'll forever miss 2000's
Ford ' GT / 17
Ford ' GT / 17 11 napja
I love the Atmosphere 😍
Sebastian Velasquez
Pure nostalgia.
FeelRacing 12 napja
Ngl, I cried at this moment.
utubedano 12 napja
Hindsight is a great but sad thing. Having regret, on the other hand, is utterly pointless...
Burger Explosion
Warning: Might trigger bad memories and eternal sadness
MrYoumitube 12 napja
Kimi then went for an icecream.
Szachownica 12 napja
Best episode of "All the angels" to date.
Afiq Kamarudin
Afiq Kamarudin 12 napja
Lewis: Bono my tyres dead Kimi: bwoah
Mk Brand
Mk Brand 12 napja
Idk if I’m the only one but I find this the most aesthetic crash of all time ! especially in this angle 1:10 . BRING BACK V10 !
Berkhan Oğulcan Akçay
The most ridiculous rule in the whole Formula 1 history.
Canal do Manzano
Brazil São Paulo Jundiaí na área 🤟🤟🤟
ヘラーHeller 12 napja
Cars from 15 years ago look so much better
aka _sphen
aka _sphen 12 napja
that year, the no changing tyres rule was one of the most ridiculous ones F1 has ever had, very diluted season.
Ben Williams
Ben Williams 12 napja
Who else was trying to look for Marc 'Elvis' Priestley in the pit garage? 😋
Real 12 napja
Look, wheel tether actually working.
Richard Porter
Richard Porter 12 napja
His car sounds better idling than the modern F1 cars do at max revs.
Trafalgar 12 napja
15 years later, still hurts.
Eduardo Cahino
Eduardo Cahino 12 napja
This is a real sound engine!!
mr k
mr k 12 napja
I had seen this live back in the day on the tv... i was totally heartbroken by this
Famous ACOSTA 12 napja
The reason that happened. It's because the 2005 f1 rule that teams can only make 1 tire change for the whole race.
Mark Meadows
Mark Meadows 12 napja
Watched this live on the SPEED channel back in 2005 here in the USA. I was 15 years old at the time. Was a big fan of F1 back then. Such a heartbreak for KR.
Paul Cristian
Paul Cristian 12 napja
Still remember the moment as if it was yesterday, I almost threw my phone into the TV and spent the rest of the day in bed, worst part is that these 11 points lost would’ve saved the team a constructors title they still haven’t won in more than 20 years now.
PJ Sinohin
PJ Sinohin 12 napja
Kimi: is the wheel connected or not?
Maurits Heesbeen
Hold my beer down below
HECKproductions 12 napja
at the end i expected him to say just "nuh" and nothing else
Steve Lim
Steve Lim 12 napja
Kimi is a best ever F1 driver in my mind. Having the attitude of the team tolerance and not selfish of own interest. Even Alonso, Hamilton, Vettel and Micheal. S not have this kind of attitudes. Luckily, have one time world F1 champion of driver on 2007.😊😉😄
GT012345tube 4 napja
@Kepe 2005 Kimi has 3 mechanical DNF (and 4 10 grid penalty because of it), Alonso has none. I don't have anything against Schumi, but in 2006 Alonso beat him fair because, both Alonso and Schumi has 2 mechanical DNF.
Kepe 4 napja
@GT012345tube Yeah Kimi could have won many more WDCs if there hadn't been so many technical issues with his cars.
GT012345tube 12 napja
And unluckily, failed the 2003 and 2005 WDC, he was the better driver at the seasons, and McLaren Kimi >>> Ferrari Kimi (even his WDC season).
LOVE X.X.X 12 napja
Ethan Dong
Ethan Dong 12 napja
Still remember this day, I was watching it live. My mom walk by saw the on board camera, ask me, is it normal that front right shakes like that? Is that how F1 drives? Then she saw the crash
Chuyew 12 napja
Divyesh Agrawal
Divyesh Agrawal 12 napja
Martin's observational skills are really spectacular. How did he notice that the tyre was still intact while everyone was thinking about the repurcussions that the incident had on Kimi's championship challenge.
Shankar Nadkarni
he was lucky to be alive... those tethers saved his life other wise that Tyre would have hit him in head
Maxi F
Maxi F 13 napja
Very close call to the Bar kimi close to die if the tyre goes of this line & into the head he might won the win if he slow very down & early into turn 1
Christophe RUSSO
Sad there were no rear cam view on the BAR car, it would be amazing to see kimy coming very fast to.
Jonathan Dunn
Jonathan Dunn 13 napja
Huge incident and horribly unlucky but ultimately this was Kimi's fault. He locked that right front whilst lapping Villeneuve earlier in the race, a completely avoidable and unnecessary move.
Balnazzardi 11 napja
Well Villeneuve on the other hand didn't let Kimi pass as easily as should have. But for sure Kimi should have waited for better place to lap him, he had clear lead and McLaren was significantly faster
GT012345tube 12 napja
Villeneuve's mistake then. The rule is that blue flag - backmarkers must let the leading driver pass freely and JV ignored it.
Ciaron Smith
Ciaron Smith 12 napja
Alonso made a far bigger mistake in this race - he literally went off the road at the hairpin.
Rubianoose 288
Rubianoose 288 13 napja
Great video
Sebastián 13 napja
2:43 I miss that cam
AM75 AM75
AM75 AM75 13 napja
That Ron Dennis was a bad decision maker! He should not have gambled. He should have taken the points! 2nd would have been 6 definite points. A championship is about accumulating more points than you're opponent over the season and not moments of glory. At the end of the season, what do you remember? Who won the championship and nothing else! Thanks to him, McLaren had 2 champions in the 2007 car and neither one won. Some Finnish guy in a Ferrari won and that's what will always be remembered. I am sooooooo glad McLaren fired Ron Dennis!!!
Balnazzardi 11 napja
In this case taking the risk was absolutely the best choice. Kimi was already so far behind in the championship at that point, so they HAD to risk it Besides considering all the other technical failures in Kimi's car and Montoya's mistakes, those costed Kimi/McLaren the championships that year, regardless whether or not Kimi had finished this race on 1st place or 3rd place
Linkin Park Forever
This is so beautiful car amazing noise bring back V10 and and this front wing😉
babuskha boi
babuskha boi 13 napja
if he didnt crash this race he would have gotten the title...dang mclarens so unreliable
Weesky 13 napja
The shot of Ron Dennis punching table is missing.
科技小白堂 13 napja
I want to see that BAR back camera
Gordanovich02 13 napja
Think that's the first time I've seen the rear-facing onboard as the failure happens. It actually shakes his visor open a little bit.
Weesky 13 napja
Captain Condescending
anyone else see his visor pop open!?
ikhwan abdkahar
ikhwan abdkahar 13 napja
Im crash at last lappp... FOWHAT?
Zerospecificate #6
That was very close
Rabel 13 napja
The wire preventing the tire from flying everywhere is stronger than the SF1000 engine
GT012345tube 13 napja
Or Raikkonen's F14-T.
Ali Fazal
Ali Fazal 13 napja
They told me I'm slow, But I see ferrari behind me
Niko Virtanen
Niko Virtanen 13 napja
It was really heart-breaking, and still is, especially for the fans.
Chan Chan
Chan Chan 13 napja
This along with hockenheim,imola and Monza pretty much cost his title hopes in the bin. Hockenheim,imola and Nurburgring had the race well in the bag.. Monza if I remember already overtaken alonso on the track until his tire give way let’s not talk about races where he qualified poor but has to start from lower places due to frequent mechanical breakdowns. Him and alonso two drivers who deserves more titles than they’ve got
GT012345tube 13 napja
If he win 2005 title, it would reduce Alonso's title. Though if you count Alonso's 2010 and 2012... both will have 3 titles.
Rerags 13 napja
Kimi: "Bwoah."
Daniel Solis Rodriguez
2:43 Come on!!!!! we all know how this feels 🙄🙄🙄🙄
Daniel Solis Rodriguez
2:24 The camera have a little error, and history say aliens, is an excuse to physics carbon fiber strong vibration problem, who actually is solved
Even if he'd have pitted, I think the suspension would've given up. One or two laps less severe vibration wouldn't have saved that fatigued suspension I don't think
Simon Balázs
Simon Balázs 13 napja
Mclaren and not pitting the championship contender driver, name a more iconic duo.
GT012345tube 13 napja
More like 2005 FIA rule that you can't change tires.
Vijaygarv 13 napja
This is what happens when you don’t give Kimi *GLOVES AND STEERING WHEEL*
Sourav Kumar Thapak
So kimi you don't regret ? Kimi 😎: na na 😂
Corné-ZW1993 13 napja
In this case he should have just pitted and accept the 6 points. Not sure if it was a team or driver decision.
GT012345tube 12 napja
In this case you should actually know more about the past season. Namely in 2005 tire changes are banned to stop Ferrari dominance.
Lightening McQueen
Even though I never watched that race back then, I have watched this accident dozens of times online, and James Allen's reaction is just priceless!
Randy Marsh
Randy Marsh 13 napja
James "I told you so" Allen
Shang Kevin
Shang Kevin 13 napja
Actually this one is all himself to blame. Just like how Vettel's front wing was gona in Bahrain 2019.
GT012345tube 4 napja
@Shang Kevin Stop nitpicking anything to victim blame. Reliability issues is a part of the sport (but not driver's to blame, it's the team's) just do that to drivers, other than Raikkonen. also Hakkinen in 2000 or Hamilton in 2010s McLaren. Probably you'll chastise a driver for being lazy otherwise but in this reliability you chastise them for being competitive, it's awry.
Shang Kevin
Shang Kevin 10 napja
@GT012345tube Doing his best? If he was not pushing too hard then he would not lock up his tyres.
GT012345tube 11 napja
@Shang Kevin "if he did not drove like a mad man" so now driver is at fault for doing his best? smh
Shang Kevin
Shang Kevin 12 napja
@GT012345tube True. But things would be totally difference if he did not drove like a mad man.
GT012345tube 12 napja
Actually you can't change tires in 2005 season. You can only use 1 set of tires.
Sadiq Kadhem
Sadiq Kadhem 13 napja
What with Mclaren and unlucky drivers Kimi in 2003-2006 Lewis in 2010-2012 Fernando in 2015-2018 Lando In 2019 And now Carlos in 2020
Sadiq Kadhem
Sadiq Kadhem 11 napja
@Ciaron Smith sorry my bad
Ciaron Smith
Ciaron Smith 12 napja
LOL you missed Kimi's most unreliable season: 2002!
GT012345tube 13 napja
Ah, Nando, Lando, and Carlos doesn't count... McLaren wasn't even the top team in that time.
- ちもきん - Shoki Hirata
His helmet's visor opened slightly from the impact of his broken suspension. It was so danger.
Mustafa Küçükoğlu
cool kimi
SlayVid G
SlayVid G 13 napja
Heini-Sten Poidjutšenko
McLaren lost so many titles for Kimi...
Spurdublone 13 napja
This is how a video should look like saying “all the angles”. Great work!
Sergey Korsikov
Sergey Korsikov 13 napja
I think Magnussen hit him... (What a yoke)
Sindhu Sojan
Sindhu Sojan 13 napja
“Spread your vibration” - Lewis Hamilton
M Faisal Emir
M Faisal Emir 13 napja
2 Kursi (Masih Aja)..
Timoto58 13 napja
Smart kid, hands straight off the steering wheel. Also that wheel tether should be applauded
Andre Gardenti
Andre Gardenti 13 napja
Love Hindsight Man that doesn't wait 10 seconds to scream "I told you he should have pitted!"
EpicJoi15 13 napja
I would've loved Kimi more if it wasn't for bad luck at McLaren :( he could've been a 3 time world champion
The PineApple
The PineApple 13 napja
The front facing onboard camera is very cool. F1 should use it more often.
Fabreeze_27 13 napja
Isn’t it ironic that it is Ettore Giovannelli from Italian state tv Rai who asks Rai the question in the end?
Draqq 13 napja
Tyre and Suspension! Aye! AYE! Suspension! Somebody tell him to give it to me! COME ON! Move!!
Jorge Lopes
Jorge Lopes 13 napja
Checkered flag, here I come!
GT012345tube 12 napja
Oh, no! Raikkonen's blown a tire!
Jeroen Bakkeren
Jeroen Bakkeren 13 napja
Isane that Mclaren has cost Kimi 2 titles and a space in the all time greats
Jeroen Bakkeren
Jeroen Bakkeren 12 napja
Ciaron Smith agreed!
Ciaron Smith
Ciaron Smith 12 napja
For me he is an all time great. His longevity, podiums, wins and breadth of work speaks for itself.
Jeroen Bakkeren
Jeroen Bakkeren 13 napja
Blackcain 13 napja
This will go down in F1 history as one of those "what if" moments. It cost Kimi a victory or points, which in turn the championship. But that's true racing spirit right there. All in or nothing.
Weekly Updates
Weekly Updates 13 napja
he was monstrous
juristbythebar 13 napja
Sad, He shouldn't have made that mistake and snoozed into the gravel damaging his car this way to break. Mistakes made, Title lost
kelvin game play
This the most fantastic finish....(3 seconds later)I told you he will get the podium if he pit
M Taraska
M Taraska 13 napja
So did he get his drink ?😁
Pranav Soni
Pranav Soni 13 napja
I loved that livery and the Viking horns aero parts!
Nasrullah Abdullah
Press F to pay respect for kimi
Sam Yeung
Sam Yeung 13 napja
Did anyone noticed that he raised his visor a little bit just before impact? I think he displayed his awareness on track there...albeit a bit unsafe ;p
Samet Özkan
Samet Özkan 13 napja
Can't wait to see him at McLaren Mercedes in 2022 yes kimi you will have a McLaren seat for 2022 seat.
Paul B.
Paul B. 13 napja
Classic Räikkönen interview at the end…
Mahriz Hossain
Mahriz Hossain 13 napja
Kimi crashes in 2005. F1 HUrun: Imma milk you to eternity.
Red 13 napja
His car let him down
PilotJohnSilver 13 napja
"All the angles" with only 2 onboard cameras back in those days 🤭
StuntcatTV 13 napja
"... something broke"
Hadlee Simons
Hadlee Simons 13 napja
I remember hating James Allen for saying he should've pitted at the time lol. But he was right, and I was just bitter as a Kimi fan
GT012345tube 11 napja
@Hadlee Simons Without circuit modifications, the race can start with full grid if FIA allowed tire changes only at Indianapolis, the safety reasons was all from Michelin tires not lasting long there, which can be prevented by allowing to change tires. Ferrari also will be competing against other teams not only backmarkers by that.
Hadlee Simons
Hadlee Simons 12 napja
@GT012345tube The FIA didn't allow it for a few reasons. One being that the requested circuit modifications would need to be homolagated and that takes time. Another reason was that racing anyway with those tyres carried a potential lawsuit if people got hurt (not just drivers but spectators too).
GT012345tube 12 napja
@Hadlee Simons Nah, we know that 2005 Indianapolis only had 6 cars on the grid. FIA still didn't allow it (and ironically, this gives Ferrari free 1-2 place finish).
Hadlee Simons
Hadlee Simons 12 napja
@GT012345tube the suspension failure was caused by a flat spot on the tyre, so it's technically a tyre problem. IIRC the FIA decided to allow tyre stops for safety after this race possibly.
GT012345tube 13 napja
And? 2005 you can't change tires. And suspension problem isn't tyre problem anyway.
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