Kimi Raikkonen: The Story So Far | Rise of the Rookie presented by Aramco 

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Few drivers in F1 can compete with Kimi Raikkonen's popularity. Loved equally for his rapid pace and his unique personality, The Iceman had many doubters when he first started in Formula 1. Join us as we take a look at his remarkable career, in the latest episode of Rise of the Rookie, presented by Aramco.
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dank 4 órája
Alone1am 9 órája
Kimi should have actually taken atleast 3 fhampionship from mclaren alone abd atleast 2 fr. Ferrari
Ankit Kasi
Ankit Kasi 11 órája
Dani Napja
What a great guy and personality this guy is. What an immense contrast to Hamilton for example. I will cry when he retires.
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 2 napja
Can you please write his name correctly it's Räikkönen, not raikkonen.
Ella Bella
Ella Bella 4 napja
I love that this comment section shows that Kimi is just one big meme. And we love him for that😂
Shiju S
Shiju S 4 napja
Define passion?? I don't think any driver drove for 13 years after winning championship.. doing what he loves, is just incredible..
Ryan Cuda
Ryan Cuda 5 napja
max reminds me of kimi, same type of story entering the formula and everyone was upset because he was young and fast. so many other drivers came and went they dont have the consistency kimi and max have. time and time again they just impress
Zachary Tan
Zachary Tan 26 perccel
Hopefully Max will still be around to race Robin (Kimi's kid) if he ever decides to go to F1
Sir Tuğrul Güven
Clearly the best driver in the field between 2003-2006 with McLaren. Had he finished 2003 Nürburgring, he could have easily won the title beating peak Schumacher even with the 3rd fastest car and could have won every single race in 2005 starting from Imola, if not for the reliability issues. His talent was somewhere at another level but leaving McLaren must be his worst decision in life. 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2012 were ready for him in a car that works best for him..
Sir Tuğrul Güven
@GT012345tube I am not, but you must be joking for 2012. Missing out the 2005 title was for reliability issues, but 2007 and 2012 were because of our driver line-ups. I think you didn't watch 2012 season properly. If you look carefully, apart from the reliability issues, Hamilton and Button weren't fast enough overall. A McLaren should have really clinched the title that year. We definitely had better car than Ferrari, and even better than Red Bull at many tracks. But Alonso finished ahead of us. Why? Reliability? It must be a practical joke..
GT012345tube 5 napja
Are you joking for 2012? Hamilton's season was like Raikkonen's 2005, both could've won if not for reliability issues.
Fake Thumbnail
Wish he was 3 time world champion
Shwetha Ramanathan
Man was considered inexperienced due to having less starts, now he has the MOST starts.. what irony..
Attila Szarvas
Attila Szarvas 13 napja
Happy Birthday Kimi 😃😃🎂🎂🍾🥂🍻🥳🥳
Simmy Sims
Simmy Sims 13 napja
Kimi ❤️
velsonline 13 napja
Kimi before Overtook Joe verstappen Now max verstappen Overtaking Kimi
Twinbee 15 napja
He maybe only won one World Champion title but he is by far my most favorite driver on the grid right now
Cybercity Oedo 808
Alfa Romeo needs to build him a better car!
Danishvara Ramardhi adhi
And Ferrari must build Faster legal engine
Florian Bonardo
Florian Bonardo 16 napja
Bertram Riis
Bertram Riis 16 napja
Kris A
Kris A 19 napja
Kimi Raikkonen: Ploughs through lots of thick engine smoke, full pelt. James Allen: "This boy's special!"
GT012345tube 13 napja
Raikkonen's debut had as much hype as Verstappen's. They're both considered too young or inexperienced to be in F1 and their entry to F1 is questioned, but they defy all the expectations.
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 19 napja
retire brings tears in my eyes
Joaquín Guallán Sandoval
Just leave Kimi alone Mosley, he knows what to do
THICC BOYY 20 napja
0:07 music?
The Smaug
The Smaug 20 napja
The Guy Who Races For Da Drink.
chan doka
chan doka 20 napja
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 19 napja
mikin lirou
mikin lirou 20 napja
retire brings tears in my eyes
J.W. de Bruijn
J.W. de Bruijn 22 napja
Give Kimi a contract for life!
Ajob Joy
Ajob Joy 22 napja
One of the respected. !
Prime_Kui 23 napja
“it was nice to do some overtaking” *bwoooaah*
Sabrina S
Sabrina S 23 napja
So Kimi raced Jos and Max?
mikin lirou
mikin lirou 20 napja
Adz2 23 napja
Its actually insane that Kimi raced against both Jos and Max Verstappen
djdsf 23 napja
So, are we not going to mention that he was in Nascar???
Brahmadathan Chirackal
*we love you Kimi* Kimi: yes yes I know.
y1521t21b5 23 napja
The most effortlessly cool bloke in _F1_ since _James Hunt._ Just ask Pelé! ;-)
RaceKam 24 napja
Kimi for president !!!
iSwagLife Gaming
Kimi Räikkönen
Gui 110
Gui 110 24 napja
Meu ídolo
royce phantom
royce phantom 24 napja
Kimi is actually the only driver that he raced with 2 Verstappens..! Anyway he is one of the best drivers ever despite the numbers.
Nishanth Ashok
Nishanth Ashok 24 napja
The best McLaren driver to not win a championship for them. Glad he won the championship with Ferrari. Still their last driver's champion and it isn't going to change any time soon.
tiktok toyatoya
tiktok toyatoya 24 napja
Carlos Ferrari
Carlos Ferrari 24 napja
It's sort of underwhelming to imagine Räikkönen with just one championship… At least two like Häkkinen would be nice…
GT012345tube 21 napja
He must win on McLaren anyway as he's Hakkinen's successor.
Martin Alejandro Andrioli
WINNER !!! 💪❤
KRIO 25 napja
Kimi forever!
KODVELLI 25 napja
Oscar Wild
Oscar Wild 25 napja
Aaaah... those years were the championship was won by one point and not 100+
GT012345tube 25 napja
You know that Rosberg won 5 points apart from Hamilton.
Cobi Tanium
Cobi Tanium 25 napja
Cyp Zac
Cyp Zac 25 napja
macklinicker 25 napja
that's great an and all but did he get *T* *H* *E* *D* *R* *I* *N* *K*
Stephen Kong
Stephen Kong 25 napja
The most popular man in F1
Zachary Tan
Zachary Tan 25 napja
Next episode Alonso?
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss 25 napja
Imagine Kimi's McLaren years without all the reliability problems.
GT012345tube 21 napja
1 championship with 3rd best car (2003... which also Alonso failed with Ferrari), 1 record breaking dominating championship (2005 with 12 win streak and 153 points).
Sossy Crruz
Sossy Crruz 25 napja
Kimi Goat🙌
Rblx_ Fighter
Rblx_ Fighter 25 napja
Engineer: ok Kimi you gotta retire Kimi: for what? Engineer: so come into the pits in this lap Kimi: *FOR WHAT?!* Engineer: your power unit is dying
Jasper Li
Jasper Li 25 napja
I just can’t ignore how she mispronounced Villeneuve so badly
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss 25 napja
Like a driver who's been doing it for 10 years Huh Ironic
mbah google gaming
the kid with no experience is now the veteran on the grid
Gani Waseem
Gani Waseem 25 napja
What a legend!!!!!!! Will definitely miss him once he retires. Hope to see him continue for atleast 2 more years
J P 26 napja
You forgot to mention he race (and was trashed) alongside alonso in Ferrari in 2014.
Mahoyage 26 napja
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 26 napja
retire brings tears in my eyes
Patricio Silva Robalino
Great vídeo for a great champion
tristan deRey
tristan deRey 26 napja
Bravo Kimi Raikkonen!!!
Cedric Asdfghjkl
My parents told me that when I was born, I knew only three words. Mother, Father, Kimi.
ravi tej
ravi tej 26 napja
The last person to win a championship with ferrari
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 26 napja
"You will not get the drink, the gloves, the steering wheel & the tire blankets Kimi"
Abhirun Das
Abhirun Das 26 napja
I wish he get all the water in his life. Kimi deserves every sip of his water.
Kunt 26 napja
Michael Avril
Michael Avril 26 napja
.....even as a rookie he still gave short answers to questions.....
Bruhh 26 napja
Like a driver who's been doing it for 10 years Huh Ironic
Tejas Manoj
Tejas Manoj 26 napja
Kimi 😍😍
Arif Ikhmal Mohamad Kamal
Kimi for President🇫🇮
Rommel Reyes
Rommel Reyes 26 napja
Put him back to Mercedes and he will smoke Hamilton
GT012345tube 26 napja
Kimi had to beat Vettel first at Ferrari. Which is only doable when he was in his prime, which he's been past of it now.
o.O 26 napja
Matias Nigro
Matias Nigro 26 napja
Kimi is a real ferrari driver!!!
Vi Tang
Vi Tang 26 napja
I want to see Kimi does a role in F1 still. Could be very funny. Team principal: For WHAT! Commentary: Bwoah.......then silent for next hour. Engineer: (being asked by driver in radio) Leave me alone.
Jon Port
Jon Port 27 napja
The cheese is real with this video
Rafa Krisnamurti
"You will not get the drink, the gloves, the steering wheel & the tire blankets Kimi"
Yoon 27 napja
In my calculation, he is the best!
Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali 27 napja
Unpopular opinion:raikonen is THE FASTEST driver in F1(and I 100% believe that even though seb and Michael are my favorite drivers)
YR Alvarez
YR Alvarez 27 napja
gioyu comi
gioyu comi 27 napja
Imagine Kimi's McLaren years without all the reliability problems.
Joshua Stewart
Joshua Stewart 27 napja
Kimi is an absolute legend, most experienced driver ever and he deserves better with all these kids on the grid in tast cars and whenever kimi wins hes just like thank you guys meanwhile everyone else OMFG *******!!!!! AURCUHBVTU*GFDFHBGGYCIUBUYGYTC * ****** !!!!!!!'!!!!!! And people are literally dying over winning
Ado Onyi
Ado Onyi 27 napja
Nice 👍
Mikedioso YT
Mikedioso YT 27 napja
3:27 y desde ahí empezó con los gusto ala bebida xD Grande Kimi
gioyu comi
gioyu comi 27 napja
years. After 2009 Ferrari become the same Team they always was. Somwhere in P2 or P3.
Mcbrain79 27 napja
He should be 3 time W.. Champ🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🥶🥶🥶iceman
ssaajjkkoo 27 napja
First 4 minutes of his story looks too smilar to Charles Leclerc story by now.
Matt Wilson
Matt Wilson 27 napja
Anyone know the song that plays when he wins the championship
Adan Valdez
Adan Valdez 27 napja
Yo pedí un trago🍷 y Kimi pidió toda la botella!🍾
Ralph Vincent Aquino
Pawel Nowak
Pawel Nowak 27 napja
Kimi Kimi Kimi. What a persona, great driver. Always in my heart. Love Kimi
Az 27 napja
Did Mosley ever apologise to Kimi I wonder? He should have imo, he was clearly wrong.
EMPORiO 5112
EMPORiO 5112 27 napja
Rise of rookie.. For what..
Blaueflammen 27 napja
one of the Greates of all time he is fast in every car
Funkykong65 Nils Weber
Kimi is for F1 what Rossi is for MotoGP
Rut Shah
Rut Shah 27 napja
He deserves at least a midfield car. He still has pace in him to get few podiums and might be couple of race wins.
Flanker 27
Flanker 27 27 napja
Kimi is also the only F1 driver that was scientifically proven to be absolutely impossible to dislike
Karl S.
Karl S. 27 napja
Kimi and Felipe had much Luck in 2007 and 2008, because the Ferrari Team had still the Schumacher Performance and Pace. Everything that Schumacher build in a lot of years. After 2009 Ferrari become the same Team they always was. Somwhere in P2 or P3.
beketts 27 napja
2001 F1 debut group.  Fernando Alonso 2times WC and 32 Wins Kimi Raikkonen WC 2008 and 21 Wins Juan Pablo Montoya 2times Indy 500 Winner and 7Wins. What a golden age.
Joe Skinner
Joe Skinner 27 napja
Best driver on the grid by far
Heini-Sten Poidjutšenko
Ah Kimi, my favourite F1 driver ever. Started watching F1 in 2000, didn't had a favourite driver that season but in 2001 when Kimi made that beautiful race in Australia - i had myself a favourite driver. And still am, wish he would never leave but i know this sad day will be soon. Still haven't found a driver quite like him to be a fan of...
Thomas Ning
Thomas Ning 27 napja
2:54 sounds *exactly* like something he would say today.
Š. P.
Š. P. 27 napja
Boo presented by Aramco.
Annok iplik
Annok iplik 27 napja
2:56 this really cracked me up. Classic Kimi with his long and in depth answers