Kylie Jenner: Grinch Cupcakes with Stormi 

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In celebration of my KYLIE X GRINCH collection launching today, Stormi and I made Grinch cupcakes!
Shop my limited edition Grinch holiday collection at kyliecosmetics.com today at 3pm PST









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Samantha Angel
Samantha Angel 2 órája
“Mummy is going to SaVe tHE DAy”
Jaye Carrtel
Jaye Carrtel 2 órája
Absolutely adorable. She is such a sweet, loving and mannerable kiddo. soooooo precious ❤️❤️❤️
Aoife Kelly
Aoife Kelly 2 órája
Dat kid is the actual cutest! ❤️🥰
e v a
e v a 2 órája
this is the most wholesome thing EVER!!!!!
chismes tv
chismes tv 2 órája
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Naorem Eshika
Naorem Eshika 2 órája
Kylie: Say bye to that camera. Stormi: Bye that camera. ❤️😭
Ms Vargas
Ms Vargas 2 órája
It's nice watching her be a regular mom like the rest of us! And baby stormi is too adorable!🤗
Mariam Barrón Tovar
ahhh, Stormie is soooo cuteeeee
Gloria Brown
Gloria Brown 2 órája
Cute baby..lovely ... but didnt they teach you when cooking tie your hair back u will get long hair bits in your cake and also no nail polish and jewelry when touching food...nail polish can come off in the food.
Goofy Bryyy
Goofy Bryyy 2 órája
Stormi is so cute omg🥺🥺😍
that girl liyah_
that girl liyah_ 2 órája
Stormi is so stinking cute 😭❤️
Margarita Villanueva
an sorry for amistey
Yasmim Farias de Andrade
Stormi tão fofa e tão linda ,tudo pra mim ❤️
purple pink Ingrid Romina
Hi Kilie Is beautiful AND Baby
Emma Rowe
Emma Rowe 2 órája
Kylie is literally the best mom! She made a beautiful well behaved daughter and I could never be more happy for her! Well done momma Kylie 💕
Salma Mubarak
Salma Mubarak 2 órája
Oh I love stormei she is so cute and i love Kylie ❤️
She’s so sweet💚
Shahd Shahd
Shahd Shahd 2 órája
Stormy is sooo cute omg
Hailstorm 3 órája
I'm genuinely upset that the vanilla wasn't spilt in this video.
Jalynne Smith
Jalynne Smith 3 órája
shes such a boss! #bossmentality. “Thank you mommy” 🥺 her manners, kylie you are raising a boss mama 💗💗💗!!!!
Mohana solini
Mohana solini 3 órája
She is so cute
Mohana solini
Mohana solini 3 órája
When she said you're so beautiful, I wouldn't said if I'm beautiful then that means I made you beautiful.
Victoria Lopez
Victoria Lopez 3 órája
Stormi is so cute🥺Kylie is such a good mom!
zoe 3 órája
stormi is just the cutest 🥺🤍
candy claudi
candy claudi 3 órája
makei og
makei og 3 órája
I want me a stormi this Christmas ❤just serving us cuteness overthere and she not even trying
Agnihotri Sahil
Agnihotri Sahil 3 órája
👊🏻😘Good 💚
Oletha Oei
Oletha Oei 3 órája
Where’s the tradition ? ✨
Shannon Gunia
Shannon Gunia 3 órája
Well mannered and so adorable! Thanks for sharing Stormi 💗
Charles Prae
Charles Prae 3 órája
Stormi is very polite
A L 3 órája
I wish I could watch a video of me baking with my mom from when I was a child
A L 3 órája
I love how well mannered and polite Stormi is and love listening to them having actual conversations
Michelle Escobar
Michelle Escobar 3 órája
im glad kylie talked to stormi like a normal person since newborn now stormis vocabs and words are so clear so proud of kylie shes a good mommy❤️
Arshiya Syeda
Arshiya Syeda 3 órája
No doubt wen she grows up she will be with so many surgeries to become like her mommy 😄😄
Von-Marie Oliva
Von-Marie Oliva 3 órája
She's so well man mannered and sweet!!!
st.it.tua.HP 3 órája
The Sweatiest girls
H S 3 órája
That’s a cute little baby. So sweet.
Amber Denise88
Amber Denise88 3 órája
When your kid is your biggest cheerleader! 😊😍 That's all that matters!
Aeon Flex
Aeon Flex 3 órája
This is sooooo adorable 😍😍😍
Allison Becerra Gonzalez
Stormi is very beautiful
Zyasia Farmer
Zyasia Farmer 3 órája
kylie stormi sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo adorable
yourdailydoseof Tiktok's
I love your kitchen 😍 Also your hair Stormie is so cute!!!!! Omg it's looks so good 😍 Stay safe!
yourdailydoseof Tiktok's
I meant stormi so sorry
Bounaim Wanissa
Bounaim Wanissa 3 órája
We're here just for stormi
maisiethesun 3 órája
stormie is the next gordon ramsay preiodt
Marci 27
Marci 27 3 órája
maisiethesun 3 órája
maju Costa
maju Costa 3 órája
One minute of silence for the vanilla that survived today
Khadija Mohamed
Khadija Mohamed 3 órája
When she said “thank you mommy”
No sé porque estoy aquí si ni le entiendo
mas leeeendaaaa
Konkona Das
Konkona Das 3 órája
Your baby is the cutest baby in the world
Yummy Ramen
Yummy Ramen 3 órája
Me in quarantine:playing games Stormi:we are baking cupcakes 🧁 today 🌸
i am luca
i am luca 3 órája
She is the prettiest, well behaved, most beautiful, cutest little baby I’ve ever seen 😍❤️ I love how she’s using her manners so much 🥺❤️
icelayy 3 órája
how she gon do hers better than stormi’s ?
Andrea Duarte
Andrea Duarte 4 órája
Y también me gusta la pelicula 💕💕
Nelly Halila
Nelly Halila 4 órája
Can you subscribe to my channel i’m doing some covers
Andrea Duarte
Andrea Duarte 4 órája
Que rico y que lindo y también que linda stormy y su madre que rico los pastelillos y su ropa y su comida por qué se ve deliciosa la comida 😋😋😋💞💞
Jaddy Minelle
Jaddy Minelle 4 órája
So cute😍
SS K. 4 órája
Probably gonna be one of the most wholesome famous kids out there
عبدالوهاب مدخلي
It’s so cute❤️😢
Kern Debique
Kern Debique 4 órája
You're a wonderful mother kylie
Jacqueline Hendricks
I don't see it. It didn't even look like she was about to poke her in the eye smh.
Kern Debique
Kern Debique 4 órája
Love you stormi❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Kern Debique
Kern Debique 4 órája
So sweet I love you guys
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Ariana mayte Vaca peñafiel
I love kylie is beutlifull
Giselle Montiel
Giselle Montiel 4 órája
where is your PJS from??
jetta lewis
jetta lewis 4 órája
Thaís Basso
Thaís Basso 4 órája
Toró coisa mais linda
Maryse M
Maryse M 4 órája
I'm only watching Kylie's content when Stormi is involved 😅. I like to see them together!
Veronika Nagy
Veronika Nagy 4 órája
You are the best mom ever
Abby Stichauf
Abby Stichauf 4 órája
stormi is so cute!!
MERY BLOG 4 órája
Subscribe my channel
Kathyrn Vicker
Kathyrn Vicker 4 órája
Omg...I can't...she is SOOO precious & such a great helper 💖💖💖
It's Katty
It's Katty 4 órája
Stormi is such a matured baby, like she knows so many words in this age........... IDC what other's think but I think Kylie is a good mom....... Ok BYE
Carime Catton
Carime Catton 4 órája
So adorable! Great job mommy! She’s beautiful and so kind!
Midii fs
Midii fs 4 órája
Esperta é ela que já tá preparado a toró pra vida caso eles vão a falência kakakkaka
Noura Nassery
Noura Nassery 4 órája
Stormi is my favorite kardasian kid
Gucci Girl -BE-
Gucci Girl -BE- 4 órája
Stormi is so cuteeee!! 💗
ceejay 5 órája
stormi is such a sweet kid
Silvia Masetti
Silvia Masetti 5 órája
i was so worried she was gonna stab stormi with her nails the whole time lmao
Skylah Brinley
Skylah Brinley 5 órája
Stormi is so cute!!!!!!!!
Halle Claire
Halle Claire 5 órája
When Kylie had Stormi I was so worried of her being a snobby brat but she’s the purest and most polite toddler!
Ninoska Alaniz
Ninoska Alaniz 5 órája
Dam I actually thought Kylie was a pretty bad mom but after this video and I see stormi manners wow she is a great mom keep up the amazing work Kylie
Ninoska Alaniz
Ninoska Alaniz 5 órája
Dam I actually thought Kylie was a pretty bad mom but after this video and I see stormi manners wow she is a great mom keep up the amazing work Kylie
Adi Donner
Adi Donner 5 órája
Sooo cute
Mia Hansen
Mia Hansen 5 órája
Айыпова Арай
Можно перевод 😂 Вывод:учите английский язык Я учу если шо
Katie Plays
Katie Plays 5 órája
Stormi is the fricking cutest baby ever
Sophia Assis
Sophia Assis 5 órája
She is very kind and polite! So cute😍
S N 5 órája
Awww ..... She's so cute and well mannered I like her ❤️😘
Safanja Dorff
Safanja Dorff 5 órája
Stormi: "Bye that camera"💚🤗❤️
Safanja Dorff
Safanja Dorff 5 órája
The pyama's are sooo cute! Would like to have 1 like that!🤗 And oh the cupcakes are adorable too💚💚💚💚💚
farida farida
farida farida 5 órája
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Lois Hemmings
Lois Hemmings 5 órája
she is the sweetest little girl 🥺
Armaine Stuart
Armaine Stuart 5 órája
She is such a great momma
Loudia TV USA
Loudia TV USA 5 órája
Stormie is a little mini me of her mommy
Shemesha Rowe
Shemesha Rowe 5 órája
She is so smart and sweet! Beautiful!!!!
Loudia TV USA
Loudia TV USA 5 órája
I love you girls
Lane Kely
Lane Kely 5 órája
Alguém brasileiro aqui
Kylie Jenner: A Day in the Life