Kylie Jenner: Halloween Cookies with Stormi 

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Stormi and I are making cookies for Halloween, one of my favorite holidays of the year! Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween!



2020.okt. 5.






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thedamelios 54 másodpercig
xXUsernameXx 35 perccel
Ok let's just say this. Kylie is a VERY good and nice mom! And stormy is the politest and cutest toddler i ever seen
Уляна Вернигора
Она замечательная мама
PlayboyVU Productions
“i love you” “let’s make cookies mommy!”
Marika Pavlovic
Marika Pavlovic 2 órája
Stormi is the actual cutest 😍
Elizabeth Newcomb
She’s so adorable 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Guletaj's world
Guletaj's world 2 órája
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Semranur B | 8A | Valentijnschool
she's so cuteee
Naledi Mashinini
Naledi Mashinini 3 órája
Kylie is the best mom from all the ones I know but honestly the Kardashians and Jenners are the best!!❤️
Kyle best mom Ever 💕💕♥️
Sahana Sodhi
Sahana Sodhi 3 órája
Stormi is honestly such a polite baby!
Melia Gaines
Melia Gaines 3 órája
Wow this was soo adorable #spendingtimewithfamily
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 3 órája
Popular Opinion: Everyone wants to meet Kylie in real life
Gosia Krajewska
Gosia Krajewska 4 órája
she iks soooo cuteee
Gosia Krajewska
Gosia Krajewska 4 órája
you are such a good mom
Melissa Faria
Melissa Faria 4 órája
A stormi é tao educadinha😍
Salah Channel
Salah Channel 4 órája
She so cute stormi
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 3 órája
Hi Love
Giulia Mine Games
Ammarah Rehman
Ammarah Rehman 5 órája
At least Kylie is a good mom I saw an interview of Kim k and one of the questions where a selfie or ur kids and she said A SELFIE like wtf at least we have Kylie the best mom ever god bless u guys
Paola Perez
Paola Perez 5 órája
Hello I love you Stormi ❤️
Paulette Poole
Paulette Poole 5 órája
Hi little Stormi 💕💕
Kenan Norbyekose
Kenan Norbyekose 5 órája
Stormi is just the cutest human being
Stojce Bozoski
Stojce Bozoski 5 órája
no one: kylie every 3 seconds:woah
*Natalia* 5 órája
Caitlyn Noles
Caitlyn Noles 5 órája
She seems like such a sweet and patient mom
Wells 5 órája
Kelly knows how to take care of her kid. I think she is the best monther compare than her sisters. Stormy growns very a nice girl. She is so cute. Smart.polite...love u stormy 2💖💖🥰🥰
Vannya Tamayo Estrada
Hello Stormi
Kaylee Reynoso
Kaylee Reynoso 6 órája
she is so cute🥺🥺. she has manners for everything thing🥺🥺. she’s the cutest I got to say🥺🥺.
toaster bath
toaster bath 6 órája
Ok but stormi is so adorable 🥰
Mia Moo
Mia Moo 6 órája
I love that kylie is as excited about the cookies as stormi🥰🥰🤩
Aisha Sihinbek
Aisha Sihinbek 7 órája
Hi Love
Gabrielle Dean
Gabrielle Dean 7 órája
Can we get a tutorial on this look though?!
John Jallah
John Jallah 7 órája
Children usually reflect their parents’ behaviours and copy their traits. Goes to show how kind hearted Kylie is and it’s not hard to tell
Nataly 7 órája
Frgamer Br
Frgamer Br 7 órája
Stormi is the only rich kid that I respect
Lois Holmes
Lois Holmes 7 órája
stromi you are so cute and i love your makeup its soo nice love u all also i love the jenners and kardaishens
Yesenia Vazquez
Yesenia Vazquez 7 órája
Stormi: towel please ! So much power...
Oruga Asami
Oruga Asami 7 órája
what i heard is "whoa"
ace forzlife
ace forzlife 7 órája
She so smart In sooooo pretty
Dozsa Csaba
Dozsa Csaba 7 órája
Happy halloween Stormi love u
Get Wise
Get Wise 8 órája
I like the fact that Kylie was saying wow u doing so good and not even looking
Tiffany Venanson
Tiffany Venanson 8 órája
I loved it that Stormi called her mum Kylie.
maria luiza fernandes lu
Then I'm in love with Kylie Jenner's videos, she's one of the best HUrun in the world, I love you Kylie Jenner ❤️
Tiffany Venanson
Tiffany Venanson 8 órája
There doesn't need to be any subtitles on this for Stormi talking because we can hear her clearly.
Dion Doyle
Dion Doyle 8 órája
Kylie is the only good Kardashian some of them are ok but she is the best
Silvana Pardo Mendes Pardo Mendez
Alguien que hable español?
Ocean Gamer
Ocean Gamer 8 órája
6:52 "and this is so pretty" 😂😂 STORMING NO 😂
Dounka A
Dounka A 8 órája
So so so so cute I want to give her a big huuuuuuuuug
Madison A
Madison A 8 órája
Hi baby I'm just got at home
Guerrero Abrielle
Abrielle Ramsey stop copying my name
Isabella Sordi
Isabella Sordi 9 órája
H S 9 órája
That’s a sweet baby. Aww.
Txnmayi 9 órája
Tara 9 órája
She has the best manners! 😭😍
It’s the Queen Sisters x
Is no one gonna talk bout the fact that the vanilla extract dropped in both Christmas and Halloween but the only difference is that Kylie dropt it this time 😱😱🤔🤔
MooMooCowGacha 10 órája
When my name is storm lol
mishellefaith 10 órája
Storm is so adorbs.. ❤️ and i like how kylie always gives her affirmation to storm. ❤️
Life With jayy
Life With jayy 10 órája
Nobody: No one at all: Not even James Charles: Stormi: 7:46
Try not to get mad
Kate Riley
Kate Riley 10 órája
I’m proud of how she is raising stormi 🥺💕💕
Precious Meme
Precious Meme 10 órája
Kylie:"Do you wanna do black?" Stormi:"no" Kylie:"ok" 5 seconds later: putting black frosting to the cookie
Bushra Mohamoud
Bushra Mohamoud 10 órája
Erm..... Ok so funny😒🤨
Susan Emmanuel
Susan Emmanuel 10 órája
Doesn't Stormi look like Zendaya? Anyone?
Chloe Elizabeth
Chloe Elizabeth 10 órája
Stormi is a literal angel ❤️❤️
Dragana Vasilijić
Dragana Vasilijić 10 órája
They spilled the vanila like in the christmas cookies video☺️😇😻
Isabella Freitas
Isabella Freitas 11 órája
Brasil cadê tuuuu???
silent moon
silent moon 11 órája
Stormi is so cute oh my god she’s always saying thank you and being cute & excited 🥺🥺🥺
Keysha Allen
Keysha Allen 11 órája
That is so dam cute
Nice stuff Animations
Stormi has good pronunciation because Kylie is a good mom and speaks proper English except for baby mumbling
Lia Hang
Lia Hang 11 órája
Im feel like stormi was mocking her mom.....
Jayce Laforteza
Jayce Laforteza 12 órája
yasmin 12 órája
7:52 did she just say and now we get lit
Hey You
Hey You 12 órája
The child is very polite at the same time very black The way she goes wooo! And repeats everything after her mom😂
M.Y. 12 órája
I love their relationship
M.Y. 12 órája
When your daughter is finally cleaning Mom: "Wow you’re cleaning, WOW your clEaNinG" 👁👄👁
tokki_doll 12 órája
I used to not like the family, but this- is so wholesome. I love it sm
Redfire 12 órája
She’s the best mom!
Vivian Wagner
Vivian Wagner 12 órája
Stormi is so cute
Farida Hossni
Farida Hossni 12 órája
this is cute and everything but shouldn't she tie her hair up for that....
Anala SD
Anala SD 13 órája
Am I the only one who noticed that vanilla extract was spilled in both cooking videos of stormi and Kylie??
Red Velvet
Red Velvet 13 órája
Ok i need a kid right now🙄🙄🤣😂
Chloe HARROD 13 órája
I love how she just went ‘oOoOoOoo’
Jj Kk
Jj Kk 13 órája
Stormi’s baby room can probably buy a house
Alisaha Ayyaz
Alisaha Ayyaz 13 órája
I can see that spilling vanilla is going to be a tradition
Jj Kk
Jj Kk 13 órája
Wow stormi is very smart! And she is sooo cute and sassy and I loveee thatttt! 😍❤️❤️✨✨
Lili 13 órája
this is soooooo cute aaah this made me smileee🥰🥺🥺🥺
Al Capino
Al Capino 14 órája
GUYS i was also kind..and no one says this shit to me ..nd u all are not seeing there daily life..so understand..
Sanaya Pandey
Sanaya Pandey 14 órája
Last year stormi dropped the vanilla extract and this year kylie dropped it
Amber Rose Miles
Amber Rose Miles 14 órája
loved her outro hahaha
Muhra Abdulsalam
Muhra Abdulsalam 14 órája
Kylie and stormi cooking channel 🥰🥰
Jasmine Leech
Jasmine Leech 15 órája
Stormy is so cute
amazing life
amazing life 15 órája
Pls subscribe hurun.info/to/vide/iJOW0XeZ0aKwsdU.html
Марічка Сахнюк
I cooked, it turned out very tasty. Thank you Kylie❤
Marissa Tharpe
Marissa Tharpe 15 órája
Kylie:Ooo which one should I eat Stormi: Points at the one with the most sprinkles Also Kylie:mhm you put a lot of sprinkles on this one Also Kylie: eats it and looks like she i going to throw up
Ruth Ray
Ruth Ray 16 órája
I like that she is really patient and that she has a really cute voice Kylie is a really nice mom
무적의햄찌 16 órája
6:50 omg kkkk
Dee's Academia
Dee's Academia 16 órája
I like how Kyle talks to storming like an adult I love that
bea marie
bea marie 16 órája
Say what you want about Kylie but she is a GREAT mom. Stormi is soo adorable 😍
Mad Dawg
Mad Dawg 16 órája
Kylie is like, the best for being a first time mom! Stormi has gotten so much older, and she is treated with the best items, but remains sweet and adorable as heck!
dressed.best 16 órája
yo this is better than cade
Maddie hemphill
Maddie hemphill 17 órája
I love how she just poured a hole spoon of green sprinkles on the pumpkin XD
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