Lance Stroll Realises He's On Pole! | Onboard And Team Radio | 2020 Turkish Grand Prix 

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Lance Stroll claimed his first pole position of his career! Watch and listen as the Racing Point driver realises what he's accomplishment!
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Wally Eng
Wally Eng 5 napja
jesusown05 5 napja
So happy for Lance
Mick Le Savoyard
Looser 😂 P8 finish to race 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Irene Garcia Arquero
Perez was in the lead
Ricardo v-f
Ricardo v-f 6 napja
TSM Esports Racing
Lol was great seen him go backwards was laughing so hard.
Spark Cut
Spark Cut 8 napja
What does "delta negative" mean.. anyone?
Erick Flores Rodriguez
and beign on p1 he manages to end p9.........interesting
atulbhushan 8 napja
What's Delta?
HG Channel
HG Channel 8 napja
How did he not know he wasnt p1? the engineers didnt update him? Sorry didnt watch the race
TOTO RANO 8 napja
P1 a P9 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
swandi yasa
swandi yasa 8 napja
He was in a dream get pole 😂 In the fact Hamilton win! 🥳
cicatriz 8 napja
Up next: Stroll reacts to P9
robert fonovic
Seriously. Who really cares? Look mah i got me a podium. Talk about overreacting.
d c
d c 8 napja
Peter Berger
Peter Berger 9 napja
This aged really badly
Jace Coy
Jace Coy 9 napja
Brad seemed so hyped😂
Shafiq Munir
Shafiq Munir 9 napja
sampah engineer ni...dpt pole position pun mcm xd ape je
Zhi Han Lee
Zhi Han Lee 9 napja
2:08 I -see- hear that Stroll almost cost his team a new engine & caused himself a pit lane start
Davemester 9 napja
the engineer is just a buzzkill
Hannah Gilbert
He was ill on the German race
Braga 9 napja
brah, even his voice is annoying asf haha . For a sec I tho he was having a seizure 😂
RaikeTV 9 napja
Lance had to ask his engineer to show some emotion, sad! When he said" I want you to say it"
alfonso santos
Mmmmm and what did the pole get him?
Алекс Ников
useless rent-a-kid
Rodi 9 napja
Lance...it's James.
Michael X
Michael X 9 napja
Wow. I’m not a Stroll fan but this has to be the coldest race engineer on grid. Imagine he might be like the butler who raised him lol
Madam Ludz
Madam Ludz 9 napja
Stroll: Let's Go! In quali Lewis: in end of Race.. YEes Yes.. 7 times world Champion.
Zeus The Cade
Zeus The Cade 9 napja
Lewis: Oh no! Anyway...
SugoiRyan 9 napja
Stroll: YES P1! Engineer: Park the car
Martin Freund
Martin Freund 9 napja
What's the delta parameter for?
Sami Sert
Sami Sert 9 napja
Formula1-İki saniyede teker değişimi ve Formula 1 İstanbul :
Adwvit Akhauri
This didn’t age well😂
Lucas A.
Lucas A. 9 napja
poor guy. he deserved more on the race
Ice Bear
Ice Bear 9 napja
@Lucas A. 300? He could travel the world thrice
Lucas A.
Lucas A. 9 napja
@Zeus The Cade Well, It´s Checo Pérez. That guy could run 300 laps at the Sahara Desert on wet tyres haha
Zeus The Cade
Zeus The Cade 9 napja
His lack of experience was shown, complaining about tyres, whereas Sergio massaged them
Rukia Chan
Rukia Chan 9 napja
Welp this aged like milk
Andrei GamingRO
he sound like georghenotfound XD
Harry Kronos
Harry Kronos 9 napja
Well this didn’t age well...
CharlesG 9 napja
BWAHAHAHAHHAA what now stroll where’s your pole?
mrchicken 9 napja
He didnt know what was to come
Mertin Kuring
Mertin Kuring 9 napja
P9 sadly...
O Fenómeno
O Fenómeno 9 napja
through P1, then to P0
Loading now
Loading now 9 napja
Brad is by far the most miserable person ever, Christ the guy doesn’t seem to enjoy anything at all in life... “Yeah Lance, P1, whatever...”
Magnus Sagerup
he needs a new mecanic. the mechanic is secretly his biggest hater.
Ice Bear
Ice Bear 9 napja
he was happy with Hulkenberg , we all know who is the real problem
Prabhanjit Singh
This race engineer and Kimi are the perfect fit. Engineer - P1 :| Kimi - Ok
Mugurlu TR
Mugurlu TR 9 napja
Ah yes, I live in Turkey but since I'm in Ankara I can't go to İstanbul to watch the F1 races. I really wanted to meet Hamilton and Verstappen
George_Gamez 9 napja
its like his engineer doesnt like him or something
He‘s pretty unlikable tho
Tonio 9 napja
2:11 Can someone tell me what the pads that attach to the headrest are called. They are generally quite criticized by drivers because their ego is involved in using them. Max Verstappen had even said his father made fun of him when, earlier in his career, he tried. One of the first reasons is that these pads have a pretty awkward name but the commentators didn't want to say it on TV. That intrigues me a lot lol, does anyone know what it is called ??
Alvert Reyes
Alvert Reyes 9 napja
When was the last time that Racing Point/Force India been on pole? Belgian GP 2009 (G. Fisichella)
Tiago Vilhana da Silva
Wow the man telling him is so dead
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 9 napja
Ray tracing
Neve john
Neve john 9 napja
Oh wow The copy beat the original
Rizqi Albar
Rizqi Albar 9 napja
this comment : 90% : Stroll engineer 10% : other me google search : how to put an emotion in his engineer
Bruh 10 napja
Why am I getting max in these puma ads
Rekenen 10 napja
I think even Mercedes was more excited for Lance his pole than Lance his engineer or the entire RP team
TheTardisGaming 10 napja
Basically a Mercedes pole once again...
Mahi Gaming Tamil
Engineer : I won't celebrate in Qualifier... just win the ***** race tomorrow
Regardless of his dad paying to put him on grid he does deserve to be there.
Xanda Foolheea
Xanda Foolheea 10 napja
The engineer seemed happy 🙄
Yahweh 10 napja
Fun lol
Charly Jordan
Charly Jordan 10 napja
Wow 😳👍👍🙏 guys try to play download "Hen's Revenge" mobile game 👍👍🙏🙏👍👍🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😁😁😁😁😁 get it on Google Play and Appstore 👍👍🙏🙏
Carlos Escalera
Carlos Escalera 10 napja
Max is going to destroy you in the race tomorrow period.
fpvxart 10 napja
happy for him but realistically come race day he will fall back into midfield and make way for perez
fpvxart 9 napja
i hate been right sometimes..
Baby Its Me
Baby Its Me 10 napja
the most beautiful F1 vid by:my cousin
Ah Hydro
Ah Hydro 10 napja
Lance, wins like 10 championships in a row, Lance:LET’SSSSS GOOOOOOOOO, the engineer, Ok so delta negative, switch of the engine :/
Captain Emergency 747
Even jeff has more emotiion than his engineer...
Sil Ae
Sil Ae 10 napja
Stroll during qualifying: G U D E B E N I N G 👽💵
Fauzan A.M
Fauzan A.M 10 napja
Lance has improved from previous seasons! I'm so happy for him.
Bishnu Adhikari
Bishnu Adhikari 10 napja
Thoroughly deserved man. Well done lancy boy.
Vok250 10 napja
Lance: Gets P1 Engineer: Why no P0?
Merwyn Joseph Alexander 97
Lance Stroll dances in the rain to pole
Kailas Atram
Kailas Atram 10 napja
His race engineer not excited that much 😀
RockyToaster 10 napja
Lets go2x me:where?
Sean Xu
Sean Xu 10 napja
Kimi: I need a Brad in my life...heavy Bwoahing
Yohan Tjahajadi
Yohan Tjahajadi 10 napja
Brad is saltyyyyyy
Anna L
Anna L 10 napja
Big congrats to Lance Stroll!! So proud and happy for my fellow Canadian!! Also, it's heartwarming to see all the supportive/congratulating comments on this vid since he tends to get flak online for his dad being a part-owner of the team, and his own engineer seems unenthusiastic for him.
Midhun Mohan
Midhun Mohan 10 napja
Now can we stop calling Daddy's cash, please? He is a decent driver.
udip21 10 napja
jmcminn 10 napja
I am all for some new blood winning races. At least they are ecstatic when they win!
Dukeman 10 napja
々Rahul77 YT
々Rahul77 YT 10 napja
Isaac Chua
Isaac Chua 10 napja
Lance Stroll's engineer does not even sound like he wants to be there
Terence Deshaies-Petitclerc
Proud of you Lance!
Baby Its Me
Baby Its Me 10 napja
if Lance can’t propel himself 10 seconds ahead of everyone when the lights turns out like what Hammy does whenever he poles...Lance will have to wrestle it hard to even get a podium .leave everyone 20 seconds behind then cruise it ftw while taking a nap like what Hamilton does why Hamilton always wins?he gots an army of live betters 🤣my Grandma said so😂that’s how the red,yellow,black flags work,so as the safety cars .invest on live betters,go for the ftw,take a handsome salary .do the math
Vijay Sai Ch
Vijay Sai Ch 10 napja
Why is he being treated like a school boy by his race engineer. Apples Siri would have been a better choice
jeremy1294 10 napja
I am very sure the Lance engineer doesn't like Lance. He is not 1 bit excited
joseph hung
joseph hung 10 napja
The comments of this video 0%: Get in there, Lewis! 1%: Happy for Stroll 99%: cOnCenTraTE on the android engineer
Skeekyy 10 napja
Ridzwan Rathe
Ridzwan Rathe 10 napja
He's so happy!! Well done Lance. Can't say much about your sad engineer though...
Anil kumar Kaushal
Who else got the max verstapan ad as a starting of the video 😂😂
HMR 10 napja
Well deserved
BlockChainDP 10 napja
Drizzydid 10 napja
Lance should ask for a new engineer. What a pos that guy is.
Randomizer101 10 napja
Won't be surprised if Brad lost his job after this race. Lance: Dad, I hate this Brad fella. Can we hire race engineer with more emotions? Lawrence: Say no more! Which Mercedes race engineer do you want?
Victor Aires
Victor Aires 10 napja
Genuine happiness. We need more of that in F1.
BravoRomeo YT
BravoRomeo YT 10 napja
2:22 Croft: And that is a seizure of joy for the youngest driver Lance Stroll!
aljaca98 10 napja
James Thornton
James Thornton 10 napja
His engineer is such a tool
Choopremo 10 napja
How boring could you be? Brad: Yes
V 10 napja
@0:43 - That sound of full send and 2:07 PRAhAhAhA!
Mzark 25
Mzark 25 10 napja
Daddys cash
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