Lance Stroll's Pole Lap | 2020 Turkish Grand Prix | Pirelli 

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Lance Stroll took his first pole position of his career in tricky conditions in Istanbul!
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Muhammad 3 napja
Big message to haters
Very delicate throttle usage, he takes his time until he slams his foot to the floor. Awesome stuff!
Great British Countryball
Finally a race without a Mercedes on pol..... oh
James Patterson
Poor Lance, if only he had of taken care of his tires once he reached a 26 second 1st place lead.
Philip Battersby
You can clearly see that this kid has no talent. (irony) Clearly he paid someone to drive the car for him and putting it on pole.
Agustín Echevarría
I guarantee you that if hamilton did this exact lap hamilton fans would be going crazy! but since its someone else its like /:
Rohullah 7 napja
Perez still better
Jacob Washburn
Everyone: The Mercedes are too quick we can’t out qualify them Racing Point: *observe*
Brobama 8 napja
he was smart to delay the upshift during turn 11. any change in torque could have sent him spinning
V-Racing 8 napja
How was this a pole lap if there was a yellow flag.
Raz Gavrieli
Raz Gavrieli 8 napja
why nobody talks about the double yellow being waved as he gets a purple
David Sheriff
David Sheriff 8 napja
Nice to see a left hand track ( anti clockwise )
Hoten Hitonokoe
Auzzie Worker
Auzzie Worker 8 napja
Superb driving, very smooth. Maybe he needs a name change? "Aquaman"
Zachary Tan
Zachary Tan 8 napja
Aqualad? He's still kinda a boy, younger than Max and only a year older than Lando Lad because idk, lad just suits Canadians?
Ahmet Tunahan Örs
best track in the world
Adrien Zeus
Adrien Zeus 8 napja
Daddy’s cash bought a pole with daddy’s cash
JoeOvercoat 9 napja
Great soundtrack. P.S. I get that he has to beat a certain time but running the stopwatch is not helpful. Maybe if you gave a split times at various points yes but just running a the timer no, thanks tho.
Lostnoice 96
Lostnoice 96 9 napja
Medamine Nismo
A pole for the little billionaire
M&M 123
M&M 123 9 napja
Crusard Modding
Lance Stroll makes the track look dry
al buraq
al buraq 9 napja
Pole under rain on a slipery track, with a yellow flag! Well done!
Ian James Lake
You can tell how stiff a car is typically run in wet weather, Racing Point (Softest suspension of group) -> Alpha Romeo -> Ferrari -> Red Bull -> Mercedes (Hardest suspension of group, by quite a bit I reckon too)
Muhammad Iqbal
I've never thought that I'd see the day where the Words "Lance Stroll" and "Pole Lap" were put together in one sentence.
Sami Sert
Sami Sert 9 napja
Formula1-İki saniyede teker değişimi ve Formula 1 İstanbul :
Flare Animo
Flare Animo 9 napja
Andddd we got P9 BOISSSSSS! *insert racing point strategy meme
boomboxmaster 1 2 3 4 5 6
When you realize Stroll has more poles than anyone except both Mercedes
Siu Long
Siu Long 9 napja
Strange: he seems not to have used different lines from the ones they use with dry conditions...
8 bit gamer
8 bit gamer 9 napja
i was guilty of dismissing Stroll because i thought he was only in F1 due to his dads money, but over the last 3 years i have been more and more impressed with his performances. Congrats on your first pole. BTW This track needs to be a permanent fixture in F1. Its easily Hermann Tilkes best.
chris bamo
chris bamo 9 napja
did he win the race loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
Daps R.
Daps R. 9 napja
I still think he doesn’t deserve a place in F1
CHiLL-FEVER 9 napja
I hate driving in the rain
kloppanator 9 napja
That looked treacherous
Aras Lg
Aras Lg 9 napja
very beautiful and very difficult track, real skills are revealed here, this track is a test of difficulty, a real land of heroes,
Arkhadia Bay
Arkhadia Bay 9 napja
2020 Stroll just made me shut my mouth
Synth Punch
Synth Punch 9 napja
Lance the Brave
John Martin Cantorne
He finally found the boost button
Josher997 9 napja
Is this like the first time in years that a Merc hasnt been on the front row in a legit session without Lewis or Valtteri getting a penalty?
Luahanpelik 9 napja
but man. that track look like has layer of ice
Stefano 9 napja
daddy's cash
MrYoumitube 9 napja
Great job. Now I will not be surprised if he crashes or bumps into another driver in the race.
Osman Ünal
Osman Ünal 9 napja
Tutunamayanlarda bugun
Logan Taylor
Logan Taylor 9 napja
Say what u will about stroll but that was some fantastic car controll on display during that lap
X X-chromosoom
Stroll on pole ... that’s a huge disaster , how many cars would he drive into who wants to overtake him?
Mustapha habibi
Great drive!
Silvano db
Silvano db 9 napja
priyam shukla
priyam shukla 9 napja
Max:- if it's raining, I'll take the pole. Stroll:- hold my billion dollars.
VmarcogV 9 napja
Lance Stroll in pole position... This is definitely a weird year
333blengep 9 napja
Where is the "rain master"? What a joke........
Goldenslayer0422 - Racing and More
A bit late, but he got there on Sunday!
Pranay Deshmukh
Guess what:- last year merc. was faster than this years
Diam 9 napja
So BWT is : 1. Best in Wet Track 2. Built to Win in Turkey
Jake Feinerman
I would like to see Verstappen’s Q1 lap, honestly
Rahul Bhatnagar
Ah! mercs are on the top again..
Sara Nagudi
Sara Nagudi 9 napja
So F1 cars don't need wipes even when it rains?
Adrian Untalan
Rain... The great equalizer
Tofa man
Tofa man 9 napja
Je savais que ce n était pas uniquement le fils à papa et qu il avait du talent ...Well done lance !
Thomas Shelby
Thomas Shelby 9 napja
Charles can learn from him how to drive in wets people who are saying Charles is same level as Lewis and max,now they understood he's not their level he couldn't deliver like Lance in wet condition
Jraybay 9 napja
Get in Lance! 💪😆💪
Alex Roc
Alex Roc 9 napja
That time stroll got pole and nobody cared.
Gary Herbert
Gary Herbert 9 napja
Hairy & scary.
Atanu Mondal
Atanu Mondal 9 napja
I am tired of hearing only the Mercedes engine sound at pole laps.
H Mat
H Mat 9 napja
Verstappen's Puma ad preceded this video and I could almost feel his anger.
Aubameyeng BangBang
Controversial opinion: I still dont like him
moi 9 napja
that was a perfect lap in those conditions. congrats Lance! very happy for him. he deserves it. very refreshing see him so happy.
Gummby Pokey
Gummby Pokey 9 napja
Stroll radio: Wheel, snipe, celly boys!
Official Boomtish214
Surprisingly uncensored steering wheel
NELCSY 9 napja
Whoever responsible for W10 Wet conditions department in Mercedes getting a call today
toyota celica
toyota celica 9 napja
It''s the first time that a driver that's pay to Race does pole?!?
Imagine if stroll outperforms vettel next year. I'm not saying it will happen, just imagine
Miller Quinta
Miller Quinta 9 napja
He a bad driver, but this was actually a very solid lap on wet
Chris Donaldson
Yet again a Canadian shows off his skating skills.
sasuke Carlos
sasuke Carlos 9 napja
New Rainmaster 😂
butter fingers
FP1: Verstappen FP2: Verstappen FP3: Verstappen Q1: Verstappen Q2: Verstappen Q3: Perez: Bonjo... Stroll: No
Elizabeth Del castillo
My left ear appreciated that Mercedes engine
WholeWizard 9 napja
Who here from 2030 when Lance Stroll's teammate is his kid and they're both multiple WDC's?
鈴木二郎 9 napja
Breaking news: Mercedes and Racing Point swapped their cars in those qualifying sessions. We think Racing Point is going to get complaints about it.
unique 9 napja
nice, calm and confidence
Nick Hill
Nick Hill 10 napja
Nice to see someone have to work for it...too bad it takes wet conditions to make there cars look challenging to drive.
faiz syed
faiz syed 10 napja
And who said mercedes werent on pole😂😂😂
Rayansh Gupta
Rayansh Gupta 10 napja
2019 Mercedes > 2020 Mercedes
Harly Slamm
Harly Slamm 10 napja
He got his fastest lap on a flashing yellow...
Joshua Jegonia
Joshua Jegonia 10 napja
Wow so did mercedes copy the racing point car?
elopezca 10 napja
-"Let's go... let's go!!!" -Where to??? 🙄
Orangeballs 10 napja
Everyone joining the bandwagon. I still think he's a subpar driver a lot more better drivers than him. He just has a seat because of his father.
BurritoBoiSpeed 10 napja
2:13 when tf did racing point replace lance with a chimpanzee
Deepak Tyagi
Deepak Tyagi 10 napja
Why have they stopped showing speed and other parameters in onboard pole laps?
Samarth Dalvi
Samarth Dalvi 10 napja
It's still a Mercedes on pole tho.. lol
Dfaulttv 10 napja
The camera fogged up quite bad giving us the impression the conditions were worse than they really are.
Miranda Kiraso
Miranda Kiraso 10 napja
Perez flops when its crunch time as usual.
Joe Kurian
Joe Kurian 10 napja
Why don't f1 cars have traction controls
Nico Montinola
Nico Montinola 10 napja
Lance proved all his haters wrong. He belongs in F1! 🖕
J.T. Creep
J.T. Creep 10 napja
Uqbah Kabir
Uqbah Kabir 10 napja
Off brand Mercedes 1-2.
cirros 10 napja
That is outright terrifying. The balance was really hanging at the tipping point at every exit of a corner.
amir qwerty
amir qwerty 10 napja
mssk249 10 napja
I went crazy when he nailed P1. Well done Lance!! Wish you the best for todays race!!
Mozar 86
Mozar 86 10 napja
Como eu queria que chovesse toda corrida... Com chuva é outro nível de emoção, nem se compara!
Shannon Wilson
Shannon Wilson 10 napja
Embarrassing day for the real drivers when Stroll takes first...
Mo ZA 10 napja
This guy has some potential, people hate on him but I like that he keeps on trying and giving 100% . NEVER GIVE UP
Alex Llg
Alex Llg 10 napja
He not gonna win