Lance Stroll Storms to First Ever Pole Position | 2020 Turkish Grand Prix 

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Lance Stroll produces a stunning drive in a wet and wild qualifying session to claim the first pole position of his career.
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Mark Ill
Mark Ill 3 napja
He qualify as Shumaher, and in carrer he returned to be stroll, a mediocre pilot, Sorry it had to say
Jose V
Jose V 7 napja
And he won the race... wait...
Emeterio de la Rosa
And Checo Pérez got 2nd place....
Kurt 8 napja
Thanks Dad!
Kevin Wu
Kevin Wu 8 napja
that was adorable that he stood on top of the car like lewis except its for quali
Nobody Knows
Nobody Knows 8 napja
They celebrated like they won all of f1
A B 9 napja
This didn't aged well
The Last Hope Gaming
From P1 to P9. Give this guy a Mercedez or a Ferrari and I guarantee you he wont even get a podium like seriously the only reason he has a seat in F1 is because of his daddys cash.
Ken Chung
Ken Chung 9 napja
The new rain maestro!!!
Sbinotto07 9 napja
It didn't aged well...
Remi Helam
Remi Helam 9 napja
This is so funny after the REAL RACE!
RxHoyt 9 napja
Lou Ferrigno Jr... this will be the highlight of his career. Pole position in the rain.
Dr. J Plays PH
Storming Result not even in the podium oh no
nogardsiete 9 napja
What? Why?
Everything changed now eh.....
CrazyMango73 9 napja
Dankoexplorer 9 napja
Hamilton won the race. Perez second and VETTEL third
Aras Lg
Aras Lg 9 napja
very beautiful and very difficult track, real skills are revealed here, this track is a test of difficulty, a real land of heroes,
1js19cs004 Abhijeet Kumar
Stroll🥰 future of racing point
Da Korl
Da Korl 9 napja
Allgemein ne geile und witzige Saison🙂💪
Ahad Ahsan
Ahad Ahsan 9 napja
* Lance Stroll "SAILS" to first pole.
ymer Ned Rednalotto
This guys reaction is hilarious. His laughter from his pole. Epic 😏👊🏻😁
Milk & Cookies
Moment of silence for people who thought pilot is female because of pink colour.
Komang Prastika
Komang Prastika 10 napja
when the tracks put in an emergency calendar assembled at the very last second gave us more excitement than all the years Sochi and Abu Dhabi has been in the regular calendar.
Charly Jordan
Charly Jordan 10 napja
Wonderful race👍👍👍🙏🙏 guys 😄 download Hen's Revenge mobile game 👍🙏🙏🙏 get it on Google Play 🙏🙏🙏😁😁😁
Akash Gupta
Akash Gupta 10 napja
That laugh from stroll 🤣
moi 10 napja
as a canadian im so happy Lance Stroll got the pole and i wish him a win but i know very well it wont be easy for him. he deserves it after many problems the last years. its also refreshing see such driver being so happy. some drivers have won races and poles so many times that they are not even much happy anymore. for Stroll haters = He was Italian F4 champion in 2014, Toyota Racing Series champion in 2015, and 2016 FIA European Formula 3 champion. stop talk about his dad with his money and stop say that he has no talent. thats not true at all. yes , racing teams do need money and its not just true for Stroll and his team but for others also.
Freddy Chale
Freddy Chale 10 napja
*No one Stormed to any place...* They *skidded* to the finish line anyway they could.
A Page
A Page 10 napja
I’m very happy for Lance
Insert name HERE
Well didn't take much for people to stop questioning his abilities...
arivant art
arivant art 10 napja
still it's mercedes
Ash Blitz HD
Ash Blitz HD 10 napja
Lance Strolls to First Ever Pole Position | 2020 Turkish Grand Prix
Duval In The Wall
Remember when Stroll could barely get out of Q1?
The Psychologist
I wondered where Perez had gotten to - why he didn't come through to take pole. Here's why... Perez " In the end we were just unlucky. In my final lap, when the track was at its best, I had Giovinazzi in front and he simply didn’t move out of the way and then I lose my lap."
Parna Desai
Parna Desai 10 napja
lance sounds like people on discord after a victory royale
Cooper Marino
Cooper Marino 10 napja
I’m just praying his car doesn’t break
20cent Homeboy
20cent Homeboy 10 napja
Lany you did it!!
guilck 10 napja
Lance Stroll is not daddy's cash anymore bruh
Graeme S
Graeme S 10 napja
Was it harder to get a P1 in a 2019 Merc or P6 in a 2020 Merc ? But well done Lance.
abhinav kashyap
abhinav kashyap 10 napja
I see Vettel's eyes flashing :D
Adams Leye
Adams Leye 10 napja
Crazy how everyone is talking about Bottas keeping his championship hopes alive. I can't help but imagine what the championship would look like without Max's 4 DNF and lousy teammate (sorry, I really like Albon but being adorable doesn't cut it in f1). So for 2021 RBAM need to fix reliability and find the right teammate to Max and they get a shot. Maybe buy Bottas out?
Ssgp 10 napja
1000th comment
White Wolf
White Wolf 10 napja
Happy his team got around him, the radio was tragic to listen to.
ItzChayz 10 napja
If tomorrow rains, it might dethrone Monza 2020 for the craziest weekend ever in F1 history
Dudley 10 napja
Stroll usually races better than he qualifies, so tomorrow could be interesting. Or Hamilton by a mile as usual.
b slyde
b slyde 10 napja
What is happening???
LAJOLLA CA 10 napja
Boring F1 make alive sports by rain
WCburnsie 10 napja
Congrats to Stroll!!!!
Rangifulla 10 napja
Hopefully he biffs it on the first lap
Wow I thought Lewis going to be in pole but it became a flop
The Psychologist
And it took Perez to put his nuts on the block to go on intermediates and set the example. Stroll says "thanks mate".
Tuomas Holo
Tuomas Holo 10 napja
MoHaMmAd AhMiD
MoHaMmAd AhMiD 10 napja
The Mercedes is very bad in the rain
Every dog has its day
jaagmari 10 napja
Well that’s a big fu to the Mercedes works team...well done Lance!
OhThatRemindsMeOfMyPruneJuice Oh
i repeat that i kinda want him to win just because he seems so happy, also to disprove the critics
Fiorello Valsesia
Ce garçon a des couilles. Bravo Lance Stroll, et cette Pole, c’était pas facile... Que plus personne ne dise qu'il ne mérite pas sa place en F1...
Bruno Bruno
Bruno Bruno 10 napja
Parabéns Lance!!!!!
complex 10 napja
"... storms to ..." Droll
EW Car Racing
EW Car Racing 10 napja
As much as i think Max will run away with it. I really do hope Lance can win or even Checo
NF 10 napja
Dreamy 10 napja
Lance Stroll should be disqualified for not slowing down on yellow flags
Jimmy Eldridge
Jimmy Eldridge 10 napja
He'll still manage to take someone out!
高倉健 10 napja
David Caballero
David Caballero 10 napja
What else can we expect from formula 1
Vol deMort
Vol deMort 10 napja
Racing Point Strategies for Race Day: Were gonna end this young man's whole career.
Tom Bystander
Tom Bystander 10 napja
I love this sport so much.
Froyoz 10 napja
This will be the hypest race of the season!
Tobi SM
Tobi SM 10 napja
Hay que quedar bien con el papi.. ovacion al junior. Merecedes PINK 1-3
RylisPro 10 napja
This video of Stroll making Pole will be in one of those "Top 10 most unlikely pole position compilations" in about 10 years haha!
Lucio Sanchez
Lucio Sanchez 10 napja
Well done checo
McPlayer8t 10 napja
You just gotta be happy for him, what a way to break his run of bad luck.
Renatus 10 napja
Lance Strolls to First Ever Pole*
Dom 10 napja
He will blow it like usual, luck doesn't get you skills.
oskar killmeyet
oskar killmeyet 10 napja
I only have one complaint about stroll.... His voice🤣🤣🤣
emma 10 napja
what a great day for Stroll -- and classy for the merc boys to show their congratulations and support
XxpauldadudexX 10 napja
How can anyone begrudge Lance that maiden pole? Awesome and congratulations Lance, Sergio in P3 also 👍
F SL 10 napja
Lance strolls into the gravel at the 1st chicane and rejoins at the back of the race.........
Nikolas Furrio
Nikolas Furrio 10 napja
We are happy for you
CanadianFlash 10 napja
F SL 10 napja
The Pink Panther strikes! 💮🐆🍥🍭
Ramzi Juega
Ramzi Juega 10 napja
0:54 you can see checo giving a fist to bottas and it was ignored lol!!
Ramzi Juega
Ramzi Juega 10 napja
yo can hear his reaction when they told him P1 the frustration he went from the races before.. hopefully tomorrow wont choke!
alfred olthof
alfred olthof 10 napja
loser, first corner and you will be last. Does he really think he has a chanche. agaist MAX
George 10 napja
I loved how Esteban was one of the first drivers to congratulate the man in his seat on getting pole
TheMarine015 10 napja
Luck lol
Elijah Mwanga
Elijah Mwanga 10 napja
Let’s hope the race is just as exciting
M Tarık
M Tarık 10 napja
Years of ice hockey exposure in Canada gives him an unfair kickstart at slippery tracks
Polo Popolo
Polo Popolo 10 napja
Maybe Lance can drive after all
mieguistumas 10 napja
Embarrassment of F1 on pole. It will be interesting to see where he will cause a crash in the race - at the very first corner, at the midpoint or in the pits. Incredible, no clue why Mercedes backed off of this one so much.
Vishal Sreenivasa
BWT - Best Water Technology
Jarrod Teoh
Jarrod Teoh 10 napja
Awesome shake up today and also great to see Lance achieving this year. Another zero to hero story for F1 !
coloneldd 10 napja
The Force is Stroll in this one
DONE DEEDS 10 napja
Stroll got lucky and not forgetting the tyre strategy that most teams have learned the hard way about, lets see how tomorrow turns out...for stroll to get on the podium level he needs a sensei to teach him on controlling emotions, after that i believe stroll could disrupt the order either way am with GASLY for mayor
Gandul Qwer
Gandul Qwer 10 napja
0:53 look at perez's hand
low key
low key 10 napja
Lawrence stroll was like "congratulations son your seat is secured"
Mandy B
Mandy B 10 napja
Congratulations to Lance. He deserved that. Let's not undermine the fact that he drove incredibly well in very difficult circumstances and did it faster than anyone else in Q3. This is not a "fluke" - no matter how weird the weather, you've got to have the talent to do it. I hope he gets the chance to back it up. I will criticize any driver I feel has not been professional, I will also praise any driver who has been, irrespective of whether I'm a fan or not. (I'm not a _fan_ of his per se, but absolutely not against him either. He just needs to be consistent and he'll start impressing the most sceptical of us.)
Szandor the 13th
“Ha, I love my job. HAH HAAHHH” Stroll has truly shown himself these past years tho
John Paul Dorado
You gotta like Stroll right now. He has been struggling on the recent races. Congratulations Lance.
Paul Haines
Paul Haines 10 napja
Cheesecake and cream for dessert . Yum , that is my dessert. More exciting than Lance stroll getting poll , only last until turn one on Sunday
Duane baker
Duane baker 10 napja
What a farce
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