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A very special moment and tribute, to a very special man. x
Gennaro in Italy
Another video in a series of Gennaro’s recipes from Italy, some of which you, the audience, have specifically asked for, and others are Gennaro doing what the Italians do best - sourcing good ingredients and making simple, bold dishes with little effort and time involved.
Rather than cut these videos right down, we have left them a little longer and kept them relaxed. We think watching Gennaro in Italy is a glorious thing, and Gennaro does such a great job at being both inspiring and entertaining. So sit back and enjoy these as they roll out - we would love to know what you think.
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Jo Mac
Jo Mac 3 órája
Honestly that accent is horrible
Kotik Kompotik
Kotik Kompotik 12 órája
This is the saddest cooking video ever. I always emotional when it comes to pasta, but now it’s way over it. Time to make this pasta for my girls
Quillan Hanley
Quillan Hanley 23 órája
This is the most beautiful tribute. Thanks for sharing this moment and this dish with us Gennaro. From Canada :)
Антон Филиппов
This is too much, I hardly watch it to the end.
Steven003 2 napja
I cried like a little boy, rest in peace. Respect to Gennaro giving his best in such a hard situation.
watchaholic99 3 napja
I just came back here for the recipe and now I'm crying all over ... again.
Rusty Bearden
Rusty Bearden 4 napja
Losing your friends and loved ones is the most challenging part of growing older - and many times the memories are the simple ones - laughing, spending small moments together, sharing a meal - this video is a testament to all of these things
JordanN 4 napja
I'm sorry for your loss. Hope he is in an excellent place.
Keren C
Keren C 7 napja
This is so hard to watch. Imagine losing your friend of 35 years.
d b
d b 9 napja
How can people dislike this Video? If you cant appreciate this Video you are no human
James Zimmerman
James Zimmerman 11 napja
I made this dish, my partner/best friends new favorite, knock out recipe, chili was perfection👌👌👌thank you for sharing🙏
Wough _Tanker
Wough _Tanker 14 napja
I watched so many of Antonio's and your videos (especially the 'Two greedy Italians').... Don't be sorry - you shared love... love of food, love of Italy and most of all, the love of the best friends.... and we are very lucky to share in it so thank you ...both
Darren Wilson
Darren Wilson 14 napja
Tough watch - Gennaro is emotional anyway but he is clearly cut up here - he and Antonio worked well together and were friends and this cooking sketch clearly took maximum effort from Gennaro. Has to be said particularly now in these Covid days nobody should be afraid to show their emotions - crying is not a crime. Best wishes to Gennaro and God Bless Antonio RIP.
SouthEastUK 14 napja
I've seen this video twice before but i had to give it another watch, even tho I'm making a Carbonara tonight. Gotta love the Italians x from UK
Netanel 21 napja
It’s amazing how people without any family relationship or romance, can still be connected so deeply to be moved to such lengths, years after losing one another. Friendship is truly family when it is genuine.
Jacqui Bayley
Jacqui Bayley 21 napja
Aww god bless xxxx
Steven Gantney
Steven Gantney 21 napja
Fantastic recipe
Hansa 22 napja
Man what the hell I came for the recipe and now I'm crying :'/
Charles_74 Gnarl
That garlic looks raw.....but then again ur getting old
Jacob Kemp
Jacob Kemp 25 napja
I genuinely feel for gennaro, not a chef, a earthmoving contractor, had my best friend who was my mentor and who was a several years older, he passed away a while ago, but you have move on, now I've got a younger fella with me to pass on the knowledge
Sarita Vasquez
Sarita Vasquez 26 napja
Marilyn Russell
Marilyn Russell 29 napja
I cry every time I watch this. I learned to make lemon pasta this summer, along with carbonara, and pesto, after watching lots of their videos.
Ray finkle
Ray finkle Hónapja
Not a dry eye watching this I'm sure fantastic friends and that pasta 🍋 another level 🙏
Joan Irwin
Joan Irwin Hónapja
Just to say antiono will be so proud of you he his with you all the time watching over you my dad use to love watching both of you together you both had same denver of humor I lost my dad to cancer Evey time I cook italian meal I always think off you both cooking and raise my glass off wine to my dad and his favorite cook Antonio God bless 🙏
Wuwetol Hónapja
Lie down. Try not to cry. Cry a lot...
christopher abela
Osmone Everony
Osmone Everony Hónapja
A great recipe and the most touching cooking video I have ever seen.
RPete100 Hónapja
Can Jamie teleport in and give G a big hug?
Nancy Chanhdara
Nancy Chanhdara Hónapja
So heart wrenching seeing him hurt over his friend 💔 😢
Sueseajoy Hónapja
Tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have love at all. -Tennyson This is a man who has loved with all his heart and there are no regrets for a life lived in such a way.
Sean Clement
Sean Clement Hónapja
Very beautiful tribute to a marvelous friendship...We all miss Antonio...
Victoria Jones
Victoria Jones Hónapja
This made me so emotional. I shed a tear with you today. Take care. And remember, you may not be able to see him anymore, but he is always there with you x loving you.
Bazil Raubach
Bazil Raubach Hónapja
Tough to watch when your tears get in the way. Well worth the time to learn this dish and appreciate the friendship between these two men.
Kelly C
Kelly C Hónapja
Came here to learn a recipe. Left crying T__T
James Suman
James Suman Hónapja
Partha Dey
Partha Dey Hónapja
iLL BOX Hónapja
I’m a grown ass man looking for some pasta recipes & this gent got me crying and hungry at at the same time.. beautiful 🙏
Nikko Andreas
Nikko Andreas Hónapja
Delicious memories! I’m happy and thankful for the smiles and the teaching and the sharing you gave me! Bless you. ❤️😘❤️😘
Po Hónapja
MVA Media
MVA Media Hónapja
I've watched before. And again and again. This is one of my favovite youtube videos. Frienda. Friends. And the photo is awesome!!
harry schultz
harry schultz Hónapja
This is so pure. Bless you Gennaro -RIP Antonio 🙏🏼❤️
Mike Morreale
Mike Morreale Hónapja
Antonio is with you Gennaro. He is with you all the time.
Miguel Santos
Miguel Santos Hónapja
Beautifull video!!!! Thank you for sharing this moment!!!
tanz448 Hónapja
How beautiful
Michael Veitch
Michael Veitch Hónapja
Beautiful man; beautiful food.
Tara Lilliana
Tara Lilliana Hónapja
Came to figure out how to make pasta now I’m just sobbing oh well
clau moben
clau moben Hónapja
Gennaro , you are the best !!! A wonderful person and a exceptional cook too . God bless you ❤️
Nayara Coca
Nayara Coca Hónapja
Oh I just wanted lunch, now I'm crying.
Nayara Coca
Nayara Coca Hónapja
After crying I made this It is SIMPLE. DELICIOUS. FAST. It's on my favourists now
Laknouz Hónapja
When he picked that nice big leafy lemon it was like Antonio was saying '' yes, I want the best only.. '' :"(
MY MEDIA Hónapja
I am so sorry. Respect and salute the lovely soul.
Sylvia Kemp
Sylvia Kemp Hónapja
I'm so sad too, we loved Antonio too. Xxx
pucas187 Hónapja
I love this man!
arkay Hónapja
I lost it when Gennaro's voice cracked...cried like a baby.
arkay Hónapja
I lost it when Gennaro's voice cracked...cried like a baby.
Patrick Barbera
Patrick Barbera Hónapja
I believe.
N LT Hónapja
This is really beautiful
Trevor Walsh
Trevor Walsh Hónapja
The amount of love and respect I have for Gennaro is as true as it gets.....like a favourite uncle......god bless you Gennaro Contaldo
Trevor Walsh
Trevor Walsh Hónapja
It breaks my heart
Martin Edholm
Martin Edholm 2 hónapja
Oh my gosh! What a fresh dish! Just made it myself after watching this video!
Gagandeep Singh
Gagandeep Singh 2 hónapja
I was happy for I was gonna learn a new Italian dish, now I have learned something more....🥺
Netti Gaming
Netti Gaming 2 hónapja
Tears in my eyes oh genaro xxxx
andy villatoro
andy villatoro 2 hónapja
i wanted to make some pasta al limone and i ended up crying.
Guillermo Perona Guerrero
Haven't cried for months. Till today.
Hau Truong
Hau Truong 2 hónapja
“memory memory memory”
Johnny Poison
Johnny Poison 2 hónapja
Endlich auch mal nachgekocht. Danke Florentin! Fun fact: Florentin liest hier alle Kommentare mit, schreibt aber nicht zurück weil er seine Fans hasst 👎
Faiz Khalifa
Faiz Khalifa 2 hónapja
Sitting on the beautiful Italian countryside with your eyes closed pondering about life. That is my goal for life
Wael Nawwal
Wael Nawwal 2 hónapja
Never question an old man on his emotions. Chances Are he means it. 😥 RIP Antonio Carluccio.
coooolibri 2 hónapja
that was really cute.
Denise Haupapa
Denise Haupapa 2 hónapja
Such a humble man, I wanna give you a hug 😊😊
Aaron Schroeder
Aaron Schroeder 2 hónapja
MusicDrummer 99
MusicDrummer 99 2 hónapja
Antonio was an amazing chef, one of the most cultured and heartwarming in my opinion. I always admired him, and being a culinary student, finding out he died on your birthday, just doesn’t feel right😔
Marta Duenas
Marta Duenas 2 hónapja
Best pasta al al limone recipe! I just finished eating it and it was Oh my God! Grazie Gennaro! You were lucky to have such a good friendship for so long! Bravo! Thank you for sharing.
Benedikt Grosch
Benedikt Grosch 2 hónapja
it's an amazing recipe, but Gennaro`s compasion and emition breaks my hart, every time....rest in peace segionere Carluccio....missing you
Alessandro Mol Luce
Amazingggg!!!! 🍋❤️
Rayalboon 2 hónapja
I tried making this dish today and added way too much chilli... Yes... i am crying because of the chilli... :'(
Zumrut kara
Zumrut kara 2 hónapja
ding dong
ding dong 2 hónapja
almost without ingredients. No protein at all
nKarje 2 hónapja
What were you expecting? This is 'Lemon Pasta' as listed in the title. Not 'beef cassarole'.
Suzie 2 hónapja
😩💔 Poor thing.. 💓..
prideofasia99 2 hónapja
We love you Gennaro!
Bikram Maan
Bikram Maan 2 hónapja
Awwwww thts 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
MrAbah105 2 hónapja
Omg... 😥
Milind Vatsa
Milind Vatsa 2 hónapja
Who would have thought that a cooking video can also make you cry.
P Scott
P Scott 2 hónapja
This episode is a homage to "Two Greedy Italians - Pork fillet with honey and ginger".
Jose Manuel Martin Garcia
Poor guy, such an emotional video.
Irish Trains
Irish Trains 2 hónapja
The way Antonio says 'that's lovely', is the cutest thing ever. Beautiful people, these two.
Ahsan Ullah
Ahsan Ullah 2 hónapja
You made me cry Gennaro. Love you 😍
htlwtnsw htlwtnsw
htlwtnsw htlwtnsw 2 hónapja
This is so sad! 😭💔
Ciro Pignalosa
Ciro Pignalosa 2 hónapja
Thank you Gennaro, questo video è davvero toccante tanto quanto deve essere buona la sua ricetta. Con affetto, un paesano che vive a Londra. Chissà che un giorno non la incontri a Londra per stringere la mano. Grazie per tutte le sue ricette e tutte le trasmissioni che seguo sempre.
joseph kirby
joseph kirby 2 hónapja
King David & Johnathan............................
Jens Christian Berner
I love this recipe and even more this beautiful episode in great memory of Antonio
Axt Xo
Axt Xo 2 hónapja
i really had to cry .. i only wish the best!❤️
es78xx 2 hónapja
Emir Balter
Emir Balter 2 hónapja
I wasnt expect that Gennaro you hurt me
47 chromosomes
47 chromosomes 2 hónapja
he wants you to be as good as him, and then he wants you to be better! and you can do it!
47 chromosomes
47 chromosomes 2 hónapja
he carried the italian cuisine, now its up to you to bring it further
madhuri bhadriraju
madhuri bhadriraju 2 hónapja
Both of them are my favorites. I had no idea these guys were friends until this video and I had no idea Antonio passed away until now and now I'm crying.
Linda Wentink
Linda Wentink 2 hónapja
Rina Swepson
Rina Swepson 3 hónapja
I just watched something so lovely and pure. So thankful I had this craving for lemon pasta. ❤️🍋 Thank you for sharing your beautiful memories and a great recipe.
Rafaele Medeiros
Rafaele Medeiros 3 hónapja
This video is so beautiful and emotional... I did this recipe at home, watching the video and remembering my father that I've lost 3 months ago... I cried a lot... but in the end it was delicious. The good memories of the loved ones never dies.
Josephine ?
Josephine ? 3 hónapja
Very touching😭😇
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