Let's Find Out Which Era Of Formula 1 Is The Quickest! 

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Dromedda Napja
me: learning how to drive from jimmy's videos Jimmy: we boged, CLUTCH KICK BABY! me: bogs also me: Sick clutch kick Instructor: Angry Hotel: Trivago
SuperPhönix LP
Fuck those gamplays .. just write it in the title!
simone caputo
simone caputo 2 napja
So sf1000 will be like 2007 level lol
Przemysław Ludkiewicz
link to the mod pls
Barry O' Toole
What game is this ? F12020?? Id love to try goodwood?? Jimmy??
TumpySquare 3 napja
Thoroughly enjoyed that, cheers
Ay Jimmer! Think u can do a Goodwood Sports Car vid?
Racing Legends
Yes!! Ayrton Senna is a true racing legend! His car was INSANE
Gizard Bigman
Gizard Bigman 8 napja
You should've used the Maserati 250f
Gizard Bigman
Gizard Bigman 8 napja
And the Lotus 72D
Ростислав Бенфиалов
What a music at the start and at the end
AppleLauda 9 napja
7:40 Lauda car❤️❤️❤️❤️
M_Thre3 9 napja
this dude genuinely sounds like an F1 commentator.
FocuseD 11 napja
EYYY!!! What you saying about Kimi! He is going to win is 2nd grand prix next year don´t you worry xD
Jazmin Duarte
Jazmin Duarte 11 napja
Nothing: The drivers: sh
andy smith
andy smith 12 napja
Love the video. How about the group b rally cars, my favourite car is the metro 6r4 if that can be included 👌
Darrin Pennington
Your commentary is better than the guys calling the race on TV
Snorri Logason
Snorri Logason 12 napja
Bugatti type 32, not 23
Mike Nguyen
Mike Nguyen 13 napja
"Don't take that seriously, for crying out loud" lol
weofnjieofing 13 napja
Nobody's going to miss the hybrid era. The rules prohibit anyone from challenging Mercedes dominance with their savage restrictions on development. It's been the status quo pretty much since 2014. Power units are overly complex, unexciting, heavy and too restrictive. Bio or synthetic fuels in n/a combustion engines excite and thst is the primary purpose of f1 to excite all senses.
Steve Wallis
Steve Wallis 14 napja
Valterri Shackas....? Surely "Huttas", right?
Jamie Alder-Martin
Would’ve been good to see the fw14 and the blown defuser cars aswell
First Lap Nutcase
Jimmy why don't you use FREEDOM units! MPH is the norm for us in England, change your options so we can see how fast you're going in mph
formulafan 15 napja
Perfect Just what I needed after this day to make it a bit better. Formula video + listening to the music I like (Delta Parole, Metallica and other) make me feel the speed and excitement!
Petr Fili
Petr Fili 15 napja
The best video on the channel. F2004 0-200 4.167 sec
Jasper Gerrits
Jasper Gerrits 16 napja
4 mins of yipping 1 run done you lost me enjoy watching ya own vid xD
Jasper Gerrits
Jasper Gerrits 16 napja
No GT cars, NO Touring Cars, No classic fancy dancy cars. YOU GET OUT. Don't Insult goodwood.
Stef Mirakel
Stef Mirakel 16 napja
VW I.D. R has left the chat...
Flynn Cameron
Flynn Cameron 17 napja
i would love a tt v10 hybrid f1 car
ProjectForged: MR2 Spyder
6:15 now that you said that I actually wanna take a kayak and make it a race car 🤣
Jahannam Solucionatics
A pity no 50s car was chosen, but excellent video
jokergonwild 18 napja
he uses all of the best cars until the last couple. wheres the redbull or mercedes??!!
Dirksen S
Dirksen S 19 napja
Der F2004 war mit Schumacher überragend! Das ist für mich der beste F1 Rennwagen.
JCL 19 napja
Late 80’s, early 90’s like that 642 make everything look like shite.
Robert R
Robert R 20 napja
the auto union type c is an absolute mad beast. It had a 6.5L supercharged V16 that ran on alcoholfuels. It was way ahead of its time. It could spin the wheels at 100mph and was sometimes fitted with 2 wheels to improve handling. It is an absolute monster
Andrew Hooker
Andrew Hooker 20 napja
“Sheddy Irvine” lol
that was a gamer moment
in this video we can hear the 2 ferrari v12 do the big *ree*
HG Channel
HG Channel 21 napja
ur voice is too much louder than the engine noise fyi. we wanna hear someone engine noise too as much as we love hearing you narrate
Andrew Christou
Andrew Christou 22 napja
Maybe you should race in the actual cars to make a proper comparison
Martin Riesco
Martin Riesco 23 napja
no love for alonso´s renaults ? :(
Daniel Lord
Daniel Lord 23 napja
Just wanna say, Goodwood is owned by an absolute prick. Bastard child of a former king. Walks around expecting you to salute him but tries to rob you of your holiday entitlement after he begs for help because he is oh so poor
Quinn Lessard
Quinn Lessard 23 napja
Did that Bugatti have open flames inside the cockpit? 😂
Mr. Aviator gaming
What game is this? I really wanna know
Kirk Brocas
Kirk Brocas 24 napja
Is this Assetto Corsa?
Erik Van
Erik Van 24 napja
Ow i see Assetto corsa
Erik Van
Erik Van 24 napja
Wich simgame is that?
autotalon 24 napja
What about the Williams FW14b?
DMO ARMY 27 napja
you use the brakes with your right not your left
kim torvs
kim torvs 28 napja
how can you not drive the mp4/4?
Jayden Ang
Jayden Ang 28 napja
why is the dials in car 9:52 sideways
Jacob 28 napja
An someone tell me what type asseta Cora’s this is
Robert Llinares Roldos
2004 v10 def the best!!
Calling Goodwood a hillclimb is just rediculous and an insult for every other hillclimb. It doesn't really have any elevation and it's shorter than the way from my couch to the toilet... PLUS! It's not about the quickest time, It's abouz exitement... Nowadays cars might be the quickest/fastest, but they are alsonthe least exiting. Not only because of their boring sound... 🤷🏻‍♂️
madrx2 29 napja
madrx2 29 napja
3:50 So much torque!
trautsj 29 napja
The names were the best part of the vid tbh lol
Roc_Ingersol 29 napja
Sheddy Irvine and Shedbastion Vettel :-)
Dat Finnish Guy
Dat Finnish Guy Hónapja
MrJanml Hónapja
Why didn't out try the ID-R?
Jack Badman
Jack Badman Hónapja
Such an Epic video Jimmer. Really enjoyed this one
Maxi Hónapja
No 2010-2013 car? Would have loved to see the comparison but maybe another time
Ossi Lyytikäinen
Suomalaisia mainittu! Torille!
TheStargoose Hónapja
Enjoyed this, interesting and fun.
Oli Duffell
Oli Duffell Hónapja
Shacky Ickx 😂
poromise Hónapja
Should've gone with Shedipe Massa for the Williams FW37
Blitzer112 Hónapja
where was Shacky Stewart?
Ad n minus
Ad n minus Hónapja
I went to good wood in 2018. I still have the ticket
Tobias Holst
Tobias Holst Hónapja
I want to se Audi sport quattro s1 rally car
Georg Pauls
Georg Pauls Hónapja
Bugatti goes pfffrrt!
Psymøn Hónapja
What a brilliant video idea that was super fun to watch
Wind of change
Wind of change Hónapja
Because S P E E D
Spaguette Lasagne
Oi oii we saw those names shed boi
Ford ' GT / 17
Ford ' GT / 17 Hónapja
The Mp4/13 😍 💞🔥💨 💦'
whale oil beef hooked
stfu. that's all
Meme Master
Meme Master Hónapja
What game is that?
Ruben von Saher
Ruben von Saher Hónapja
assetto corsa
Qbel !
Qbel ! Hónapja
1993 Williams would've been fantastic but still an amazing video
Teemu Hakala
Teemu Hakala Hónapja
Mika Häkkinen ja Kimi Räikkönen mainittu. TORILLE!
Almighty Dícksauce
Honestly wish you'd had a go in the MP4/4 instead of the 98T. Was there just no acceptable mod for that car available?
Josh Lee
Josh Lee Hónapja
Rally or le man cars
Alex Bourgeois
Alex Bourgeois Hónapja
Please do this with stock cars 😀
JusLane Gaming
JusLane Gaming Hónapja
yoe! jimmy, i like ypur set up, i hope i get one of those, always watching your vid
Chao Cui
Chao Cui Hónapja
Wow that was mesmerising to watch. I dunno if the IDR, or the 919 Evo are available for assetto but would be nice to see how they compare to the 2020 F1 car.
Slikx666 Hónapja
No 2020 Ferrari? Lol.
Fabrício de Oliveira
please make a video of that lotus on Detroit circuit!
Dan Hónapja
you've made a big mistake putting renault in front of all other cars. Should have used Merc or Red Bull for the final run
Andrew Hasler
Andrew Hasler Hónapja
Iracing grand prix legends when?
White _African_
White _African_ Hónapja
its about time we get out. are people really still worried about this virus thing? im not.
jvan Hónapja
RIP Sir Shacky Stewart.
That Defender 90
Vitor Ferreira
Vitor Ferreira Hónapja
The Ferrari V12 was one hell of an outlier...
keeqler Hónapja
Dude, shut up for a second, PLEASE.
Vincent Haller
Vincent Haller Hónapja
Nice nice, wouldve liked to have seen one of vettels winning cars
Jun Kitami
Jun Kitami Hónapja
No 1950s? No Mercedes W196 or the Maserati 250F or the Ferrari 500? Cars that made legends like Fangio, Ascari, Stirling Moss and Mike Hawthorn? I'm sad.
Zimmerson Hónapja
Whats the background music at 20:50, I looked on Amphobius and couldn't find that sick ass beat
XT Harvdubs
XT Harvdubs Hónapja
What game is that
dyson burt
dyson burt Hónapja
Merc decided to do there part in testing this in real life
Andrew Eldridge
Andrew Eldridge Hónapja
Where did you get that mod for the 90s v12 Ferrari?
dan dezinna
dan dezinna Hónapja
This was fantastic!!! That f2004 is incredible for its time !
Randhika Hónapja
imma big fan of kimi sheddinen
kurtis mengham
kurtis mengham Hónapja
God, I can't wait till I can get to FoS again. This was the first year I missed it since 2014.
Doodle_ Dan
Doodle_ Dan Hónapja
The fact that it took me 10 cars in to notice all the shed related pun names makes me feel sad. Nice job Jimmy I’m loving your content recently. Much love I hope you are feeling good
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