Lewis Hamilton 2006 Interview | Young Driver On His F1 Hopes And Dreams 

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A 21-year-old Lewis Hamilton on his hopes and ambitions for a future in F1, a few weeks before securing a drive for the 2007 F1 season with McLaren...
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saswath vijay
Kinda cool guy but the political views really are getting him hate but he doesn't seem to care about it. This didn't happen with the other greats like Schumi or Senna. Sure, some will actually like him for it but not all would. But nonetheless, he doesn't deserve the flack.
dongorgan69 2 napja
What a video, what a story. brilliant
Snowbally8 3 napja
7, Take it or leave it
SimRacing604 4 napja
Pfff... he clearly had the best car in GP2 /s
Flying Spagetti
LOL. 😂
javid akbar
javid akbar 4 napja
Hes the best ever!! Legend...love him Better than any previous British driver
lol shit
lol shit 4 napja
Imagine looking up to Jackie Stewart as a kid only to be clowned by him constantly just because he got surpassed as Britain's most successful driver.
Mitch Greve
Mitch Greve 4 napja
Getting his hair back is pretty impressive
Demrick Juelz
Demrick Juelz 5 napja
The real Taira Capeta story Bravo Lewis
Omar Alleyne
Omar Alleyne 5 napja
ahhh, right in the feels.
JF89 5 napja
A young man with a plan to become the greatest of his generation and one of the all time greats. This past weekend he removed any doubts from that. He has raised himself into schumacher, senna and Lauda status and will likely claim the all time record next year.
Luis 5 napja
Maybe in a decade or two, people will look back at how dominant he was and how many haters' ego he crushed whenever he wins his championships it's great to witness this kind of dominance especially when you're watching him since his days with McLaren
Charlie Stevens
Back when he still had his original accent
Flying Spagetti
If you go international, you must adapt your accent, so everyone can understand. I had a friend from UK and sometimes I can't understand what she said. 😁
Rick Falls
Rick Falls 5 napja
"I'll be happy with just one"😂 Gets 7...
Amin 6 napja
Absolutely relentless.. The aggressive attitude he had on track and the constant pressure he put himself through to always wanting to win races. The never giving up attitude. You can't be a 7 Time World Champion without having this killer mindset. It sets him apart from the rest of the drivers.. It's been an absolute pleasure to witness Hamilton's career..
r3al 6 napja
Christian Abanda Bella
There’s no coming second...
BadDay - Lets Plays
That Hamilton guy looks like he has some potential
utubedano 6 napja
Honestly it's been an absolute pleasure watching one of the greatest if not THE greatest. Never stop Lewis... Keep it going... Keep it up!
Sports Sphere
Sports Sphere 6 napja
When Lewis talks, one thing is undeniably evident - humility. I listened to him over and over again talking about Ron Dennis. He said at a stage, he became sort of a father figure. I don't care how talented or how much of potential you have; without modesty, especially in a team sport, I'm sorry to break the news to you - you will get nowhere. Well done Lewis! Remarkable indeed
Watching this and seeing the love he had for McLaren and all they did for him it must have been tough to walk away and go to a fledgling team like Mercedes. Arguably that's the best career move he could have made, but as he says, timing is everything.
Farhan Maleq
Farhan Maleq 6 napja
Most of us thought that Lewis Hamilton is no longer interested to continue racing after suffering a really bad season, back in 2012, but look at him now! He became F1's most decorated racer with 94 wins (and counting), 97 poles (and counting) and 7 titles (same as Michael Schumacher)! Ah, since Mercedes will re-use the W11, I think Lewis Hamilton could claim his record-breaking 8th title with even more challenges next year! His hard work since childhood is totally worth it this year... 😇
Jacinth Peter Portillo
This is the Pacquiao in Racing., Arguably the Greatest of all time.
Viva Muthanna
Viva Muthanna 6 napja
Lewis: pls help stop global warming and I really thank my family Also him: *USES 15 LUXURY CARS AND A CHATTERED AIRCRAFTS WHICH GIVES THE POLLUTION OF A SMALL COUNTRY IN AFRICA* Edit: he is still an amazing driver
Andrei Gabriel Marayag
I'm not a big fan of Lewis but this video makes me appreciate him more.
Invincible Celestial
the guy who says that he didn't study but in the end gets straight As in all subjects
Rig Owner Chungus
He miscalculated it
Weigner Leigner
Was that lewis with a Jheri curl?
Building on a Budget Models
So many amazingly prophetic things are discussed - considering the legacy of Senna and Schumacher, talking about 7 titles and even being Nico Rosberg's team mate! I think you see this and recognise that he was humble, determined and dedicated.
Jahmael Newell-G
Why do a few people state that they don't like Hamilton before complimenting him & and his achievements. We don't care about you not liking him, acknowledge and move on. It's pretty annoying.
King of Clay
King of Clay 6 napja
Longer hair Lewis Hamilton looks so much better but without those dreadlocks I mean with normal hair!
Sigma 6 napja
Young boy
Michael 6 napja
Gong Zero
Gong Zero 6 napja
This is so inspirational. It makes my heart happy.
gert fukked
gert fukked 6 napja
Love this guy
Mikaela Anderson
he deserves the 7 titles
5:01 HAH
Alex 6 napja
This is from the time when he wasn't repressed yet.
Kagouras Z. 20
*legend* ✊🏾💯⚡🌟
larry N
larry N 6 napja
He is 7 times happy now
Finn Koopman
Finn Koopman 6 napja
But max is better
Calogero Ingiaimo
WoW Lewis ... 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑
sheldon dsouza
hey this Lewis fellow is pretty cool and chill, hope he wins a title in f1!
Varun Gaur
Varun Gaur 6 napja
2006: You are little kid, man 15 Years Ago 2021: Man, you are legend!!!
Pratham Surani
Liar 😑💯🔥❤
Rafi Haifan
Rafi Haifan 6 napja
this kid looks promising. i wonder if he'll fulfill his dreams in the future?
Andre Gant
Andre Gant 6 napja
His character and his driving have been consistent. In this video his demeanor and appreciation for everything is the same as today. You’d have to go out of your way to dislike him.
Curious Cat
Curious Cat 6 napja
What a legend, what a champion. No wonder he´s achieved so much. He had highs, he had lows, he kept going and getting better, that´s why he keeps improving on pace, consistency, lack of mistakes. Congrats Hamilton on your 7th world title.
JJ Soko
JJ Soko 6 napja
Incredible interview :)
Daneilo Mcdonald
We need to stop comparing this guy with other legends and just enjoy watching him rewrite history
Faouzi 7 napja
No doubt that he will be champion for the eighth time next year
And yet, after all this with people going out of their way to help Lewis’ career, the world is racist and he’s a victim?!
Gianni Coleiro
This kid is gonna be a star in the future
Mesum Naqvi
Mesum Naqvi 7 napja
Guy's voice has been the same for more than 14 years!!
ShuriKunai 7 napja
This Hamilton guy looks like he could win 7 world championships.
Alex Dunbarr
Alex Dunbarr 7 napja
People who hate this guy seriously have mental issues.
M T 6 napja
You're right about that and they've been around desperately denying his talent since day 1, which makes his success today all the more glorious.
Andi S
Andi S 7 napja
Senna after Williams keep winning : I've the RIGHT to WIN Schumacher after 7 championships with Ferrari : I'm tired of winnings. Hamilton after 7 championship with Mercedes: I want to win everything ! Hamilton only limit is he doesn't want to race after 40, that's 5 years from now so he could potentially win 3-4 more championships then retire.
Vijay Kanta
Vijay Kanta 7 napja
Hamilton needs to also thank his predecessors Kimi and Schumacher who left their seats to allow his greatness to be unleashed.
zerone sBinnala
His father must be proud, I'm not a fan of hamilton but I'm greatful we have him in the sport.
Vinicius Magalhães
Explained why he isn’t happy anymore...
Imran Ali
Imran Ali 7 napja
What a nice looking fellow, I feel like he would be a 7x f1 world champion
Josef Cvaniga
Josef Cvaniga 7 napja
DeJuan S
DeJuan S 7 napja
F1 fans are eternally grateful for finding a young Hamilton.
Conner Kelly
Conner Kelly 7 napja
It's gotta be one of the coolest feelings in the world knowing you supported one of the greatest in the world. All those guys on the pitwall cheering get to say to their children and family that they had the pleasure of taking part in this legacy. A team sport indeed
David Fernandez
I feel jelaous when I’m washing dishes and taking the garbage out.
FP Villegas
FP Villegas 7 napja
6 of his Titles came during the Hybrid era. Just saying.
F1 Greatest Come Back: Lewis Hamilton's HairLine
S.J.L.87 7 napja
Lewis in 2006 "I'II be happy with one world title" Lewis in 2020 "Hold my 7 world titles"
H W-T 7 napja
So unloveable
Aleksandr Markov
Lewis 2021: I was most happy when I never had a title.
Sean McManus
Sean McManus 7 napja
I replayed the clip of him saying “I’d be happy with 1 title” like 7 times for it to make sense to me
rstar345 7 napja
4:58 😮😮
Albertus Nathan Widjaja
binnoto has 127 accounts
Dug 7 napja
5:01 Narrator: It was!
I AM AVIN 7 napja
If he wins next season he would probably become the GOAT
kdm313 7 napja
Wow talking about Surreal
Hudbudmudsud 7 napja
Imagine if this guy goes back to Mclaren.
Lucas Rabelo
Lucas Rabelo 7 napja
That buzz cut makes him look like he's very old
leomessiful 7 napja
Lewis has gotten in there
Federico T
Federico T 7 napja
Please @f1 have Lewis watch this video and film his reaction it would be awesome
pandu sanjaya
pandu sanjaya 7 napja
The best racer ever
Ste P
Ste P 7 napja
I don't like the celebrity thing with Lewis , but I believe that he is outstanding in a F1 car , so consistent, I honestly don't think we will ever see a driver like Lewis again , in every detail he gives his all , and for that I tip my hat to him !!!!
Patrick Buder
Patrick Buder 7 napja
I'm not the biggest Lewis Hamilton Fan, but that way very nice and gute.Congrat for your 7th title🤗😙
Carlitox b
Carlitox b 7 napja
so proud of you, since your amazing comeback in Istanbul 2006 to your 7th title in Istanbul 2020 I've never doubt your talent
manchair 7 napja
Guys it's not a cereal, stop milking it so much!!
aspire 7 napja
He was human in this interview. now is just robot.
Jenn 7 napja
Hamilton a robot??? He shows more emotions than any driver actually. You guys are weird. Just today he posted a video reflecting on the day. He is the most « romantic/dramatic » driver in any category. You clearly don’t know what a robot is. Kimi is a robot. Hamilton is human. Sometimes even too human, he spends his days showing his weaknesses.
I still don't know what happened to his relations with his father. Explain in details, please!
Jaiden Darkoh
Jaiden Darkoh 7 napja
love this guy man
VC YT 7 napja
I seen him on tv once, he's a race driver i think.
TowersJ Gaming
What if I told you the greatest comeback story didn't come on the racetrack 🦱
Schyderap 7 napja
He was a smart kid. Down to earth and focused.
Luc Williams
Luc Williams 7 napja
5:00 well well well😂
craig chapman
craig chapman 7 napja
Very mature even back then
zocker3119 7 napja
Seeing this makes me pretty emotional, I mean I started watching formula 1 in the early 2000s but this kid really got me hooked since 2007. Although he missed out by one point in the first year I couldn't help myself but believe this guy has something very special. It makes me proud to see how far he has come. Even through the hard years at mclaren after 2008 i always believed in him that he could claim the top. Even when he struggeld and he seemed lost. He never failed to pull something extraordinary out of the bag like Nürburgring 2011, Hungary 2013, Monza Quali 2017, Hockenheim 2018, Singapur Quali 2018 or the race last weekend only to mention a few. For me he is the greatest ever and he will forever be my childhood hero.
Wiikeli 7 napja
Lewis you did it 7 champions. In my opinnion best driver of all time.
Johna Smith
Johna Smith 7 napja
Official goat
Drift 7 napja
This was such a great video. Shows how determined Lewis was and still is. He's on a whole other level.
Rubben Donart
Rubben Donart 7 napja
1:36 I stopped my job with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
JSinghSindhar 7 napja
I never thought i would see anybody clinch Schumachers record......what an era.....thank you Lewis #44
ErminMe24 7 napja
he looks like a nice guy. Hopefully he get‘s a competitive car to win one or two races and get a number two driver.
Dylan Maggott
Dylan Maggott 7 napja
Back when Nico being in F1 was surreal to Lewis. Oh how far we have come
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