Lewis Hamilton Interview After Winning His Seventh Formula 1 World Championship 

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Lewis Hamilton sits down for an in-depth interview with Lawrence Barretto in the aftermath of his historic seventh world championship win, in which he talks about the 2020 season, equalling Michael Schumacher's record, his plans for the future and much more.
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Chu Chu
Chu Chu 2 órája
sory i just dont like this guy
Jon Hill
Jon Hill Napja
What a bloke, humble, dignified, ignores the haters. A true champion 🏆
Benjo Napja
I’d like to see Hamilton sign a contract with McLaren or Renault and if he is still world champion, then he deserves the GOAT title. At this point, it’s all about the car.
Flying Spagetti
@Benjo and winning WDC always mean you have the best car. What a logic.
Benjo Napja
@Flying Spagetti Winning WCC does not always mean you have the best car. It’s a lot more than that.
Flying Spagetti
He won his first WDC with McLaren in 2008. It's Ferrari that won the WCC, so McLaren was not the best car.
SumR4ndom Napja
Build the man an X-Wing
Surely they could have conducted this interview without the face masks.
@Flying Spagetti It's nice to be able to see somebodies face, see their expressions and really feel what they are saying. It was great interview. It will be a shame to look back on it in the future and have Lewis' face hidden behind a mask.
Flying Spagetti
Why not?
franchica Napja
The way Lewis keeps saying, "I definitely still want to be here next year" makes me think he might not be here next year 😔
Eric George
It's a genuine honour to see Lewis re-write the record books. What a driver and such a classy guy too.
Cheslyn Wesson
Probably because merc didn't hit there limit
Flying Spagetti
Next year car is the same this year car.
B A 2 napja
What an amazing role model. Very humble and very sincere. Amazing to see him at the top!
Nick Zimmerman
He needs a movie about him
Вася 2 napja
Lewis needs to drop a trapaholics mixtape
Damien 2 napja
I was never a Hamilton fan or a hater but as a Formula 1 fan we must admit that this guy is a CHAMPION not only on the track but also the way he speaks about other matters as well.
Captain Luds
Captain Luds 2 napja
No of course not. You need a competitor in a competitive car to reach that. Mercedes made you Lewis. You DID NOT MAKE MERCEDES. Have no illusions. And you cannot even remotely compete with Michael Schumacher's achievements. Not even close. LOL
Ricky Wang
Ricky Wang 3 napja
i just wanna focus on what hes saying, get rid of that annoying bgm
Alex_Soto 3 napja
While all these people waste time on hating Lewis I’m enjoying his legacy seeing it with my eyes and glad to be a part of this generation to see this happening.
Alex_Soto 3 napja
10 is very possible before he leaves
MattEightSix 3 napja
Keep going Lewis.
x00070545 3 napja
leiws you are the goat
Karthik Chinnasami
Pure talent, is what made him what he is today. One of the greatest F1 drivers of all time. Especially from where he came from. 👏🏽👍🏽
Kay Reezy
Kay Reezy 3 napja
Simply Manish
Simply Manish 3 napja
You are an inspiration bro,you inspire many people around the world,I am big fan of you sharing the same day of birth that is 7th Jan...My best wishes to you always....Achieve more greater heights.
Nasiba Rahmatova
I watched this interview 3 times with goosebumps and I am sure I will watch it over and over again. Lewis will stay in the sport a few more years, but knowing that one day he will retire already makes me sad
Alex Dunbarr
Alex Dunbarr 4 napja
“It doesn’t matter where you start, but where you finish” - Lewis Hamilton, F1 Goat
S. G.
S. G. 4 napja
That sweater 😍😍😍
Andrew Leighton-
You r the best Lewis keep going you no you can do it mate am wife you all the way
Fart Vader
Fart Vader 4 napja
With the right team, he can still win 1 or 2 more championships, even more maybe.
Joshua Phillips
I really like Lewis man.
Elvis 4 napja
I love this man. His doing all the right things!
Horng Jian Bee
I wanna see him go other teams and win.
Flying Spagetti
He was won his first WDC in 2008 with McLaren, the second best car. The 2008 winner was Ferrari.
BuuGz 4 napja
Lewis we all know you are great and all, but ffs just leave F1 or take a break till 2022.. let us enjoy at least 2021....without you there would actually be a fight for the top...
Flying Spagetti
You should ask the others to up their game.
Mighty Megatron
You mean the Mercedes hasn't reached it's limit yet don't you.
Flying Spagetti
Arnold Vaz
Arnold Vaz 4 napja
I think we can hit up Elon for that space ride
Made Bilan Asasia Binov
9:09 classic 'now kiss' meme
Noodle22767 4 napja
Incredible talent, inspiring and humble. I'm glad I get to see history being made 👍
Stephen Ochieng
This is beautiful on so many level!
spaceme0w 4 napja
Really inspiring, he has matured so much in the last few years :)
Darren AM
Darren AM 4 napja
Lewis is now without doubt the greatest driver of the modern era. I dont think he has finished yet either. In truth, he probably should have won a couple more as well. He is odds on to win next year as well and it wouldn't surprise me if he got into double figures with world titles. Well done Lewis, massive respect to you and your team....peace to ya.
jonathan hans
jonathan hans 4 napja
He will hit the limit when Mercedes got nerfed by the FIA like they did to Ferrari back in 2005 after total dominance in 2004, even Michael struggled in that car after dominating the grid in 2004. No hate tho, Lewis is once in a lifetime talent but the car certainly plays 50 more or less percent in someone driving success, so we will see what happens in the future.
Flying Spagetti
FIA was already change the rule but Mercedes was the first team that could adapt the new rule. So they always win.
Mighty Megatron
Thank you.
Art Farmer
Art Farmer 4 napja
Thumbs up for all the fans that waited for him to announce retirement immediately after the win in Turkey.
#It's Ok to be Dutch
Such a shame that a talent like Lewis, is such an insufferable whining little snowflake. I can't wait to see him retire.
Flying Spagetti
Formula 1 and Mercedes support him. They even paint his car black. Because it's about humanity and equality.
#It's Ok to be Dutch
@lighterfire Why? Yes he's the greatest. Now let him have that and let him go home with his wokespeech, support for terrorists, marxists and overall douchbag attitute. Please Lewis, go home.
lighterfire 4 napja
christ almighty calm down
Hugh Janus
Hugh Janus 5 napja
All the money in the world can't change the fact that "she" was born a girl. Just another Trans for the fame and fortune. Must be turmoil to live like that...👹 Doubt if this will end well.
Flying Spagetti
What are you on?
Ciex7 5 napja
Sir Lewis Hamilton one of Englands greatest assets and treasures an unbelievable 7 time world champion and ambassador of F1 sport. He is the greatest of all time and even his detractors have to respect what he does in the car and on the track... Hamilton Wolf and Mercedes are the ultimate dream team and beyond greatness thanks for the epic entertainment and congrats on #7. Now lets go get #8
Cody Zanini
Cody Zanini 5 napja
Why are they wearing masks? Because of the flu? Don’t people realize masks do nothing? This is officially a new world order.
Flying Spagetti
This virus already killed more than one hundred doctor and nurse in my country. I had some friend that doctor and nurse. They was very sad that ignorant people like you eliminate their sacrifice.
Jebediah Gentry
And that's why I'm a Lewis Hamilton fan.
fillsgarage 5 napja
What a great interview. We are witnessing history in front of our eyes. What Lewis is doing will never be done again. He makes it look easy because he is so focused but it is an absolute masterpiece. Get in there Lewis.
Sean Calvillo
Sean Calvillo 5 napja
I don't mind the way he is as long as he is genuine.. if it's genuine and he really cares as much for the person on the team who is cleaning his toilet to the chief engineer then that's awesome bc there definitely isn't enough people like that in this world
Flying Spagetti
He always thank his team first. To everyone in the pit and the factory.
jophiel chua
jophiel chua 5 napja
Formula One's GOAT👍🏻
LS 5 napja
Great video
Bryzo4_20 5 napja
I would give my my left arm just to spend 5 minutes with Lewis Hamilton just me and him. Wow i wish.
Fabz 5 napja
You mean to say,them years were just practice moad...legendary 💯
Pumpkin King
Pumpkin King 5 napja
Come to Indianapolis and let's see what you got.
Julien DeFrance
Great Champs 💪👊
Criss Christoff Smith
Lewis Hamilton, a legend and classic man who is far beyond his years in wisdom and talent. The GOAT in Formula One Racing who will be remembered for all times. I think the British royal family should knight him Sir Lewis Hamilton! The Haters on here show how many people are jealous and envious of this man. They could Never achieve less than 1% of what he has proven time and time again.
Busta Manz
Busta Manz 5 napja
How can he say that a "white" kid has better education than a "black" kid i love lewis but this idea wrong all children in the united kingdom have the same education yes possibly different backgrounds but education is all the same come on lewis 😶😶
Busta Manz
Busta Manz 4 napja
@Kieran 😂
Kieran 5 napja
Not really your place to say that as a white guy that hasn't suffered with diversity. If you don't see it or accept it you're part of the problem.
yco67 5 napja
people who dislike this guy, are living this life in the wrong lane..
Bee 5 napja
He has tremendous wisdom and humility which is very attractive and says so much. A true hero and a leader.
Terious Cesc
Terious Cesc 5 napja
that mentality of always feeling like you have to work and prove yourself every day is what defines the greatest athletes this sick drive to constantly improve is such an amazing skill that not many have, so enjoy these A types like Hamilton, Lebron, Ronaldo, Messi, etc. they don't come around often.
BPC 5 napja
0:07 the dog has a shirt 🤣
Paulo Gouveia
Paulo Gouveia 5 napja
You just wait till vasterfen joins Mercedes its game over, black lives matter lol
Emil Dahl
Emil Dahl 5 napja
moizzkhan 5 napja
When will he become Sir Lewis Hamilton?
Flying Spagetti
This new year.
Reckless Brad
Reckless Brad 5 napja
For some people, me included, the continuous 'this is an epic moment' music does nothing but distract from the interview. Lewis is epic, no need to amplify it with music for the whole length of the video.
Alfonso Romero
Truly great driver and human. Hasnt Mercedes thougt Checo Perez as an ideal partner for Lewis? He beat a Strolls and a disloyal and treacherous team with quality driving and enormous heart. Beat Vetstapens arrogance and 4 times champi
Alfonso Romero
Champion racing at top form in the worst conditions. Please consider this for the 2021 season.
Brian Berezowski
A CLASS ACT! Lewis speaks so eloquently. He UNDERSTANDS it's a TEAM effort. Very graceful and gracious. A CLASS ACT!
ivorbukovac 5 napja
If I drove the Mercedes I'd be a champion too. Let's see you in a less competitive arrangement...
Flying Spagetti
Are you better than Bottas? LOL. 😂
Vinícius Rodrigues
One thing I can't stand about sport fans is that they never wanna admit that there ir a new GOAT. LH is the new GOAT, he is the new absolute peak of sucess in his sport, and he should be treated as such. I think it will take some time to people realize the impact that this man caused.
Alvan Karpas
Alvan Karpas 5 napja
...said the guy who got beat by Nico Rosberg driving the same car.
Flying Spagetti
Yes. Beaten 3-1 then run away with tail between his leg. 😁
SNOOPY 5 napja
Sorry Max Verstappen, your WDC will have to wait a little longer
Ebochanba 30
Ebochanba 30 5 napja
I think lewis had learnt from his rivalry with nico that he can't leave any stones unturned
Dalisu Ngobese
A True Champion
TTaglo 5 napja
Cristiano must be so happy
dreamcast 5 napja
You know I really didnt like him but thats also because I have never seen a long interview with him. I think a lot of the thigs he said I could sign just like that. A+
P Wellington
P Wellington 5 napja
@LewisHamilton the amount of work you do put in is indeed the reasons, added to your natural abilities. Study and hard work do pay off. So proud of you to see you growing up into the MAN you have become. I recall when you were dating Nicole and she spoke and wrote as well said some harsh words about you. I believe she is much older than you are and realised that she was the immature one. You have reached great heights as well as at Mercedes with Toto Wolf because you have put in the hard work with your talents - you have not rested on your laurels and neither has Toto nor Mercedes: “the heights that great men have reached and kept, were not attained by sudden flights, but they, whilst their companions slept, were toiling upwards in the night..”. That is how one achieves greatness. I may have offended some in the past for daring to quote that single Ferrari’s success, but I was trying to explain what it takes to make GREAT champions, which is who you are Lewis Hamilton and MercedesAMGF1. Well done LewisHamilton. This is only the beginning, as I have told you in the past. There is still a long way to go. I hear around London and elsewhere that you are the most influential black 🇬🇧. For me, “black” is not correct: you are inspiring everyone everywhere and every type, class, colour and creed. You have reached great heights - and this is just the start. Driving is just the tool to get you there. (PS: no more tattoos for I think you are making people from everywhere stand up and look now; the signal has reached all around the block, I think). Well done young man - how proud your mother and father and step mother with your brothers must be today; well done: Pride of Britain and World; embrace who you are: both white and black salute you, Great Britain who you are.
wolfe1970 5 napja
Lewis the GOAT Thats was a cracking interview and very insightful
Nefekto 5 napja
The background music is just too annoying, would rather only listen to Lewis without such distractions
ShotsFired andMissed
He's a really lucky soul, congratulations
Wynton Harrell
Congratulations to the King Lewis Hamilton on his 7th World Title. The hard work and determination has paid off!!!!!
Billy Bob John
I recall Tommy Hilfiger being kicked out of Oprah Winfrey's show for making racist remarks, so if black lives matter you know what's there to do.
Rafael Evangelista
If nico wasn't the no. 1 driver of mercedes in 2016, he must be 8th time world champion
Abbey M
Abbey M 5 napja
Lewis once said negative and hating people gives him courage him to respond to them through winning races because this is what he knows from his young age in Stevenage. They no longer bother him
Marc Hamann
Marc Hamann 5 napja
Honestly if after Vettels 4th titel somebody came up to me and told me that not him, but Lewis Hamilton would be the most winningest Driver at the end of the decade, i would've called him insane. Hands down best driver ever. So much respect for his work ethic and his overall behavior on and off the track. What i respect most about it all is, that he won all of the titels in a fair fashion. He never went out of bounds always stayed classy. Respect.
Bruh 5 napja
The people who said it's his car , just remember he was faster in his kart than this year's Williams
EVA FARIOU 5 napja
Schumi is the King of F1!!! Ham is the Prince!
demad777 5 napja
He (44) is the goat, from a Schumacher fan!
Floam 5 napja
He is such a genuin person
stuart smith
stuart smith 6 napja
Lewis aged 35 winning his 7th WDC. Probably sign another 3 yr contract with Mercedes, till the end of the 2023 season. He might then sign a 3 yr contract ending in 2026, experiencing the new engine regs. He can then retire, or sign another 3 yr contract, ending in 2029, then retiring at age #44 . Possible max extra 9 yrs, might win at least half, another 5 WDC, bringing his titles to at least 12 WDC.
Shane Hawkins
Shane Hawkins 6 napja
I am in no way, shape, or form a Lewis fanboy..but watching this video, I truly believe this man is an incredible and humble human being. He is so confident and steadfast in his values, and I truly believe that he will achieve more and more and more on and off the track. Arise, Sir Lewis. Not just because of F1 achievements, but for having the courage to make a difference where other people are scared and have no voice.
seemano 6 napja
Respect Lewis for what he has achieved. But Schumi is the greatest.
Dr Chad ThunderCock
The limit is Mercedes, lets not kid ourselves here.. In any other car he would still be a 1 time champion..
Flying Spagetti
Former Ferrari president Luca Montezemolo said that Ferrari could win if Hamilton drive for them.
Un Available
Un Available 6 napja
This is AWESOME News, But Who Else is Anxiously Awaiting Hamilton's 8TH CHAMPIONSHIP WIN IN 2021 ?
beyond the wheel
Are the masks really necessary for this interview
Flying Spagetti
Yes. To encourage people to wear mask.
Kyle DL
Kyle DL 6 napja
Cmon Father time is unbeaten. Hamilton is currently at his top peak but even thats debateable. No ones had a better career than him lol
Marcos Ventimilla
One could very well appreciate his humble words without having to like racing at all
Jv Hotblast
Jv Hotblast 6 napja
Why did 248 not like this?
Flying Spagetti
Marcelo Acero
Marcelo Acero 6 napja
The real number one!
I wasn't alive to see Fangio or Mclaren or so many of the other greats. But we were alive to see Schumacher and Hamilton win 7 WDC... Hamilton is far from my favorite (hehe grew up with Alonso), but it's still incredible to be witnessing this.
Greg Simon
Greg Simon 6 napja
One of the greatest guys in racing, a true talent. Congratulations Lewis.
RickerdTM 6 napja
I puke on people like Lewis.
Flying Spagetti
Leon DeSilva
Leon DeSilva 6 napja
Bless him. At 16:35 his voice cracks and eyes gets teary as he knows he didnt get the chance to do that with his other dog because she passed away.
Leon DeSilva
Leon DeSilva 6 napja
i really dont understand when people call him a spoil brat
Flying Spagetti
They just envy.
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