Lewis Hamilton Matches Michael Schumacher's Incredible Win Record | 2020 Eifel Grand Prix 

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A feat that seemed impossible: Lewis Hamilton wins his 91st race in F1 on Sunday at the Nurburgring, equalling Michael Schumacher's all-time record.
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Oscar Plata
Respect to this champion, humble and gracious in victory
ZakwanYT 2 napja
Hamilton - 6 world champions / 91 wins Schumacher - 7 world champions / 91 wins Sebastian Vettel - 4 world champions /still 53 wins Total world champions: 17 Total race wins: 235
thatdamntime 3 napja
Humble Lewis is best Lewis
Junior NSRDER 3 napja
This better of player for car
Junior NSRDER 3 napja
Do It Record and Schumacher ?
Miguel Games
Miguel Games 3 napja
Lewis hamliton is going to retire this Year!
Platoon 3 napja
I'm brown, I'm so ecstatic that the fastest is a person of color
JustSomeSalt Boi
Don’t realize it yet Lewis when you realize youre great that’s when you get complacent
niko snead
niko snead 4 napja
As a man of color I am so proud of Hamilton.
D's RC
D's RC 4 napja
So does that mean he has the world record the most champagne popped also ??
Maxxwell Dav
Maxxwell Dav 5 napja
Much Respect for Shumi Jnr
Pablo Sarmiento
Carreras eran las de antes dónde había competencia. Hoy en la fórmula uno no hay competencia las carreras es competencia acá no hay competencia...
Revolution NOW
Michael is still the greatest the real GOAT. It's easy to win in a unbeatable car. Try doing it in a 90s beneton like Schumacher did . Now that's impressive . That being said . Hamilton is a great driver .
Keep being salty!🤡🧂
Tzeff's Main Channel
I feel wonderful to see this Living Legend at work on the racetracks! :D
Peter Lopez
Peter Lopez 7 napja
The matter will get set for ever soon...
Saiful Saiful
Saiful Saiful 7 napja
Petronas oil la rojas world champions⛽🏎️motogp el diablo👿😈⛽🏍️👍👍
Tachiin Baez
Tachiin Baez 7 napja
Felicitaciones bro. Más que merecido !!!
WhyNot 7 napja
The technology in the car is the reason why Lewis is winning. NOT the greatest driver either, just lucky to be in the driving seat.
Junior Rosberg
And Michael won his championships in a garbage truck and not lucky to be in his seat?🤡🧂
Samuel Sam
Samuel Sam 7 napja
Never give up Lewis
Shubham Pathak
Best car, best team & no competitor - and now they are matching Schumi's legacy. F1 is dying. Move to Moto GP as the real racing and action is there.
1747CT 8 napja
I wonder if he’s getting bored of the champagne celebration.
Pat176 8 napja
Wait, 1:48, who's you? I mean who's the interviewer
Sarang Tambe
Sarang Tambe 6 napja
David Coulthard I think.
Chris Norfolk
Chris Norfolk 8 napja
that helmet was used when bono was Michael's engineer before lewis
JJ Chrismer
JJ Chrismer 8 napja
JUST A FAST CAR.... ANY ONE CAN BE WORLD CHAMPION WITH HIS CAR Mclaren: 2008: 5 wins, 2009: 2 wins, 2010: 3 wins, 2011: 3 wins, 2012: 4 wins. - Mercedes: 2013: 1 wins, 2014: 11 wins, 2015: 10 wins, 2016: 10 wins, 2017: 9 wins, 2018: 11 wins, 2019: 11 wins, 2020: 7 wins...
WAZ 8 napja
The best. You are voice for all hearing. You are rigth when speaking about problem serius in ours society.
lajos juhász
lajos juhász 8 napja
mercedes ,not was and not shall/been with cheating in the real life cant to advance ,cheated more times once paid 100 mill to the ferrari a d so won
Michael Peters Fenwicks
Stay humble and focused lewis👌
Tsepo Kotelo
Tsepo Kotelo 9 napja
Get your money, Black Man!
Anyone else upset that Daniel recardio didn’t do a shoey
Ferdi Posch
Ferdi Posch 9 napja
Schumacher or Senna never took a knee to anything or anyone. Niki would have probably smacked the kid for doing that. Maybe Hamilton has the most wins, but he does not have the class than some of the other "Greatest of all Times".
DayWalker 5
DayWalker 5 9 napja
Lewis is a racist!!
Leonard Gleicher
He is nothing more than a fake. I want to see all those numbers in a Williams. Is just a perfect car. Nothing else.
Károly Botos
Károly Botos 9 napja
Black Lucky Man! :) Schumi is a genius!
Mister Unknown
For me Senna is GOAT!
apache mimi
apache mimi 10 napja
Big up..upwards and onward!..congratulations!
Hoten Hitonokoe
Hoten Hitonokoe 10 napja
Tapetes Personalizados
Poderiam filmar fazendo a tatuagem do chefe da Renault e parabéns a Hamilton piloto completo
Kevizzle05 10 napja
Lewis Hemelt On.
WADU HEK 10 napja
Hamilton??? Mercedes for sure
Enrique A
Enrique A 10 napja
La pequeña diferencia entre Schumy y Hamilton es que Schumy se lo gano a pulso siendo uno de los más grandes pilotos , y Hamilton es siempre ayudado por toda la fórmula 1 , a tal grado de que la f1 en la actualidad está echa para Mercedes y Hamilton,... así de simple,...
sennadasilva11 10 napja
I once thought Michael's number of race wins was unassailable but Lewis has been relentless in his pursuit of perfection. An absolutely incredible achievement. 😎👍🏆
Silent Night
Silent Night 10 napja
So proud of LH.
Maxi F
Maxi F 10 napja
Mission 91 is complete let's Go to take the Portimão Gp win & 98 poles Schumi can't pushing out of the F1 World Record book he will stay there forever as like a younger Faster Hamilton Ricc with Nr. 3 take his first podium after Monaco 2018 Renault first podium since Fernando & Lotus Renault Grosjean
Robbie Pullan
Robbie Pullan 10 napja
By the time this man retires, he will be the greatest of all time by some margin.
C.A_macho Carvalho
*nunca mais eu vi uma corrida pq parei de assistir a globo*
Edgar Terán
Edgar Terán 10 napja
Michael Schumacher 🏁🏎🍾🇩🇪🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆👍🏻💪🏻☝🏻 is, and will continue to be, the BEST DRIVER in all of F1 HISTORY. No matter what Lewis's showy, whiny, overrated showboy does or doesn't do 🤫
Silent Night
Silent Night 10 napja
I would like to see YOU do better.
Crystal R
Crystal R 10 napja
I like how Hamilton isn’t that much a brat and actually shows respect to schmi and senna
Tiago 10 napja
Hamilton and Senna, my heros.
Mark Morgan
Mark Morgan 10 napja
Ever since his record breaking F3 season winning 15 of 20 races in same spec cars he was destined to rewrite the record books. Let's enjoy a current legend.
Pj Harrington
Pj Harrington 10 napja
Schumacher son next when Ferrari get great again he going be super Hamilton record will be beaten
Youssef Rihane
Youssef Rihane 10 napja
Where was the shouy
J.Young 10 napja
Very classy comment section Gentlemen. Loving the positive vibes.
Luca Cianfanelli
Hemilton sulla Ferrari è un sogno
Timothy Wanjohi
Timothy Wanjohi 10 napja
They will not hand anyone his helmet in future because no one will ever beat it
Fabiana Quinteros
speedGmaster 10 napja
Get in there Lewis
Roy Szweda
Roy Szweda 10 napja
In my mind few if any (4 wheels or 2) can match Hamilton's ability to translate determination into results. However, I also wonder whether his grand total of wins beat that of Schumacher months ago. MS won five races in 97 but his antics with JV meant he lost all his points. So, did this include the wins? If so, and my sums are correct, he officially has 91-5, 86 wins... It is all an irrelvance because Hamilton will exceed the ton soon putting him out of reach of anyone for the foreseable future. Not only that, all of his success has been built on integrity and commitment to the spirit and honour of sportsmanship which is not something I could say about other drivers down the years.
Anderson Ribeiro Ribeiro
Ángel Torres Ruíz
Barn Star
Barn Star 10 napja
He will be the first to 100 for sure. He may even get his poles there too, that would be something else!
Nelson batista,RIBEIRO
......I already knew.....
Nelson batista,RIBEIRO
....eu já sabia....
Ze'ev Ben-Bassat
I saw Michael and in my personal opinion Lewis drove better!
86 Official
86 Official 10 napja
I find this unfair. My fave driver is Schumi. He had SOME competition. Lewis had everything we could only DREAM of as kids. Plus no competition whatsoever between 2014 and nowadays, where hes scored most of his wins.
niuean3000 9 napja
Let's not compare them, let's appreciate what both drivers did
Sloth 10 napja
I'm Single 😍😥
Mariam Jin
Mariam Jin 10 napja
You have to admit he is the best driver
Jovan P
Jovan P 10 napja
We have a new GOAT! Haters gonna hate! They've done everything they could to stop him (penalties, injustices etc), but wasn't enough! He will have over 120 wins if he stays healthy! 🎉🎊🏎🏁
Silent Night
Silent Night 10 napja
Truest of words.
daedraq 10 napja
It would be a nice gesture of Hamilton to gift his 91st win helmet to the Schumachers.
Shimeih 10 napja
"it's just because he's in the best car" they say but don't even consider that Bottas has only managed to get 9 wins in F1. That's the same as max. Since 2017, let that sink in. Lewis Hamilton is a very skilled driver and if you disagree I would encourage you to watch his rookie season. Beat a two time reigning world champion as a rookie and lost by 1 point. If that's not Legendary then I don't know what is.
Punkie RR
Punkie RR 8 napja
Exactly! No rookie will ever do what he did, ever again! 😂
Ice Angel
Ice Angel 10 napja
Humble champion, and LEGEND already!
Chrizzie 78
Chrizzie 78 10 napja
It's amazing what he has achieved considering the amount of poverty and opression he suffered throughout his life. He basically achieved this with a severe handicap.
D4VV 10 napja
As a Ferrari fan growing up watching Shumi jump on the podiums it pains me to see his record get overshadowed but we must recognize Lewis’ dominance. Grande Hamilton
Gerson Orman
Gerson Orman 10 napja
I'm Single 😍😥
Mikael Anselmus A
Well done, Hamilton! Well done!
Fabio Carlini
Fabio Carlini 10 napja
Puoi ringraziare la mercedes.
mural 10 napja
i am not a fan of lewis but this is really nice
Jota silva
Jota silva 10 napja
Go go Lewis Hamilton #44
Magnus Frejat
Magnus Frejat 10 napja
So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘
John z
John z 10 napja
Surely Hamlitton would pass Schumacher .but the formula is different in 2005 and different in 2020
1madmaxx80 10 napja
Not impressed TBH
nkistoe True Red
team hamilton
GTS 10 napja
Well deserved. Period
Howard Carter RT
Lewis should sign a contract for one more hybrid year and retire from F1 and move to Formula E.
Paolo T
Paolo T 10 napja
Uguale uguale proprio🤣🤣🤣
peppe600f 10 napja
Congratulations but he can not be compared to Schumacher or Senna. Mediocre opponents and his car is much better than the others. He's a great driver. The others two are legends.
barry fowles
barry fowles 10 napja
As much as I admire Lewis Hamilton and all he has achieved, it must be said that Michael Schumacher, and to an extent Nico Rosberg did most of the Mercedes development work before Lewis joined the team, both great champions share that link.
Chatbuli 10 napja
What a shame
Ariel Knauer
Ariel Knauer 10 napja
So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘
Ryan Fernandopulle
Mick's probably like: "you better keep that record warm for me"
Andrey Barbara
Andrey Barbara 10 napja
The best champion of all time
Siddharth Rajan
Siddharth Rajan 10 napja
Next he will present his helmets to verstappen in future..... 😂😂😂
os so
os so 10 napja
awww the best moment for all F1 fans to witness ❤❤
Haris Kyritsis
Haris Kyritsis 10 napja
Congratulations to Lewis Hamilton for reaching the 91 wins,we arehave just so lucky that we will see so many historical records to breaking by this legendary driver.
Ashy bash
Ashy bash 10 napja
I'm Single 😍😥
Edzy AX
Edzy AX 10 napja
i am disappointed in Danny Ric he forgot something
Rideandsmile 10 napja
Der schwarze Jedi erledigt den obersten Stormtrooper, Congratulations. 😂🖕
Prashant Kerung
Prashant Kerung 10 napja
Hope he makes 100
siva sankar
siva sankar 10 napja
Is that toto on the podium for mercedes ?
Not a fan of Lewis he has a huge ego became extremely arrogant which is a real shame.
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