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Lewis Hamilton & Michael Schumacher: 91 Wins 

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A unique look at two of F1's greatest drivers as they share an outstanding 91 wins apiece.
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Zura Matchavariani
Zura Matchavariani 12 órája
Anand Andrews
Anand Andrews 3 napja
Anybody know the name of the song?
Ayrton Senna do Brasil
what is the name of this song?
paul papadopoulos
Not anymore
Plymouth Rock
Plymouth Rock 5 napja
Nicely made, shame it wasn't longer
7ft James
7ft James 5 napja
Can I find the edited version of this they used for the Portuguese GP, with Massive Attack’s ‘Teardrop?’ I couldn’t help but think how beautiful and fitting it was, but sadly cannot find it uploaded anywhere.
Shak 5 napja
92 wins
Nome da musica?
Lucas Miranda
Lucas Miranda 5 napja
Vídeo ficou muito bom 😎👍
Fabio Gavioli
Fabio Gavioli 7 napja
F1RS TEAM 7 napja
Michael Schumacher is true Legend..
Hadi Pawar
Hadi Pawar 10 napja
I wonder what the video is gonna be when he gets 92 wins.
Willi Schmitt
Willi Schmitt 11 napja
Tube Rantz
Tube Rantz 12 napja
Not bad for a mixed race privilaged middle class guy who claims his mixed race heritage has held him back in the sport that has won him 7 titles and made him a multi-millionaire :/
Drahner E
Drahner E 12 napja
Schumacher- first win 1992 last win 2006 Hamilton- first win 2007 last win:
Cristiano Rolando Otto
hamilton ti ricordo che i più grandi ciclisti sono bianchi.. Gino bartali fausto coppi ecc ecc!
Ricky427 12 napja
Miss schumi
Pradd Zzz
Pradd Zzz 14 napja
0:13 that editing with Rosberg who was teammates to both champions. Pure gold ! Short but sweet editing guys 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
F1 덕질 저장소
nice edit :0 whoaa
Dont Bother
Dont Bother 14 napja
Absolutely epic edits
MJMJ 14 napja
People honestly need to stop arguing about who is better than who,it’s pointless....just appreciate both for what they’ve achieved
Bert Demeulemeester
There still is significantly more weight to Shumi's record. Fewer races a year and only 2 years of running in the outright fastest car. Granted he was given a few wins so let's all take a moment to aknowledge his best wingman Barrichello
Doc 12 napja
Barrichello sure didn't mind following 'Team Orders'.
Bert Demeulemeester
@Kieran Gunter agreed. A phenomenal driver
Kieran Gunter
Kieran Gunter 14 napja
But Hamilton got to 91 wins in fewer races than Schumacher, so irrespective of the number of races per season in their different eras, for me Hamilton edges it. Also the fact he's won in every season he's raced is mad. His 2009 car was awful and the 2013 merc far from the pace of red bull
Enrique A
Enrique A 15 napja
La única diferencia que cuando Michael ganaba era una F1 muy competida ,el gano poniendo sangre sudor y lágrimas y Hamilton a recibido el apoyo de toda la F1 , la F1 hase todo porque gane siempre Mercedes y Hamilton, por eso no puede aver una comparación,.. si alguien se ofende sorry , le pediría que conociera más de la F1
Luiz Felipe
Luiz Felipe 15 napja
Que vídeo incrível...parabéns aos dois pela marca de vitórias na consagrada Fórmula 1
LHSlash 15 napja
Hum... isn't this a copy of Nike's commercial ' You Can't Stop Us ' ?
Magicsenna 16 napja
Glad Lewis didn't cry. Everyone hoped for that... Including the editors of this video ;)
rodrrico 16 napja
It just goes to show what can be achieved in F1 if you race in a top team your entire career.
Doc 11 napja
@rodrrico how does his entire career not involve his entire career 🤪😂
rodrrico 11 napja
@Doc 🤣 my comment was fair and factual. I'm bored with talking to blind faith barry now.
Doc 11 napja
@rodrrico That has not been his entire career i guess you did not watch F1 when he was at McLaren.
rodrrico 11 napja
@Doc i guess you missed f1 from 1997-2006.
Doc 12 napja
He was at McLaren for 5 years and won 1 championship! before moving to Merc and McLaren have not been a top team since the days of Prost and Senna.
Ramprasadh Krishnan
Beautiful editing..congrats
Golam Hasnayn
Golam Hasnayn 16 napja
anyone ever heard this song? I would love to hear the name of it.
DaniMacYo 16 napja
Schumacher! He was my childhood. Great memories.
Spanian Kmr
Spanian Kmr 16 napja
Hamilton not have opponent....still schumacher is best..
Doc 12 napja
No team orders for Hamilton to win races unlike Schumacher.
what's the song called?
ukkowalski 17 napja
That was a really nice gesture of the Schumacher family to present Lewis with one of Michael's helmets. A class act by Lewis too, taking it on to the podium with him and placing it on the No.1 step. It was almost like seeing two legends of the sport sharing the moment with them both reaching 91 victories and just a shame that Michael couldn't be there himself to share the moment.
Arun Madhavan
Arun Madhavan 17 napja
...love him or hate him...you gotta respect 'em...
Yeetus on My feetus
I wonder where shumie is
Comrade Shinji
Comrade Shinji 17 napja
he may have equaled him but i don't see the same talent i saw when watching race chamions like senna and schumacher himself
Constantin Treiber
I not that of a Hamilton fan -- But boy.... he can race .. incredible achievement .. highest respect for this accomplishment. I'm sure there will be a lot more to celebrate in the future .. Great - > BTW - I'm a huge Micahel fan - growing up sitting in front of the tv cheering for him..
swandi yasa
swandi yasa 17 napja
Get in there lewis 🥳🥳🥳
2 heroes on podium at different era 0:01
Sasha S
Sasha S 17 napja
Lewis is a great driver however the last 5 years he's had the best car.....Schumacher is the best ever driver in my opinion!
Doc 12 napja
Schumacher had team orders helping him win races over his co drivers unlike Hamilton.
pAtRiCk StAr
pAtRiCk StAr 16 napja
Jim Clark man, it’s gotta be.
LHM 17 napja
It’s just like Nike’s advertisement
Ashlen R
Ashlen R 17 napja
the schumacher of this generation
ashvin subbaiah
ashvin subbaiah 17 napja
Congratulations lewis. It’s a well achieved feat, next one would be sweet🤩
D Sai Shivam
D Sai Shivam 18 napja
The Editing is UNREAL. Best Edithing I have ever seen.
Roy Eusebio
Roy Eusebio 18 napja
From Spa Francochamps (Schumi) to Montreal (Hamilton) From Shanghai(Schumi) to Nurburgring(Hamilton)
Nuno Tanackovic
Nuno Tanackovic 18 napja
Hamilton is incomparably better than Schumacher. Senna, Clark, Prost and Fangio at a level immeasurably apart.
Shantanu 18 napja
The folks who did this editing deserve recognition.
pegacin 18 napja
TheHitman92 18 napja
What an edit. Nice Job!
Guy Fontaine
Guy Fontaine 18 napja
Schumacher is better than Hamilton even if he won 10 world titles doesn't matter.
RPG RAP 8 napja
@Karlis Berzins it is a big joke 😂 even alonso is a better driver than michael
Karlis Berzins
@RPG RAP its not a joke,its true
RPG RAP 17 napja
Nice joke 😂
Christoph Baier
Christoph Baier 18 napja
Which rap track fellas?
BeCar44 18 napja
Dan Bruno
Dan Bruno 18 napja
The start gave me goosebumps showing a 2007 lewis hamilton ,who knew back then he would go on to reach and later pass shumachers records
Loic voizeux
Loic voizeux 18 napja
Michael Schumacher ☝️❤️
Sports avenue
Sports avenue 18 napja
Age Wins 22 Schumacher - 0 Hamilton - 4 23 Schumacher - 1 Hamilton - 9 24 Schumacher - 2 Hamilton - 11 25 Schumacher - 10 Hamilton - 14 26 Schumacher - 19 Hamilton - 17 27 Schumacher - 22 Hamilton - 21 28 Schumacher - 27 Hamilton - 22 29 Schumacher - 33 Hamilton - 33 30 Schumacher - 35 Hamilton - 43 31 Schumacher - 44 Hamilton - 53 32 Schumacher - 53 Hamilton - 62 33 Schumacher - 64 Hamilton - 73 34 Schumacher - 70 Hamilton - 84 35 Schumacher - 83 Hamilton - 91 (and counting)
Edgar Terán
Edgar Terán 18 napja
Michael Schumacher 🏁🏎🍾🇩🇪🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆☝🏻💪🏻👍🏻 is, and will continue to be, the BEST DRIVER in all of F1 HISTORY. No matter what Lewis's showy, whiny, overrated showboy does or doesn't do 🤫.
júnior farias
júnior farias 18 napja
Lewis stabilirà record che in questa prossima generazione e piloti non potranno raggiungere la metà (Leclerc / Max) ... per me dopo Senna è il pilota che più mi incanta.
Vaishali shinde
Vaishali shinde 18 napja
I really want to see hamilton struggle in mercedes
Łukasz Kotlarz
Łukasz Kotlarz 18 napja
Name song?
Many F1 greats have lived and died, but only 3 legends will live forever: Senna, Schumacher and Hamilton. And thats a fact.
PAOK 1926
PAOK 1926 18 napja
You are an idiot if you don't include Clark, Fangio, Lauda, Stewart, Alonso, Gilles Villeneuve, Hakinnen and Raikkonen.
Atakan 18 napja
whats background music???
Syarah 18 napja
Man what an effort to edit this. Congratulations!
Exotic95 18 napja
title of the song used?
AIcaire 117
AIcaire 117 18 napja
44 seconds long. Coincidence? I think not.
Slip- Stream
Slip- Stream 18 napja
Mm bwoah.
Tkyle Mac
Tkyle Mac 18 napja
What song is this?
Shyam Sundar
Shyam Sundar 18 napja
Which Song in the background?
Kucher Kucher
Kucher Kucher 18 napja
سه حه ت خوش😎😎😎👏👏👏😍😍😍
Harshith Sadhana
lets make it 100 lewis
PinChun Chou
PinChun Chou 18 napja
The editing is cool. But I think I’ve seen it before...like a NIKE commercial or something. Great video though.
PSYCHO * NURSEY 18 napja
song name???
侯宇陽 18 napja
Salomón Goudet Fuentes
go lewis
Richard Holtz
Richard Holtz 18 napja
trash levis
DKING 18 napja
Legends never die
Lvenux 18 napja
But still micheal in heart..
Ryan Baxter
Ryan Baxter 18 napja
Congratulations Lewis Hamilton...91 race wins ..I am so happy for you mate. 👏🏁 from 🇦🇺
James B
James B 18 napja
Schumacher will always be the GOAT
Shimeih 18 napja
Hats off to the person who edited this video 🙌🏼🙌🏼 I can't even imagine the work put in to watch past races and find so so similar clips between the two drivers. 👏🏽👏🏽 The team did a great job. All just LEGENDARY!
SunTzu192 18 napja
The editing is world-class kudos!!
Simon Hoare
Simon Hoare 18 napja
Who edited this? Names please. Fantastic!
44 seconds long. I see what you did there.
amson yeung
amson yeung 18 napja
Nike Advertisement?
DEVARAJ N 18 napja
Amazing Editting, simply superb...!!! 👏👏👏👏👏
Mountain Man
Mountain Man 18 napja
Mercedes Engine All Through. LEWIS GOAT + MICHAEL GOAT
fi9e 18 napja
Schumi is a legend. Hami is a crying baby. and more of a hollywood driver
Mickey Nath
Mickey Nath 18 napja
Classy move by the Schumacher’s for giving Hamilton a helmet 💪🏾👏🏾
Gaming Berni
Gaming Berni 18 napja
si Fernando.......etc etc
Cr 250r
Cr 250r 18 napja
Schumacher is a legend !!!!!!!
Mal T
Mal T 18 napja
Brilliant edit, we need a documentary on all the champions 👍🏼
os so
os so 18 napja
LEGENDS ❤❤❤❤❤ ❤❤❤❤❤ ❤❤❤❤❤ ❤❤❤❤❤ ❤❤❤❤❤ ❤❤❤❤❤ ❤❤❤❤❤ ❤❤❤❤❤ ❤❤❤❤
Ahrcéus 18 napja
Michael and Lewis. Two of my all-time favorites 🏁🏎
Joshua 18 napja
If I guess, Hamilton gonna beat Schumacher wins
Mary Rabêlo. S. Wagner
R Ram
R Ram 18 napja
Whoever edited this is a legend
Brian Barua
Brian Barua 18 napja
Congratulations Lewis
2Camels TinyCar
2Camels TinyCar 18 napja
Sweet edit. 44 Second Video. Nice. I wish you see this comment and know people noticed it Mr. Editor! Awesome Video :-) P.S: Please split audio between left and right when you split the video like this in the future though. That way, the Video running in left - Audio also comes only in left. It's a pretty simple process.
Noah Seltzer
Noah Seltzer 18 napja
F1 social media is throwing up amazing content these days
4RTI73X 18 napja
Schumacher career is finish since an long time
Rafid Irtiza Ahnaf
F1 tried to make the video 44 seconds but YT pulled a big no