Lewis Hamilton's Emotional Team Radio After Title Win | 2020 Turkish Grand Prix 

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Raw emotion from Lewis Hamilton moments after he clinched his seventh world championship.
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Matthew 2 napja
Canada ‘07 seems just like yesterday 🇬🇧🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
Alfredo Patiño
You are the best of all times
Schumacher ....number one and always will be.....GOAT.
Federico Rossi
I will never be a f1 driver
Lee 68
Lee 68 3 napja
Sai che emozione, vincere con una macchina così!!!
Alex Radford
Alex Radford 4 napja
MuhamkrishArum Arum
Lewis Congratulation. Lewis Hamilton Dream Chaser . Icon for Car Racer. 7 th Title World F1 Champion.
somaliano99%auser king Kong lord of lords him self
We loved it. Man more of this Turkish. Races pls. More
Miguel Henry
Miguel Henry 6 napja
Respect to this man. What a way to win a championship. He just proved it's not just the car.
Erwin Setiawan
Billal Hossain Francis
Uriel Trejo
Uriel Trejo 7 napja
Best race of hamilton, was so impresive, he belong into panteon of F1 gods
Silvio Neri
Silvio Neri 7 napja
As we say in Brazil... Esse é o cara
Karim Kobula
Karim Kobula 7 napja
For all the kids who dream the impossible best radio comment ever
Haris Kyritsis
7 TIMES WORLD CHAMPION 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆. Congrats Lewis.
floflorian 7 napja
Sounds like there was a cat somewhere near the mic at the beginning :)
lindylew gutteridge
Just phenomenal is our Lewis and such a lovely guy, he deserves to be Champion of the F1 world, get in there Lewis, here is to the 8th 🎈🎈🎈🏎🏎🏎🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧💕
EydrianSlim 7 napja
To be an example for kids he need to change a little bit his way of life
Yiğit Arda Arslan
I think Im crying
Harry 7_a
Harry 7_a 7 napja
This race everybody could win, he did not have the best car and still won.
Schumacher had skill....unlike Hamilton whom has a car. A big differance here between the 2.
@Galina Krasteva hamiltons skills are nowhere's close to what Schumacher's were and everyone knows that. That's just fact and true. Except it and live with it.
Galina Krasteva
Hamilton has skills and a car!
Ronald Grey
Ronald Grey 7 napja
Victory means nothing without a fight. And Hamilton didn’t have to fight for this championship. Neither did he for the previous 2 by the way.
Andy Glastonbury
But winning does.
ELECTRON 7 napja
Hamilton video: 104k views in one day Verstappen video: 1M views in one day with no dislike SMGDH
Boland 7 napja
Marcio Tadeu de Lima Oliveira
Zac Ariah
Zac Ariah 7 napja
Proud to be British.
MegaKrittapas 7 napja
Incredible to win with the intermediate tyre with one pitstop. Congratulations Lewis.
Abimael Pasca
Abimael Pasca 7 napja
To whom it may concern......
pixelgamer 2002
You can do it to kids If you have money
F1 Simracing DenyVPS
This is the BEST DRIVER EVER!! Congrats Lewis and team Mercedes 🤎🤍🖤💜❤️🧡💛💚💙👍🏼
DuGong 8 napja
Its amazing to think that right now, someone out there is hearing Lewis' team radio in this race who will eventually be the next dominant F1 driver.
MythMatt 8 napja
MythMatt 8 napja
tiktok toyatoya
Naomi Charles
Naomi Charles 8 napja
Proud and blown away by this fantastic man, Lewis you’re an awesome driver and may you continue to exceed all expectations 🙌🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🍾🍾 the crying squeal sent shivers throughout my body
yeah sure... i guess if you are lucky enough to have been born in a first world country where your only concern is fighting for your dreams then you can do anything, i guess... i'm not so sure those kinds living in countries where their parents are making like 40 usd a month for a full time job will make it to formula 1, mate... they're lucky if they can afford a used, beaten up scooter let alone thinking about racing anything.
jrtcsh 8 napja
0:26 - 0:33 Powerful Words 👏🏻
Luna Lea
Luna Lea 8 napja
Well done LH!🥳🏆Funny enough, comments weren't so negative and vile when "others" were winning/breaking records!
Lightening McQueen
Your emotion really touched me, Lewis! And massive congratulations! You helped me smile and stay positive throughout such a painful pandemic!
Zaki Basuki
Zaki Basuki 8 napja
Don't care what he does says off track, I'll leave those for the gossip housewives. What he does on track from his karting days till now, is just phenomenonal. Totally destroyed his opponents.
William Keenaghan
“The helmet hides feelings that cannot be understood”
Cleverson Camargo
senna is with him, in every race, somehow ... but i know he is, you can feel it!
ECTOR 8 napja
List of Lewis Hamilton: doing 92 wins in career 7 world title not doing 100 pole position in career
Andy Glastonbury
He still needs to break Michaels record of fastest laps and triple crowns. Pole, fastest lap and win.
lindylew gutteridge
94 wins now.isnt it👍
Torben Waller
Torben Waller 8 napja
0:57 My entire life changed because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Dan Bruno
Dan Bruno 8 napja
His happiest title wins 2008 because the 1st is always special 2014 because the time it took to win it again 2020 for matching Schumacher
Wake 8 napja
I will never understand how people can hate on Lewis. A true Champion
Paranoid Android
@Callum Mongan jealous :DDDDDDDDD so why people love another successful sportsmen?
Callum Mongan
Callum Mongan 3 napja
People hate because they are jealous , we should enjoy this success as I doubt we will ever see it again
Justin Johnson
@Paranoid Android:Yes he is. Alot more has to evolve emotionally for there to be a human respect for him. People really dont like him as much as you think dog.
Larry Thompson
@Justin Johnson I assume you are either: A) speaking for yourself, or B) trying to start a race-related argument, or C) both. I vote for C - troll.
Paranoid Android
@Justin Johnson no
Critical Karma
boring and buh
Emmanuel Adediran
Today’s performance was less about the car’s performance and more about the driver’s handling of the car’s performance in such difficult condition. There were a lot of spins today, only few were able to achieve awesome tyre management while remaining cool and calm.
Oscar JenningsWhite
I want to work with animals when I’m older and Lewis is such an inspiration to me and all of my genaration. Keep pushing champ
Flierman 8 napja
He is an amazing driver even though the sport is now so predictable it is sad. I haven't seen a race without fast forwarding half race since Rosberg won.
lindylew gutteridge
I can watch a race on f1 sky, again on channel 4 and again on recording if it shows our Lewis winning, he is phenomenal, I watched the last race 3 times 😆🏎🇬🇧
Bellax x
Bellax x 8 napja
“Dream the impossible” Your quite right Lewis🇬🇧🤩
M. Sansone
M. Sansone 8 napja
Lewis it's Toto... Give me your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle
Stefan Kirchsteiger
Blooper Trooper
I hate Hamilton, but I loved his team radio. "Dream the Impossible!"
lindylew gutteridge
Dont hate.Lewis , he is a great guy
mjchris 8 napja
Congrats to Lewis! 👏 Yes! Lewis is now the most successful driver of all time 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆💪 ! The shame Schumelschumi is erased! Thanks for this! 😀
Mitch 8 napja
Oh yeh steal the Honda song they stole from Andy Williams💫😅
Frank Spencer
Frank Spencer 8 napja
Sanitised comments section. Next year : *Scalextric* 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Il Risorto
Il Risorto 8 napja
Thief since 2008.
AAVl80 8 napja
Yeah whatever
Aydin Yildirim
This was the best race of the year!
Bondy 8 napja
Congratulations Lewis 👏👏👏👏🇦🇺
Mac lord
Mac lord 8 napja
Hamilton always had the best cars n the worse team mate(bottas)...the only time he had a competitive team mate(niko R) ....he did not win the championship....
thatfeel 8 napja
Lol idiot
Rey Aja
Rey Aja 8 napja
@Josue Mwape He was born yesterday, so he doesn't know, mate... 🤣
Josue Mwape
Josue Mwape 8 napja
He beat niko twice mate😂
Erman Er
Erman Er 8 napja
0:09 meoww?!?
da lehner
da lehner 8 napja
You cannot hate and love a person more than him Congrats
salman ahjum-mathee
All of us are privileged to be able to witness Hamilton's greatness. I was not born yet when Senna was dominating and when Michael was in his prime I was 3, 4 years old so not able to remember much. Lewis though has been a privilege to watch and we should be grateful we can witness it
manan agrawal
manan agrawal 8 napja
At the end of race his inter tyres literally turned into slicks... :D :D
Juan Pérez
Juan Pérez 8 napja
de pendejos hacen al Checo campéon....
MAADUECE 8 napja
Every other driver on the grid who's dream it is to win a world championship is a dream Lewis is crushing every year 🤣🤣
SF 6 napja
Yeah its impossible to beat him while he is driving a mercedes
Doug Parker
Doug Parker 8 napja
I'm proud of you Lewis. Congrats from America
Balloaks 8 napja
Can't stand him as a person, credit due where credit is due, well done Mr Hamilton, an absolute demon of a driver, it's been a privilege watching from your kart days to this.
Roy H. Gladden
1:47 I stopped my 9-5 with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Piyush Pandey
Piyush Pandey 8 napja
Hard to imagine he equalled the record of Micheal Schumacher. Maybe someday another great driver will smash all these records set by him. Well done Lewis 👍
KYZA619 8 napja
Can't stand the guy. But I have to admit, he is one of the best.
Raditya Indera
If I were him. I would try to get 100 pole and 100 win in the same weekend. Just for fun.
Mary Rabêlo. S. Wagner
Unforgettable! 😭❤️
Jeremiah 8 napja
0:16 was that subtitle really necessary
Jeremiah 8 napja
Who is the squeal happening at 0:10? Kind of reminds me of Nico's championship when his wife was like "Monkey you did it I'm so proud of you!!!" 🥺
John Arias
John Arias 8 napja
Lewis Hamilton THE BEST Formula 1 driver EVER!! Congratulations!
Sebastian Muñoz
i think people dislike lewis because his talent and raw skill is just on another level in comparison to the other drivers, which is why F1 at the moment is so predictable. Nevertheless, love him or hate him, nobody can deny that Hamilton is one of the best drivers that had ever raced in F1.
Andy Glastonbury
Best driver ever is a difficult simply because the difference between cars, the rules, the tracks, etc, but certainly one of the best. And certainly the best in the current era.
Guest 8 napja
If you can do it, how is it "impossible" ? Anyway kids, if you wanted to reach "the impossible" make sure to drive the best car in the grid 😌👍
Chris Clarke
Chris Clarke 8 napja
Yeah. Just like Valteri
daffajauhari 8 napja
bro this dude drove almost a whole race on one set of tyre
john cale
john cale 8 napja
@fela_soprano on lap 9 of 56
fela_soprano 8 napja
no he pitted, once.
Liverpool Anfield
Anybody could win that many races when you have the best car put me in a Renault or alpha Romeo see how it goes then
lindylew gutteridge
No it wouldnt go well with u in the car. You have no.idea, its not just about the car for goodness sake, u have to be a brilliant driver to get that car to the finishing line in one piece and 1st many times to be a 7 times world champion, more involved then what u think, u have no idea, no idea
Rey Aja
Rey Aja 8 napja
Born yesterday???
David Sheriff
David Sheriff 8 napja
Best this season and best all time..
Андрей Сафонов
Sorry Lauda doesn't see it
Stärke 8 napja
What an inspiration to the world!°
John Vandeventer the MLB baseball fan 2020
Absolutely deserved that championship
Maxc 101
Maxc 101 8 napja
nobody cares
Bryan tama
Bryan tama 8 napja
Juara Eropa
Alexis Luna
Alexis Luna 8 napja
“Still I Rise”. Congrats Champ
The best race of the year, i watched it twice! And it was great to see the emotions run free, for all those who think that for Lewis is easy.
Michele Clapton
Me too
João Queiroz
João Queiroz 8 napja
Hamilton inter tyres became slicks after nearly 50 laps with it. Absolutely genius driving and well deserved championship!
Sam Brennan
Sam Brennan 8 napja
I am so so happy that Lewis hamilton won his 7th F1 world title and I'm so so proud of him
Renato Miguel
Renato Miguel 8 napja
The 44 is the best.👍🏿
boss omar
boss omar 8 napja
A Champion in all phases of LIFE..The Formula 1 Champion for 2020. Sir Lewis Hamilton the Black Mamba of F1. Well done Young Man well done. Peace
KillDaire 8 napja
We all expected it, in happy for him but I'm not surprised
SandalphonCPU • 210 years ago
In all honesty, I didn’t expect him to burst into tears.
ayá kid
ayá kid 6 napja
same, but that's a testament to his dominance. we're so used to seeing him win it's only now we realize how much pressure he puts on himself
Sparta beer reviews Sparta beer
@karen nurse yes he did
Utkarsh Chaurasia
He doesn't like to show himself crying usually. He's very emotional though. He wears his heart on his sleeve and I appreciate that about him
Antonio Black
Antonio Black 8 napja
Ww all know him to be a very emotional guy, so it was no surprise to me.
fela_soprano 8 napja
@karen nurse he did, see his eyes out of the car.
Bogore 8 napja
xxx zzz
xxx zzz Napja
@Mac lord why is bottas so far off points-wise?
Andy Glastonbury
@Shalem Jackson what an odd think to say? Please explain.
Shalem Jackson
Hamilton is the Michael Jackson of F1.
Andy Glastonbury
@SF. Seriously, you think Vettel, Alonso and Schumy would willingly give up a winning car in order to drive a dog? Well I don’t. Lewis doesn’t need to prove anything to you. He has won with two teams (like Schumy), he has 7 WDC (like Schumy), he has won in the pre and post Hybrid era (no one else has), , has not been disqualified for taking championship contenders out, has more wins, podiums and more points than any other driver. In mentioning Alonso and Vettel, you do realise that Hamilton has more wins and more WDC than those two combined. 😀
SF 6 napja
@Andy Glastonbury yes they would even if they wouldn't they would accept the challenge but HAM wouldn't accept the challenge.
BlaizeV 8 napja
Was in tears hearing the radio. Been watching since the late 90s and every race since 2002. I've seen all of this guys career and he has been the best of his generation, a title contender from the very first session in 2007 in Australia. I never ever thought anyone could match Schumacher's record. Seemed like an impossible mountain to overcome but Lewis has equaled it and is far and away the favourite to be the man to beat it. The benchmark has been equaled, how long before Lewis goes one step further? I'd wager about 12 months.
Donny Lane
Donny Lane 8 napja
Get in there Lewis you are best 7 time world champion 👏 💪 🏆🇬🇧
Donny Lane
Donny Lane 8 napja
Sebastian Aliaga
I cannot describe my utter hatred for Hamilton. There are no words.
lindylew gutteridge
U know what u can do then dont u Hamilton hater, get lost
93.1% Accuracy???
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