Lewis Hamilton's Epic 1998 Karting Win From The Back Of The Grid 

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Lewis Hamilton showed the makings of a future Formula 1 world champion a very, very long time ago! Here he is with a Formula Junior Intercontinental victory in 1998, in which he started at the back of the grid but soon weaved through the pack to the win.
Video courtesy of McLaren
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Luke Flaws
Luke Flaws Napja
What a way to win your seventh world championship Lewis who are you From 2020
dimych 555
dimych 555 2 napja
Jack Barnes
Jack Barnes 3 napja
4:52 practicing for Baku 2017 I see
John Micheal
John Micheal 4 napja
Wow. He didn't just beat the pack. He did the same thing in carts that Senna did to mansell. Madness.
Michael N.
Michael N. 4 napja
Great run from the kid for sure... man I love these little karts
Kaizzer 4 napja
PSYGNOSIS in the background! xD BTW, still a better race than current F1
charles knight
I just saw Hamilton using DAS!
Vórtice Mágico
Buenísimo!! A quien puede no gustarle este video?
Anita van Kilsdonk
Niki was burned, but LEWIS..!!
Anita van Kilsdonk
Robby Verma
Robby Verma 5 napja
What a talent, legend indeed!
Marshall Lake
Marshall Lake 5 napja
Lewis with all his skills, and all we get to see is him racing by himself 30 seconds ahead of everyone in F1. Just imagine how many F1 races as exciting as this never happened because of the flawed F1 format.
Frieza 223
Frieza 223 5 napja
So everytime Hamilton wins a grand prix, he has a flashback of himself winning in Karting
TheYBGOON 5 napja
Imagine people actually saying Hamilton only wins as he is in the best car. Well best drivers usually end up in the best teams which if they can work well with each other produces great cars. Before you get into f1 most series are pretty equal and the setup is the biggest difference. Hamilton earned his Mercedes spot and therefore his titles. All pro racing drivers are skilled in my eyes. On average im 2 seconds slower than the fastest lap on a kart track. I’m fast but for me to shave off two seconds is crazy. I will need to learn new techniques and skills and gain confidence. I’m self taught. When other people slate racing drivers I have to laugh because I’ve won every kart race bar 3 in which I came a close second. You all think you can drive but in real life I’m 4-10 seconds a lap faster than you. When we race you call me fast but in my head I know I’m slow compared to the real racers.
jarod atkinson
So this shows Lewis has always had a cheating faster ride than everyone else then... Must be nice to be the rich boy in the pack. Just look at Stroll, the talent-less hack for the answer to that one...
Tёмный Tип
Moto gp Meme Indonesia YT
Yeah 7 Champions
Deen 6 napja
And does the same in World Championship, starts at the back finishes 1st, what a legend
Barrington Reid
If I'm a betting man I think this Lewis Hamilton guy may have a future in F1 , but you never know, he might not even make it!!! Just saying
EVOGaming 6 napja
That's my local track! So cool!
Blaise 6 napja
😂 Will one day be as consistent as the guys below: 👇🏽 1993 - 2000: Karting; "iT'S thE CAr!!!" 2001 - 2005: Formula Renault/F3; "iT'S thE CAr!!!" 2006: GP2; "iT'S thE CAr!!!" 2007 - 20012: F1-McLaren; "iT'S thE CAr!!!" 2013 - present: F1-Mercedes; "iT'S thE CAr!!!"
44 4EVER!!!
Gal Flecher
Gal Flecher 6 napja
Martin 6 napja
That Hamilton kid is very promising!
Irene Garcia Arquero
3:08 Lewis Hamilton takes the lead
sem hofman
sem hofman 6 napja
“He HaS tHe BeSt KaRt”
Jazz Purple
Jazz Purple 6 napja
lewis u legend
Aidan Millward
Haters will say he only won because he he had the best kart on the grid. 😅
ハミルトン はえ〜(≧∇≦)
luclfo 7 napja
9 people hardly a challenge
Lington Daniel
Haters be like : He has the fastest Cart🙄
fariz ascariz
fariz ascariz 7 napja
5:14 wow! so young!
fariz ascariz
fariz ascariz 7 napja
wow LH look more fierce when drive kart.
KL Wong
KL Wong 7 napja
It was Hammer Time.
Dalisu Ngobese
Hamilton is in your gearbox... the end
Aykut 7 napja
I couldnt help but think of his Tommy Hilfiger ads when watching this
justingt3rs 7 napja
they put their hand on the intake to slow down the engine and brake better ?
Danilo Junqueira
He should do back to his original helmet design.
Tom Landry
Tom Landry 7 napja
So you’all see it’s not the car it’s the driver..
Hadley Trounson
Hi @Formula1, this is from 1998, not 1996. You can see this from the graphics at 5 minutes, and also Lewis was born in 1985 so wouldn't have been 13 in 1996. :)
Joe Mannari
Joe Mannari 7 napja
He loved saying )Holman the pole man’
Pablo Espinoza
his kart was always 3 seconds faser than anyone else
Flanker 27
Flanker 27 7 napja
That 5 minute race had more action and drama than the whole 2020 F1 season
Andy JV
Andy JV 7 napja
More exciting than today f1 races!
Federico 7 napja
99% of the grid would win with his kart
hugo h
hugo h 7 napja
Hugues Pietquin
With the 44 number !
MuhamkrishArum Arum
Lewis Born To Racer . Well Done Lewis Hamilton. Your Hard work paid for . GBU.
Four Four
Four Four 7 napja
wow its like hez still the same kid till now..even his voice
cocoroyamm 7 napja
cocoroyamm 7 napja
4ever slimlinedesign
cocoroyamm 7 napja
Gjergji Konomi
This black teen Hamilton could be a f1 world champion, even better than fangio one day (lines from 1998)
Tom Picker
Tom Picker 7 napja
I hope he gets in to f1 he looks like a champion.
Liked the way they saw who was behind them repeatedly.
Panos - Sim Racer
Finally something he deserves, he beat everyone back then, an equal car...
Sergeant 7 napja
Lewis even back then was unstoppable!
Lightening McQueen
Such a fascinating race! This really shows how talented Lewis is!
DugBingo951 7 napja
Was it the car this time too?
OverTime 7 napja
The mic tho
Mayank mayank
Mayank mayank 7 napja
This young man has potential he might race professionally in the future
C Mosca
C Mosca 7 napja
Brilliant to post this.
Dauphin K. Muteba
Born to race, bron to be among the greatest of all time... if not THE greatest. 👍🏾
Andy murday
Andy murday 7 napja
I think this Hamilton kid could have an F1 career, yes???
Alex Vecchi
Alex Vecchi 7 napja
hE's oNLy wInNinG bEcAuSe hE hAs tHe bEsT cAr
kenn 7 napja
this Hamilton guy would probably have the same championship or maybe even more than Schumacher ngl
yeotimothy 7 napja
So curious to see where the other drivers ended up now. I understand Alex Lloyd was a former Indycar driver but how about the others? Anyone got any answers?
Julemary 7 napja
What were the drivers adjusting on the engine with the right hand?
Sidnei Medeiros Vicente
LH44 born to be racer
whale oil beef hooked
The others just tripped up in front of him not that impressive or hard to do
madmax 33
madmax 33 7 napja
Is that keith heuwen in commentary?
David Shaw
David Shaw 7 napja
How is this 1996? He would he 11???
Toro Loco
Toro Loco 7 napja
Lol, they fixed the title
Fiore 7 napja
LH 44. ❤️
Hamilton Seshibe
"It's the cart, give any driver that cart and he will beat Lewis Hamilton" - The delusional/hateful F1 fan corner 😆😆😆😆😆
Jack Magnell
Jack Magnell 7 napja
Uh...uhhh..... h-h-he.. he has the best kart! No skill!!!!!! So lucky!!!!!!!
Moms Spaghetti
Trust me this dude will be the goat. Just give him a couple more years...
Ruben Van Wolven
Poor holeman the poleman mechanical failure
Ali Ali
Ali Ali 7 napja
That's why his the greatest all time
Kami 7 napja
haters will say he only won cuz he had the fastest kart lol
ssp6767 7 napja
Sky TV's camera work and production has certainly improved since 1998.
MrRamto13 7 napja
Oliver Smith
Oliver Smith 7 napja
We have found his 2021 helmet design!
OBLIVION !! 7 napja
Why do I find it more interesting than F1😂😂😂
Rodrigo Rex
Rodrigo Rex 7 napja
Bono, my tyres are... BONO WHERE ARE YOU?
Sihle Manqele
Sihle Manqele 7 napja
Come on. He's got the BEST kart. Anyone with half the talent SHOULD win using that kart! Waits for insults from people who don't get JKs
MYN 7 napja
I was expecting them to pop open a bottle of milk and celebrate on the podium.
Yashar Azad
Yashar Azad 7 napja
Lando Norris was -1 years old
mjo 7 napja
Hamilton 1st The Stig 2nd
Jack Picko
Jack Picko 7 napja
Never in my life did I think I'd hear BT Sport MotoGP's Keith Huewen on the official F1 channel.
L. Roman
L. Roman 7 napja
"Its the car"... Oh wait 😂 I can't stand people who said that! You just can't deny Lewis Hamilton was born to drive a car fast.
Too Soon
Too Soon 7 napja
lucky vegan
Justin Sacks
Justin Sacks 7 napja
It was because of this race that Holeman the Poleman never made it into F1. F
sabz sabz
sabz sabz 7 napja
Now this is what his haters should watch and see this man is just talented ...luck falls on everyone so give him a break and give him the respect he deserved
TSY 7 napja
Pff, it's because he has the best car! Wait, it's not a mercedes! 🤣
BravoRomeo YT
BravoRomeo YT 7 napja
He still sounds like he time travelled from 2011
Lintu107 7 napja
I was expecting him to praise the audience there in the end. What a disappointment.
Youp1e 7 napja
Already back then it was mostly luck and capitalizing on other people's mistakes lol.
innerFire 7 napja
Just 13 years of age and showing respect towards his rivals at the end. Born a champion.
Vinod N. R Nikathuthara Rajappan
Get in there lewis
Leo 7 napja
Not epic, only luck
Number 26 car was faster
Andrea Bergantin
The only one with a McLaren-Mercedes kart. Again, ultra reliable fastest kart on the grid.
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