Lewis Hamilton's Seventh Title, George Russell On Fitness And More | F1 Nation Podcast 

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Lots on the menu on this week's F1 Nation podcast - George Russell pops in to talk about his fitness regime and a rollercoaster month on the track, we go behind the scenes for Lewis Hamilton's title-clinching win in Istanbul and co-host Tom Clarkson shares a story about hitting the gym with Chase Carey!
0:00 - Relive the moment Hamilton won his seventh title
1:20 - Intro - where does Turkey rank in Hamilton’s win collection?
4:46 - Just how bad was Bottas’ day in Turkey?
10:42 - Hamilton’s record-equalling title and the sports people he now sits alongside after his 7th title victory.
16:11 - ‘Top Track Resurfacing Tips’ with Tom Clarkson
20:05 - George Russell on the painful reality of the Turkish Grand Prix from behind the wheel
25:20 - Meeting Lewis Hamilton for the first time, and the advice he’s given George this season
27:32 - George on his ‘crazy’ month
33:11 - TC’s time on the treadmill alongside F1 boss Chase Carey
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Alberto Reyes Bejar
Is impressive how they talk about Vettel and they didn't say a word for Perez, is the prove how underrated he is, they talk about Stroll, Verstapen and Albon. And nothing about the guy who end P2, is ridiculous
Scott Meredith
Way more embarrassing for VB that they didn't even want to do a comedy segment about it. Super mega OOF.
mjchris 7 napja
Congrats to Lewis! 👏 Yes! Lewis is now the most successful driver of all time 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆💪 ! The shame Schumelschumi is erased! Thanks for this! 😀
Jaygah36 7 napja
He's not driving for FERRARI'S or Williams Car in the last 7 season. They give him the opportunity to Win world titles, they give him stronger Car because they changed the engine standards. Ofcorse them has first build and they change engines rool. And they give him chances more than everyone's ever have.
fetez1 7 napja
It wasn’t Red Bull who threw away the win it was Max who kept on spinning
Tanjit Singh
Tanjit Singh 7 napja
You need to make a video format
Anoop Bains
Anoop Bains 7 napja
george I thought all cars come put of the pit lane at same speed
wodzekleaf 7 napja
5 km in 17 min 😳 ? best I can do is around 27 min
After 1st practice and the desperate attempt by the official to lay rubber the night before I thought the race was a write-off but once all things were said and done it was probably my favourite race of year! Keep using local stone!
Mr Dandelion
Mr Dandelion 7 napja
Legend has it Chase Carey is still on a treadmill ...
I hate lewis
Neemeka Agu nwosu
Suraj S Subramanian
Russell should be racing for Mercedes alongside Hamilton. Get him out of Williams, please.
TheDdahc 7 napja
It would be great for George to operate in the garage next to lewis. Be shown how to build with and lead a team from the very best. George has a higher ceiling and potential and is the future. They need him alongside learning, challenging the best.
Suraj S Subramanian
@Femi CEO Why would his confidence be crushed? He could end up in the podium on many occasions. He could get a victory or two as well. Racing for the Williams all season, driving brilliantly and ending up with 0 points. 👈 Is this confidence. Don't tell me this would give him confidence 😂🤣.
Femi CEO
Femi CEO 7 napja
@Suraj S Subramanian I want Russell to be ready tho....you don't want his confidence to be crushed down being beside or racing alongside Hamilton
Suraj S Subramanian
@Femi CEO It's not about Russell beating Hamilton. That's almost impossible. 👈 Probably even Max Verstappen will not be able to do that in the same car. I would like Russell to get some podiums, points and challenge for a top 3 year end finish. Russell is superb. He has out qualified his team mate every time (35+ times). Doesn't deserve to drive for Williams.
Femi CEO
Femi CEO 7 napja
I don't think he is ready, Bottas has all of Hamilton's data and switched Engrs and he still doesn't catch up. Russo will struggle biggerly
Anthony Boulus
Get in there Lewis What a way to do it mate.
Iowerth 7 napja
Was really fun
Snowcone Guy
Snowcone Guy 7 napja
I always puke a little in my mouth when Lewis starts to preach like a Guru and declares how inspirational he is for all the kids out there and the people who don't believe in the impossible and *_BLAHRGFFFFF_* Aww, it happened again.
ocelotrevs 7 napja
I really like when the driver wins the title in a winning race. It feels more complete. And it doesn't take away from the attention of the race winner as well.
Audy Bharksuwana
If Lewis doesn't get Knighted...
Truly Zambian
Truly Zambian 6 napja
I don't think he will, and I don't think he should accept anyway. He's taken a stance to be anti-racism so it wouldn't make sense to then sit at the table which was built on the racist foundation of slavery and colonialism by the british empire.
Piotr Kobielus
Pshady 7 napja
Never noticed how strong George’s accent is. Chase’s running machine ability? Keep it strange guys!
Clark S.
Clark S. 7 napja
Nadal also has 20 slams
Shetty Aaryan
Shetty Aaryan 7 napja
I want george in that merc seat so badly alongside hamilton it would be amazing honestly......definetely more competitive
kityhawk2000 6 napja
@Neo Zheng Han I think George has the potential to be a great driver be if he's competing with the seat with proven race winners he needs to deliver the kind of performances that make people take notice. The kind of thing Gasly, Sainz and Hulk have done this year. Maybe he needs to move to a midfield team for a year or 2 where he can really showcase his talent if Williams don't improve next year. If George doesn't at least get points next year I can't see him replacing Bottas in 2022.
Femi CEO
Femi CEO 7 napja
Russell will be like Albion at Merc just lost
Neo Zheng Han
Neo Zheng Han 7 napja
@kityhawk2000 Hamilton would’t be in the sport for long maybe another 3 or 4 years.Russel has already proven that he has huge potential, I don’t really see Danny ric in that Mer he already moving to Mclaren and look where they are.Verstappen I believe he is hunting for that seat and Bottas wouldn’t be in that seat for long.Russel and Verstappen duo would be great.
kityhawk2000 7 napja
He needs to score some points and battle with someone other than his teammate. I think George has lots of potential but no top team is going to take a chance on a driver who hasn't scored a point yet. Obviously its difficult to get impressive results with the car he's driving but he needs something tangible to prove his worth. A Merc seat would be one of the most sought after in F1 if one becomes available and George would be competing with people like Danny Ric and Max for it.
Kalpesh Patel
Kalpesh Patel 7 napja
03:54 Lewis Hamilton on Sebastian Vettel's drive when he was unable to pass him :)
Tonic Shondlani
That intro, who’s cutting onions 🧅 stop it
Geert Matthys
Geert Matthys 7 napja
and because you cant get into F1 unless you are pay driver no talent can challenge him 🙄😴
Rick Filho
Rick Filho 7 napja
HAM has extra eletric power , a manufactured Champ by Mercedes anf F1 !A joke,can't race in the rain. F1 is so boring since Senna !
Scorned 7 napja
@Rick Filho I was being sarcastic, HAM won on Sunday in probably the most difficult condition the sport has raced in recent times. We have to support difference in people, and for that we need equal rights for all.
Rick Filho
Rick Filho 7 napja
@Scorned he is a lefty at the service of the globalist ,they needed a color figure F1 Champ,to support theyr divide narrative in the media ! F1 is just a entertainment arena ,a smoke curtain to real life! HAM is a puppet!
Scorned 7 napja
LuLu is fake champion, his wet driving skills are so bad, when the field is equalized in the rain, it shows how average of a driver he is. If it rains, LuLu can't even beat much slower cars.. Manufactured champ with better car and n.2 teammate, maFIA always favours him, he isn't even close to the GOATs. He is only Luckiest of all time. Just look all his wet races, LuLu is exposed when most other drivers can outperform him when car doesn't matter. (true story)
Hüseyin Bektaş
F1 next year also to give those who ate Turkey +1
2020 F1
2020 F1 7 napja
(Some people don't think that way, but... I think Lewis Hamilton is the real best driver. Don't say anything in comments.)
dawidoO 3O5
dawidoO 3O5 7 napja
You can like Lewis or not but we have to say that he is one of the greatest in our sport
dawidoO 3O5
dawidoO 3O5 7 napja
@BlackJack Productions same with me mate
BlackJack Productions
Even tho he’s not my favorite driver. That’s a well deserved win and seventh championship. That performance with intermediate for like 40 something laps. After that he is one of the GOATS. in formula one
Viva Muthanna
Viva Muthanna 7 napja
does louis hamilton deserve it tho?
Leo Streat
Leo Streat 6 napja
@Viva Muthanna have you watched this season ?
Viva Muthanna
Viva Muthanna 6 napja
@Leo Streat why do u think so?
JohnyG29 7 napja
Chris M
Chris M 7 napja
Leo Streat
Leo Streat 7 napja
Yeet Ya
Yeet Ya 7 napja
Like Lewis or not, he is one of the greatest driver of all time
thatfeel 7 napja
I strongly believe that all educated and non racist F1 fans know he is one of the greatest.
Кирилл Афанасьев
Here before 1000 views
Matthew Williams
I am not a fan of Lewis Hamilton because I think his attitude stinks, but I ate my words on the weekend. What an amazing drive to get his 7th World Championship. He deserves props for that for sure, well done Lewis. Even us haters having nothing to say with a performance like that.
Truly Zambian
Truly Zambian 6 napja
@Leo Streat "when he sulked with the press if he'd had a bad race"? So which driver has been really happy when they've lost a race? Max after quali was what actual "sulking" looks like yet people want to skate over that but always try to push this trope of Lewis having a "bad attitude".
Quantamentaly Trading Crypto
Props to you for your honesty.
BlackJack Productions
He’s performance was mind blowing with those tires.
Winston Mason
Winston Mason 7 napja
Leo Streat
Leo Streat 7 napja
Just out of interest , why do you think his attitude stinks ? It used to annoy me when he sulked with the press if he'd had a bad race . However I do think he's matured over the last few years and you rarely see the stroppy sulking Lewis .
GG dude
GG dude 7 napja
18th bois
Sayen Mohanty
Sayen Mohanty 7 napja
Josh Gee
Josh Gee 7 napja
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