Lewis Hamilton's World Championship Press Conference | 2020 Turkish Grand Prix 

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Winning a title, it's not a new feeling for Lewis Hamilton - but it still doesn't get old! Hear the champion reflect on championship no.7...
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Amazing Turkish Grand Prix
Piano RTD
Piano RTD 2 napja
I've got a question, i'm from italy, and i've just read in sky sport italy that he said:"i deserve respect i'm the best" i know that sky sport like to make him look bad, so did he really said it?
Burning MrB
Burning MrB 3 napja
No one cares
Deen 4 napja
I like how he smiles with his eyes
LaLa 4iZ
LaLa 4iZ 5 napja
Why does he sound different?? are you acting Lewis, what happening to your British a.... never mind
Lewis is the Greatest F1 driver of all time regardless of the ERA. He has broken and or tied every major record in the sport. He is the best driver to ever do it!
USMCLP 6 napja
I wish they asked more questions like last one, I love hearing him honestly addressing critics.
Josef Cvaniga
Josef Cvaniga 6 napja
Nuunuu 6 napja
Jojo 5 napja
Says the one that clicked on this video with "Lewis Hamilton" in the heading smh 🤦🏻‍♀️
Arthur Nuyttens
I could listen to him talk for hours on end.
vyzershock 6 napja
Lewis has the most supportive and proud father I've ever seen. Congratulations to a true OG. You two shall be remembered for a long long time
Julius Cesar Anas
Very humble....truly indeed, he is the greatest of all time f1 driver in his generation. Congratulations Lewis!
Sakalbudhi 123
Legend of legends and we are so lucky to witness this.
All the kid out there! We never forget this
V 7 napja
Class act, him and Seb are just great Champions and great people. F1 needs more of them.......and Kimi cuz he's just hilarious.
Francis Kintu
Francis Kintu 7 napja
Simply brilliant and a Formula One racing genius. That is Lewis Hamilton.
szewei85 7 napja
He is what Michael Jordan is for NBA
tiktok toyatoya
silva livinus
silva livinus 7 napja
Seb Vet is one of the best, intelligent and interesting f1 driver and his comments to Lewis were superb.
ExSapper Madman
Remember peeps, he lost the WC in his rookie year by 1 point and should have won it the year Nico did......He is a winning machine and his country is very proud to call him one of our own.....
Joe Sheppard
Joe Sheppard 7 napja
Even when asked to talk about himself, he speaks about others. A truly humble legend.
Piers Osborne
Piers Osborne 7 napja
How bitter do you have to be to dislike this? 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐
Haris Kyritsis
I'm so happy that I selected to support this driver back then when i started to watching formula 1. Thank you Lewis for all those things that you done not only for your fans but generally for the formula 1. And we still rising.Lets go for the 8 Championship man.
THE MAN IS SIMPLY AMAZING . We're kings 🤴 Lewis . Forever know that .👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾
Ciaron Smith
Ciaron Smith 7 napja
He does NOT deserve a knighthood. Getting knighthood incorporates several factors. First, Lewis pretends he's American. Second, he doesn't pay UK taxes. Third, he simply doesn't act in a manner becoming of upper royalty or British values, and was apparently quite rude when he met her majesty at Buckingham Palace.
Lati Asin
Lati Asin 7 napja
So that all you can contribute, you Evil 😈
Marcinho Falcão
Zicaaaaaaaaa demais
Paper Book
Paper Book 7 napja
How many times did Lewis Hamilton overrule his team's strategy or advice to win which tells you it's not just about the car or the team that's the differential factor in a championship race.
Paper Book
Paper Book 6 napja
@Flying Spagetti yh, his judgment is correct.
Flying Spagetti
It's him that feel the car and his team believe him because he always deliver.
Thamindu kavinda
Lewis is a legend. Nice driving back there. Really Inspiring Speech Lewis. ❤
Олег Алешин
Да, замечательная машина у хамельтона
Tathagata Bakuli
The way he talks man, just salute. It's so hard for a black out there. Lewis challenged it and defied obstacles like no other. GOAT or not, definitely in top 3 of all time just for the sheer tenacity and determination. Personal favourite and I'm lucky to be in the generation where he drives❤️🐐
ocelotrevs 7 napja
I'm glad to have watched Lewis achieve what he has done. I'm excited to see where he'll finish his career. I'm hopeful that at some point in the future that I'll get to see another driver come up and break all of Lewis Hamilton's records.
Sumit Saurabh
Sumit Saurabh 7 napja
We need Alonso on the grid next year and I hope renault will be competitive so show they can show the F1 fans to show how he is not the Greats but just the luckiest..
Sumit Saurabh
Sumit Saurabh 7 napja
@Garrod Hutchison hahaha you are so funny man...you just chosed only this race to show his supremacy...you can join British F1 commentators pannel.......and if you are talking about Hamilton starting from 6th and winning ..so I hope you must have seen Alonso's valencia 2012 ......
Garrod Hutchison
Yeah he was really lucky to win from 6th and lap his team mate in the same car. Yes we need Alonso on the grid so Hamilton will prove again he is faster than Alonso
Ewok FromEndor
1st I'd like to Congratulate, Perez on 2nd place and.. Vettel on 3rd place. Both of these guys prove that 'the cream always rises'. No doubt in my mind that Hamilton is the GOAT. This was a wet, slippery, masterful Schumacher-esque drive today. Starting 6th, being a pitstop behind the leader early race, then finding the groove and finish by dominating, the whole grid. Lapping his team mate.. Ending 30secs plus in front of 2nd place.. Driving on worn tyres, 48 Laps old.. Anyone who still hates Hamilton after this display, doesn't own a brain. Lewis destroyed everyone. Well done, Lewis. 7 time F1 WDC. Keep on crushing the opposition and the haters. STILL YOU RISE... ❤💪❤✊❤💪❤✊❤💪❤✊❤
Spy Convention
Steve Michael
Steve Michael 7 napja
Great words from the champ. Humble in victory and defeat. Very happy for Lewis. An incredible story and career!
Mark Paul
Mark Paul 7 napja
The best
OBEE WON 7 napja
He was speaking directly to his haters right here.
Lohith Reddy
Lohith Reddy 7 napja
With seb and checo with their first podium this year and winning the 7th title it couldn’t get better
Ray El
Ray El 7 napja
Such a great man! Amazing driver, indeed. But again, such a great smart man. Congrats, Lewis!
Human Being
Human Being 7 napja
this bloke won a Kart race in Larkhall near Hamilton Scotland 1998 now 93 wins 7 world championships 97 pole positions the greatest no doubt in F1
Jraybay 7 napja
🙏👑 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
Barrysm 7 napja
There are aspirations and inspirations we all know Senna was the latter, but surely he has surpassed all his dreams. Super driver understated that word in this case, everyone has tried to brake him in one way or another, his wealth people criticise but all the worlds best are mega rich. The record book belongs to him and that a fantastic achievement best car or not Schumacher wasn't in the best car either?
David Squires
David Squires 7 napja
A great ambassador for the world of F1. He openly admits his success is a team effort. A true champion.
David Edwards
David Edwards 7 napja
"This is the way!"
Loitering Rambler
You can already see how Lewis changed Formula1 in their push for equality, with Laurence and Sam being put in front of the camera and they are great additions to the F1 family
Brown Fox
Brown Fox 7 napja
Create your own path... Nuff said.. congrats on this amazing achievement Lewis. Get in there 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
N G 7 napja
I just can't get enough of this.
Samet Akın
Samet Akın 7 napja
He has best car BECAUSE he is the best driver. Why others does not have that seat? Well... Also Schumi had best car BECAUSE he was the best driver ever. Dont be idiot blinded fanboi dudes. Hamilton used same tyres for 50 laps isnt it? That's miracle without error... Half of the current drivers are amazing but he has more thats for sure. Just try to enjoy the whole show and dont hate...
Marcio Tadeu de Lima Oliveira
Alfi Aflahal Muflih
8? maybe 9? hm, set the bar higher Lewis!
Vivek Nair
Vivek Nair 7 napja
Wasn't Narain Karthikeyan in the sport when he was young. Why does he pretend as if he is the first black driver ever.
J T 7 napja
Karthikeyan isn't black, but you are correct that he isn't white. It's probably because he wasn't driving - let alone winning - when Hamilton was young. Hamilton was about 19 or 20 by then.
Brian Paige
Brian Paige 7 napja
Guy is a bullshiter only man of color. He as had it so hard.. 😆
Dat Spicy Boi
Dat Spicy Boi 7 napja
I like how people say Lewis is winning just because of the car. Meanwhile they completely overlook cars like the mp4/4 and the f2004
J T 7 napja
One of a number of reasons is because the other cars you mentioned, or teams, had that level for a season or two. From 2014, Mercedes has had that level of advantage for 5 seasons (and will be six next year). Hopefully 2022 tightens the pack and gives exciting, close racing.
Trak Yalı
Trak Yalı 7 napja
I VOICE TO Formula 1 officials: The TRUCK that cleaned the Formula 1 track was the Tuzla Municipality vehicle ... It was the first car to pass the first bend ... I think Formula 1 bosses send 10 of this vehicle to Tuzla municipality ...
Jonathan Sweeney
When it comes to F1 I trust the Rivals opinion on Lewis Hamilton then the haters who dismiss all he does is the car tbh and My own Eyes since how long he’s been racing
Gilbert Flores
Sergio Perez is brown and of course no one see’s that even Lewis. I love black folks but that’s all they see. When will they see brown? When will people see our struggle?
get some
get some 7 napja
He has conservative thinking, Congrats Lewis
Matteo Petta
Matteo Petta 7 napja
This guy is AMAZING...a huge inspiration for all of us out there. Congrats Lewis, you deserve the respect and the title🐐❤️🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
Tim White
Tim White 7 napja
Enjoy it everyone, we'll never see it again
J T 7 napja
See what? Lol Next year. Bet the house on it!
Marin MM7
Marin MM7 7 napja
What a man. Congratulations on his 7th title.
Verden 1979
Verden 1979 7 napja
Mercedes should be banned from F1. They destroyed all the fun and beauty of this sport :(
Samyak Sahu
Samyak Sahu 8 napja
This man deserves a biopic of his own.
Turgay Karagoz
Vettel and Hamilton is enough for Press conference , greatest driver to our times.
A D 8 napja
Just stopping by to say the old logo was still better
AshCash147 8 napja
to da
to da 8 napja
Deep fan of you . ferrari fan, Schumacher fan as Italian, but then i saw you on f2 and i thought:: this guy is just emotion!!! What talent. And since there i enjoyed a lot see race you. And now of course you broke all the records!! Becouse you are the best driver in the history for me. Huge congrats Lewis
Semih_ Gedik
Semih_ Gedik 8 napja
Turkey shoult stay at Formula 1
Fabian F.
Fabian F. 8 napja
He is the best of all time. End of story
varun rajasingh
my one and only dream is to do a video call with lewis i know it is too much but i wish that some day i will
Димас Иванов
Booring f1
Jay Rowe
Jay Rowe 8 napja
Tell the people how you really feel Lewis # you are one of F1 greatest if not greatest
Dug 8 napja
Hats off. Unbelievable champion!
NANDu Techy vlogs
Yunita Yunita
Yunita Yunita 8 napja
Andrea Spano
Andrea Spano 8 napja
This is pure talent
George Thomas
George Thomas 8 napja
Well done Lewis Hamilton..... Brilliant career ..... and its NOT OVER YET
Maruf Hasan
Maruf Hasan 8 napja
A legacy to behold.
Andrew S
Andrew S 8 napja
If Lewis Hamilton wants to virtue signal to folks in the UK then he should move back to the UK and pay his taxes instead of avoiding his taxes by living in Monaco.
toscanaremi 7 napja
@Scott Frijns P.S 95% was being generous
toscanaremi 7 napja
@Scott Frijns aHe has to pay taxes on his uk earnings and any prize money from British Grand Prix. That’s more taxes than the vast majority of the British population
Scott Frijns
Scott Frijns 7 napja
Or did you just make that out of your thumb?
Scott Frijns
Scott Frijns 7 napja
​@toscanaremi 95% source?
toscanaremi 8 napja
He pays more taxes than 95% of British people
FalconAcer 8 napja
A team like Mercedes, that is committed to having a best car, is gonna do their best to make sure they have the best driver driving it. Mercedes knows they have that in Lewis.
Gabriel Guelfi
A great show of racing with an amazing finish , Lewis and Vettel(4xtimes world champions) at the same podium and Lewis wining his 7 championship is the best picture
benzitoracer 8 napja
Well said! Michael would not have been the greatest prior if he had an inferior car to the rest of the field. There are no guarantees in life. Only what you make of it...
Russell Liban
Russell Liban 8 napja
this era proves that Hamilton excels in the Hybrid era along with the dominant Mercedes
kurt craig
kurt craig 8 napja
re mortage your house for your son's go cart, now that's belief and commitment. they had nothing in the bank, lewis didn't even have a bedroom or a bed, he slept on his dads sofa, turned up to the track with a 5th hand car and beat all the little rich kids to a 7th world title
Wesley Brillhart
I couldn't be happier that my favorite driver when I started watching F1 in 2007 is such a perfect ambassador for the sport. The most successful F1 driver of all time and nearly a billionaire and he's still so down to earth and humble. Love how passionate he is for helping others and inspiring minorities.
Stephen Morgan
I lost interest in F1 after Senna died. It was 7 years before I returned to the sport I loved since I was a kid. Watching Lewis had rekindled my love for F1, and I have a new driver to admire. I knew Lewis was special from his first win here in Canada.
J T 7 napja
@Stephen Morgan but? ...lol!
Stephen Morgan
@J T I should be, but...
J T 7 napja
I take it you're also a Stroll supporter?
Michael Harrison
He’s not just a champion driver but a champion human. It’s undoubtedly been exceptionally difficult for him and his family over all these years but he’s smashed down the walls and just keeps doing it. Any critics should just shut up and be the mediocre people that they are. Legend Lewis, absolute legend. 🔥🔥
Colii 8 napja
He earned that win, he actually raced for it, *that's* why we aren't talking about the fact that *his car did carry his season, and his previous seasons* but still, he earned this particular win to cement his right as a championship driver. Now, time to watch him learn to lose once Aston comes onto the scene!
Stellan Shinkle
Lewis is THE MAN!
stuart smith
stuart smith 8 napja
09.12 Lewis - "when i stop in 10 or 20 years from now" ---Wow, i think he want to be here for at least 2026 + 3 yr contract when new engine rules arrive. Till 2029. 9 more seasons ? maybe win 3+ more wdc. 10 time WDC, 200 wins, 225 poles
Stephen Brooker
He really opened up which is so nice to see! Loved the detail in his answers! Great interview. Amazing achievement!
jim bob
jim bob 8 napja
When I first got into F1 Lewis I didn’t favour you much mate over time you’ve really changed my course on that ❤️love you Lewis win one more baby!!!
ሓንቲ ኤርትራ
He's the best driver. Simple. And I'm a Ferrari fan.
Rafael Ambrosini
A Bloke with a name
RawLu 8 napja
Wish I could celebrate it with him like I did previous championships.... But I just don't feel welcome in his Black American fan club any longer as a Non-Colour Human Being...
Muhammad Shameem
Only 1 black driver exists : That black driver : 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐
J T 5 napja
@Tyrell Rice I thought this is a fight for equality? (based on what Hamilton is saying)
Tyrell Rice
Tyrell Rice 5 napja
@J T we all know when when your mixed with black your black period 👊🏿💯
J T 7 napja
@Tyrell Rice Hamilton himself said bi-racial here.
Tyrell Rice
Tyrell Rice 7 napja
@Gareth Hughes come on now whites don’t even claim Hamilton most of y’all hate on him said it’s the car lol 😂 that man is one of the bros 💪🏿💪🏿💯👊🏿
Gareth Hughes
Gareth Hughes 7 napja
Except he's not Black, he's half White.
Nixer Doyle
Nixer Doyle 8 napja
If he's not considered the greatest now, it won't be long before he is. He's really grown into a great champion. The doubts about his abilities must surely now be put to rest.
Alexandra silva Silva
Esse é um gênio Sensacional piloto RAFA DE PIRITIBA sp Brasil
Recognise greatness.
Luis Fernando mozão
far from the myths of f1
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