Lewis Hamilton Watches Back His Epic GP2 Breakthrough Drive 

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It was the drive that confirmed that Lewis Hamillton was a bonafide future star. Will Buxton sat down with the now 7-time champion to watch his incredible recovery drive in a GP2 race in Turkey back in 2006.
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Dilum Wimalaratna
Dilum Wimalaratna 10 órája
Moral : Never be over confident.
christopher chadwick
2-oh-6 ruined it for me
Mr. Be.
Mr. Be. Napja
This is gonna be one of the greatest movies of all time in the future
Hatim Salim
Lewis Driving Matter Movement 👍
Hatim Salim
if you’re naturally born very talented in what you do then you’re magnificently a powerful champion, but if you aren’t born talented enough then you can only be just a winner,… not anyone can tame wild horses time and time again repeatedly but only those who are born with that special talent can easily do, and this explains the huge difference between Hamilton and Bottas in the same racing car Just like a powerful horse needs a special rider, the best car needs an outstanding driver, and obviously that driver is Lewis Hamilton not Valtteri Bottas 👍👌🤗
Miles Moore
Miles Moore 2 napja
Their wearing masks ? This proves how weak Hamilton is and easily he can be played for a fool.
Nkosinathi Mothoa
This doesn't happen overnight
Lewis Hamilton, a hero for me. I'm very happy to have lived long enough to see him succeed.
Peter Pulchny
Peter Pulchny 2 napja
thats why theres so much hype about Lewis, he achieved the impossible, broke all the stereotypes, trailer and a flask of noodles. this guy deserves absolutely everything in his life! true champ.
Banks Banks
Banks Banks 2 napja
Lewis representing! Big up yuhself mi bredda
NOB 3 napja
What he did in 2006 was epic and than 2020 what a mega star showing the worldhis class and all those drivers on the grid got a lesson to learn fron the fenomenal driving of Lewis Hamilton.
king kwasi
king kwasi 3 napja
2 more laps n he could he won the race. I hope vestapenhas seen this
grx engine
grx engine 3 napja
I just realized my face is sore from smiling throughout this entire video.
Ross Baillie
Ross Baillie 3 napja
3:51 Lewis “I’m always gonna brake the latest” Daniel ricciardo. Hold my beer
M R.
M R. 3 napja
Luckiest man in f1
Flying Spagetti
You make your own luck.
Rych78 3 napja
I remember this race so much! Like Senna did at Donnington in 93, Lewis made them all look like amateurs that day. I don't care if you hate him for his politics or his music or his dress sense. If you can't watch him race and beat people in equal cars like that, and not give him respect. Then you'll never be a racer
Mr_Penna son
Mr_Penna son 3 napja
I saw this live on ITV2 and remembered it was that kid off’v blue peter from back in the day.. He’d made it. I was chuffed for him!
Aaron 3 napja
I remember watching this race live and man it was awesome to watch! Love the sound of these cars!
Mike J
Mike J 3 napja
Stopped watching as soon as i saw the mask
G Schultz
G Schultz 3 napja
You had some mclaren backing tho.
daniel m
daniel m 3 napja
Is that Glock?
das 3 napja
Hannes Visagie
Incredible, greatness in the making
PHAT 3 napja
this is a fantastic video
VIBIN M V 3 napja
RESPECT!!! We can debate for ever, but why go for the futile exercise? Instead as true enthusiasts, let us just appreciate the racing...
Exo Crown
Exo Crown 3 napja
Love Lewis. But his mask. Rather frustrating to see an organization make billions off people, and then literally not donate a single dime back the community it’s supposed to represent. You’re better than that Lewis. Don’t bite that bait.
Flying Spagetti
Mercedes was the first F1 team that use their technology to made RESPIRATOR and open sourced their design.
Stephen O'Connell
You don't always win the battles Lewis, But you win the wars. 14 years in F1 and are a 7 time champion. A 50% championship success rate. Imagine you won in 07 and 16 with the racing gods being fairer to you. You would then have 9/14. And had to compete against world champions fast Ferrari's equal status team mates and yes Nico beat you once. But do i see him as the better driver? No you had a ton of misfortune that year. That on an equal playing field equal machinery and reliability. You will always come out on top. Like him or hate him. There is no question about his ability as a driver to say he is the greatest. 93-06/10-12 16 years for Michael(if he stayed retired he achieved it a year sooner(. But he didn't have team mates challenging him, He deliberately took out drivers to win championships even the great Senna done that. But what stands out the most for me with Lewis, He has been hard but fair. Yes he's got it wrong and was shown with the two Albon incidents. But the mistakes are now minimal. When Max and Charles get to Lewis's Maturity and picking the sensible overtakes rather than the specular ( Yes when Lewis was doing it. I'd love it, But when it goes wrong and cost vital championship points you think of why didn't you just be patient) Sometimes settling for what you have is better than Nothing. Lewis has that capacity to be long sighted for the end goal and has worked for him. Yet has still pulled off specular over takes like his two triple cars overtakes in Bahrain and I think Germany (I'm tired currently cant remember the years at the top of my head.) When he needed to maximise an off weekend.
Nick 3 napja
No politics in sports please
Flying Spagetti
It's NOT about politics but about HUMANITY and EQUALITY. That's why Mercedes and Formula 1 SUPPORT him.
Nick 3 napja
@Jenn So you support black lives matter, and that it should be displayed in sports?
Jenn 3 napja
Politics is everywhere and should be everywhere.
Bereket Gessese
"How Much do you want it? " words to live by
Nixer Doyle
Nixer Doyle 3 napja
I'd love to know how many, if any, views you'd lose by omitting the word "epic". Every time I see an adjective, I wonder why it's there. Why? Because I think people should be allowed to decide for themselves whether, for example, what Lewis's drive was like.
Connor Meulemans
lewis should pull a kimi and go back to mclaren. tell me why you agree or disagree?
Flying Spagetti
Maybe after he get 10 WDC with Mercedes. 😁
Tidiane Ba
Tidiane Ba 4 napja
Flying Spagetti
LOL. 😁
Yo Fresh
Yo Fresh 4 napja
Hate him all u want u can’t deny his greatness
fredk 4 napja
I like lewis but his wins are just so boring, I hope he moves to a lesser team before retiring
Flying Spagetti
Yes. After get 3 more WDC with Mercedes. 😂
TheYBGOON 4 napja
The whole f1 pit lane downed their tools stopped working on the cars and watched. If you knew anything about f1 that is like a massive deal. Hamilton also wasn’t poor he was lower middle class which in motor racing terms is Poor. Other drivers on the grid have come from working class backgrounds. To make it they need a team or sponsor to cover costs. You’re parents need to be upper class to survive without a sponsor.
AstroGaming 4 napja
F1 commentators, HUrunrs, F1 drivers: Hamilton deserves to be praised for his achievements People in any F1 related comment section: Nope
Flying Spagetti
Only haters.
Danny Boy
Danny Boy 4 napja
“He only does well because he’s in the best car”
Flying Spagetti
@Nick not in Turkey.
Nick 2 napja
@Flying Spagetti And? Mercedes is still fastest in the rain.
Flying Spagetti
@Nick he could win if it's RAIN!
Nick 3 napja
Thats true. If he was in a Haas, Williams, Ferrari, Alfa, etc instead of a Mercedes then he would not win any races.
Marsorry Ickua
Ah, Grid Babes - totally forgot about that. How times have changed.
Cameron Reedy
Cameron Reedy 4 napja
0:13, 2 06? You mean 2006 😂
nikolay8000 4 napja
the GOAT
The Mountain Man
Destined to be the greatest.
You don’t have to be first. It’s how you deal with adversity. You are and always will be a legend Lewis! You’re an inspirational human, never mind F1 champion. Much love!
Ozcan Turkoglu
I remember this gp2 victory it was amazing as he achieved last weekend
Sebastian Vettel
Natural talent, nothing can take that away from him
Giovani Carelli
Lewis deserves every single achievement he has gotten, but sorry, just can't stand watching him wear a freaking terrorist organization mask.
Flying Spagetti
Formula 1 and Mercedes SUPPORT him, because it's about HUMANITY and EQUALITY.
Deniz Erdener
Deniz Erdener 4 napja
Turkey 2020 shows that Hamilton is a GOAT and is better then Verstappen
Christian Baud
Lewis: I’m always going to be the one to brake the latest Daniel Ricardo: Mate, hold my shoey
glenniez1 4 napja
AI set to 0%
But noooooooooooooooooooo, Hamilton has no talent whatsoever, he is just lucky, he just has the best car, he this and that, he that and this. ~The Haters.
Flying Spagetti
Michalis McLaren
come back to Mclaren....... YOU HAVE TO
Flying Spagetti
Wait for 3 years.
Frederick Dorsey
The Verstappen fanboys have been quiet this week. I wonder why? 🤔🤔🤔
David Mallon
David Mallon 4 napja
I look at this guy and I just feel so proud that he has achieved everything that he has. He deserves every last bit of it!
margus kiis
margus kiis 4 napja
I remember Lewis was a big star even in GP2. In Estonia they started to make GP2 news because of him. It was never a case before and after. It was like "You know Hamilton won again in GP2" - - "Yeah but what is Gp2?". At the end of 2006 GP2 season it was like "Cant wait when Lewis is coming to F1!"
Michael Cardello
Take that mask off.
Flying Spagetti
Formula 1 and Mercedes SUPPORT him, because it's not about politics, but about HUMANITY and EQUALITY.
Nick 3 napja
No politics in sports!
Donald Makalintal
“I don’t understand, everyone’s breaking early these days...” that’s some rare trashtalking in F1 sports.
wuaw2011 4 napja
Hamilton watches should sue Lewis for this video since it has his last name and word watches in the title 🤦🏻‍♂️
claudio muzio
claudio muzio 4 napja
not the best driver in the world, but still a champion
Flying Spagetti
LOL. 😂
Bitofpizza 4 napja
He makes it sound & look soo easy 😭
Market Maker
Market Maker 4 napja
People say the guy is just lucky; I say he made his own luck with hard work, persistence and dedication.
Flying Spagetti
You make your own luck.
kubemaster 4 napja
“Lewis has raw talent, but he can’t manage his tires,”. Every Lewis hater since 2007, implying he doesn’t understand strategy....
Blessed 4 napja
I remember Prost saying Rosberg will beat him because he's studied engineering and has more of a technical brain (or something like that) for managing resources 😀
jastallion45 4 napja
"I wanted it so much "... Words to live by. Kudos Lewis.
Semih_ Gedik
Semih_ Gedik 4 napja
Theo Fennel
Theo Fennel 5 napja
And theres still so many haters.
Flying Spagetti
Because the haters achieve nothing in their life.
Anks S
Anks S 5 napja
I wasn’t a fan of Lewis until 2019 but share this video (and one from 2000 karting he came first and commentators keep saying he’s gonna be something in future) to the people who say he is what he is because of his car. True champ.
Steev 5 napja
Anyone here after Lewis Hamilton lost the legal Battle against Hamilton watches and thought this video was about yesterdays news on Lewis losing the law suit after seeing the title of the video
Steev 5 napja
Anyone here after Lewis Hamilton lost the legal Battle against Hamilton watches and thought this video was about yesterdays news on Lewis losing the law suit after seeing the title of the video
Steev 5 napja
Anyone here after Lewis Hamilton lost the legal Battle against Hamilton watches and thought this video was about yesterdays news on Lewis losing the law suit after seeing the title of the video
Great one Will!🏆
Gaijin 5 napja
The GP2 hamilton was the normal and likable hamilton before he got corrupted and brainwashed by politics
Flying Spagetti
Flying Spagetti 9 órája
@Gaijin of course they care. Only ignorant people like you that's don't care.
Gaijin 18 órája
@Flying Spagetti Do you think Mercedes and Formula 1 care about humanity and equality? Don't be naive. It's a marketing excercise for them.
Flying Spagetti
What politics? It's about humanity and equality. That's why Mercedes and Formula 1 support him.
Blessed 4 napja
Dinosaur, you've got the right profile pic🤣
Zavi Ali
Zavi Ali 5 napja
Just towards the end seeing him in gp2 after the charge and then with him being a 7 times World Champion is really incredible and sort of got me really. What an amazing athlete and source of inspiration. Well done Lewis. I haven't been your fan but your determination and willingness to win demands utmost respect.
Superforce Racing
I miss the grid girls 😭
The useless blue one
9:42 Montoya broke his shoulder on a tennis ball... WEAK
Bruce Ali
Bruce Ali 5 napja
In the same car Hamilton was faster than the Mercedes W11🤔
fetez1 5 napja
9:42 priceless 😂
Richard Neville
Such an incredible driver, so glad this is in my lifetime
Matthew Osei
Matthew Osei 5 napja
Need more interviews like this
CB CarStyle
CB CarStyle 5 napja
Say what you like about "he only wins because he has the best car". Look what he does when the cars are equal. He's not my favourite driver but man I respect him, he's an absolute magician.
Jagger Abdul Tosic
Who was the teammate of Hamilton in GP2?
wilson suarez
wilson suarez 5 napja
Wow that young driver looks like he is going places he should compete in f1, whats his name again?
Flying Spagetti
@You Teub Lewis.
You Teub
You Teub 4 napja
Something Milton...no...Hamilton I think...not sure !
Opcica 5 napja
Lewis definitely deserves what he achieved because he is one of the F1 greats. I am not his fan anymore only because it is not really fun to see the same team and the same driver being crowned champions year after year as it gets stale and boring. I am a Vettel fan personally but why I am not Lewis' fan anymore comes from a fundamental issue F1 has had since forever which I absolutely hate but is he one of the legends of F1? Absolutely, not going to deny the facts, definitely deserves all 7, should have been at least 9 by now (if it wasn't for gravel trap in Shanghai in 2007 and engine failure at Sepang in 2016)
Rehan Naeem
Rehan Naeem 5 napja
amazing man , he has the same spirit till the 7th title and counting, still rising .....
MarkDemand Official
He ClEaRlY hAd ThE bEsT cAr
Flying Spagetti
In GP2? LOL. 😂
05Rudey 5 napja
Can't wait for his to retire so I can enjoy F1 again without a millionaire fud calling me a racist. His car won, not him.
Flying Spagetti
GP2 used equal car.
Black Girls Rock
Keep projecting your insecurities on Lewis! Trying to dim Lewis’s light doesn’t make yours any brighter!🤡🤡
John Harding
John Harding 5 napja
They racist him so hard.
SumR4ndom 5 napja
man this was one of my favourite races ive ever seen of his so glad he got to reflect on it. This was the race i was convinced he was going to be the best in F1 at some point.
C Tyas Satiti
C Tyas Satiti 5 napja
I learn a lot watching this clip
Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan 5 napja
2005 : GP3 Champion 2006 : GP2 Champion 2007 : Lost F1 Championship by 1 point 2008 : F1 Champion What a run that was !!
Brenno Romão
Brenno Romão 11 órája
Singapugate made it easier, but still is a major acomplishment
Jon Chui
Jon Chui 4 napja
2005: F3 Euro Series ;)
hang rezka
hang rezka 5 napja
I named my son after you my man, you're THE GREATEST EVER! Such an inspiration 🙏
Flying Spagetti
His father gave him name after Carl Lewis.
Gowrishankar KN
Raymand Doks
Raymand Doks 5 napja
5:00 when Will explained the pit reaction to Lewis's race. Wooooooooooooooooow! Honestly don't think I got enough o's in that wow. Blessed to see this.
Siddharth Rajan
The making of a champion!!! Now we know what it takes to match schumi records 😁
Mandy B
Mandy B 5 napja
This was the first time I ever saw him (due to a list of reasons). I turn on just as he started his fight back. I knew I was watching a future F1 champ, and actually said that when hubby asked what I was doing. I'm not sure how much I actually breathed through the entire time! I wonder how many of us who actually watched that race can remember who won it (without looking at the podium)? I know I can't!
Oliver Noonan
Oliver Noonan 5 napja
he must like turkey
Tom Plays
Tom Plays 5 napja
F1 can we please get a gp2/f2 archive on F1TV? I would love to be able to see the full race replay of this race and many others, seems that you still have the footage laying around, would be massively appreciated
Sam Francis
Sam Francis 4 napja
there are a few cart races on youtube with Lewis and Nico
Cmdr Benkai
Cmdr Benkai 5 napja
That was great
Lokindra 5 napja
Congratulations 🎉 If you play any mobile/PC games in your fee time. I think your name should be- F1=champion
AA 5 napja
Surely..! it's the car
Black Girls Rock
Lol! That’s what his salty haters love to say!🤣 Can’t you see he was driving a ‘Mercedes’ in this race too? Lol! Apparently Lewis can only drive a Mercedes!
Jurriaan Jansen
Reminds me of LeClerc in Bahrain
Roland Lawrence
so in a spec series where the cars are the same, he comes back from 18th to 2nd in a few laps? well deserved stand out performance. just like how he does it in f1 these days ;)
Black Girls Rock
Great drive! But his salty haters would say he ‘had the best spec car’!🙄
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