Lewis Hamilton Wins First World Title | 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix | Race Highlights 

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Title number seven is in the bag for Lewis Hamilton - but the first one was his most dramatic. Relive the incredible final race of the 2008 season with all the best bits from an extraordinary day at Interlagos...
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varianteagle 5 órája
for every hamilton hater out there - Look at this the consistency of his message on the radio after winning world championship - The first time he won - First thing he did was to thank his team and 7 championships later a similar message !! That man is a legend !
Pierre cim
Pierre cim 14 órája
What would have been the results with the new point scoring system?
leslie oconnor
leslie oconnor 16 órája
I Remember This ❤️❤️
leslie oconnor
leslie oconnor 16 órája
I Watched This With Godfather ❤️❤️
AJ Ace
AJ Ace 21 órája
Haaaaach Michelle♥♥♥♥
Ed Fong
Ed Fong Napja
Loving this, F1 most legendary race, and it gotta be Hamilton
々Rahul77 YT
Even the highlights got me excited, I can't imagine how the actual race felt like Now the championship is kinda decided way soon and no excitement 😔
Matt Emery
Matt Emery Napja
James Allen>Crofty
alexnd 17
alexnd 17 Napja
Back when championship was decided in last corner and not 5 races before
Nuno Nunes
Nuno Nunes Napja
2:45 "You can see how wet he was down the inside."
Marcello Filgueiras
Man this hurts
nawixss Napja
6:46 moment in which they give him the title
Ageraow Napja
me as a brazilian: oh no, not again... this race... this fuc^%&@$#%%^@# race again... :(
Michael de Guzman
would love to the the brazilian coverage of this. how did the commentators react?
funee man
funee man Napja
Felipe was never the same driver after his 2009 accident.
River Mist
River Mist Napja
Felipe's dad is the guy i truly felt sorry for.
River Mist
River Mist Napja
I will remember that day until i die (dementia permitting).
Hunterbey YT
Four horseman of exciting title decider race: - 2006 Brazil - 2008 Brazil - 2012 Brazil - 2020 Turkey
masibulele anele
am i the only south africn who cant watch F1 vidoes
margaret kirimania
Still today I have emotions on seeing this grand prix
Callum Parris
Mas Risyal
Mas Risyal 2 napja
back when F1 had a true F1 engine today's F1 engine is worse than my RC car motor
Flying Spagetti
Blame Renault.
BlackSky 37
BlackSky 37 2 napja
And had not rained that day, we'll be all antecipating Hamilton's 7th world title in 2021.
onomatorecon 2 napja
02:31 OooooouUUUuu
azapro911 2 napja
Never felt tension like it watching a Grand Prix, looked for all the world that it had got away from Hamilton again. And then...
Dave Beverley
Dave Beverley 2 napja
The look, sound & racing were far better with these cars. Been going back & watching the 07 & 08 races & it's so much better then what we've had lately.
Truman Adrian Lobato De Faria
Wow what an amazing race, sheesh 💕💯💯🔥🔥
Tripod Threefoot
7 Time World Champion, Lewis Hamilton
Weesky 2 napja
"IS THAT GLOCK" became one of the biggest meme in motorsports after 2008.
Weesky 2 napja
7:14 that little girl dressed in yellow got ignored.
Juan Zorrilla
Juan Zorrilla 2 napja
Number1 Gamer
Number1 Gamer 2 napja
Ricky Bailey
Ricky Bailey 2 napja
Say what you want at least it was exciting
Jimmers90 2 napja
The look on Ferrari when they were told.. after celebrating prematurely.. OUCH! 7:20
steve 2 napja
Vettel in that Toro Rosso in the rain was absolutely amazing that year.
Eduardo Rezende
sad brazilian noises here :'(
Casper Hogenboom
Nooope, still hurts.. can not watch this
louis epinat
louis epinat 2 napja
biggest steal ever
Benjamin T Haden
7:20 Not even the 1979 French Grand Prix
Mohammad Yuzbashi
The moment you are all looking @6:46
Dean Gibson
Dean Gibson 2 napja
To this day there are still some conspiracy theorists that think Glock let Hamilton through on purpose despite the fact that Glock and Hamilton hated each other.
BTKJay 2 napja
I can still taste Massa's tears 12 years on.
Dome Luiz
Dome Luiz 2 napja
I miss these Titel fights... Champion or not to the last corner...
Dawid Przyluski
I was 5 years Old there
László 3 napja
everytime I watch this video 7:19 ALWAYS springs to mind. pain.
László 3 napja
no matter what Hamilton does or will do, this race will always reinvigorate the love I have for Hamilton. I was 7. I still feel the passion for this race today. James Allen, Murray Walker and Martin Brundle still the voice of F1 for me, and I'm 19.
László 3 napja
watching this race always gives me goosebumps
MrJhonvick 3 napja
all we know Timo left Lewis to win
Uitae Yoo
Uitae Yoo 3 napja
so sad for fellipe
Filipe Queiroz
tirou no Brasil e do colo do brasileiro a chance de ser campeão mundial de fórmula 1, por ter sido pelas vias legais: Parabéns!
Giuseppe Giorgio
How to steal a World Championship. Chapter 1: is that Glock!
back when the tyre men had forever and a day to do their job because the refueling takes longer
Yeet 3 napja
Back then everything was so much more meaningful and emotional
Yeet Napja
@Courtney Swaby I guess 🥴
Courtney Swaby
Your senses have been dulled over the years
Peter Fox
Peter Fox 3 napja
Missing the clip of the Ferrari mechanic punching the wall 😢
Simon Wolff
Simon Wolff 3 napja
My heart..
Ezequiel Riquelme
Glock: stonks 📈↗️
Jeroen Bakkeren
This has to be one of the best sporting stories ever
Lightening McQueen
I may have not watched it at the time, but this is one of my absolute favourite races! Every time I rewatch those closing stages, I root for Lewis Hamilton!
Maurits Heesbeen
I was glad that Hamilton win the world championship! Not because I'm a McLaren fan, but against the FIA.
Sasso Saputra
Sasso Saputra 3 napja
FIFA and F1 really like hurting the Brazilian fans huh?
KanonXD 3 napja
smh F1, it should have a trigger warning for us Brazilians
Abdul Muhaimin
6:45 Murray: "It's that Glock?"
Hafidz Garib
Hafidz Garib 3 napja
this gives me goosebumps everytime i watched it. can't believe Lewis already a 7-times WDC. Supporting since 2007.
Hannes Lilje
Hannes Lilje 3 napja
Oh coulthard and hakkinen touched
Colin Moynes
Colin Moynes 3 napja
To this do, still no valid excuse for Glock going that slow. Was no mechanical issue, the tires wouldn't of been that slow.
Gave it a Shot
Wow.. What tight race to championship!
Klucha 3 napja
Best championship decider ever
Arturo Mesirca
I did not want to relive this
gladson elias
gladson elias 3 napja
Mais um brasileiro chorou ai?
Devi Sucarlo
Devi Sucarlo 3 napja
Timo this is James let Lewis by....
gofastpl 3 napja
Ferrari fans during 2020 -Bad year for us, we will watch old races on f1 channel F1 channel -Brazil 2008
Ami 3 napja
マッサのことを考えると辛い。。。地元だし 2年目?でチャンピオンとれるハミルトンは凄過ぎるけどね
Vivek Somakumar
The "short stop" has come a long way, from 6s to 1.9s. :')
Allan Oliveira Silva
wow breathless!! 👏👏
Dániel Molnár
After this Race the Brasilians became even more racist againts black and german people.
Leandro Anderrüti
Vettel and Hamilton in 2008 😍
ameya velapurkar
Lucky chap lewis.
Duarte Amaro Figueira
2:14 could have been the end of the race for lewis...
Catcrumbs 3 napja
Meanwhile, at the Ferrari boss' home: "I broke the television, I must tell the truth," Reuters quoted di Montezemolo saying from a press conference at the Ferrari Finals in Mugello. "When a television breaks it makes a terrible bang. "My daughter in the other room was given an awful fright. Luckily we had another television so I was able to watch the podium ceremony, which I enjoyed."
Maxim Prostorov
Thanx u, Glock.
Parikshit Khadun
F1 was so much better back in those days!
Navi S
Navi S 4 napja
Lesson: Never celebrate early.
Matthijs de Boer
In the logic of 2016 Hamilton fans: if it weren't for Australia, Hungary and Singapore, Felipe would have won that title by a country mile. And deservedly so.
celso 4 napja
Effect Phoenix
One word: C O N T R O V E R S Y
Joy Manoppo
Joy Manoppo 4 napja
Is theres no speed tv commentary? When they replied "that's timo glock!"
Jose Adonai Arruda
All Brazilians hate this race
Racing Line Australia
This still gives me anxiety, I remember wathcing this race at 3am in the morning here in Australia and jumping up and yelling when Hamilton passed Glock.
Is that Glock?
Matheus Alves
Matheus Alves 4 napja
Já diria o coronel Fábio: " Esquece essa merda aí, porra.
Harshit Singh
Harshit Singh 4 napja
when u celebrate too early ferrari this is what u get
JJ 76
JJ 76 4 napja
Never thought I’d say this back then, but the commentary of Brundle/Allen was SO much better than what we have now
Joao Dantas
Joao Dantas 4 napja
The Brazilian in me: don’t cry, don’t, cry, don’t cry
Nithin Gowda
Nithin Gowda 4 napja
Can't believe he has only 7 titles.
Marthinneill Apoi
Imagine there is a Glock 17 on commentary box and he said 'Is that Glock?'
Zen Juddhism
Zen Juddhism 4 napja
Still never seen anything like it. McLaren should've just let Hamilton go for pole and avoid all that stress!
wallacy Wesley
Nesse dia os Brasileiros ficaram putos da vida kkkkkkkkkkkk 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
識時務者 4 napja
Watching Failerrari fail is the best
Matt Hannah
Matt Hannah 4 napja
This moment made men cry...
Influenciador Analógico
Worst day of my life, before Senna's crash
Luis Luna
Luis Luna 4 napja
If it wasn't for Glock, who knows where Lewis would be
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