LIVE: FIA Formula 2 and Formula 3 Prize-Giving Ceremony 

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We celebrate the end of action packed F2 and F3 seasons with the presentation of prizes across both categories LIVE on HUrun.
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2020.dec. 6.






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McPlayer8t Hónapja
I feel a bit sorry for Tsunoda, three awards and he I don’t think he could talk about them in the way he wants to, but congratulations all the same. An F1 seat is surely on its way.
esma temur
esma temur Hónapja
noticed how mazepin wasn’t there???? yep give the seat to callum
McPlayer8t Hónapja
Haas: Do you bring sponsors? Ilott: Err... Mazepin: ¥€$
Shalem Jackson
Shalem Jackson Hónapja
All these Motorsport Award ceremonies are so cringy and awkward... 😂 But we'll... congratulations to all the winners.
Íñigo Martínez Rubio
The 2020 Yuki Tsunoda prize awards.
McPlayer8t Hónapja
Just about sums it up. Ah well, he deserves it for sure.
Haruto Yamamoto
Haruto Yamamoto Hónapja
Why are Mercedes guys even Toto watching this awkward ceremony even though there's no Mercedes drivers...
McPlayer8t Hónapja
Talent scouting.
Luca Brambilla
Luca Brambilla Hónapja
Schumacher, they are pretty close to his fam tho
Louie Hartley
Louie Hartley Hónapja
Callum Illott is just Wilbur Soot in disguise
Timsu On High Toes
Lol I watch him
Corne Van Gulik
Corne Van Gulik Hónapja
Tsunoda looked like a runway model coming forth and back.
Andy Aim
Andy Aim Hónapja
What an atmosphere 😳😂
______ Hónapja
At 21:19 Toyota Supra
Yuki is busy
yan krungtep
yan krungtep Hónapja
Common Liberty Media I am sure you can do better a ceremony. It looks like the college year end ceremony of my young sister ...
F2 2018:Russell, Norris, Albon 2020:Schumacher, Illot, Tsunoda ...Where is 2019 champ?
Motorsport Fanboy
@Y4 - Yeah
Y4 -
Y4 - Hónapja
Rowland in FE?
Leo Villar
Leo Villar Hónapja
De vries in FE latifi in F1
Motorsport Fanboy
2017: Leclerc, Markelov, Rowland 2019: De Vries, Latifi, Ghiotto
Ben Johnston
Ben Johnston Hónapja
Originally I wanted Kvyat to stay but Tsunoda being only 15 points behind 1st shows he actually is talented. Wouldnt mind if he was given the AT seat
MEMENTo MORi Hónapja
角田くんアルファタウリのシャツ着てんじゃん🤭 F1昇格はほぼ決まりのよーだねヽ(=´▽`=)ノ
vasyapurtov Hónapja
Почему интервью брали только у пилотов?!
Le Mat
Le Mat Hónapja
Schumacher, always a Schumacher. Looking forward to the next season already. Gratulieren!
RSR Hónapja
Anyone know the name of the music which starts at 2:40?
RSR Hónapja
@Mohammed Nabeel Yeah I know. I was just wondering if anyone knows the name of the music.
Mohammed Nabeel
Mohammed Nabeel Hónapja
Its always played just before thee podium everytime
Vojtěch Nováček
Quite a coincidence that Schumacher's and Piastri's mentors are Vettel and Webber respectively.
McPlayer8t Hónapja
Pretty cool, Ferrari teammates 2025?
Chris Hammer
Chris Hammer Hónapja
Congrats Logan!!!
yulmp2 Hónapja
This awards ceremony was more coordinated than Mercedes F1 pit stop today.
BroZSnake Hónapja
Die pokale sehen tausend mal besser aus als die von der formel 1
Navasheen Roy Chowdhury
They should have given the AH trophy to Robert Schwartzman, I mean as a rookie he had the most wins in whole F2
McPlayer8t Hónapja
It’s not an opinion based award, it’s for the highest place rookie, and Shwartzman was way too inconsistent for that. Besides, it’s kind of poetic for Yuki to get the award given how much inspiration he draws from Hubert.
Allen Playz
Allen Playz Hónapja
I mean, Tsunoda finished ahead of Shwartzman.
AROKffxiv Hónapja
Fukin gonna become a great driver
TheSalad Bowl
TheSalad Bowl Hónapja
Looks a bit awkward without alcohol being sprayed. Then again, it'd be also awkward for teenagers to be seen drinking large quantities of champagne.
McPlayer8t Hónapja
Not sure what the legal age is in Bahrain, but Pourchaire is the only one under 18.
ヒデボン! Hónapja
yuki tunoda fantastic Japanese driver. 2021 f-1 alpha tauri honda drive.
Tsunoda has 11 no points races, but He is 3rd. And 1point behind Illot This is amazing!! He deserves AlphaTauri driver.
Antoine Rousseau
Look at the merc boys talent scouting lol
Giorgio Setti
Giorgio Setti Hónapja
I want Rob to win f2 next season
Saeed AlFalasi
Saeed AlFalasi Hónapja
I hope being there one time
Saeed AlFalasi
Saeed AlFalasi Hónapja
I just want to be one so 🤫
Janson B
Janson B Hónapja
Believe in your dreams
Saeed AlFalasi
Saeed AlFalasi Hónapja
Congratulations to all of the winners
Man Mohan
Man Mohan Hónapja
In F2, 6 wins by 3rd place team, and 4 wins for 2nd and 1st place. If Jehan's 1st half was better, it might have made a difference. EDIT: The commentator somehow mixed up the points, wins etc at 10:20
Man Mohan
Man Mohan 23 napja
@13Xerro Yup, I think the commentator mixed up Carlin and Prema's wins at 10:20
13Xerro Hónapja
Carlin got 4 wins. 3 from Tsunoda, 1 from Daruvala.
FreshCoolBeer Hónapja
I hope Honda stays in F1
Azhar Fikri
Azhar Fikri Hónapja
Unfortunately, they won't.. But maybe Red Bull will take the Honda Performance Engine department..
Kate Siri
Kate Siri Hónapja
Jack Wild
Jack Wild Hónapja
Is Logan Sargeant staying in F3 next year or moving to F2 ?
McPlayer8t Hónapja
Nothing official yet, but he was testing with Campos for F2.
interstate366 Hónapja
I don’t think he’s announced his plans yet
miranda strickland
He better go to F2
Tom Bystander
Tom Bystander Hónapja
Welcome to HASS schumi. U ever wanna throw down at some parties ik some colleges and lakes that will make ur day my friend!
WeRaceAsOne MasterplanTM
I am a 100th comment lol
Saeed AlFalasi
Saeed AlFalasi Hónapja
F for Vesti for not finishing in the top 3 💔😭
futuredxve Hónapja
mainly because of bad luck.
Luca Brambilla
Luca Brambilla Hónapja
Bad luck for his 1st half points win
Techno Cat
Techno Cat Hónapja
McPlayer8t Hónapja
So true.
Satyajeet Patil
Satyajeet Patil Hónapja
Jehan winning next yearrr
Haekal Abdalla
Haekal Abdalla Hónapja
F1 really need second division or an idea, to make the rookies into f1. F2 have so much great talent it will be shame if person like callum illot, guanyu zhou, shwartzman, and etc. we see that before like vandoorne, de vries, wehrlein, and etc. if the times aint right they won’t go to f1, that need to be resolve
Janson B
Janson B Hónapja
F2 is actually that thing, beeing in F2 is actually a huge milestone in your career
divyasreenivas Hónapja
divyasreenivas Hónapja
@Allen Playz lol
Allen Playz
Allen Playz Hónapja
Mazepin: sorry Danill, I’ll take you spot as Russian F1 driver
lol lol
lol lol Hónapja
Tsunoda:ahm am am ä am
McPlayer8t Hónapja
As an English speaker trying to learn Japanese, I completely understand. When you are speaking a foreign language, all of your thoughts are still in your own language and you have to translate everything. It’s not easy. I think he has a lot to say, but can’t find the words.
ZX R-CADE Hónapja
Come onnnnn Schumacher I really hope this will happen in f1 too
UNIA LTD Hónapja
Woah anthoine Hubert award
Kakha Khmelidze
Kakha Khmelidze Hónapja
Part of history.
I hope Tsunoda gets a seat in F1, he really looks fast, a bit inconsistent but hopefully Red Bull's ADHD doesn't ruin his career
McPlayer8t Hónapja
I wouldn’t say he is inconsistent, I would say still improving. I think he has a lot of potential. Look at this last round, he was just on another level to the others, scored the most points of any driver in any round this year, with a convincing pole, a feature race win, and 2nd in the sprint race. I wouldn’t be surprised if he takes a few races to get going in F1, as most rookies do, but after that, I have very high hopes for him. He seems to adapt to new cars reasonably quickly as well.
Maxime Verrrstappenn
I say its AT for Tsunoda and Albon for 1 year at RB, things will move from there, Check might go to RB if Albon doesn't preform. But I think with the caps Check might be a problem at RB
Allen Playz
Allen Playz Hónapja
@interstate366 ok
interstate366 Hónapja
@Allen Playz Horner said earlier this weekend that Albon won’t be at AT next year. It’s either RB or the sidelines.
Allen Playz
Allen Playz Hónapja
@BigBear78 Allen Albon exists though.
Stepladder Hónapja
Ferrari is so lucky to have another schumacher to give them a jillion championships, anyway im looking forward to it
Stratowind Hónapja
They also have Leclerc, Illot, Schartzman. They have plenty of talent. Just a terrible car, pit machinery and strategy.
Snifey 76
Snifey 76 Hónapja
The path that Micky going is very similar to his father
Dalozsan The Fox
Vesti 4ever
Yuri Hónapja
Tsunoda wearing Alpha Tauri belt and shirt 🙌🏼
ThisIsMego Hónapja
I mean, isn't that part of Red bull? He probably gets discounts on that stuff as a junior driver. But yeah, I'd be surprised if he DIDN'T get Kvyat's seat next year.
interstate366 Hónapja
@Seshvir Seodutt 9:00
Seshvir Seodutt
Seshvir Seodutt Hónapja
Where I can’t see
UNIA LTD Hónapja
Anthoine Hubert award 😅
Kalpesh Patel
Kalpesh Patel Hónapja
Nice catch 👍🏽
Mishael Trivennios
F1 HAMboring timeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
m.snsl_ Hónapja
Yuki Tsunoda in AphaTauri shirt ...
Eduardo Navarro
Eduardo Navarro Hónapja
So poorly made
Janson B
Janson B Hónapja
Yes 😂
Pranav Vhankate
Pranav Vhankate Hónapja
We race as One!
Hand Rena
Hand Rena Hónapja
F1 Sakhir Grand Prix l'i "v'e s't'r'e" m HD 👉telegra.ph/Sakhir-Grand-Prix-12-06
Lozy Hónapja
Funny how Tsunoda had to exit and go back to the podium like 3 times
Seshvir Seodutt
Seshvir Seodutt Hónapja
I’m a row lol
Kleber Souza
Kleber Souza Hónapja
West D Zero
West D Zero Hónapja
So Honda will stick to F1...
Prokonover Hónapja
Everyone should learn from Yuki Tsunoda on how to properly wear a face mask
Althaf Avilla
Althaf Avilla Hónapja
@miranda strickland ❄️
Allen Playz
Allen Playz Hónapja
@miranda strickland I don’t find that racist, and I’m asian.
@Parth Shah You’re right. Actually We always wear face mask. Some of them use it to hide their face.
Parth Shah
Parth Shah Hónapja
@miranda strickland Wronggggggggg, its because Asians culturally wear masks whenever they are sick. Especially in Japan they commonly wear masks whatever sickness. Don't cry racism for no reason.
miranda strickland
@Parth Shah racist
osg1017 Hónapja
I think we can all agree now that Tsunoda is the fastest driver in F2.
Allen Playz
Allen Playz Hónapja
Tsunoda is one of the worst drivers in terms of consistency, but he’s top notch in everything else.
Motorsport Fanboy
Him and Ilott have the best raw speed of anyone if i’m totally honest
Motorsport Fanboy
@Obbliteration fastest not the best
Kilik Hónapja
@Obbliteration Tsunoda has 3 race wins, 3 2nd places and 4 poles. He is only 15 points behind the champion in his rookie season even though he had more retirements and bad luck.
Obbliteration Hónapja
The champion would disagree with you
Chris Mansour
Chris Mansour Hónapja
It’s so awkward that Yuki had to come back on the podium 3 times 😂
McPlayer8t Hónapja
Yeah well, he deserves it. Mega talent.
Allen Playz
Allen Playz Hónapja
y e s
Hand Rena
Hand Rena Hónapja
Arjun Agarwal
Arjun Agarwal Hónapja
lol he said the wrong points for all of the f2 teams
McPlayer8t Hónapja
Yeah, they swapped 1st and 3rd. How do they mess that up? 1st should have the most points. Clearly no proof reading was done.
Gecko Moria
Gecko Moria Hónapja
Ankush Suryavanshi
Yuki Needs to go directly in RedBull F1 team. I am sure he'll score more points than Albon.
Allen Playz
Allen Playz Hónapja
@Janson B Yeah.
Janson B
Janson B Hónapja
I think if they put Tsunoda to RBR straight, the same thing will happen like with Gasly and Albon.
Ciaran Mc Nulty
Ciaran Mc Nulty Hónapja
Is it just me or did nobody know this was happening
Salwa Din
Salwa Din Hónapja
Not even Callum
DaniMacYo Hónapja
19:02 Ya... Man the way he talks and his mannerisms it's a lot like Michael.
Azhar Fikri
Azhar Fikri Hónapja
@Confi_User_3 He looks up Michael for all his lifetime. Of course he inherits some of his dad's traits and behavior..
Confi_User_3 Hónapja
@OTBC 😂😂😂 His surname even is Schumacher, but I'm sure that's just another coincidence 😂
Bean Ice
Bean Ice Hónapja
OTBC Hónapja
It's almost as if he's Michael's son
Croco from Asia
Croco from Asia Hónapja
His voice rhythm is also identical
Justice Warrior
Justice Warrior Hónapja
You earned some Doritos and Cheetos
Blitzo Hónapja
M.Rahman Hónapja
*F2&3 Prize Giving gets held* Some drill: Imma ruin this man's whole career
Kimi Raikkonen
Kimi Raikkonen Hónapja
Alfi Redzwan
Alfi Redzwan Hónapja
I feel sad for Shwartzman to not take part of the ceremony because I was rooting for him since F2 started to be the champion and get the AH award
Motorsport Fanboy
He will be up here next year I reckon if he improves his quali and being more consistent
Freddy Hónapja
Why does ist seem like no one knew what the Program was
Kamrul Islam
Kamrul Islam Hónapja
TSU to Alpha Tauri next year. CONFIRMED
Anuj Punyarthi
Anuj Punyarthi Hónapja
Formula Student prize distribution vibes
HLcoasters Hónapja
I don't hear Schokolade 🤔
Thomas Roussel
Thomas Roussel Hónapja
Pourchaire futur World Champion
McPlayer8t Hónapja
And as a Sauber Junior, you’re also competing with Ferrari Juniors. So it’s tough competition for him.
Kilik Hónapja
@aditya banerjee Yeah but I hope he will be a Mercedes junior instead. There is no top team in sight as a Sauber junior.
aditya banerjee
aditya banerjee Hónapja
@Kilik he's currently a Sauber junior, so if Kimi retires and Theo does well in F2 he should get that seat.
Kilik Hónapja
Hope Mercedes get him
Christian Breitenstein
Congratz all :-) Yuki Tsunoda should have the needed superlicence points now, doesn't he? Self-answer: he does. I might have listened to the interview first before posting, hm? xD
mille feuille
mille feuille Hónapja
Y4 -
Y4 - Hónapja
Yeah, TSU's driving is incredible‼️ There were a lot of overtaking. There was some bad luck, but it was a brilliant season✨🎉👏
Nemanja Mitrić
Nemanja Mitrić Hónapja
This is sooo awkward
Luis Maturano
Luis Maturano Hónapja
When you don't interact with humans
Snifey 76
Snifey 76 Hónapja
Bella Poarch
Bella Poarch Hónapja
First but schumacher should be at ferrari considering that sainz dosent want to be at ferrari anymore considering the horrendous year they had. And schumacher could boost the potentail of the team in a few years. Or it could just be sainz and schumacher as their two drivers.
Bella Poarch
Bella Poarch Hónapja
@Iliyan Stoychev Unless ferrari update their centre of grip beacause vettel says its makes him drive horrendiously
UNIA LTD Hónapja
Anthoine Hubert award 😅
Iliyan Stoychev
Iliyan Stoychev Hónapja
Are you for real bro???? Ferrari taking a rookie? You have to be kidding! Sainz is a proven driver and I haven't heard him hating on Ferrari ever, it is your fantasy of him hating Ferrari.
Liron Jaden Samuels
Its still a merc one two look below the rostrum
McPlayer8t Hónapja
😂 well played.
Nathan Chan
Nathan Chan Hónapja
Hmm weird , only less than 20 comments Edit: More accurate 17 adding this one
Average Hooman
Average Hooman Hónapja
Gg for yuki taking that 3rd wdc postion at the last 2 races overtaking mazepin
FELITO 21 Hónapja
@Kleber Souza oh then... Love you?
Kleber Souza
Kleber Souza Hónapja
@FELITO 21 yes?
FELITO 21 Hónapja
@Kleber Souza no?
Saeed AlFalasi
Saeed AlFalasi Hónapja
That’s what Mazepin gets
Kleber Souza
Kleber Souza Hónapja
@FELITO 21 yes
The AFKing
The AFKing Hónapja
The Anthony Hubert award AKA the rookie of the year award that yuuki tsunoda won, should be named the Lewis Hamilton Award.
McPlayer8t Hónapja
When you post a comment, ask yourself this. “Am I making the world better or worse?” If it is the latter, hit cancel. You have no respect and are just trying to be controversial, probably, I’m not judging yet. But, if you are going to make a statement like that, the absolute least you could do is provide a valid and logical reason.
Richard Naujoks
Richard Naujoks Hónapja
@Der_Netherer Hm, also die Feststellung, dass es wenig Sinn ergibt, auf einen englischen Kommentar auf Deutsch zu antworten, zeugt davon, dass ich beschränkt bin. Interessante These. Übrigens: Es ist immer sehr schlagkräftig, wenn man die Intelligenz einer anderen Person in Frage stellen möchte und dabei die Beleidigung falsch schreibt......
Der_Netherer Hónapja
@Richard Naujoks Deine Beschräkung hätte ich gerne, dann wäre mein Alltag viel entspannter.
Richard Naujoks
Richard Naujoks Hónapja
@Der_Netherer muss dich nich jucken, is halt nur dumm dann...
Der_Netherer Hónapja
@Richard Naujoks Was glaubst du was mich das juckt?
Piotr Kobielus
Piotr Kobielus Hónapja
F2 i f3 zakończenie sezonu 2020
Irish001 Hónapja
Where tf are the comments?
Nabila Febriyanti
Congratulations everyone 🙌🙌👏👏
Louis-Philippe Caron
Yuki looks like the guy that give you ticket at the entry of a school concert
The Maestro
The Maestro Hónapja
He looks like a League of Legends pro player. Appearances aside though, he's a heck of a driver.
adetayo david
adetayo david Hónapja
Respect to Illot
Sebastian MARCIANO
@Tommy Lawson he have a seat for 2022
Tommy Lawson
Tommy Lawson Hónapja
He doesn’t have the funds for another year in f2 unfortunately
Darkwing Duck
Darkwing Duck Hónapja
@Tommy Lawson it's not
Tommy Lawson
Tommy Lawson Hónapja
Such a shame his career is practically over
Andrew 82
Andrew 82 Hónapja
Where is the f2 race highlight?
Tim 123
Tim 123 Hónapja
I Like your Cut G
Stan T H
Stan T H Hónapja
haha that f3 prizegiving so akward
interstate366 Hónapja
Sargeant sounds like he isn’t 100% sure about his plans for next year
Alessandro Guatieri
No fans makes it kinda akward.
HumanSlayer 5464
For real
Kimi Raikkonen
Kimi Raikkonen Hónapja
McPlayer8t Hónapja
UNIA LTD Hónapja
Ohk kimi.
Y4 -
Y4 - Hónapja
@PhoenixGT3 😂
PhoenixGT3 Hónapja
Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton Hónapja
Carlos Real
Carlos Real Hónapja
Bajo jajo
George 567
George 567 Hónapja
It’s 40 seconds in
goldenegg Hónapja
Rino Wanandri
Rino Wanandri Hónapja
Congrats Schumacher
Rino Wanandri
Rino Wanandri Hónapja
@Papafrita 👍
Papafrita Hónapja
Congratulations dawg
Rino Wanandri
Rino Wanandri Hónapja
Rino Wanandri
Rino Wanandri Hónapja
@Nabila Febriyanti benarr
Nabila Febriyanti
Sepertinya kamu orang indo yah 😁
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