Luka Doncic Gets Angry At Mavs&Porzingis Worst Choke Instead Of Giving The Ball To Him Final Minute! 

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Sean Calhoun
Sean Calhoun 19 napja
He wanted a timeout. Whatever Luka was going to cook up was better than that possession.
ghost rider
ghost rider 23 napja
Luka ready join a superteam lebron will take him
KEVVBMM 27 napja
Doncic the most depressed player in the league on god
FJUWANA 28 napja
Not that Knicks any better, but Knicks Fans be like ... 🤣
James Catchot
James Catchot 29 napja
Luka come to Chicago
Kyle Claassen
Kyle Claassen 29 napja
Wow. Luka has some anger issues. He needs to stop being a ball hog!
Treycoyne12 29 napja
Mavs are terrible. Hope Luka gets some help or he leaves
K D Hónapja
Curb your Importance
Arvin Gaming
Arvin Gaming Hónapja
-1000 chemistry
YukioRzkI Hónapja
What cauley doing when he got the rebound, should go for the layup to tied
Noah Karnowski
Noah Karnowski Hónapja
Such a baby dude my goodness
Roy Gumban
Roy Gumban Hónapja
AR S Hónapja
Luka has been a stat first player starting last season cause he wanted to get as many accolades as he could at a young age. Nothing wrong with that but you can’t please most of your teammates as well as your coaching staff with that kind of attitude; it’s a team sport at the end of the day.
bluemamba964 Hónapja
The guy in the bench could be in the next Cobra Kai series, he has a really good Crane Kick form 😂😂
Something Cool
Something Cool Hónapja
Cauley-Stein is the one to blame first i thought he was hogging or he was acting like Jr Smith.
Mr. Booom
Mr. Booom Hónapja
Melanin Blessed
Melanin Blessed Hónapja
The new crybaby
SFterps Hónapja
luka shot better from half court than Porzingis' 3 pt attempt
Nivla Gatdula
Nivla Gatdula Hónapja
Respect to Luka. He wants to win badly. He is so competitive like MJ. GOAT mentality there. Coaching staff should call for a time out or his teammates to organise a better play because theres a lot of time left
Oscar Picaso
Oscar Picaso Hónapja
kp. trade please mavs won't make it past 1st round playing like that. just saying
Demetris Mavros
Demetris Mavros Hónapja
White Kyrie Irving
Al Catraz
Al Catraz Hónapja
#33 of DAL didn't want to contest for rebound in final seconds
Angel Hernandez
Angel Hernandez Hónapja
Dude on the bench premature celebration on both shots lol
why build an entire team around the MVP if they don't give him the ball before the buzzer.
The Boss
The Boss Hónapja
Think if doncic also goes to Brooklyn
Daniel Tommy
Daniel Tommy Hónapja
His full court shot was closer than those two bozos
GTA Cinematic
GTA Cinematic Hónapja
The only Mavs player, besides Currry, who wants to win. Ohh... there is no Curry anymore, such a "good" deal!
LimedBeat Hónapja
That one Mavs player that is dancing like the ball hit the rim lol
Drew Bravo
Drew Bravo Hónapja
Dallas should never be trailing at the half by 20 when Luka has 30 pts. Yet here we are, day in, day out. They need to get better shooters, and drop the ones playing that can't score a lick & that are literally intimidated by his shooting.
Aaron Middleton
Aaron Middleton Hónapja
He needs to leave the Mavs. Won’t do anything with that team. KP is no longer who he used to be. It’s just Luka
Xabean Bridges
Xabean Bridges Hónapja
Luka is literally such a cry baby
Xabean Bridges
Xabean Bridges Hónapja
@Wispy why the would I tell a nolife like you
Wispy Hónapja
how old are you?
Xabean Bridges
Xabean Bridges Hónapja
@Wispy lmao I'm a starter but sure
Wispy Hónapja
@Xabean Bridges vise versa bench warmer
Xabean Bridges
Xabean Bridges Hónapja
@Wispy who TF even are you
veksone77 Hónapja
Luka is straight up just standing there not moving at all.
MrOnetedify Hónapja
lmao what a fail @MavsCoachingStaff take a L
nextoesc Hónapja
Luka is a cry baby
My name is Yoda
My name is Yoda Hónapja
Doncic is scared of shooting too, why wait for a timeout, WCS was looking for him after the offensive reb, but he didnt want to receive the ball.. what a crybaby generation
Thotty DaGod
Thotty DaGod Hónapja
But let's be honest... thats Porzingis shot...he should be better. The potential in Porzingis should make the Mavs championship contender with the squad they got. I just don't see any effort from KP since he came back from his injury
Sarc4sm Hónapja
If Porzingis cant take it to the next level and keeps playin like a mediocre one, Luka and the Mavs will never win another chip.
Pipefinder General
Doncic is a puss ass team player. He thinks he is better than his whole team. He will make a harden as soon the offer is right
Robert Wise
Robert Wise Hónapja
Luka is so clutch idk what Trey burk and kristaps were thinking
CHO DA BOY Hónapja
Luka might ask for some trades
Nate River
Nate River Hónapja
0:07 Dallas weakness is physical basketball
Nate River
Nate River Hónapja
@Hammurabi I. I'm not saying it's right but a few fouls seem to get him out of his game because could be thinking about of his past injury
Hammurabi I.
Hammurabi I. Hónapja
more like refs not calling that. Im sorry but how "hard" do you have to be to not fall down when getting shoved by Lopez on a cut from the blindside.
Jonathan Sanon
Jonathan Sanon Hónapja
Imagine if he made it at the end
ei finai perez
ei finai perez Hónapja
Doncic always gets mad really easily, it's like he's still a kid
ei finai perez
ei finai perez Hónapja
@Chris Ika you don't see curry, lebron or kd getting that heated just because something doesn't go their way
Chris Ika
Chris Ika Hónapja
Why not have passion when you’re an athlete?
Sean mander
Sean mander Hónapja
He didnt even try to get the ball LOL Kobe woulda been screaming, running to the ball, waving his arms, etc
Bishop85 Hónapja
Those Dallas Jersey's are ugly as sin.
Morf Sevals
Morf Sevals Hónapja
AREA UNSOLVED: Streets of the community hardcover......
Sgt Whitebeard Gaming
These people arguing. Of course that's a normal reaction to be upset at the moment for not winning but the man is just competitive and that's why he reacted that way. He'll be fine.
MrDane634 Hónapja
Unless he was wanting a TO (which he didn’t seem like he wanted in the moment) he made no effort to get open/get the ball
MrDane634 Hónapja
@Hammurabi I. I’m saying why wouldn’t he be yelling for a TO while the play was live instead of complaining about it once the play was dead
Hammurabi I.
Hammurabi I. Hónapja
he is literally looking at the coaching staff lmao
Bootle Hónapja
shoulda just tried to tie it lmfao those shots were horrendous
fix yooo yoo
fix yooo yoo Hónapja
When your the carry on MOBILE LEGEND🤣🤣 Like if you get it😂👍🏻
Siegel Gaming
Siegel Gaming Hónapja
Why didnt he just get a layup in. Better than being down 2
WHAT? ? Hónapja
He was felling good😒 😏 he did not trust his teamate what did show in that game😅 luca doncic, who you think you are,BIG Superstars? IN YOURE dreams😅😅
Control 101
Control 101 Hónapja
I agree with him! Grrr
Ghost Flossy
Ghost Flossy Hónapja
Porzingis Is kinda trash , Trade him for Drummond or something lol ,
Ghost Flossy
Ghost Flossy Hónapja
@Shane Michael now he is compared to his former self lol
Shane Michael
Shane Michael Hónapja
@Ghost Flossy Doesn't mean he's trash..Is D.rose trash?
Ghost Flossy
Ghost Flossy Hónapja
@Shane Michael i know porzingis is better but hes also injury prone
Shane Michael
Shane Michael Hónapja
Bro Porzingis better than Drummond..If u call him trash for missing a three then why would u get DRUMMMOND????
greypimps chass
greypimps chass Hónapja
Why he mad he was just standing around if he want the ball move ya ass and get open..doncic is trash.. anyone can shoot open threes..
Mrcooldoggy Hónapja
I love how animated Doncic is. I don’t like the mavs but he is one of my favorite players in the league.
Ben lagman
Ben lagman Hónapja
Luka dont have the right to be upset. After he made the pass, He just stood there motionless. Porzingis is open while luka is in front of a defender just watching.
Ben lagman
Ben lagman Hónapja
@Ghost Flossy LOL. how would his teamates can pass it to him? hes standing in front of a defender, didnt move to make himself open to receive a pass. Even john stockton wouldnt pass him the ball.
Ghost Flossy
Ghost Flossy Hónapja
What? he should of gotten the ball immediately, Hes the best scorer and passer
Derrickshealth Hónapja
hurun.info/to/vide/e36J1GqYrJ_H2M0.html 😱
William Bohannon
This new 3pt era is ruining close games. Go for the easy basket. Tying it and going to overtime is the better choice, unless you are wide open, which they weren't
Russell Ny
Russell Ny Hónapja
Brick by porzingis i won’t miss you leaving the knicks you can’t even stay on the court a full season bye bye.
Watts Em
Watts Em Hónapja
As a Mavs fan Somebody needs to teach luka how to contain his emotions when things don’t go his way. We are not goin to win a chip with his immaturity
Regal Banks
Regal Banks Hónapja
he just stood there though....he def didn't try to get open n he didn't signal for a TO.....
Nick Hónapja
That was a tough loss
Dũng Đặng
Dũng Đặng Hónapja
look at his face :))
PRIME Hónapja
burke and przingis mvp.. for the bucks HAHA
Zones Zones
Zones Zones Hónapja
Hey may have wanted a timeout but he does shoot a lot when his teammates are wide open but I guess since it's him it's ok
Really, dude act like he’s guaranteed clutch, come on and calm (your slow James Soften v2 butt) down. FEAR THE DEER!!!!
Malou Soldevilla
I noticed luka doncic is easy to lose his temper if the play is physical. Suggest to play chess instead of basketball if your patience is like that.
Lex Stacks
Lex Stacks Hónapja
Game tying shot at the end missed badly.. all backboard
Cool Kidd
Cool Kidd Hónapja
Its either Luka wants a timeout or give him the ball. His the star player in Dallas just give him the f***ingnball
DemhA FDJH Hónapja
Rick has to go, he’s a loser
S Hónapja
The bench 😂😂😂😂
Luka Doncic
Luka Doncic Hónapja
1:22 i thought that would go inside the basket
микаэл гордон
If Porzingis made the shot no one would be complaining.
Deacon Frost
Deacon Frost Hónapja
He can't be pouting like that as a euro player, but that bush league coaching to not have it in Luka's hands..
Joseph Makintubee
smh refs gave this game to the bucks. KP getting absolutely leveled by Lopez was only a glimpse of what happened to us
Raymund Dale Luciano
Whatever you say! This guy wants to win, that's the thing most important to Luka he was a ultimate competitor!💯
taiyotaglia Hónapja
Luka bout to request a trade and join the Nets
Kauko Hónapja
Man, when you realize that most of people writing this comments never watched MJ play... Keep up the good work LD. You got to hold everyone accountable!
YvngGoat Hónapja
I feel like Luka’s game would evolve even more if he played for Gregg Popovich.
Magno Sports
Magno Sports 23 napja
The way Coach Pop nortured Parker slowly to become the floor general, and how he unleashed Manu...
GodBlessY0utube Hónapja
Wtf are you talking about? Popovich have team game strategy, not "I do what I want Rambo style".
ricky keung
ricky keung Hónapja
Nah, pop would prob controls and limits the stuff he does. Look how Kawhi finally became himself once he left the Spurs.
Ryan lex
Ryan lex Hónapja
Not really! Look at how spurs is doing
Mark Lester Ian Rivas
Julian Searcie
Julian Searcie Hónapja
That young man can play period .future all time great .go luka .
Junelle Tubania
Junelle Tubania Hónapja
People talking about WCS could've just drove to the basket at 0:09. But what do we know? Maybe he wanted to, but he was asked to do "rebounds only and nothing else" the whole game. Or worse every game? That wasn't too hard to realize if you're wide open. 🤦🤷
Tanner _142
Tanner _142 Hónapja
What happened to no I in team? Oh that’s right basketball is an exception 😂
Jay D
Jay D Hónapja
Luka, come to the Lakers.
Trav C-137
Trav C-137 Hónapja
imagine if he hits that shot.... dudes already pretty respected but that would've put him in an elite category
William Mejorada
this team is same old story early 1st round exit..in the playoff...😂😂😂
Z B03
Z B03 Hónapja
Cry baby ass, he’s always whining for calls everything. No TRUE leader whines like that, he’s a selfish stat padder. Over hyped! 👎🏻
Tee Bo
Tee Bo Hónapja
Doncic build always amazes me lol , with what he does on the court
Justin Davis
Justin Davis Hónapja
My man is the coach on the floor. He has the authority to call timeout!!
Dr. Jay
Dr. Jay Hónapja
Willy Cauley should’ve took that straight to the rim once he got the rebound.’It would of been an easy score or a foul.
TeamGreats Hónapja
Don't call time out and allow the defense to make a set play.... KP just Choked it away ..
Pao D
Pao D Hónapja
Big Baby! He's is a so-called Point forward. Why didn't he pull the ball back, call and run the set for himself?
Danny Paul
Danny Paul Hónapja
It’s the dude on the bench skipping for me 🤣
Kristaps bricked the 💩 outta that one
Uzzie B
Uzzie B Hónapja
Porzingis the tallest guy on the floor and flops around like a fish out of water.
Don Manong
Don Manong Hónapja
luka wants to get traded
Charles Lavoie
Charles Lavoie Hónapja
Coach’s fault...
디시넬선 Hónapja
Eneru God
Eneru God Hónapja
Luka : I took it personally
Sidknee0 Hónapja
So no one is going to talk about how Porzingus got pushed onto the ground
Chao Thao
Chao Thao Hónapja
As a bucks fan, that was definitely a push. Not s crazy one but definitely a push
lordfredplus Hónapja
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