Lukas Graham - Share That Love (feat. G-Eazy) [Official Music Video] 

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Listen to "Share That Love (feat. G-Eazy)" here: LukasGraham.lnk.to/ShareThatLove
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Director: Marc Klasfeld
DP/Producer: Ben Griffin (LA)
Producer: Christian Ryge (Denmark)
DP: Adam Jandrup (Denmark)
Editor: Steve Rees
I remember driving to my side
Smoke’s up windows open
The Sun’s in our eyes but it’s alright
Cause we don’t know where we’re going

We don’t need no mirror pointing back
Forget about the past what’s done is done and that is that
You didn’t have more than the shirt that’s on your back
But I’ll never forget the way you turned to me and said

When the good time’s are rollin on me
I got plenty in my pocket if you’re ever in need
Bad times know where I’ve been
I got plenty in my pocket if you’re ever in need
Oh oh oh share that love
Oh oh oh share that love
Good times are rollin on me
I got plenty in my pocket if you’re ever in need
I remember you on a lifeline
Holding on for daylight
Praying to the heavens that you’re alright
Yeah you know I’m on your side
We don’t need no mirror pointing back
Forget about the past what’s done is done and that is that
You didn’t have more than the shirt that’s on your back
But I’ll never forget the way you turned to me and said

When the good time’s are rollin on me
I got plenty in my pocket if you’re ever in need
Bad times know where I’ve been
I got plenty in my pocket if you’re ever in need
Oh oh oh share that love
Oh oh oh share that love
Good times are rollin on me
I got plenty in my pocket if you’re ever in need

I remember drivin on my side
High as f*ck, windows open
5 0 right behind us
Hit the gas and we ghost’em
Got me wide open
Each time you fall in love you run the risk you’ll get heart broken
But stay inside forever where your doors are hardly open
This game will charge a tax, this game will charge a token
Cuz at this rate, love is loss and that is that
One day no text she had a panic attack
Once you give yourself you can’t never have it back
She been through hard times
She ain’t goin back to that
She ain’t goin back to that
When the good time’s are rollin on me
I got plenty in my pocket if you’re ever in need
Bad times know where I’ve been
I got plenty in my pocket if you’re ever in need
Oh oh oh share that love
Oh oh oh share that love
Good times are rollin on me
I got plenty in my pocket if you’re ever in need

Oh oh oh share that love
Oh oh oh share that love
Lukas Graham - Share That Love (feat. G-Eazy) [Official Music Video]
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good boy
good boy 30 perccel
Woaa, just 3m view after 1 month ??!!!? =)))
Mohit Shakya 120
Mohit Shakya 120 13 órája
I liked it when he was kinda chubby
shaun ng
shaun ng 20 órája
I remember when he was only 7 years old
Kanethebrain08 20 órája
hes been doing drugs
Alvarodrix pro
Esto no es una canción Esto es más sagrado que el corán
Alvarodrix pro
Perdón por los musulmanes
Angeline Camez
i love is voice
Angeline Camez
i love is voice
Angeline Camez
Is love good
He's so fit now good for him
Tripple Mike
Tripple Mike 2 napja
Er du ik dansker
Little Flower
Little Flower 2 napja
Yes i love this amazing song, my dream is singing with you in the future!!
Andrés Hualpa Rodas
Thank u luk
Vasu Raj
Vasu Raj 2 napja
Ibkove his each and every song cause he shows us the real one
Supach Hob
Supach Hob 2 napja
I don't care that he has more or less famous than the others , I just love him.
aprizal saputra
I really like this voice🔥
Panashe J Charamba
Rare combination yet they share that love
lukifer Mosakowski
You'll never escape me g easy get him my goons your dark lord commands u
Brian Angelo Sørensen
Hej alle sammen håber i har det godt ?? Ja hva´fan skal jeg begynde med??: Nå men Bær over med mangel på tegnsætning og evt Stafet Fejl ;) ... Jeg er sgu blevt vil den her ny sang ( og nej det skyldes ikke at det lødagr og kl er 00:50 og jeg har lige somke en god BIIP på min altan ;) ligesom jeres andre nr/tracks ( men den her gør noget ved min "hjerne" på en eller "anden" måde ( teksten tror jeg , simple men sidder ) .. Thanks again Lukas og dem der hjælper til ;) Og ja! undskyld! Men fuck! dit flow er for fedt G-Easy 👍100%, lige mig ;) ,Nå men Håber det er i orden jeg skriver hvad jeg vil skrive nu, elles må du jo bare blive fjernet som så meget andet , og jeg har goddamn brugt tid på side "vrøvl" nu.... Så nu prøver jeg at siger hvad jeg tænkte på første gang jeg hørte denne sang og så videoen første gang i dag .." Mange" menneskeskæbner render rundt med bukselommer og jogging joes fyldt med weed/blunts/guns og fyldte flasker under frakken/jakken og glemmer at: Share that love! Ps.Hvem hvis gider SLÅS efter man har røget en god blunt"? og ja man/vi Ka` alle ha en Dårlige dag (F"#"!) Men fra NU! af kommer jeg noget mere LOVE i Mit hjerte og og lommer;) Damm!! hvor lyød jeg frelst , Og Muhahaha!! Jeg plejer stort set aldrig skrive,, Men det løb af med mig.. Endnu tak Til Lukas og dem der har hjulpet og Special Thanks Til G-Easy... VH Brian Angelo.Share that love.. argh! sorry, men lIge til sidst det ingen Kritik ;) Men det ville være så fedt hvis i kan vil må og gider, måske lige lave den version a (Share that love) en længde på bare 3:57 . men det bare mig ''' måske jeg burde til en koncert , hvis der eller kommer nogle inden længe i disse (ARGGHH!) GIDER IKKE BRUGE DET ORD!! jeg sorry CAPS!! .. det sagt nok,,.. men endnu en gamg tak for et godt stykke musk til Lukas og G-Easy...... Pas på jeg selv alle ;) nu det til til en STOR trøje på og så ud nyde kulden på altanen med noget med en glød for enden, VH B.. Peace im out.....🐱‍🏍
Corey Teague
Corey Teague 3 napja
Great song.. the solo acoustic version that lucas just released is a lot better.
Tsahallah dror
Shere that toy
HunGryxx 3 napja
This saved my 2020...
Charlotte Pedersen
Det er den bedste sang
Silvia A.
Silvia A. 3 napja
Him filming in Christiania is lit🔥
Ezekiel Martinez
The sun olwas in my ess
Ale Curaqueo
Ale Curaqueo 4 napja
Que hermosa canción! Éxito en tus próximas canciones Lukas. Saludos desde Argentina ♡
Lukas Regan
Lukas Regan 4 napja
Looks like he found some crack
Andy Manuel Jimenez Berrios
I love his voice!
Ángel Juárez
we hope new song
Abnormal tickle
Main tenu chaundi si Tu gairan de naal hass reha..
Jafet Ramos
Jafet Ramos 4 napja
mimos loco
Sille Bundgaard
Mega god sang
alex the gamer
i swear over half of the music video is filmed in los santos
Kreerata Phiromphure
Jessie Encomienda
Larry Pagel
Larry Pagel 5 napja
He lost a lot of weight and gained a lot of hair since Seven Years.
Larry Pagel
Larry Pagel 5 napja
Really great song and great voice. I really liked Seven Years too.
AyEl 5 napja
His voice 😳
AyEl 5 napja
You are Ariana grande level bro
AyEl 5 napja
This is my favorite song
Maria Valentin
Mega god🤩😊😜
Somphorn Hansen
I love the music 💚🧡🦅🐧🦉🦏
Azrael 5 napja
This is an anthem ❤️
lam le hoang
lam le hoang 5 napja
the rap is terrible
Michelle Soeegaard
don't anyone know that hes danish and that video is filmed in Denmark
Sonya Erickson
I can't get enough of this song. Lukas's vocals are off the charts. All his songs are great. You can't go wrong having him on shuffle.
Sam Salino
Sam Salino 6 napja
The world needs this song right now. Am a fan already! ❤️
Mads Olesen
Mads Olesen 6 napja
Im danish and he is other danish
Roeskvasmoar 6 napja
elsker sariøst dine sange lukas !!! og du er en god skuespiller som krung
Gabriel R. Farias
ivam Montejano
He got old
Camilla Maria
Camilla Maria 6 napja
God video
Marek Borgstahl
7 Years Old.... till now. Awesome work Lukas Graham! Love it keep that voice pumping!
NiJaN3rd 7 napja
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Sheehan Sisters
This song is so uplifting. So underrated. And Lukas' voice???!
Zopii 7 napja
Frederic Reid
Frederic Reid 7 napja
Victor Bournat
The best singer of the world
Ninja X
Ninja X 7 napja
fan since i found that song 7 yrs old
Life 7 napja
Scott Ogle
Scott Ogle 7 napja
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Arcie Baric
Arcie Baric 8 napja
His songs something Philosophical especially experience, happiness, and Hope. His music fits on my existence.
Nina Quinn
Nina Quinn 8 napja
I like 7 years old song 1 year ago 2019 I was 7 years old now I 9 years old
Mary Saum
Mary Saum 8 napja
He's as great in person as he is in his videos. 2 hours of wonderful
زينب متالي zainab moutali
amazing ❤❤❤
Selectonic 8 napja
I don't want much for my birthday. I just want the person reading this to be healthy, happy and loved. Wishing you a good day!
Supach Hob
Supach Hob 2 napja
Happy Birthday from Thailand. ^^
Maddie_Millie Playz
Awe tysm! And happy birthday!🥳❤️
Omphile Mazibuko
Happy birthday
Rubber Ducky
Rubber Ducky 6 napja
thanks i needed that right now
Damn hes lost a lot of weight since “7 years old” this is the second video from him im watching and his transformation is mind blowing
Jessie Albright
Go Luca!
Annika 9 napja
Woww he can sing HIGHH
Roblox Queen
Roblox Queen 9 napja
I still remeber the 7years song i will always remember it
Queenalpha 9 napja
I saw this song in Snapchat
Victoria Bruh
Victoria Bruh 9 napja
Lukas: Share that Love Me: Share THAT COOKIE
Ionut Danca
Ionut Danca 9 napja
LOVE IT ! ! ! I heard it on radio so manny times AFN The Eagle (serving america's best ) so glad i found it
billie palmer
billie palmer 9 napja
Tattoos on his face next, you can't have long hair and no tats that's just silly
william bonilla
Iv'e been here since 7 years and He looks fine without tat's
Baule 10 napja
Jesper Larsen
Jesper Larsen 10 napja
God sang 😂
City girl gaming12
I cant stop playing this song!🤣😑
Frantisek Zavodny
Nice song |:))
Nick Theofanous
Nick Theofanous 11 napja
the guy in 1:18 is he ryan tedder?
Nick Theofanous
Nick Theofanous 10 napja
@Jeanette Kejling thanks buddy
Jeanette Kejling
No, it's lukas Friends.
Jalmar. H
Jalmar. H 11 napja
perfect nhl song
Johnathan Legg
Johnathan Legg 12 napja
K. Thomaz
K. Thomaz 12 napja
Atty. Hannah Mangondato
Lukas Graham is ❤️!
Atty. Hannah Mangondato
Lukas Graham is ❤️!
Faith Ferguson
Faith Ferguson 12 napja
This is like the new generation of Train, but with more love and hope in one song. Proud of you. I'm so happy. Keep doing you. . 💓
Mariana Cassiano Custodio
Love music❤👏👏👏
Luke Coxon
Luke Coxon 13 napja
Who’s dude w the tats
Anupam upadhya
Anupam upadhya 13 napja
If you sing, sing like lukas graham or else it is a trash..... idk how many times i hv replayed this nd still don't know how many times i will replay😃♥️♥️
Isabell G
Isabell G 13 napja
Endnu en sang jeg kommer til at høre konstant, Tak Lukas. ❤
lightning dragon kung
jhony rei do L2
jhony rei do L2 13 napja
Stephen Español
Lyrics in the description! :D
Damon YT
Damon YT 14 napja
He is a truly a good singer 👌
Hvorfor ligner g-eazy Boris Laursen?
Praise Gowere
Praise Gowere 14 napja
Wow Lukas is just good
Emmanuel Onyango
Wow lukas and G wow you are celebrated by me my heroes that song is dope you deserve much better than lovely praises and awards big up Lads 👌😍
Manuskript 15 napja
need goosebumps ? press play, you can have 177 seconds! xD
Susanna Engelbrektsson
Denmark did it again
Share That Love (feat. G-Eazy)