Massa On Taming Turkey, and Why Hamilton Won't Retire | F1 Nation Podcast 

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Ahead of our return to Turkey, Tom Clarkson and Alex Jacques are joined by Felipe Massa, who took his first Formula 1 victory there back in 2006 for a chat about Istanbul Park. Memorable Turkish Grands Prix of the past, Lewis Hamilton and the 2021 driver market are also on the agenda.
0:00 - Intro
0:15 - The latest Yuki Tsunoda Update and driver market chat
4:00 - “Why hasn’t Lewis Hamilton signed a 2021 contract?” - and more questions
7:19 - Special guest Felipe Massa on winning at Turkey’s Istanbul Park
14:15 - Massa on Hamilton: his talent, his records and how he compares to Michael Schumacher
18:03 - Massa’s dinner with F1’s incoming boss, Stefano Domenicali
23:34 - Why does Istanbul Park hold some unpleasant memories for TC?
25:36 - AJ picks the best Turkish Grand Prix ever
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Alex Radford
Alex Radford 5 napja
Alex Radford
Alex Radford 5 napja
Alex Radford
Alex Radford 5 napja
Alex Radford
Alex Radford 5 napja
marshallmarthes 12 napja
4:05 thank me later
Andre F. S.
Andre F. S. 12 napja
Great guy. But sometimes I wish that Felipe would be less Brazilian and more objective in his answers. I was keen to know the answer to the telemetry question and to understand what was it in his approach to the Istanbul circuit that helped him be so competitive there. Brazilians tend to talk a lot without answering. Almost no content.
Yuh Ur fat
Yuh Ur fat 13 napja
This man could’ve been 19 points ahead of Hamilton in 08 if wasn’t for Singapore and Hungary
Invincible Vettel 5
The significance of the Turkish GP is that Hamilton will get his 7th title if he wins. Lewis only has to finish literally anywhere in the top 10 AND 8 points above Valtteri and the championship is his. We all know this is going to happen. There'll be no Vettel / Webber multi 21 situation. Mercedes will make sure of that. "Valtteri it's James ..... Give Lewis the world championship" ..... Team orders are a wonderful thing ...... Unless you're Valtteri Bottas. "To whom it may concern ............. "
Gareth Hughes
Gareth Hughes 13 napja
A shame Turkey race was not saved for Xmas
Richest Man In Tatooine
Third thing on your mind is Racism bro. I won't be checking more of this content.
Ciaron Smith
Ciaron Smith 13 napja
?? Can you explain?
Oni itedj
Oni itedj 13 napja
To busy contesting elections 😂
Rusan Guvenc
Rusan Guvenc 14 napja
son 14 napja
This and the Beyond the Grid are my favorite F1 shows! Great guests and great hosts !
Doginu 14 napja
Why would Lewis retire? His last name isn't Rosberg...
swimdeep 1
swimdeep 1 14 napja
I know,the last lap,please no.Dont do it.
Mr Bungle
Mr Bungle 14 napja
Why do they want Tsunoda so bad?
Color Emperor
Color Emperor 14 napja
It would be nice if Hamilton pulled a Rosberg at the end of the season then George Russell can have his shot before Mercedes goes back to the midfield.
ReDHeaDSg1 14 napja
Special weekend ? It is going to be special if Hamilton, Botas and Vestapen are not top 3 drivers .....
Ben TP
Ben TP 14 napja
Thing is, there is nowhere else for Hammy to go to so in a way he doesn't have that much bargaining power with Merc. They could easily make Bottas their no 1 if Ham goes and recruit Hulk or Perez to replace him. They could buy a small third world country with the money they'd save.
Who By us
Who By us 14 napja
Os br invadiram
Vitor Manoel Alves de Sousa
Sempre 🇧🇷🇧🇷
Samba GoGo
Samba GoGo 14 napja
Schuey was "just tired"... of losing against Alonso!
Aryan Chauhan
Aryan Chauhan 14 napja
I don't know why Hamilton loves to play such games.
Mwi O
Mwi O 14 napja
Probably helps with negotiations with the team and keeping other teams on their toes.
chris goebel
chris goebel 14 napja
Hamilton has at least 10 years of racing before he even has to toss around the idea of Retiring from F1.
chris goebel
chris goebel 13 napja
Actually he could race into his 80’s if he’s still preforming because F1 doesn’t have a maximum age limit,
mudr kk
mudr kk 13 napja
He can race till close to the mid 40s. As long as he takes care of his body, which he is doing, he can pretty much race.
Mwi O
Mwi O 14 napja
I think he has 5 years max. Not because of a lack of speed, but because he might get bored. I think he'll try to win 10 championships. Maybe even 11. If he achieves that, he'd retire.
Joseph Robinson
Joseph Robinson 14 napja
More like 2/3 maybe 4 year
KungFu Barbie
KungFu Barbie 14 napja
So when he's 45-46?
David Archer
David Archer 14 napja
Come on, put Portuguese Legends next time, is not all of Brazilians who know english language.
Ana Silva
Ana Silva 14 napja
É subtitles não legends. Mas eles colocarem legendas em português seria msm legal
Katherine Yang
Katherine Yang 14 napja
Alex Jacques's theatertric style!!!!!
Çetin Eroğlu
Çetin Eroğlu 14 napja
Özledik seni Felipe
Joshua the legendary
People who try to make a comment and try to get likes from it
Paulo Donizeti
Paulo Donizeti 14 napja
Conheci o tema da vitória através de você, Felipe. Por causa dos seus anos áureos eu acabei me apaixonando por este esporte. 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
BugattlVeyron 14 napja
"Felipe, Felipe ... Fernando behind is faster than you!! Tell me you understand."
Justin Sacks
Justin Sacks 14 napja
From the thumbnail, I was wondering why Frank Lampard is being interviewed
Melih Eren
Melih Eren 11 napja
... by Mario Götze
Massa Felipe
Massa Felipe 14 napja
C Gefkens
C Gefkens 14 napja
I wanna hear about the real pressing question. Why is F1 going to saudi arabia?
C Gefkens
C Gefkens 6 napja
@jimmy freeman all those countries except uae hsve some history of motorsports. Racing in arabia is just dumb
zukacs 13 napja
why any westerm sells any kind of product to china or dozen of other horrible states
jimmy freeman
jimmy freeman 13 napja
F1 goes to Russia, UAE, Azerbaijan, China you can even count Brazil at this stage. All have a similar Human rights issues as saudi arabia why single these out. If F1 makes the decision not to go to SA then all the above circuits are gonna come under scrutiny. This is F1 they go where the money is its always been this way why is anybody shocked about this. They will stop going there when the fans stop paying to watch it
Sonathan 1893
Sonathan 1893 14 napja
@Hercules Rockerfeller >Morality
Hercules Rockerfeller
Piotr Kobielus
Piotr Kobielus 14 napja
El Rincón de Rubén
I like the interview
Ivan Brito
Ivan Brito 14 napja
Felipe grande piloto abraços de Portugal
Pedro Montanini
Pedro Montanini 14 napja
THE real 2008 champion
Pierre Binyom
Pierre Binyom 14 napja
Hamilton the REAL 2007 champion.
Ashigara Dokkoi
Ashigara Dokkoi 14 napja
Hahahaha no
Miguel Montenegro
Eternally mad about "IS THAT GLOCK??"
Josh Smith
Josh Smith 13 napja
It is glock
eugen qwertz
eugen qwertz 14 napja
Felipe baby, stay cool! We're bringing you the white visor
Ian Clinton
Ian Clinton 14 napja
Glad to hear Grosjean whining off track too about the drivers. Never change Romain. Never change.
Madjayax 14 napja
Team order and Team order still on Massa's head
Timothy Vicario
Timothy Vicario 14 napja
Im a big fan of felipe and always will be🔥🔥
Massa Felipe
Massa Felipe 14 napja
PJ Uzum4ki
PJ Uzum4ki 14 napja
put subtitles in Portuguese (Brazilian) please
IYasinoo 14 napja
Español ?
Gabriel Oliveira
Alonso's radio "Felipe is faster than you"
Vanderlei Silva
Vanderlei Silva 14 napja
O jeito é ouvir em 0,75x e tentar entender o máximo possível
Ric Reborn
Ric Reborn 14 napja
you know
Paulo Donizeti
Paulo Donizeti 14 napja
Então né kkkkk
Guilherme Augusto
Podcast em PT-BT? Será que é possível? one of the best so far, true 2008 champ
Matheus Lima
Matheus Lima 14 napja
PT Partido trabalhadista?
Geraldo_MAX 14 napja
Em pt? Nunca
Filippo Soraperra
I am so mad about the 23 race calendar. I think i will switch to motogp. At least thise guys are fighters and the racing is still awesome
mohammad zohorul
We will not miss you
Hercules Rockerfeller
Bye 👋🏽
bonele 14 napja
Grande Felipe😄👍🏽
Matheus Lima
Matheus Lima 14 napja
Where is Nelson Piquet?
Space Games
Space Games 14 napja
TerribleFire 14 napja
Nobody cares about Yuki Tsunoda. Nobody cares about F2 TBH.
Hunter KC
Hunter KC 13 napja
I enjoy F2
KungFu Barbie
KungFu Barbie 13 napja
@TerribleFire ik there are people who don't care and I'm fine with that. Just next time, don't write "nobody". Sorry if I came across as rude.
TerribleFire 13 napja
@KungFu Barbie Its also the opinion of a lot of people. I'm sure there *are* people that care but most of us don't.
KungFu Barbie
KungFu Barbie 14 napja
That's ur opinion...
Surya kishore
Surya kishore 14 napja
When will they invite lord Mahveer for a Podcast 😭
Swami N
Swami N 14 napja
@Surya kishore 😅
Surya kishore
Surya kishore 14 napja
@Swami N last time I heard he had a coffee at Starbucks Mars branch.. Never heard of him since then
Swami N
Swami N 14 napja
Where is he anyways these days
Leonardo Moreira
Aff tá em inglês
Gustavo Araujo
Gustavo Araujo 14 napja
Eu n queria fazer pq eu achei q era piada de mau gosto
Gustavo Araujo
Gustavo Araujo 14 napja
Aron andistende 9/11 ent essa era a piada
Matheus Lima
Matheus Lima 14 napja
@Gustavo Araujo faz Man, se fizer contra mim ou não, pra mim não importa.
Gustavo Araujo
Gustavo Araujo 14 napja
Eu ia fazer piada, mas fiquei com medo
Picto Popolis
Picto Popolis 14 napja
What does Felipe think about the Brazilian government felling rainforest to build a race track?
LegionTesta 14 napja
nobody besides the people on rio de janeiro are liking this. the rainforest issue is a big thing, and interlagos is such a classic. i dont think it will go on
Juarez das chagas lima Chagas lima
Em português por favor estou no Brasil obrigado
Gustavo Araujo
Gustavo Araujo 14 napja
@Rodrigo Faria uau, 9999999 de QI kkk
Rodrigo Faria
Rodrigo Faria 14 napja
Aprende inglês
Gustavo Araujo
Gustavo Araujo 14 napja
@Paulo Donizeti ent, eles deveriam disponibilizar para todas as línguas ent, pq n faz sentido adicionar só uma
Paulo Donizeti
Paulo Donizeti 14 napja
Deveriam disponibilizar também. Foda
Gustavo Araujo
Gustavo Araujo 14 napja
Ata, c acha q os cara vai colocar em português então?
Italo Gabriel
Italo Gabriel 14 napja
Essa seria a hora de querer saber ingles
Andre Cavalcante
Filmes/Séries legendados. Não tem segredo.
Azyix 14 napja
Eu aprendi assistindo e jogando.
Paulo Donizeti
Paulo Donizeti 14 napja
Tu consegue pelos materiais gratuitos na internet. E o como o amigo disse, Duolingo salva tbn
Joell 14 napja
Duolingo pô, eu aprendi muita coisa, continuo aprendendo, veja séries e filmes legendado tbm
Samet Özkan
Samet Özkan 14 napja
He is Fenerbahce fan i never knew it i think he met Alex De Souza Roberto Carlos 2 Brazilians Volkan Demirel Emre Belözoglu and others.
Samet Özkan
Samet Özkan 14 napja
@Ian Clinton Ok you're not fan of Emre he betrayed Fener when he joined Galatasaray as a young player in 90s.
Ian Clinton
Ian Clinton 14 napja
Emre is a racist. That's nothing to be proud of
Palavarium 14 napja
Ne alaka lan
Jan Lampič
Jan Lampič 14 napja
Saladin 14 napja
This should be a live video
Liju R
Liju R 14 napja
F1 2021 calendar is here
Matheus Lima
Matheus Lima 14 napja
Back an Brazil (Sorry, i am Brazilian, i can' not English)
Xendex Motorsports
Yes worst than ever prediction. 23!!!!!races . I should be 18 races . That's the best 18 only others are dumb if we add more
Jake Africa
Jake Africa 14 napja
The Brazilian Driver since Ayrton Senna in 1994
mohammad zohorul
Lucas di grassi
lol shit
lol shit 14 napja
Bruno Senna, Piquet Jr and Nasr would disagree with you
No Name Hyper
No Name Hyper 14 napja
Rubens Barrichello: *allow me to introduce myself*
Base Cubing
Base Cubing 14 napja
HUrun math: no views, 4 likes, 1 comment Me: huh.. and can is der the violent HUrun: no No edit: dont be stuur and say F I R S T
Surya kishore
Surya kishore 14 napja
F1 Maths : Nico hulkenberg over 200 races Zero podium... . . Ok iam sad now😭
M fahrel Hambali hasby
SUMUKH S 14 napja
Canal do Tutu
Canal do Tutu 14 napja
The real Champion of 2008 season 💔🇧🇷
Kevin Worrall
Kevin Worrall 7 napja
3213232 1231223
3213232 1231223 14 napja
@Marçal Lukas Lol in Monaco Lewis broke the front wing, pitted, and by his usual luck won because of that.
Marçal Lukas
Marçal Lukas 14 napja
Monaco, Silverstone, Malaysia say no.
Wow I'm early
Zen 14 napja
what a legend
Aditya Lampuse
Aditya Lampuse 14 napja
Salah Alsulaiman
Common guys you could have just switched on the camera
Sonathan 1893
Sonathan 1893 14 napja
Mosts podcasts don't do that, so no surprise.
Francesco Zizza
Francesco Zizza 14 napja
The real 2008 champion
Azhar Hussain
Azhar Hussain 14 napja
1st :)
rickoms225 14 napja
What is this?
Sonathan 1893
Sonathan 1893 14 napja
Is that a rhetoric question, or would it have been to boring for you to read the title?
X Jacket
X Jacket 14 napja
What A Legend.. 🏁
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