Max's Blowout, George's Safety Car Spin And The Best Team Radio | 2020 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix 

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There was frustration for some and celebrations for others as Mercedes rewrote the F1 record books at Imola.
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2020.nov. 2.






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Adrian Boman
Adrian Boman 14 órája
When is the seson 3 on Netflix Coming out
Yasir Alvi
Yasir Alvi Napja
Loved Verstappen's "Sendddd iiiiiitt"
Ent seller.R
Ent seller.R 7 napja
Mercedes always wants Lewis to be first
kyogre groudon
kyogre groudon 10 napja
Oh we're off
Wong Wai leong
Wong Wai leong 10 napja
Shut your mouth,Toto Wolff Box your brain Delta your sucker
Nam Le
Nam Le 11 napja
Kimi passed Russel completely. Yes completely
3 races in italian , 3 dnf for max in 2020, what a record 😅😪
Sarang Sharma
Sarang Sharma 14 napja
Lewis's ' OHHHH GUYSSSS ' is what I hear every night on my laptop in a dark corner 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
CL GAMING 16 napja
"Get in there Lewis" Now i'm starting to hate Mercedes not gonna lie
Adopt Me Fan
Adopt Me Fan 16 napja
0:06 Reverse Sbinalla
Penduga Nafsu
Penduga Nafsu 16 napja
1:35 ...dont to happy max...too early....
yes. 17 napja
In all of Grosjean's team radio = 'He's got to give me the position"
Mahmoud Hussein
Mahmoud Hussein 17 napja
3:25 Neymar Jr?
Invox 17 napja
0:30 Lewis asked not to be stopped and THEN they pitted Bottas... Not the other way around. We all know what Mercedes was doing.
*DELTA DELTA DELTA DELTA DELTA DELTA* - "Calm down man." I wonder if Hamilton had 2018 flashbacks with this one xD
Prasanna Royyuru
Vettel says he has damage after his touch with Magnussen. Ferrari say it's fine. Bottas has debris from "another car" stuck under his floor board. End of race, it's a Ferrari part. The state of things....
Random Gamer
Random Gamer 18 napja
Grosjean at Monza: He needs to give me the position! Grosjean at Imola: He needs to give the position!
Get In there Lewis
Juul Knapen
Juul Knapen 18 napja
we have a terminal situation on zhe car
S s
S s 18 napja
Latifi does perfect defense Grosjean: THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE🤣
Ultrametro 18 napja
Romain is such a baby
AKU あく
AKU あく 18 napja
I would like Mercedes to be investigated for "false messaging", Bottas did real well for the so called "damage" to his car. Oh and the F1 bias towards Mercedes should stop as well, it's so blatantly obvious it's not even funny anymore.
AKU あく
AKU あく 18 napja
@꧁EliteSkidMark123꧂ change your underwear. Try and anderstand, I know it's difficult. FALSE reporting, since it is public can change strategy of other teams. Just something I've noticed with Mercedes, report8ng issues with the car and then still performing better than they should.
What are you even talking about? , the front plate of the front wing that Vettel was asking about was found embedded in the floor of bottas' car.
Scott's Thoughts
LOL I love how everyone thinks Lewis saying "calm down man" is funny, and it is. But Lewis is actually breaking the rules by not stay on delta.
Rashawn GT
Rashawn GT 19 napja
Just imagine if the radios were always on 🤔
uChampson 19 napja
even in the f1 radio russians have bad microphone
Awesimo 19 napja
What was Grosjean complaining about?
George Russell
George Russell 19 napja
Why does grojean think he’s so entitled the whole time when every driver says he complains the most and it was wheel to wheel racing what does he expect!!!!
dragonage200 19 napja
Verstappen: "SEND IIIIIIITT!!" Mongol archers: "Copy Max"
got to love Grossjean. He forces the williams all the way onto the curb but then is surprised when it makes contact and is immediately on the horn with his engineer to fabricate some sort of give back of the position...
Korel Morhayim
Korel Morhayim 19 napja
man all romain does is talk
Shadow PANDG
Shadow PANDG 19 napja
Grojean It’s honestly so annoying like he won’t even like chill like say it was his fault on a crash he will just blame it on anyone else may I don’t really know how to say it was about that Williams incident but he’s just annoying you may not get what I mean but yeah
Ayman Errachedy
Ayman Errachedy 19 napja
i like this music hhhhhhhhh
Saeed AlFalasi
Saeed AlFalasi 19 napja
Kvyat’s microphone is Nokia
Big bang 1
Big bang 1 19 napja
That was an easy pass😂
Harry Harrison
Harry Harrison 19 napja
Verstappen doing his best Trump impression: “MODE 8 IS THE WORST EVER”
that was a trump expression?
Trust me I know a lot about mode 8, probably more than anyone else
Hoten Hitonokoe
Hoten Hitonokoe 19 napja
MichealZuma365 19 napja
Kimi's engineer: We are P11 Kimi: Oh! Williams are off! Kimi's engineer: Well, we are now P10. That was an easy pass 🤣🤣🤣
MichealZuma365 19 napja
Engineer: Were currently 2 seconds off SC Pit-Stop Then (in mild shock): Oh! You're off
BlaxK_ Light
BlaxK_ Light 20 napja
I'm actually glad that both Grosjean and Albon won't be driving next season.
It's not confirmed yet for albon but it was confirmed for grosjean as we all know
soccersensation 20 napja
If that was Vettel who was spun around by Kevin, I'm sure there would have been a penalty for Kevin.
John Johansen
John Johansen 20 napja
"That was an easy pass!" 😄
John Johansen
John Johansen 20 napja
Vettel didn't grow mor fairness over the years!
Bessarion 1
Bessarion 1 20 napja
HAHAHA!!!! "George Russell... the next big hope of British racing..." HAHAHA!!!!!!! No doubt Mercedes will sign him . Oh, I'm crying...
Caio cesar
Caio cesar 20 napja
Ricciardo >>Verstappen >>>> Hamilton
saucy nonchalance
serious question .... in the middle of the race, when coming into pits ... can brakes really be "cold" ??
saucy nonchalance
i'm so happy gro and mag are done with f1. sheesh.
Olivia Noelle
Olivia Noelle 20 napja
Max Verstappen: SEEEEEEEEEEEEND IT Tires: Yes
Tanuj Godara
Tanuj Godara 20 napja
"Gonna pick up the pace now, dont stop me" sheeeeeshhhh
Andrei 20 napja
Richard Slater
Richard Slater 20 napja
What was going on with the Delta comment etc?
Driver Nephi
Driver Nephi 20 napja
When Seb's engineer said from television looks fine, he meant that he was literally watching television, not the race.
vpg57 20 napja
What does delta mean at lewis' boardradio?
‘Breaks were cold’ yeah sure Lance
YancriX 20 napja
Hahahahah I love the red bull engineer when he say :"Oh, we're out" XDXD
Omer Osman12
Omer Osman12 20 napja
Background music?4:03
Anna Paul
Anna Paul 20 napja
Ocon seems really suprised about something 😄
Vlerke Damne
Vlerke Damne 20 napja
Lol grosjean is such a crybaby glad he is gone next season
Jef Damen
Jef Damen 20 napja
Sebastian Krol
Sebastian Krol 20 napja
Russel u can not stop laugh
A carrot.
A carrot. 20 napja
that high pitched whine when its the mercedes audio, a feedback loop or something, is killing my ears
k kzero
k kzero 20 napja
Max was saved by the chicane Senna had built.
Orzech501 20 napja
George's Safety Car CRASH. British propaganda is on the same level as Russian. What a wonderful boy! It is a pity that he made a mistake - one of many - when he had a chance for a point in the 2019 german GP. He is under Latifi right now! HE is fast. But he is not that wonderful. OFC when he will go to Mercedes brits will praise him as Hamilton right now.
Koen Twente
Koen Twente 20 napja
Stroll is the worst driver in F1 with the haases
badis hamzaoui
badis hamzaoui 20 napja
vettel's radio guy sounds like alonso lol
Snepai 20 napja
*someone passes grosjean* "HE NEEDS TO GIVE IT BACK" Every time
Rakhi Raval
Rakhi Raval 20 napja
Heartbreak for Pierre and Max 😭😭
Matt Crick
Matt Crick 20 napja
Why did the RP guy fall like that?! He was fine then it went over backwards!
Tiisetso Skosana
Lol Roman 😂😭😭😭 sorry mate
Apache Counter terrorist
Groslooser speaking about points, what a looser!!!
megat newbie
megat newbie 21 napja
Kevin Magnussen:I'm getting massive headache from all these Lewis win
LolKat 21 napja
Verstappen:"Mate, mode 8 is the worst ever!!" Radio: "Understandable. Have a nice day."
Brandon Chiseko
Brandon Chiseko 21 napja
Love the suspenseful music in the background
Mikail Qaisa
Mikail Qaisa 21 napja
You Think We Learn From Kimi How Difficult To Overtake ANOTHER RADIO OF DECADE
Mikail Qaisa
Mikail Qaisa 21 napja
Ooops williams is off on this point "RADIO OF THE DECADE"
Mikail Qaisa
Mikail Qaisa 21 napja
If ham stop earlier..
Isho GT
Isho GT 21 napja
Imagine having to listen to Grosjean whining about everything during an entire race.
Blender Boy
Blender Boy 21 napja
The Haas drivers are really letting it all out now 😂
Roger Carbel
Roger Carbel 21 napja
3:10 - "At this point"?? Sounded "he spun" to me
Ivan Pozdeev
Ivan Pozdeev 21 napja
Yet again, team radio is killing it!! 😂😂😂
jawibae 21 napja
Idk who's writing the captions, but Kimi clearly says "he spun", not "at this point" 3:11
Johannes Berglund
Max : SEND IT! Engineer : Oh... we’re off
The mountain biking Penguin
Russell’s career has changed with that crash
The mountain biking Penguin
Did not expect max to do that but at least Daniel got a podium
billybob_pow 21 napja
2:05 currently 2 seconds away- oh, we’re off
αzυя. тεαмκαzυчα
Grosjean is crying all the Time is it School oder Race Sport?
Mentor Zariqi
Mentor Zariqi 21 napja
Honestly, "Get in there Lewis!" has been the most unsurprising words Bono has said to Lewis
Leonardo 21 napja
Checo politely arguing how the team took the podium away from him... Kimi or Max would have completely lost their cool 😂
Donald_Trump The donald
And the oscar for outstanding theatrics goes to ....3:25 !!!!!!! Take a bow son ....take a bow
Sick Ismael
Sick Ismael 21 napja
Why stroll still in f1 and albon in red bull
Gonzalo Molina
Gonzalo Molina 21 napja
I'm very fan of Kimi and his engineer
Mykola Rieland
Mykola Rieland 21 napja
Concentration implies resistance, whereas in attention there is no form of resistance. Resistance arises when there is fear. When you give attention, there is no entity who attends. When the brain is aware of how inattentive it is, then that very awareness of inattention becomes attention.
Sniffleblox 21 napja
Engineer: “Think they’d like the safety of a safety car pit stop window over you.” Max: “say no more.”
maVericK 21 napja
It's crazy how Stroll manages to get worse at every race
Idris AIM
Idris AIM 21 napja
Music and these conversations. Wow. Kimi as usual stealing the show 😆
Mentos Moris
Mentos Moris 21 napja
3:08 🙈👍
most interesting race of the season?
Rajender Singh Harit
3:27, F1 slows down frames to hide how bad mechanic was hit.
Ivan Corona
Ivan Corona 21 napja
I am so happy for f1 that both haas drivers are going away, Magnussen so disrespectful (not in this race but generally he is), Grosjean complaining all the time, why he doesn't keep his mouth shut, there is nothing wrong with being quiet
pjeter wilderer
pjeter wilderer 21 napja
3:24 he flopped :D
nothke 21 napja
2:32 Anyone else notice the Hamilton radio graphic go "behind" the red wall? :D
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