Max Verstappen's Pole Lap | 2020 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix | Pirelli 

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Max Verstappen grabs his first pole posititon of the season under the lights of the Yas Marina Circuit.

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Get rid of this track
Altamush Nayyer Khan
Is the Red Bull car deliberately kept a bit unstable as Max likes responsive cars, or does everyone have to make corrections like Max is doing in this video?
u2zero2u 8 napja
Say what you want about Honda but they are developing very fast. I'd take a Honda over a Ferrari and the Renault.
Ei käytössä
90 % of comments relats to honda’s bear growling sound
R M 9 napja
Beautiful downshifts
R M 9 napja
What a lap
Declan Wilhelm
Declan Wilhelm 10 napja
147 dislikes by Mercedes pit crew
Sam Ebtekar
Sam Ebtekar 10 napja
Petition for f1 cars to have the “stutututu” turbo noise in 2022
ElFuturo Llego
ElFuturo Llego 11 napja
Mills Shumps
Mills Shumps 11 napja
Best 2020 engine sound bar none. Especially the downshifts and grunt.
francesco bonetalli
Not even a purple sector...just a perfect balance of everything
Motorsport Fanboy
That "Honda beat" is amazing to hear 😍
Analu Bs
Analu Bs 12 napja
El otaku virgen507
Soham Santra
Soham Santra 14 napja
His aggression on the throttle is marvellous 🔥🔥🔥
Ariesta virdaus
Ariesta virdaus 14 napja
Down shift sound like some one shot the gun😅
Brendan McCallion
That Honda engine literally sounds like it's held together with duct tape and super glue, and I love it
Marc 16 napja
The guy is on another level currently.
Declan Wilhelm
Declan Wilhelm 16 napja
Imagine the pure sound pollution given off by the whole country of The Netherlands after Saturday and Sunday
F1 _Racing
F1 _Racing 17 napja
WoW the halo looks stoffy😅
Kholil 18 napja
Best sounding car on the grid.
Kuba. 21 napja
Honda's engine sound so beautiful
Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen 21 napja
Altamush Nayyer Khan
Chidori 723
Chidori 723 22 napja
Alexa, play Reverse Situation
Richard WILSON
Richard WILSON 22 napja
You can clearly hear how those TURBOS are whistling
L S 22 napja
1:45 😫😫😫😱😱😱😱
Auto Alfred
Auto Alfred 23 napja
0:53 One of the roughest gear changes ever 😬
INF_ Infinity
INF_ Infinity 23 napja
something's really strange when you listen to this using earphones. if you listen with the left ear, you hear half of the engine sound, and vice versa.
Gilson Vieira
Gilson Vieira 23 napja
Please, i hope honda will not remove the wonderful sound from this engine next year!
tyree bernard
tyree bernard 24 napja
darkknight1193 25 napja
That whistling sound... Is that the turbo? According to me, it has to be because I read that Honda had redesigned the turbo design.
nickname87 26 napja
0:48 😱
nickname87 26 napja
I love this sound I need in f1 2020 game
Emre Sahan
Emre Sahan 27 napja
0,5 Slower than 2019 merc pole
john cena
john cena 27 napja
my name is max vestarpem
tyree bernard
tyree bernard 29 napja
Who’s here after Kelly piquet made hers and Max’s relationship official
Toni !
Toni ! Hónapja
Respect for the camareman sitting on top of the car. 👍
white ttlove
white ttlove Hónapja
nice great honda sound
gabox01 Hónapja
Honda always quits when they are about to win, which makes them a loser.
João Emanuel Mendes
that makes no sense but okay
Jeremy Baun
Jeremy Baun Hónapja
You may hate the track, but the lit-up hotel is amazing
Kristóf Tóth
Kristóf Tóth Hónapja
Activate the Honda beat
Hammed Taiwo
Hammed Taiwo Hónapja
I'm in love
whatfffd Hónapja
The mistakes are so miniscule you cant call them mistakes. This is an awesome lap
ACC Hónapja
at 1:17 I always keep the car on the right side of the track in racing sims and it makes me half a tenth faster because with that line you shorten the total length of the lap. Then I start turning left after the apex at 1:20. I don't know why they don't do that too., if the car has enough grip to drive tighter lines without slowing down, you aren't going to gain time with a smoother line. I'm a karting driver though, but obviously I can only drive around Abu Dhabi on racing sims.
ACC Hónapja
@João Emanuel Mendes That depends on how much angle you need to use. That corner requires very little steering angle so you don't lose speed at all. I would like to try the real car to able to tell but I really have never understood why they take such a wide line around that corner.
João Emanuel Mendes
you lose a lot of speed by doing tighter lines and you overheat the tires which are needed in S3
Sérgio Pinto
Sérgio Pinto Hónapja
Please Honda, stay in 2022 :) and forward.
gringo 00
gringo 00 Hónapja
GO MAX!!!!
Nick Lawver
Nick Lawver Hónapja
This kid deserves world champ 🏆 so bad
antonin jenofer
antonin jenofer Hónapja
Watch it in 2x speed gives more thrill
sox Hónapja
Hoten Hitonokoe
Hoten Hitonokoe Hónapja
peter v hest
peter v hest Hónapja
Give him the same car as Hamilton and he becomes 10 times world champion
Kieran Rankie
Kieran Rankie Hónapja
I want to see Max in a Mercedes so Hamilton has some real competition
Ronald de Rooij
Ronald de Rooij Hónapja
RBR would have finished second in the constructor's championship still, if Albon had not scored a single point in 2020. And that with three DNF's for Verstappen because of technical fails.That is dominance.
Faiz Hónapja
I can’t stop smiling the sound the sound is it’s just something else
J R Hónapja
yes a gift of the gods VERSTAPPEN, will be missed over all...rest
Fabian Desouza
Fabian Desouza Hónapja
Max the man😎
muhammad nurazlan saadon
Honda engine with turbocharger inside..... I saw a turbo sound
Hetismijmike Hónapja
Those downshifts....😍
WLX Nitro
WLX Nitro Hónapja
yes max great lap s1 green s2 green s3 green
Gürhan ÖZER
Gürhan ÖZER Hónapja
0.14🚨❌ diskalifiye edilmeli Pist Çizgi dışı 👎 1.31
B Nav
B Nav Hónapja
Those downshifts sound vicious
Breno De Souza
Breno De Souza Hónapja
Cara como e gostoso de ver corrida nesse ângulo, deve ser mas gostoso dirigindo, foi mal o comentário, mas eu nao sabia que era tao bom pilotar uma carro de corrida tive esse prazer tarde kkkk
Mario Torres
Mario Torres Hónapja
I know it's not the same ... a real car has no comparison to racing one in a simulator but ... Has anyone seen Nico Rosberg's lap time on his channel? is awesome!
Fernando Guerrero
Activated the honda 🅱️eat
Luigi Tubi
Luigi Tubi Hónapja
Sumit Hónapja
He's brutal on the downshifts!
Adrian Perez
Adrian Perez Hónapja
After seeing alonso's lap at night ... this is not worth much. Seeing Max's driving, the comment on the post pole makes me laugh ... "Alonso needs to do a lot of laps for next year" XD
: Leonhartlion
: Leonhartlion Hónapja
The electric motor on this Honda power unit soundsgreat
Annett Kunzer
Annett Kunzer Hónapja
The best driver since ayrton senna
Videos Global
Videos Global Hónapja
Fredrick Zoller
Fredrick Zoller Hónapja
Il should be very cool to compare the pole lap from the other drivers in the mid or back field !
Nuno Neves
Nuno Neves Hónapja
That engine is savage!!!
Bimon Solivar
Bimon Solivar Hónapja
0:48 Music in my ears!
DaaaaS4 Hónapja
That's exhaust sound like real full power mode of Honda PU! We hope that the Redbull Honda will perform this engine mode from 1st round of the 2021 season!
Patrick Bateman
Patrick Bateman Hónapja
Those downshifts actually sound sick wow.
Formula1meme Hónapja
Il motore Honda ha un suono incredibile
Mike Vlcek
Mike Vlcek Hónapja
Was watching the R25 in Abu Dhabi and then this. I am depressed now.
Vlad Andronik
Vlad Andronik Hónapja
it would be nice to also see the telemetry
moto46 Hónapja
Max and Honda a great and race winning combination it should not be changing 😔
成田隆文 Hónapja
ハム太郎とメルセデスを押さえて勝った❗ ワールドチャンピオンに勝った❗ 辛いシーズンだったけど 終わり良ければ全て良し🙌
Dr. Lejos
Dr. Lejos Hónapja
Love that short shift at 1:08
NotHumzoo Hónapja
im really gonna miss that honda sound
Shymenyou Hónapja
glad to see I am not the only one enjoing Honda sound.
Fanfan Keita
Fanfan Keita Hónapja
That engine sound!!!! Agressive!
Scott Morrison
Scott Morrison Hónapja
They seem to have found some more power.
tyree bernard
tyree bernard Hónapja
Codemasters need to make the red bull sound like this
quad core
quad core Hónapja
We will miss that honda sound
cmfrtblynmb Hónapja
Ahahaha they didn't show Max during the broadcast as they were sure pole was between Bottas and Hamilton.
Henrik Rónai
Henrik Rónai Hónapja
V-TEC kicked in. Bit too late for the title.
villofamous Hónapja
Twice he goes beyond track limits so time should be wiped
Brandon Bellchambers
Best engine sound at number one is redbull Honda. Mercedes at number 10 aka the worst of all engines. Redbull always 2019 and 2020 the best engines
Maxim Volodkin
Maxim Volodkin Hónapja
go Max go!!!
Diogo Sales
Diogo Sales Hónapja
When then Vtec kicks in lol
a Hónapja
Where is the Eurobeat?
Maximilian Ringel
It is interesting to see, that Mercedes has been slower than last year 🤔
aLAN VLD Hónapja
1 . М Schumacher 2. M.Hakkinen 3. D.Irvine
Mustafa 1453
Mustafa 1453 Hónapja
Honda: Roar Others: Mosquito
A B Hónapja
Deswegen liebe ich F1 so sehr 🔥❤ einfach power ohne ende..
The Science Sphere
What a magic lap, he didn't miss a single Apex!