Mercedes Clinch Record-Breaking Seventh Title | 2020 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix 

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Lewis Hamilton spearheaded Mercedes claiming their record seventh consecutive constructors’ title at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, leading home his team mate Valtteri Bottas.
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2020.nov. 1.






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alex totally twattss
Hamiltons move to mercedes was a BIG mistake...I remember being told.....EGG ON YOUR FACES!! 😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂
Yug_a Psychic
Yug_a Psychic 14 napja
Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So Mercedes don't have to participate remaining races this year. Just a reminder!!!1!
jmoth99 16 napja
“Clinch”? Are you sure about that?
João Pinto
João Pinto 17 napja
Niki (back in 2012): How many constructors' titles do you intend to win in a row? Mercedes: YES!
hasfa09 17 napja
petronas secret oil power
Knallen 18 napja
"get in there lewis" Alright homie where? get in where?
You Say Yes I Say No
Bono is so boring i swear
Anthony Leung
Anthony Leung 18 napja
Thx you for keep smashing the record.
Haha 123
Haha 123 19 napja
Is f1 the only single seater racing that isn't a spec series?
Emre Muştu
Emre Muştu 19 napja
what does he say at 0:43 ?
Mariam Jin
Mariam Jin 19 napja
The best team I have ever seen!!!!!!!
daniel is me
daniel is me 19 napja
where's bottas?
A_Hopeful 19 napja
This team is a testament to true greatness. People argue that they dominate due to massive backing, but the same argument can be made for Ferrari and Red Bull as well. Ferrari also get the token money lest anyone forget. I remember people predicting the end for Mercedes back in 2017 when Ferrari had built the most promising car aerodynamically, same thing in 2019 when everyone said the rules would change it, as well in 2018/19 when Ferrari's "illegal" engine had propelled them to new heights. Yet, they never buckled, never played the blame game, got together, worked harder, and got back their engine advantage whilst building a heck of a car. Bravo 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler 20 napja
Bring back F1 with V12 screamers....no electric motors helping.
mercedes Benz
mercedes Benz 20 napja
mercedes benz the best or nothing
Fabio Ferrari
Fabio Ferrari 20 napja
I give up hopes, I will surrender to the F1.5 championship
Jari Sipilainen
Jari Sipilainen 20 napja
All they need is finish race. whats there to celebrate? would i win money if bet this before season start? NOPE
/Høwłıtə/ /JackTheEmerald/
0:23 Can we talk about Hamilton's elephant laugh?
zayad YT
zayad YT 21 napja
Whenever "Get in there Lewis!" Always get me
Sergio David Buitron
Enhorabuena Mercedes,batiendo records.
Remco Geerts
Remco Geerts 21 napja
Pitstop! Safety car! End pitstop! End safety car! Yeah right you f’@&€) this is match fixing!
Belphegore 21 napja
Celebrate the least competitive era in F1. Get rid of the hybrids, they failed.
Romanische050 21 napja
0:22 A wild Lewis appeared.
wladi Ruano
wladi Ruano 21 napja
Mercedes retired for fórmula one
Chad Simplicio
Chad Simplicio 21 napja
The other teams certainly can't wait for 2022.
Dan on bass
Dan on bass 21 napja
That mess of a highfive/hand shake at the end was beautiful.
Martwo 21 napja
The next era in F1 will be even more boring.
Ray Garza
Ray Garza 21 napja
Boring F1 same same
blue4me43 21 napja
Congrats!!!!!!!! to the Best team Mercedes 2020. More to come......
Andrew Mags
Andrew Mags 21 napja
Congratulations to Mercedes for their 7th win, they deserved it. F1 nowadays is so boring up top but 3rd below are getting more exciting! The real competition is there after 1 and 2.
The Racing Nerd
The Racing Nerd 21 napja
Well that's unfortunate.
Kelly Oliveira
Kelly Oliveira 21 napja
Kushal Jaiswal
Kushal Jaiswal 21 napja
They deserve it!! What a team
Muh. Daffa Al-farabhy
Pertamina ?
Sanremovelho _
Sanremovelho _ 21 napja
Well deserved.
Sanremovelho _
Sanremovelho _ 21 napja
@Panos - Sim Racer I agree with that.
Panos - Sim Racer
@Sanremovelho _ I agree with you, but they have, for example, this year 161hp more than Red Bull, FIA never said something for they fats engine but finds teams illegal which hardly fights for a couple of wins and now is the slowest team on the grid (Ferrari for example). That means for me that it's more than 50% FIA supportment and the rest is team's work.
Sanremovelho _
Sanremovelho _ 21 napja
@Panos - Sim Racer I can see that but if you win championsip 7 times in a row its not only because "FIA was on their side".
Panos - Sim Racer
@Sanremovelho _ because they always have FIA on their side since 2014. Also FIA did nothing to stop them as they did in Ferrari 2005 and Red Bull in 2014
Sanremovelho _
Sanremovelho _ 21 napja
@Panos - Sim Racer why no.
Sum Creations
Sum Creations 21 napja
One of the best things this season is seeing those 2 Black cars roll in side by side for the cool down lap.
TheGamer 2482
TheGamer 2482 21 napja
Is this there 7 world championship
Seniku Moonjewel
7 years of utter BOREDOM! zzzzzzzzZZZZZZ
Denny Deymon
Denny Deymon 21 napja
Gábor Miklay
Gábor Miklay 21 napja
Let's play English: Enormous drive: - The inner motivation of Lewis to achieve 93 wins and 7 WDC title. - Portimao was an Enormous drive to overtake Valtteri for P1 - Google Drive has 15GB of space - McDrive Amazing, huh? 👌
Faisal Alradwan
Faisal Alradwan 21 napja
I want you to postpone the time in the Turkish gp race starting from 4:10pm please
jános Kiss
jános Kiss 21 napja
I don't like Lewis Hamilton because he's a liar and a conceited man
Nick van Betuw
Nick van Betuw 21 napja
Mercedes: Nasa Red Bull: Nippon Development Team Ferrari: Mario & Luigi engineering
Daniel Max
Daniel Max 21 napja
congratulations Mercedes Benz AMG
Chalky 21 napja
And the scary part is they've shown no faults or weaknesses as a team that could cause them to lose this dominance even with rule changes.
Bubba 20
Bubba 20 21 napja
getting a bit boring now
J VH 21 napja
F1 saying 'clinch' like there was ever any competition, desperately trying to make it sound interesting. XD
hsieh811 21 napja
2021 Pre-Celebration
Lewis Gardner
Lewis Gardner 21 napja
What about Lewis ignoring that lady at 0:19 😫
yufus 21 napja
i was looking for this comment
Fabio 21 napja
They have definetly earned this record
JMFootball 21 napja
Love the title “Mercedes CLINCH 7th Consecutive Constructor World Championships”
Ionel Patrunjel
Ionel Patrunjel 21 napja
Sankhya .B
Sankhya .B 21 napja
Merc has been the same..it's just that the other teams have dropped...
Kyle Watkins
Kyle Watkins 21 napja
Niki lauda would be proud
The Immortal's tombstone
How suprising.
hams photo-vlogs
I had predicted over the FB page that Bottas will once again lost the lead from pole, as he's just slow or inconsistent during race day... and it did happened... 🤓🥰
killerVampire 21
The most successful team of the decade. Great job guys. Keep working for more and more.
虎ちゃん 21 napja
We all know this is going to happen since pre season testing
Mercedes gonna win 10 more before regulations force them to step down lol
Amir Hakiem
Amir Hakiem 21 napja
Wake me up, when Mercedes ends
A WANG 21 napja
Congrats to Mercedes but I gotta say since they started dominating F1 the whole thing have gone boring.
Jomar Prado
Jomar Prado 21 napja
This race is a mere joke, 😩😩😩
Carl Estepa
Carl Estepa 21 napja
DharK-NataL 21 napja
Until they throw the towel, I can enjoy Mercedes performance this year despite its kinda Boring to some degree
Lee cardio
Lee cardio 21 napja
pretty sure next year goona be 8th
Rohan Mathew
Rohan Mathew 22 napja
How did they declare the constructor so soon?, that happens at the final race rite?
Rekenen 21 napja
Nope if you have a margin to the other teams by which they cant win anymore you win
Fox 1
Fox 1 22 napja
I feel Mercedes has not only won on the track, but on the political side as well. Successfully vetoing any rules that would be of a disadvantage to them. Now that hybrids are here to stay from 2022 onwards I'm calling 3 more constructors titles before any team can even make a dent like Ferrari did from 2017 - 2019. You can't even compare this to the Schumacher era. Did everyone forget about 05 when the FIA went after Bridgestone tires? They have definitely worked hard and credit is due, but the amount of political power this team exudes is a disgrace.
Belphegore 21 napja
@Yudianto Asmoro lol nice deflection. Can’t acknowledge the truth of the first comment. Let’s not forget Mercedes have done private tire tests, especially in 2018, those tires were then used for the entire 2019 season. If Ferrari said that you’d be going “Ferrari International Assistance” And by the way the FIA admitted the Ferrari 2019 engine broke no rules but they weren’t satisfied, hence the settlement.
Yudianto Asmoro
Yudianto Asmoro 21 napja
Ferrari International Assistant. They weren't transparent about 2019 Ferrari engine.
Adenike Becky
Adenike Becky 22 napja
I laughed so much when Lewis and toto carried themselves
Choopremo 22 napja
Add another one next year!
Eddie 6
Eddie 6 22 napja
I don’t see any other team getting close to Mercedes in the next few years. Mercedes is truly on another level, congrats but It is boring!
A P 22 napja
h_caine 22 napja
i'm pretty sure lewis and mercedes have some next level "crashgate" mo than what renault have back in singapore 2008. the sheer amount of safety car's pit stop opportunity is unbelievable...
John Cash
John Cash 22 napja
Marxist team wins 🤤👎🏾
sarf syed
sarf syed 22 napja
Toto slick with recovering from high five at 1:08
MythMatt 22 napja
Yudianto Asmoro
Yudianto Asmoro 21 napja
Mercedes has same bugdet with RB. Ferrari much more. It's will hit Ferrari more than Mercedes.
the pooh lets
the pooh lets 22 napja
Ferrari Fanboi, left the Earth.
Yudianto Asmoro
Yudianto Asmoro 21 napja
At least part of Ferrari car finish P2. (Debris under Bottas's floor).
DMS HW 22 napja
for those who are saying that these couple of seasons are boring, maybe you got a point there, pal. but it's up to the competitors to try and step up their game, not the Mercedes to slow down. they're creating a legacy here in this f1 hybrid era. they're dominant and that's the fact. let's just hope that the 150 mill cost cap would create a more equal fighting ground. if somehow the cost cap is already in motion and the other teams still couldn't keep up, it would become the ultimate evidence that Mercedes didn't win only bcs they have the biggest cash. the cost cap would be a huge game changer and it would prove once and for all that maybe, just maybe... the other teams might have the chance to put up a decent fight to challenge the Silver Arrows. and if they didn't, well the blame is up to them then. it's also worth noting that the car development is on hold for 2021, that's a lot of time to create a better car for 2022. I must admit, yes, it's kinda repetitive seeing Mercedes 1-2 all over again, but this is a competition. and a lot of hate for the Mercedes drivers are irrational and unreasonable. it's childish and idiotic. it's like hating a smartest kid back in the school but it's obvious you're the one who is unable to study well and make any progress.
Tran Huy Thai
Tran Huy Thai 22 napja
Smiley face on Toto's hand 1:07
Kwaku Frimpong
Kwaku Frimpong 22 napja
Most comments: Boring, Lewis, Mercedes bla bla bla. Me: Get the other teams to perform better. If you don't want to to watch it don't watch it. It seems like it's a crime to perform better than than others. Give me a break.
Andre Faelnar
Andre Faelnar 22 napja
The greatest team of this current generation in Mercedes paired with the greatest f1 driver of this current generation by the name of Lewis Hamilton. Unless there is a cheat code, the consensus is clear that there will never be another team like Mercedes and that there will never ever be another Lewis Hamilton.
JD 22 napja
Mercedes-AMG Petronas is the real GOAT.
A Bains
A Bains 22 napja
Well deserved ...this team shows working together is the recipe to success yet we are divided
Stephen Ramia
Stephen Ramia 22 napja
Agreed the car is far more superior then the rest of the field BY FAR So who really deserves all those race wins the driver or the team ? L ong live schumacher
Stephen Ramia
Stephen Ramia 21 napja
@Yudianto Asmoro was even worse then
Yudianto Asmoro
Yudianto Asmoro 21 napja
Not in 2017-2018.
Tiffany Cromwell looks unwell
Johnathan Balmian
F1 have become such a boring sports, when Vettel won 4 tittles in a row with Red Bull people complained and they change the regulations. Now Hamilton with Mercedes 7 times in a row??? We still have to wait for 2022. I am tired of F1 so boring. At least when Vettel won 4 titles in a row we had great seasons like 2010 and 2012. 2012 was the best season ever. But now every single race is won by Mercedes:(
Jaswanth Daniel
Jaswanth Daniel 22 napja
The only time Ferrari was so close to Mercedes in these 7 years was when they cheated... Mercedes made absolutely spectacular cars within the regulations.
Belphegore 21 napja
Did they cheat in 2017?
Yudianto Asmoro
Yudianto Asmoro 21 napja
Part of Ferrari car finish P2.
Badz149 22 napja
no, that was 2018.
Derrick Best
Derrick Best 22 napja
0:22 when a short person tried to pick up a tall person.
Derrick Best
Derrick Best 21 napja
@Yudianto Asmoro yes he is but the height difference meant Toto almost slumped over.
Yudianto Asmoro
Yudianto Asmoro 21 napja
Lewis is strong enough to pick up Toto.
granto ,
granto , 22 napja
I think it’s safe to say this year doesn’t count
Yudianto Asmoro
Yudianto Asmoro 21 napja
Aditya Rizky
Aditya Rizky 22 napja
Is the end of the season?
Gábor Miklay
Gábor Miklay 22 napja
Wowww, nice! 👍 Lewis in free air ran some laps in the 1:17s when everyone was running 1:18s. 👍
Excidium J
Excidium J 21 napja
Final fastest lap was 1:15 something iirc, pretty wild
Tyrone Taylor
Tyrone Taylor 22 napja
Ferrari, Renault, and Honda: "Why are we even here?" 😒
BarkyOnyx 22 napja
It's all beautiful.. but Where is Roscoe?
TheTopMax 93
TheTopMax 93 22 napja
Their great talents and efforts to this team make f1 looks like a joke
Yudianto Asmoro
Yudianto Asmoro 21 napja
Vettel? Albon? Stroll?
Josh Thomas
Josh Thomas 22 napja
Such a historic moment for Petronas and the Malaysian F1 race is off the calendar. Well done Malaysian government ! Just solid work all round. Sincerely, A Malaysian F1 fan
Krazy WhiteBoy
Krazy WhiteBoy 22 napja
Ey....... Congrats Mercedes!
Antonio Carlos
Antonio Carlos 22 napja
Já cansou dessa equipe , tomara que suma da F1
PJ Sinohin
PJ Sinohin 22 napja
0:49 Ric: oops, i think i should step back for their photo
Gabriel Lima
Gabriel Lima 22 napja
Michael Antoine
Michael Antoine 22 napja
Nobody cares about f1 anymore.theres a lot better competition in MOTOGP this year than in f1 for the last 5 years.f1 is boring and predictable and horrible
Yudianto Asmoro
Yudianto Asmoro 21 napja
Hamilton's fans still cares.
James Kershaw
James Kershaw 22 napja
Mercedes have worked hard. And this is the reward. And they have only had 4 drivers. 2 of which winning the driver championship. In only 10 years of racing again. Brilliant stats. Well done. Mercedes. Hamilton, Rosberg, Schumacher and Bottas.
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