Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton In Their Own Words 

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The only two drivers in history to have won 7 #F1 world titles, in their own words...
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barbagiggia 3 órája
Hamilton will never be like Micheal Schumacher.
zakekaGe 17 órája
This two are legend for ever, so dont compare it.
Enzo 1965
Enzo 1965 2 napja
F D 2 napja
Schumacher e basta
Ahmet _
Ahmet _ 4 napja
Schumi forever..
JC Hung
JC Hung 5 napja
The whole team won the titles, not just him. But admire his achievements coming from the karting days to the best seat in F1.
Steven Wong
Steven Wong 5 napja
Both are legends.
Chl D
Chl D 5 napja
If Schumacher was still able to be with us, he'd be so happy for Hamilton and he would definitely recognize his success. I miss him and I really hope he's OK and recovering. I remember in 2013 I was like "Oh my I can't wait for his opinion about the new cars!!!" I'm sure he would have loved them. He would have a great opinion on the numerous neat seasons we had since his accident.
Chris The Impaler The Impaler
Força ferrari, força Schumi! 🙏👍🔥
Manuel Paez
Manuel Paez 5 napja
I keep thinking that, even though Lewis is an awesome driver and incredibly talented, had Nico Rosberg not gone into retirement, Lewis would not had reached these milestones. Yes, he is great, but the car is so superior, so great, and has been like that for so many years now that it is almost impossible to reach him. Bottas is not even close to his talent, and even though he has shown flashes of talent, winning a few races and taking some poles, he is just inconsistent and not as determined. You would think that a Finnish , driving in the slippery conditions that presented in Turkey would benefit, and he and Kimi were absolutely lost in the race. Nico might have won at least another championship and would have taken many wins and many poles from Lewis. So it is hard to compare Lewis to Michael, the only time Michael had such a dominant car was in 2004. Sebastian Vettel was unbeatable with Redbull at the start of the decade and Webber only came close a couple of years, but he was not that close. I think that McLaren with Senna/Prost shows that without the other in the same car they would have gotten more championships. I understand why Nico left, and he recently said that to beat Lewis you have to give a 100% of yourself all the time, and that is quite hard to do and takes a toll on you, but all the great drivers do that, so i do believe that what we are seeing today with Lewis is the result of Mercedes superiority as a team/car and the lack of proper competition/talent within Mercedes. A Vettel/Verstappen/Rosberg in the same car, might have gone way different for Lewis. It is an outstanding achievement but it sure has a lot of question marks on it. To me we are watching an athlete using steroids and the others trying to catch up, and that is just not fair.
Ben H
Ben H 4 napja
Hamilton has improved a lot since that 2016 championship. A lot more mature, fewer mistakes, better starts etc. Rosberg would push him more than Bottas does but ultimately Lewis would still reach these milestones. As for Vettel, he's a great driver but Lewis is clearly better all around. Max is also great but if this season has shown anything, he's overly aggressive and impatient at times, Lewis' experience and maturity make him the better overall driver.
Phillips Guerrero López
Ellos son diferentes y no tienen comparaciones//They are different and have no comparisons//Ils sont différents et n'ont pas de comparaison//Sono diversi e non hanno confronti//Sie sind unterschiedlich und haben keine Vergleiche//Ze zijn verschillend en hebben geen vergelijkingen//Eles são diferentes e não têm comparações//De är olika och har inga jämförelser//Farklılar ve karşılaştırmaları yok.
Pietro Salomone
Micheal ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jonathan Holmes
I was never a fan of Schumacher because he was in the red car and I was a die hard McLaren guy. But I respected him and recognized that his ability and leadership created championships. I was a fan of Hamilton before he was even in F1. You could see the intensity and focus of this kid who was driving past everyone in sight. The biggest let down was his rookie season when he lost out on the WDC. But obviously the biggest triumph is him reaching the top of the pile and claiming the 7th WDC, all time wins and still being the odds on favorite to keep on dominating. Get in there Lewis!
TFcoyoteF1 6 napja
LH44 and Schumi the most awesome F1 drivers in the modern age ever!!!!!!!!
OmarMcKing89 6 napja
Two Legends!
Esat'ın Maceraları
Lewis is a lot more of a camera guy.
AndyHatman 6 napja
There is just something iconic and special about Michael i can't really understand or explain..
Emre Sahan
Emre Sahan 6 napja
It breakes my heart that micheal isn‘t here to witness
Alejandro Arrubla Pereira
Hamilton, the most overrrated driver of the Formula 1 history...anyone of the actual grid, with a sit in Mercedes could win 5 or 7 or 9 F1 Championships...anyone!
kyle silva
kyle silva 6 napja
@Alejandro Arrubla Pereira so with your argument....vettel and schumi are overrated?
Alejandro Arrubla Pereira
@kyle silva rosberg broke the contract clauses and decided to win the championship that its why he retired next day, because he discovered the dark interests of the F1 teams...or just ask that to webber (0 vs vettel 4 championships,), barrichello (0 vs schumacher 5 championships) and now bottas (0 vs 4 hamilton championships)...
kyle silva
kyle silva 6 napja
So why didnt rosberg win 2014 or 2015? Or why did bottas not win in 17,18,19 or 20?
mjchris 6 napja
Congrats to Lewis! 👏 Yes! Lewis is now the most successful driver of all time 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆💪 ! The shame Schumelschumi is erased! Thanks for this! 😀
sir cumalot
sir cumalot 6 napja
two absolute legends if only Michael was here to see it, we love you Lewis and you have done the title proud
Flasino Flasino
Oh you tried to compare Lewis to Michael. Ok
remigio griso
remigio griso 6 napja
mi dispiace Hamilton ma hai avuto a disposizione una macchina TROPPO veloce per gli altri mentre Schumacher doveva lottare molto più di te per vincere . TU non avevi avversari , LUI sì . prova tu a guidare questa ferrari e vediamo cosa e quanto vinci ... non darti troppe arie . sei un campione ma la tua macchina valeva l' 80% di quanto hai vinto e tu il 20% . per Schumacher è stata molto molto molto più dura . per te spesso una noiosa passeggiata . ciao (senza nulla togliere al tuo talento ... ) vieni in Ferrari e vedrai quante volte vinci !!
Dodep 09
Dodep 09 6 napja
2 legends of the sport. But what Lewis has done is Unprecedented.
senna ayrton
senna ayrton 6 napja
Senna is better than them no doubt. Record number is so nonsense about compare drivers. MS and LM are too much advantage from machines and team conditions.
Rico Nosberg
Rico Nosberg 6 napja
Brandon M
Brandon M 6 napja
Mental how we've been able to watch both these guys
Andy 7 napja
max is better
Eclypse 7 napja
Hamilton should retire and give someone else a chance, just like they made Michael do, or Michael would have had more titles than 7, IMO.
Chad Champion
Chad Champion 5 napja
You're just a big baby
Cate tv
Cate tv 6 napja
Nobody made him retire he decided
Annemarie Ducie
Schuey The master.
Aaron Higuera Pichardo
I'm in tears... we miss you MS
Wing Zero
Wing Zero 7 napja
Schumacher the Goat! That 1996/1997 stuff of legends.
xtscarface M
xtscarface M 7 napja
Feelings only a champion has.
project Deryck
Always in our heart Michael. Greatest of all time.
Dominar TyranT
0:19 What happened to Hamilton ? Never seen that before.
Hamid ahmed
Hamid ahmed 7 napja
Three people Lewis really respects late Senna, late Sterling Moss, and Schumacher. The only person he does not get along with is Jackie Stewart
Edson Dias Dias
O "MAIOR"de todos tempos é Airton Senna do Brasil!
anuj shriwastav
0:48 my whole life changed with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
frankjaeger 7 napja
RIP senna.
Ghost Heart
Ghost Heart 7 napja
F1 Brigdzz
F1 Brigdzz 7 napja
Schumacher is able to watch F1 races at his Rehab Home, so he is able to see a making of another Legend
mTwMarco 7 napja
I'm 100 percent sure Michael would be proud of Lewis.
JS Kim
JS Kim 7 napja
Top 1 driver of all F1 history. I'm sorry but even comparing with Senna and Schumacher, Hamilton is unarguably no doubt the best of the best. All respect to Michael, but Totally no comparison.
Rares Dacu-Furdui
Senna is so much better
andrew BMADE
andrew BMADE 7 napja
The Red and The Black Baron. The GOATS OF FORMULA 1.
Manuel Garofalo
Turgay Karagoz
Legend is both of them.Respesct to Michael and Lewis.
CJE Guardian
CJE Guardian 6 napja
Respect to Michael yes
SriHari X
SriHari X 7 napja
If Michael Was here definitely he would appreciate lewis against his ego
Marcio Tadeu de Lima Oliveira
Miky Koon
Miky Koon 7 napja
You cannot compare as many do , different era and times, f1 changed too , when fangio won if you had a big off you would be probably dead so maybe the older generation had to be just a bit braver. Also miss the sounds of F1 fingers crossed we get that back one day .
Sultan Abdullah
Literally nobody is comparing them so please stop asking people to not compare them.
G Walia
G Walia 7 napja
If only Michael Schumacher could have attended this race and seen his record being broken........
Luc Williams
Luc Williams 7 napja
Never seen lewis as emotional as yestoday
Gigie Bautista
I'm proud of lewis 🙌
CJE Guardian
CJE Guardian 6 napja
I am not
識時務者 7 napja
Michael is overrated . If senna didn’t die he will be nothing
Ah Hydro
Ah Hydro 7 napja
I wish Niki and Schumacher was here to see this
Michael Ruatfela Ralte
I see Hamilton winning 8-9 titles, Schumacher could have if he didnt quit ferrari. Statistically Hamilton is the best....As a Schumacher fan but i would say Schumacher put F1 to level it is today because he was in the news all the time. With Hamilton, there is so many going on in the world and he isnt getting the spot light so he isnt pushing F1 popularity like Michael did
F1 Game Soundtracks
The best legends. Ever.
wiran ranasinghe
Michael Schumacher is a legend. Hope he will recover soon and wish him quick recovery too. But I think if James did not drag Bottas down in several occasions. Today these achievements may change. I'm not a hater. I love the sport and I love the drivers who achieved greatest achievements in Formula 1. But I think we can't compare Schumi and Ham as equal. Keep fighting Michael Schumacher. :-)
Léo Sousa
Léo Sousa 8 napja
R.I.P. Michael, you'll live forever in our hearts
Archit Roy
Archit Roy 2 napja
@Léo Sousa Bruh are you mad?! Don't you see the news? Jean Todt visits him once or twice every month and gives updates. Also have you ever googled before? He's also following up on his son's Mick's progress as told by Jean Todt recently!
Léo Sousa
Léo Sousa 2 napja
@Archit Roy nah, he's dead
Archit Roy
Archit Roy 7 napja
You know he's not dead right? Just paralysed and away from public
Muhammed Salih
Just thinking how lucky my Grandpa is. He saw Niki race, he saw Michael race and now its Hamilton!!
Hamilton is a much better driver and a better human being than Schumacher. Did you all forget what Schumacher tried to do to Jacques Villeneuve? F1 stripped him of his points that year. I wouldn't have let him drive again.
Jayed AL Sabit
Fangio, Hunt, Lauda, Fittipaldi, Prost, Senna, Schumacher, Hakkinen, Alonso, Vettel and now Lewis. These are the greats of their time. Comparing them to each other is just insulting them. They are the greats. There's no comparing them.
Jayed AL Sabit
@Beyond Batcoif Yeah, sorry. I forgot
Beyond Batcoif
missed Brabham
Neil K
Neil K 8 napja
The bit where Lewis is crying and his dad comforts him - what year and race was that from?
Domagoj Bilobrk
You Are My Life Pictures
I'm not crying, you are.
A B 8 napja
Nicole Scherzinger hss left the chat.. . .
Justin Timbersaw
MS is a monster on the track. He's an absolute legend. Not a hater but even if Lewis won 5 more titles, he's still not on the same level as MS.
Luis Silva
Luis Silva 8 napja
bat_ma.n_ 8 napja
I wish seb could get there too 🥺
Reginald Redman
Congratulations Lewis Hamilton! 🇬🇧🏁🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏁 Well done mate. 🍻 🇺🇸From US Fan.
Francis Albert
Hamilton already surpassed Michael's records. If I was Lewis, I would move to a team like Racing Point or McLaren to see what he is really capable of. If he can win a championship from either of those teams, then he is the GOAT, hands down.
Yeolde GamerSteve
lol smh
Press Start
Press Start 8 napja
I just to see Michael right now
AntonioHASH 8 napja
F1 ruined as sport. It`s just the show for kids now...
Dudu Karakoç
Dudu Karakoç 8 napja
Thank you guys. You are legends, Schumi and Lewis ❤️
Lightening McQueen
Two of the best drivers ever!
Lightening McQueen
@Rick Filho Yes, Senna was one of the best too!
CJE Guardian
CJE Guardian 6 napja
Rick Filho
Rick Filho 7 napja
After Senna idiot!
typical guy
typical guy 8 napja
Lewis Hamilton is statistically greater than Schumacher, that is a fact!
LinuxAfrica 7 napja
@udip21 🤣🤣🤣🤣
udip21 7 napja
Schumacher has a better pole to win ratio. That shows he can win with a worse car more than Lewis does. This is the only stat that matters.
Michael Ruatfela Ralte
Great comment, here is your reward 👏👏
K 750i
K 750i 8 napja
You want some internet points for that statement?
Rúben Santos
Rúben Santos 8 napja
Glad I could see these two Legends Rise!! ✌
Pranav Gummaluri
If you think about it, Michael and Lewis have similar careers, started out Winning in their first full seasons, then winning a championship or two before a few years of defeats, now that they have completed their most dominant runs, a new younger driver will beat them just like Alonso did to Schumi. This is very coincidental, is it not?
Pranav Gummaluri
If you think about it, Michael and Lewis have similar careers, started out Winning in their first full seasons, then winning a championship or two before a few years of defeats, now that they have completed their most dominant runs, a new younger driver will beat them just like Alonso did to Schumi. This is very coincidental, is it not?
Andy Crowe
Andy Crowe 8 napja
Here's to number 8 that would be incredible
Vi 8 napja
Ayrton Senna.
Justin Sane
Justin Sane 8 napja
All I know is Hamilton is the cleanest.
Dániel Molnár
Hamilton won the Championship 6 times with a overpowered car Schumacher only did it 4 times (95,01,02,04) FACT
Bagus Arya
Bagus Arya 7 napja
2017 and 2018 was obviously not an overpowered car, Ferrari has the fastest car earlier that season.
Atromics 8 napja
The 2019 and 18 car was not overpowered I'm sorry
Rom4n TRV
Rom4n TRV 8 napja
They both want to be champions 7 times, and Hamilton should go next year
Edson Takeda
Edson Takeda 8 napja
Michael and lewis, two best driver's in F1.
Rick Filho
Rick Filho 7 napja
After Senna!
Les Voitures Ont La Parole
Very great drivers !
is3939 8 napja
HAM is great, but it’s just not enough. Michael will always be the greatest for me. Big respect towards Lewis and everything he’s achieved in our wonderful sport.
You can't compare 2 different drivers from 2 different times and different situations.
CJE Guardian
CJE Guardian 6 napja
You can one is fast and one is with fast car
Stefan Egger
Stefan Egger 8 napja
Imagine the crazy preperation time they had for this video and they maybe even have done the 2021 version already. hahaha
Tom Spotley
Tom Spotley 8 napja
The past always has reverb on it.
Who is the greatest of all the time? 🇬🇧 Hamilton: Like 👍 🇩🇪 Schumacher: comments 💬
Ayrton Senna
Ayrton Senna 5 napja
Juan Manuel Fangio
m k
m k 8 napja
Just like alonso with shumi, whichever driver topples hamilton from the top will be an all time legend
Bay Daktır
Bay Daktır 8 napja
Mike will always my champion...
The Murph
The Murph 8 napja
Two great champions
Truth3000 _
Truth3000 _ 8 napja
Hamilton will forever be a Legend. When people ask who has the most race wins who’s name will come up? When people ask who has the most podium finishes who’s name will come up? When people ask who has the most pole positions and has the most world championships who’s name will come up? And who has won a world championship on the last corner, of the last lap, of the last race? Lewis Hamilton that’s who
Tyrone Harris
Tyrone Harris 8 napja
Michael set the bench mark, Lewis will raise the mark, that's the legends of F1 and the G.O.A.T's
Stefan Kirchsteiger
phil driver
phil driver 8 napja
and who is going to stop number 8 , 9 and 10 ?.
S King
S King 8 napja
I wonder if Lulu is going to celebrate tonight with a big juicy steak ...
Aris Kai ta miala sta kagela
If Max had lewis hamilton's vechile then formula 1.....this might make f1 great again
Sergio Sant Anna
Este seria o 9 títulos, 2007 McLarengate, 2016 único carro que estourou o motor. Rosberg campeão e abandona a F1???
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