Michael Schumacher's 91st And Final Win | 2006 Chinese Grand Prix Highlights 

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Using every last bit of grip and talent, Michael Schumacher powered his way to a 91st career victory in a classic Chinese Grand Prix back in 2006. Take a look at highlights from the height of the Schumacher-Alonso duel for the championship...
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FORMULA 1 29 napja
On this day in 2006, Michael Schumacher delivered a record-breaking 9️⃣1️⃣st career victory in Formula 1! What's your favourite victory from the legendary German?
Guia Gaston
Guia Gaston 5 napja
@andy elliott yes and my comment is still accurate
andy elliott
andy elliott 5 napja
@Guia Gaston He's lost the record now. Hamilton 92 wins.
AiZaT_WorLD 5858
1st japan 2000 2nd magny cours 2004 win on 4 stop 3rd monza 1998
Lightening McQueen
Easily China 2006.
Luiz Gustavo
Luiz Gustavo 26 napja
Spain 1996, extraordinary drive in the rain.
A Valivarthi
A Valivarthi 4 napja
Little did they know in 2006, a young talent from stevenage would beat his record.
Masire0009 4 napja
Who's here after Lewis broke the record?
Mercedes W10
Mercedes W10 5 napja
I honestly don't care if Lewis has more wins than Michael, To me, Michael is still better.
Who is here after the 2020 portuguese gp where Hamilton broke The Michael's record of 91 wins
Karlis Berzins
This Michael win was much better than Ham 91 win
Sebahattin Kırtay
He is a F1 King
Cristian Plesu
Cristian Plesu 17 napja
Who is watching this after Hamilton reached 91 wins
fpsqt 17 napja
04:56 Look at that video quality, that's from 14 years ago !! Looks like it was shot yesterday !!
thorpedrof1 18 napja
Certainly more memorable than Lewis' 91st victory
Matheus 19 napja
I miss you Schumi
TheJokerit19 19 napja
On October 1, 2006, Michael Schumacher won for the 91st time in F1 at Shanghai International Circuit. Fourteen years and ten days later, Lewis Hamilton equals this long-standing record for the number of race wins that many thought to be unreachable at the Nurburgring.
g6009 19 napja
Who’s here after Hamilton’s 91st win at Eifel? Michael may one day be surpassed but I will always remember him as one of the greats of Formula One!
J T 5 napja
What do you mean, one day? Do you mean today, at Portugal?
TheJokerit19 19 napja
Gustav Peter
Gustav Peter 19 napja
When I was 5 years old, I thought F1 is staged with Schumacher winning almost every race
J T 5 napja
Yes, now it's rigged with Hamilton winning all races.
BigEvil55 21 napja
It was an great race and an epic drive from Michael, but really his final win should have been in Japan. It was such a shame that engine failure gave away his title chances.
Maximilian Nguyen
3:42 wow the Chinese GP only had 56 laps...
Fitness Guru
Fitness Guru 23 napja
Moha _2000
Moha _2000 23 napja
So...Alonso overtakes Fisichella in lap 58 and then? Schumacher wins in lap 56???😂😂
Dominik Klon
Dominik Klon 23 napja
91st win and he still celebrated it like it was his first ... that's one of the difference between him and Hamilton :)
João Pedro Menezes
I Love the faça that this is his Win number 91... and he still Celebrates it Like a Young Boy. Hamilton seems like he is Tired of winning in general, Even his podiums are boring AF
Ozy Montana
Ozy Montana 24 napja
Rain Master
Dan B.
Dan B. 25 napja
Schuie could squeeze gold out of a brick. Great driver.
ahjom 25 napja
V10. No Halo. This is F1 I love
The Marauder
The Marauder 25 napja
No point comparing Schumacher to Hamilton, they're from two very different generations. The cars that Schumacher won with were brutal machines, they had to fight with the cars just to keep them on track. Hamilton's last few championships have been a breeze, he's in the fastest car with the best team and racing at a time where the cars don't punish the driver.
Antranik Silvera
Adrián Gómez Martínez
He is a legend
Lightening McQueen
Shame that was indeed his last victory. And now Lewis Hamilton is just one win away from breaking his record of most wins!
sultanabran1 25 napja
if i remember correctly, renault put new inters on alonso during the first stop and he had no pace cause he needed the tread to wear down to near slicks, which is what ferrari did. by the time that happened, alonso had lost all his lead and schummi was in the lead. back in the days when ferrari had a strategist.
Quixpeed 25 napja
The qualifying performance of Michael in that GP is a story of legends to tell.
Graham Duensing
Graham Duensing 25 napja
Uhhhhh what about Ferrari's win at the 2019 Singapore grand Prix?
Aditya Poddar
Aditya Poddar 25 napja
Goosebumps and bit emotional moment
Mikeado66 25 napja
I grew up watching Schumacher dominate, but now his last victory was *half my life ago* :O That just feels weird.
Masire0009 26 napja
I'm new to F1 and even I know the name Michael Shumacher as a person who won the most.
Kenny Lam
Kenny Lam 26 napja
Thank You Michael for everything
Saurav Pintu
Saurav Pintu 26 napja
Get well soon schumi
Sergej Lopajev
Sergej Lopajev 26 napja
McLaren-Mercedes !!! Ferari no.
Karlis Berzins
Ferrari!!!Mercedes NO
Fkez05 26 napja
just think, next year we could have Kimi and Ferando on the same grid as Micheal's son 😮
C C 26 napja
I remember walking around italy with a Schumacher Fan Shirt on around that time. Random people would scream "forza Schumi" out of their cars or or congratulate me for my shirt. As I was a 8 year old german kid I did not understand what they were saying but I began to realize what this guy meant to all those people. A true legend.
Bad Max
Bad Max 26 napja
imagine Raikonnen being witness to Michael 91st win and Hamiltong 91st win
Major Killjoy
Major Killjoy 26 napja
dont care how many of Schumacher's records Hamilton beats, I'll still have more respect for Schumacher
Stefano Di Maggio
The Kaiser ❤️❤️❤️
Filip Ostojic
Filip Ostojic 26 napja
Pity he didn't win the world championship that year, could have had 8 titles
A brilliant driver no one could argue, but not the best, Jim Clark was the all time best driver period.
J T 5 napja
Jim Clark is hard to beat.
Vivian Nicholas Mojulat
The legend without DRS
Real 27 napja
Bittersweet race.
drew871105 Disciple
Back when F1 was F1
Carsten H
Carsten H 27 napja
2006 Alo vs MSC vs Kimi 2021 Alo vs MSC vs Kimi But don't forget : Alo, MSC and Kimi drove against a Verstappen. They did it in the past and the Future.
elmureato 23
elmureato 23 27 napja
He is still the GOAT
S King
S King 27 napja
No, the poor guy is now a cabbage ... What he is doing is not living ...
Mustafa Akyürek
what are they doing with the pit stop? why didn't they changed the tires
Scar Sam
Scar Sam 26 napja
Refulling the car
juristbythebar 27 napja
He was happy to beat Alonso. Speaks volumes of Alonso and his talent
Jericho_84 Gaming
What a Legend for Michael!
Fansen Caesar
Fansen Caesar 27 napja
Love him or hate him, he still the best driver in formula 1
Felipe Freire
Felipe Freire 27 napja
2006 F1 engine: eargasm 2020 F1 engine: lawn mower
Cristiano Da Lio
Kaiser ❤️
Michal Lindner
Michal Lindner 27 napja
Carpark Campers
Carpark Campers 27 napja
Michael Schumacher best overall driver ever 👍
S King
S King 27 napja
Especially if HARPOONING is a critical job element ...
WolfGT1 27 napja
Will always be my lifelong sporting hero and the greatest ever F1 driver. I am glad I sat and watched every single race of his f1 career. Keep fighting Michael.
Massimo Miccoli
Massimo Miccoli 27 napja
Michael, ancora nei nostri Sogni dei Ferraristi...
Flanker 27
Flanker 27 27 napja
That guy waving the checquered flag really was putting some effort into it...
J T 5 napja
FIA regulations meant they were 20% heavier from the 2000 season.
Allen Wong
Allen Wong 27 napja
I was there in 2006. M.S started from P6, great win! Unbeliavable!
Jupe 27 napja
The sounds! Eargasm!
maxouf1 27 napja
91th win but happy like if it was the 1st one, so nice to see!
J T 5 napja
One of the happiest reactions I've seen from Schumacher. Put him in the fight for an 8th title, which wasn't meant to be.
maxouf1 27 napja
2:09 the mirror, to let him see when guys actually finish refueling, brillant! I watched all GPs in that era but never paid attention to it!
Miracles 27 napja
Hopefully we can see him drive an F1 car one more time
Hoten Hitonokoe
Hoten Hitonokoe 27 napja
interesting video
Matt Bugeja F1
Matt Bugeja F1 27 napja
there are only 56 laps in the chinese grand prix... how did Alonso's move on fisi take place on lap 58 then?
chika arka
chika arka 27 napja
Siapapun penggemar f1 akan merindukan suara mesin di era ini.. Inilah suara mesin f1 yang sesungguhnya
Deer Lord
Deer Lord 27 napja
The Michael. The legend. Forever in our hearts!
delflore1 27 napja
2006,07,08 was the best F1 seasons. I miss those V8 engines.
Thomas Wilkinson
He just loved winning, can’t fault the guy for that. Brilliant driver.
4x4 Off Road Extreme
He was the best man
Amal Shanthi
Amal Shanthi 27 napja
Michael is from another galaxy when compared to earthling Hamilton
Alexey Schummi
Alexey Schummi 27 napja
Victory in Michael style with a lot of fights... That's why we still love him... Not like Lewis now, winning without real fights...
patrick fox
patrick fox 27 napja
Yeh.. 2000-2004 wins were closely fought lol...
Empire Mapping
Empire Mapping 27 napja
The last win of Hamilton will also come, weird...
1. Hoizhaggerfuass
Schumacher > Hamilton Change my mind
Joe Garrod
Joe Garrod 27 napja
Hamilton could win 182 Races & 14 world titles and he still wouldn’t be half the driver Schumacher was but Senna is the GOAT for all time 🏎
Ardi Meçi
Ardi Meçi 27 napja
An awesome and wonderful job from Schumacher. Too bad that he lost the championship due to that retirement of Suzuka.
Burger Man
Burger Man 27 napja
We all knew that at some ppint the record is gonna be broken. It doesnt matter who breaks it. Michael did it first and that is enough to convince us he's a legend
Piotr Kobielus
Piotr Kobielus 27 napja
Giudipeppe83 27 napja
Un grande!!!! Altro che Hamilton...
Льюис Хэмилтон
Алексей Коптенко
Odd to hear in 2020 that 6.6 pitstop is a "solid" one
Ee Aa
Ee Aa 28 napja
Yep thats ross brawn talking
MDA 28 napja
Masterclass from the MAN himself. I was still very young when MS was winning championships. I was 8 years old when MS won his 7th Title. I got hooked because of the sound of this awesome cars. And now looking back, so much of memories..
Shivam Sati
Shivam Sati 28 napja
6 seconds "Solid pit stop"
Tim H
Tim H 28 napja
We went from not changing tyres in pit stops, to changing them every 8 laps or something.
John Joseph DOYLE IV
Schumacher: Hey Alonso, do you remember the 2005 Japanese Grand Prix? I'm still fast idiot. *Takes him up the inside* If you know, you know.
Bauer Herrmann
Bauer Herrmann 28 napja
V10...das ist noch Motorsport❤
DCTib 28 napja
When Michael raced and won there was actual competition.
kisslaci36 28 napja
The one true king :(
Ali Mercan
Ali Mercan 28 napja
So viele rennen und titel gewonnen aber freut sich immer noch so als ob es sein erster sieg ist. Deswegen ist und bleibt er eine legende.
Andrew Good
Andrew Good 28 napja
World best......awesome driver
AXEL Dominguez
AXEL Dominguez 28 napja
A legend cheater. His records are worthless and meaningless.
AXEL Dominguez
AXEL Dominguez 26 napja
@Scar Sam Greatest Cheater of All Time
Scar Sam
Scar Sam 27 napja
Michael is GOAT
Alberto Guitar Lover
That engine sound says it all.
Edvinas Salcius
Edvinas Salcius 28 napja
That was a great times, interesting to watch, and Schumi, what a legend that man is, now these days in 2020 then you watch Hamilton, its just a boring, no character, no charisma, it makes me sad.
Gunty Bayer
Gunty Bayer 28 napja
Schumacher war der Beste und bleibt der Beste ...Hamilton wird niemals diese Ausstrahlung und SYMPATI u.Wissen haben .
damien donaghy
damien donaghy 28 napja
Kimi had this race won until retirement
I was raped by the Pope
The first and last time a cabbage ever won a Formula One race!
Streisand Neto
Streisand Neto 28 napja
I miss you Michael