Mick Schumacher's Road To Glory | 2020 F2 Season 

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A look back on Mick Schumacher's best moments from the 2020 F2 season - when he was crowned champion and secured a place on the F1 grid for 2021...
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Kevin Böhl
Kevin Böhl 4 napja
His dad is so proud of him
Steven Scripts
Next gen of Lewis?
GB PN 10 napja
I read this but wrote it off....but seeing this video I am a FAN now. Legend in making
Ryan Safar
Ryan Safar 11 napja
I hope he goes to f1 so I can finally see someone else win the championship
Maurício Delat
Maurício Delat 11 napja
Vlw!!! 👍👍👍👍👍
liam 14 napja
lol why does this have the overwatch music
Roger Vallve
Roger Vallve 15 napja
the force is strong with this one
Ka yan Chan
Ka yan Chan 15 napja
“Schumacher” .. what a nostalgic...
Philip Clark
Philip Clark 15 napja
Schumacher is back
ぺぺぺm 19 napja
Are you sure you're the champion?
Bladezy_Wadezy 20 napja
Schumacher on the podium ehh? Never thought I’d see that again...
Tomáš Novosad
Tomáš Novosad 22 napja
Muhammad Haffejee
This guy needs to swap with binnotto. We want him out of F1. Send him back to the factory
Revolution NOW
Revolution NOW 25 napja
Schumacher got my respect immediately. How he apologised to his team mate . That's a gentleman
raph demaison
raph demaison 26 napja
Schumacher's apology to Robert was honestly so heart warming
Randomizer101 26 napja
Ok, and now we need a video about Nikita Mazepin 's Road to F1, and let's see how many dislikes the video will have.
Jun Shibata
Jun Shibata 26 napja
Make a Tsunoda Highlight!
AWayOfLife 26 napja
Such a humble young man and a real talent, there is obvious pressure on him being his father's son but that's what he is, his fathers son, hes not his father, hope he creates his own unique legacy!
J 26 napja
I hope he crushes Mazepin next season
Gali18 26 napja
When he hits Schwartzmann I never heard such a nice heartfelt apology on the radio , this man is pure gold
Richard Yudi
Richard Yudi 26 napja
When I see him I'm not only seeing Michael. But also Seb & Charles. I don't know why.
Urie 26 napja
I wish his father could see that.
Maxi F
Maxi F 26 napja
The Schumi Jr shows who he is & get the title in a awesome season
Sukhwinder Singh
That pass on Yuki in Russia !! wow
Gaming Gladiator44
This is for his father
saucy nonchalance
i wish the f1 field would do a sprint race in f2 machinery
Erik Persson
Erik Persson 27 napja
Hmmmm, seems like f1 is copying w2s with the road to glory
Sergio David Buitron
Este chico promete y que ganas tengo de ver un Schumacher de nuevo en la F1.
Callum Jocelyn
Callum Jocelyn 27 napja
Great finish to the season after a tricky start.
Mike Cano
Mike Cano 27 napja
Anyone buying the Formula 1 Topps Chrome cards? I heard they are going to be crazy cool? What are your thoughts? Price is already increase 3x so I don't want to wait even longer to get some.
James Richards
James Richards 27 napja
Future f1 champion, if his name wasn’t Schumacher he still would be in f1. Lots of talent and clever driver
Mithereal 27 napja
Not exactly Lewis Hamilton or Charles Leclerc is he
Sean Lee
Sean Lee 27 napja
Real future champion 🙌
Dom Armstrong
Dom Armstrong 27 napja
Shame his team mate is mazepin
Erik Viking
Erik Viking 27 napja
There will be no glory at Hass team in 2021
More Island
More Island 27 napja
How did he win the championship with so many mistakes 😂
Nero IV
Nero IV 25 napja
It’s F2. All drivers make mistakes.
Tanjiro Tsuyuri
Tanjiro Tsuyuri 27 napja
The son of a legand will soon be a legend
Aries Sanjaya
Aries Sanjaya 27 napja
Why he keep said sorry?
Andrew White
Andrew White 27 napja
The tyres look great
delbroox 27 napja
He seems such a nice guy. And definitely improving. Probably not fierce as his father, but still a great driver. Let's wait and see in 2021.
Abdu 27 napja
Imagine he's the one who beats Lewis' record xD
The Marauder
The Marauder 27 napja
Shame he's stuck with Haas, Alfa would have been a better fit and their car is better too.
sandeep basani
sandeep basani 27 napja
Humble and great guy...and totally opposite to his future teammate
sandeep basani
sandeep basani 27 napja
Qualifying pace not much but ..His race pace is better than some of current f1 drivers..
Kelwin Alonso 489
Solid season, not the fastest but the most regular
Humbertolo Oliveiro
Jono Leech
Jono Leech 27 napja
When he apologised to Schwartzmen. New level of respect
The Future Creator
They didn't make a video for George or Charles like this 🙄
tigr im
tigr im 27 napja
they did
Samuel Santos
Samuel Santos 27 napja
They did make a ‘George Russel F2 highlights’ video two years ago.
Googol 27 napja
Road to F1, sure. Road to glory? We'll see :)
Milja K
Milja K 27 napja
He such a nice guy and a very respectful driver. I really feel like he is gonna be very succesful in F1. It is a shame that the same can't be said from his future teammate.
Hyzri Sadiku
Hyzri Sadiku 27 napja
They do bether than f1
Артём Герасимов
The road along which everyone was leading him by the hand...
R. Erdkamp
R. Erdkamp 27 napja
The hype....
MS 27 napja
starting from HAAS, how can he climb F1 ladder though?
superandrej1981 27 napja
Not to early ? “Glory”?
Robert Sagest
Robert Sagest 27 napja
A champion with only two wins. But a bunch of podiums and solid races. I don't understand why F1 fans would like this. They only like 15 win seasons from the fastest car while saying the driver won it himself. Also he had to pass cars and F1 fans hate passing and battling. I'm confused.
Nero IV
Nero IV 25 napja
Haha so true
Motorsport Is Best F*ck The Rest
He always gets better in Spa Really weird 🥶 A family symbol??
Jahnavi Keshav
Jahnavi Keshav 27 napja
cant wait to see him drive in F1
Duhovni Vođa
Duhovni Vođa 27 napja
Is it just me, or these f2 cars are really really slow?
the hank sam
the hank sam 27 napja
Future world champion 🙌
Ritaraj Datta
Ritaraj Datta 27 napja
overtaking of Tsunoda at Russia is the best move in F2 2020 and may be one the best move of F2 history
Hashim Muhammad
Hashim Muhammad 27 napja
I know he is his own man. But i cannot wait to see MSC on the leaderboards again.
Stephen Ramia
Stephen Ramia 27 napja
Everyone needs to remember he will be driving for HAAS not mercedes
Sindhu Sojan
Sindhu Sojan 27 napja
1:18 I bet verstappen will do the opposite
Fazil Muhammed
Fazil Muhammed 27 napja
What a humble lad ❤
Ionel Patrunjel
Ionel Patrunjel 27 napja
If his name wasent Schumaher it was working at mcdonals.
Aura Aayan Jaiswal
3:09 that's awesome some of the hardest moves in f1
Number One
Number One 27 napja
The Formula One Prince comes to Formula One
dinesh kumar
dinesh kumar 27 napja
I stopped watching f1 because every race Mercedes is winning it's frustrating so one day I started watching f2 and now for me f2 is more interesting than f1 so many overtakes so many wheel to wheel racing this is what f1 should be doing I hope the regulation changes brings the cars closer in f1. Even if they do that I'm not gonna stop watching f2
Muhammad Rahmatullah SR
F1 Rewind : 2020 Animated please
caio ferreira
caio ferreira 27 napja
Kanwar Aanandit
Kanwar Aanandit 27 napja
He sounds humble on the radio and has the pace of a great driver. All the best for his F1 debut
szewei85 27 napja
haha 8x champion 4 the family
bodie of ci5
bodie of ci5 27 napja
He drives and has the same approach as Mika Hakkinen :)
Effie 27 napja
When are u guys posting the F1 2020 rewind?
Joey Sophia
Joey Sophia 27 napja
Nice jinx 👍🏼
Niknok 28 napja
Its funny how the f2 has more entertaining race than f1
ranjan maithani
ranjan maithani 28 napja
What glory you are talking about. He hasn't even started his f1 career yet
Rivat Maulana
Rivat Maulana 28 napja
1:20 champion mentality
Luke Mallory
Luke Mallory 28 napja
His performance at Spain was very underrated, managing to pass a whole load of cars on the last lap after he got caught out by the safety car. Think he was 6th or 7th when it could have been a 13th or 14th and really showed off his wheel-to-wheel combat skills, which along with his starts were top notch this year.
Luke Mallory
Luke Mallory 28 napja
That's a racing driver right there.
GreatGamerKZ 28 napja
He’s had a rollercoaster of a season no?
trotanium13 28 napja
"Here comes Schumacher" man i never thought i'd hear that again
Shen Yue Videos
Shen Yue Videos 28 napja
he is not the fastest one, but he ia the most consistent one
Becker Inal
Becker Inal 28 napja
I hope he gets a seat at a top team in the next few years!
Theodore Pope
Theodore Pope 28 napja
"Why does this guy crash into me?" Sounds like a 100% clone of Vettel. xD
Ritaraj Datta
Ritaraj Datta 27 napja
Like "Grazzie"
Jelwin G
Jelwin G 28 napja
He just nice and steady. Not too extremely and not too calmly. This is the driver we wanted.
Daiviet Nguyen
Daiviet Nguyen 28 napja
Congratulation to you MS !!! Your dad must be so proud...!!!
FaZe Jay
FaZe Jay 28 napja
Can anyone explain the difference between Sprint race and feature race
Maj م م م
Maj م م م 28 napja
Like father, like son
Minovsky Particles
The words "Champion" and "Schumacher" really has a wonderful ring to it..
vBRoaX 28 napja
He Is OnLy In F1 bEcAuSe Of HiS nAmE.
Chornelius Moza
Chornelius Moza 28 napja
still waiting for "F1 2020 Secret Santa"
Digsha 28 napja
You forgot the silverstone quali. When nissany made contact with schumi
Matthew Roth
Matthew Roth 28 napja
He has surely won the right not to be compared.
Michael Macera
Michael Macera 28 napja
Does anyone else recognize this music from somewhere else?
Jeroen Reyns
Jeroen Reyns 28 napja
he is such a humble guy and he will fit great in F1
My Comedy studio
HUrun: Life changer” “Tik tok: Gender changer” “Dhoni: Game changer" formula1:Mood Changer
John Patrick Lim
love to see a schumacher/tsunoda duel....
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