Midfield Teams Battle For Supremacy | Tech Talk | 2020 Turkish Grand Prix 

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Sam Collins examines the latest tech developments as Renault, McLaren, Racing Point, Ferrari and AlphaTauri all strive for extra pace and, crucially, points as the 2020 season enters the home straight.
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StratisGaming 5 napja
"mclaren has got an engine that wasn't designed for the PU" *_did i just hear that right_*
Charlie Thomas
Get this guy on tele!!
Oscar Guillamon Toro
no subtitules for the deaf people....
kathlos 7 napja
Best content from F1 official channel
Billal Hossain Francis
Wow, Turkish 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷 👍 Grand Prix .
Ralph Eddieson Balbin
Where is the Mercedes' seat you were talking at the Emilia Romagna GP? 🤔
Danidu Illankone
This guy looks like Marcelo but tubbier!
Ahmet Bekir Ekici
NikolaTom 9 napja
No mention of Hamilton's seat from the previous race that you promised...
Technical Monopoly
Really Nice Work, Keep it up and See my work too.
Aras Lg
Aras Lg 9 napja
very beautiful and very difficult track, real skills are revealed here, this track is a test of difficulty, a real land of heroes,
Alberto Bortolini
Awesome video format. Keep doing that!
AM75 AM75
AM75 AM75 10 napja
This video was obviously shot before Lance's pole. Tracing point are starting 1 and 3 while Renault 5 and 7. It could be great race for them if it stays wet. Maybe not if it's dry. Haha
Charly Jordan
Charly Jordan 10 napja
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mrballskin 10 napja
Hey how about when you said you'd talk about the Mercedes seat switch
Sam S Collins
Sam S Collins 9 napja
Its on the full show on F1TV
Sure Why not
Sure Why not 10 napja
"sticky uppy bits" I love this show.
Kallyx Mason
Kallyx Mason 10 napja
'sticky uppy bits' is the best technical term I've heard this year I love these tech vids - Sam is an amazing presenter!
415 s30
415 s30 10 napja
Why do you restrict the video???
Charles Hu
Charles Hu 10 napja
Ferrari is now mid-field
Damar Fadlan
Damar Fadlan 10 napja
Wait.... Wasnt he is the same guy from THE RACE??
David Jeffery
David Jeffery 10 napja
I liked you more in the IT crowd
André Pagoto BR
You are amazing man! Thank you very much for share your knowledge!
Brian Morales
Brian Morales 10 napja
there needs to be 2 of these, pre and post race. they also need to be longer! 15-20 min? either way, love this stuff, thanks F1
hugostiglitz7 10 napja
Points out that Renault has a carryover chassis at every opportunity. Sure the sidepods and some other aero paths are locked in, but mate, it's just a tub!
Snowcone Guy
Snowcone Guy 10 napja
Dang, was this filmed on ... actual film? Looks like Sam is on a tape from the 90s where he accurately predicts 2020 F1.
Marc Nobel
Marc Nobel 10 napja
I would listen to Sam for hours. So interesting that it feels like a 2 Minute Video instead of 11 Minutes in reality.
Mohamed Ally
Mohamed Ally 10 napja
When talking abt Mclaren, I like how Sam quickly said "Mercedes style nose"...lol! How did they manage that without copying? Explains why Zak Brown backed down from the initially aggressive protest! lol
yellowtruck 10 napja
This guy is truly a talent and a pleasure to watch. I bet he could make paint drying entertaining.
X Fade
X Fade 10 napja
Seems they did battle for supremacy.
J T 10 napja
Ferrari will be 3rd again next year. Not too bad after this season's woeful standards.
Lawrence Lo
Lawrence Lo 10 napja
If McLaren is using a Renault engine, how come they don't have any reliability issues?
Speed Furious
Speed Furious 10 napja
Filipe Futre Sá
Formula1 @b0E8 | @UZH8 | @xjco Best GP in 2020!!! HD
Filipe Futre Sá
@b0E8 | @UZH8 | @xjco Best GP in 2020!!! HD
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden 10 napja
The fight for third place ... I would say the best car has Racing Point then Renault and then McLaren because McLaren has the best drivers but is still not ahead of the other two teams
Ali VURAL 10 napja
Add Turkey into calendar
Luis vargas
Luis vargas 10 napja
Nice video
Michle raju
Michle raju 10 napja
Pls stopt this puma ad
Mandy B
Mandy B 10 napja
It makes no sense for RB to stop development. Next year's cars are going to be the same. Merc have to make a major adjustment because of the steering column, but RB either have to develop what they've got or build a brand new one.
Anush Gopalakrishnan
If Racing Point plays this right they're about to take p3 by a mile tomorrow
Jack-D Ripper
Jack-D Ripper 10 napja
It's pronounced Kvee-at not Kiv-ee-at. You pronounce the K and the V together KVee. 😐
Hubertus Magnus von Nepomuk
Binotto out!!!
Nikola Lukic
Nikola Lukic 10 napja
Give Kvyat a car handling like a lada and he is fine 😉
gabriel marcos
gabriel marcos 10 napja
Esse campeonato ta igual aquela coisa que eu faço no vazo todo dia.
Татьяна Жинжило
""nerd alert"' series, love it))
marcos albert
marcos albert 10 napja
Worst tech talk in history, instead of talking about the evolution of Racing Point and what they improved, they decided to emphasize that the car is just a copy, shame
Anthony Kevin Campos
The whole world: Tiktok Me: Tech Talk
sanane banane
sanane banane 10 napja
Best part of f1:TECH TALK!!!
James A Vickers
James A Vickers 10 napja
Enjoyable interesting and informative grazie Mille
Harshit Pandey
Harshit Pandey 10 napja
Sam deserves a lot of "sticky uppy bits" on his salary cap throughout the season.
WorldGoneMad 10 napja
Ferrari 1-2 mark my words boiz
Pavel Tikhonov
Pavel Tikhonov 10 napja
"keep in mind, Renault are using last year's chassis" early 2000's McLaren flashbacks
TInashe Dennis Immanuel
This guy can probably explain what women want and the meaning of life. All over a cold beer at the pub. 🍻
Justin Joshy
Justin Joshy 10 napja
Why do the techtalk episodes feel like old British TV shows, with those retro camera vibes
P. I.
P. I. 10 napja
he really don't like the red cars
Kieran Cliffe
Kieran Cliffe 10 napja
This is not Turkey this is Turkey Drift everyone needs Intermediates on this track lol
Ryan Ford
Ryan Ford 10 napja
*Mentions AWS graphics* Matt Gallagher: *Screams*
Maxence Daubas
Maxence Daubas 10 napja
Great guy
Guido Cecchi
Guido Cecchi 10 napja
there is a very very fine line between copying and taking inspiration
Kocur 10 napja
Lord almighty! It's K V Y A T not kyviat! K V Y A T again.... K V Y A T and last time so you keep it in mind... K W Y A T
SeeTee 11 napja
Since when is renault using a year old chassis?
Sam S Collins
Sam S Collins 9 napja
Since last year...
alexander Cr
alexander Cr 11 napja
it's saturday noon where is the fp3
Matthew 11 napja
Marcelo’s brother.
charlie156 11 napja
Who else feels like sticky uppie bits should be the new name for that part?
Splendid Truth
Splendid Truth 11 napja
I wonder which team will introduce the new airflow control bubbles used on the insane new Bugatti Bolide to F1 first.
PSyLix 11 napja
Somehow...somehow Sam is my new Bob Ross.
Fio Abdillah
Fio Abdillah 11 napja
Williams is faster than Haas and Alfa Romeo ?
Timbraska 11 napja
This setup thing for the driver with the car setting being not the fastest but better drivable for the driver applies to Vettel very well I guess. That's why he is so far off in Quali from Leclerc yet in race pace they are almost equal.
Doug SwampRat
Doug SwampRat 11 napja
F1 make sure you are paying this guy, I'd rather see him than half the team on Sky.
Fofodksjdnn 11 napja
Hakan Altuntaş
Hakan Altuntaş 11 napja
Türk kardeşlerim nerdesiniz
Alessandro Casarin
Best format
Dumi 11 napja
Copying IS legal
skadoosh kid
skadoosh kid 11 napja
" The driver needs to feel comfortable in the car, even if the computer says it is the best solution" Ferrari: We don't do that here. Talking about 2018, 2019.
Paul H
Paul H 11 napja
David Bellamy
kabelo tshita
kabelo tshita 11 napja
Why wasn't Mercedes addressed we saw that blue flow vise dye on thier halo what were they testing
Sam S Collins
Sam S Collins 9 napja
They are not a midfield team
Swifty Kestrel
Swifty Kestrel 11 napja
You talked about a theory you had on the post race show in Imola and said you'd discuss it in Tech Talk if it was true. What was it?
Sam S Collins
Sam S Collins 9 napja
Its on the full show on F1TV
wildthinair 11 napja
Just put a fan on it and stop fannying about it.
Nik Bračič
Nik Bračič 11 napja
Go midfield teams! So exciting. I'm so thrilled to so who's going to be fifth this season!
Cyrill de Veas
Cyrill de Veas 11 napja
Very technical especially the "sticky uppy bits"
snk fan
snk fan 11 napja
what about the mercedes seat sam? u said u were going to say something about it.
Sam S Collins
Sam S Collins 9 napja
Its on the full show on F1TV
Axel Arrés
Axel Arrés 11 napja
This is awesome
Francis Nequinto
I can confirm that Ferrari has taken a lot of notes
Krishna Kireeti Tata
I will even miss the race but never this show.
Kakha Khmelidze
Kakha Khmelidze 11 napja
No one cares what there, in the middke f the field hapoens.
CoffeeOwl 11 napja
his afro is bigger and bigger :D
Andrew Lynett
Andrew Lynett 11 napja
Great series, great host, great sport. i love this
Vikranth Reddy
Vikranth Reddy 11 napja
I love the part where Mercedes transition into RP 😂
SlapMeister Records
Ah the diversity hire is at it again lol
Garuda 11 napja
I like "sticky, uppy bits"
Yeti 11 napja
Sam Collins is great.
Prithvi Raj
Prithvi Raj 11 napja
sam you told something about hamilton's seat in the post race show in imola, you said that you will cover that in tech talk turkey but you didnt can we know about that
Prithvi Raj
Prithvi Raj 9 napja
@Sam S Collins btw your doing great job It really entertaining
Sam S Collins
Sam S Collins 9 napja
Its on the full show on F1TV
bananatree25 11 napja
Check out Mercedes' youtube channel, they cover it in their Imola Q&A
Abc Def
Abc Def 11 napja
What about lewis hamiltons bad start? You said you will talk about it
Abc Def
Abc Def 9 napja
@Sam S Collins well i don't have the freaking f1tv Can you please tell me what was the theory???
Sam S Collins
Sam S Collins 9 napja
Its on the full show on F1TV
Kyle Joynes
Kyle Joynes 11 napja
I look forward to tech talk so much more than I do sundays nowadays
Jeff Huesgen
Jeff Huesgen 11 napja
Max verstappen is the best driver on the grid. He will break Schumachers championship record. He will also probably break Hamilton’s wins, poles, and podium records. No cap.
Ankit Behera
Ankit Behera 11 napja
What is Max doing in this segment? Realised it's an ad for puma shoes.
Akshansh Sharma
Akshansh Sharma 11 napja
Mark Dohner
Mark Dohner 11 napja
0:57 I finally enjoy life with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
John Micheal
John Micheal 11 napja
Renault's approach to this year is genius and I think they were as impressive as Mercedes this year. They were able to make that old chassis competitive. 1.) that provides perfect correlation data to use and guarantees they move in the right direction. 2.) They get a head start on next year because they are able to use this data almost immediately. So I think that their next car is going to be very very quick.
Akmal Ibrahim
Akmal Ibrahim 11 napja
Well, next year's Aston Martin is gonna be slow.
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