Mika Hakkinen Teaches Captain Slow to Drive | Top Gear 

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Mika Hakkinen trains Top Gear's very own Captain Slow, James May, how to drive at high speeds on a loose surface in Finland.
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Abragini84 21 órája
He got paid for that..... I wouldn't mind working with that job....
Junio Queiroz
7:07 When the F1 boys says they need equally cars to beat "sir" Hamilton
Manifestum Destitutione
Looks like captain slow is not slow enough, he's actually fast 👍
spyrox 3 napja
James, You're breaking the car !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Milos MilicTROB204
Putting 2 time F1 world championship with a Worlds slowest moving man in a rally car didn't really work out as planned did it?
James May is the best
Blair Marshall
11 years I get this recommended. Mike is one cool guy
Hello Cousteau
This looks like a hell lot of fun! I wish they had these kind of races here!
Oleksii Lesyk
Oleksii Lesyk 7 napja
2:15 Kimi is that you?
Kjeld Larsen
Kjeld Larsen 9 napja
Killed by the ads bye bye
myslecinaczej 10 napja
Old good times....
Andreas 11 napja
1:00 That's true. Look at finnish teens and wheelieing... They're utter pro's most of them xD
Binary Lynx
Binary Lynx 11 napja
Damn it looks too fun. Being able to nudge during a race, just awesome
SNAFU SEVEN 11 napja
One of the best TG segments of all time! "Do you agree Mika?" "Yes"🇫🇮
hernandezmarzal 12 napja
Rock Fan
Rock Fan 13 napja
Met May a couple of years ago, I haven't one good thing to say about him, a total bell-end.
Erhardt 13 napja
So let me get this straight ... I’m watching ... a Finnish driver ... in a German Car... on a British TV Channel ... on a device made in China ... and that device was designed in the USA ... don’t you just Love globalization... 😍
madexan 14 napja
ppl should know that you are bad driver when a Finn closes eyes (3:54). That should be a europe stantard if you ask me
DCXXX 14 napja
Good stuff !!
andrei ka
andrei ka 14 napja
finn looks like a younger brother of putine :-)
Hendra R
Hendra R 15 napja
Thanks God there's no country named sttart
Chris Loew
Chris Loew 15 napja
Top ten segments of all time!
david hodder
david hodder 16 napja
How can anyone not like mika
Marco Manunta
Marco Manunta 17 napja
Cazzo ci vuole. Lo faccio anche con la trazione anteriore...
Wyrd- 3
Wyrd- 3 18 napja
good times
Peerless 18 napja
This looks like the most fun thing in the world, an ol' dirt/gravel/offroad rally race with a bunch of ol beater cars. I want this to be my life!!
H-J. K.
H-J. K. 19 napja
You can´t help but love Mika:-)
redX111t 19 napja
Hakkinen, really? It's not impossible or hard to type ääää even if your keyboard doesn't have the key itself. Just use the ¨ + a = ä
Olli Kärkkäinen
'Thats ocd
lintu25 21 napja
Love you James May!
Tiaan Cloete
Tiaan Cloete 21 napja
I love Mika's look when May asks him about the airvents lol
FIREFLY42401 24 napja
My favorite part of F1 history (was 2 young for Senna-Prost era) and that 2000 Spa race, still got chills
Bogman Star
Bogman Star 24 napja
Great clip. 2 decent blokes - Hakkinen has a dry, low-key sense of humour - very down to earth. Oh to be half as good a driver as him : )
3dgar 7eandro
3dgar 7eandro 26 napja
6:20 oh so that's where the idea came from to Jeff Bezos 😂👌👌
Paul Defazio
Paul Defazio 27 napja
I know this is years old but it is so much better been watching you put together a bicycle or cook eggs get in a car and drive
Peter Balac
Peter Balac 27 napja
Loved it👌captain slow did ok 😂🤘
Davi Teles
Davi Teles 27 napja
This is Bika Hakkinen: the best teacher that a person can have!!!
Theo Black
Theo Black 29 napja
James was absolutely the perfect person to do this segment with Mika, it is endlessly charming.
10P2_7_ Frans christopher
Mika hakkinen is greatest driver in the world from finland
Archon331 Hónapja
That look at 3:26 lmao ;D
Thomas Kositzki
Thomas Kositzki Hónapja
Finns are about the coolest people in Europe. :)
Zacariah Anderson
Nice use of a boards of Canada track good footage to accompany
Klukluklu Klukluklu
Boss level politics : Putin Boss level F1 : Mika
ERT_Chimpanzee Hónapja
Mika Häkkinen, not Hakkinen.
Rubium Hónapja
Turns out My summer car is actually one of the most accurate depictions of finland
Rubium 5 napja
@Lincoln Description the game
Lincoln Description
You mean the game or ur actual summer car?
Thomas Weckström
@Rubium Well said my man, well said!
Rubium 13 napja
@Thomas Weckström I guess thats the price of nostalgia :(
Thomas Weckström
As a finn I'd say that My summer car is quite an accurate depiction of how life was like in the late 1990's to early 2000's, in the Finnish countryside, which usually means 3 or more miles away from the nearest city center. Things generally haven't changed that much, but it's getting harder to find cheap old cars these days. A Datsun 100A, the car the in game car is based on, goes for around 3000€ if you want a running and driving one. Cars like Volvo Amazons and VW beetles, like seen in the clip as folk racing cars, have also become collector cars and they are by no means as cheap as they were back when this was shot.
NuupeZ Hónapja
Manikandan Murugan
Elbow - Grounds For Divorce "Mind you, he's still quite sprightly"
naikjoy x
naikjoy x Hónapja
these two are such a fantastic combo
based bothadeez
based bothadeez Hónapja
mario bross
mario bross Hónapja
mario bross
mario bross Hónapja
mario bross
mario bross Hónapja
mario bross
mario bross Hónapja
jakie pacholki? na mocie nie bylo. Co to jest?
mario bross
mario bross Hónapja
Witam. Ja znam taka w |Polsce, pamietam poranek, taka szklanka byla i byl maluch, i gasnice wyciagalem, pod kolo wkladalem bo na recznym slizgal sie ford do tylu w dol. po skarpie w dol nie schodzilem. Auto w lusterku widzialem i pojechalem. . Tobie kolego nie rysowalem nic, sam zes namalowal cos, bo to pozniej bylo, Zabka swiadek. Mlody a jak pijany auto gwizdnales pod zelazna tez opowiadales? tak to bylo. pozdrawiam
Jari Ojala
Jari Ojala Hónapja
Häkkinen on yksinkertainen tyyppi ei mitään symppistä
李彥棠 Hónapja
Anyone think that Mika looks a bit like Mads Mikkelsen?
Alexander Jäger
Kapitän Langsam??? Wer hat das den übersetzt? Das heißt immer Captain slow...Punkt!
Elijah Robinson
Elijah Robinson Hónapja
Mika was always pretty classy, whereas Schumacher was not. Modest, humble, he knew he was good and didn’t need to beat his chest and shout about himself. Reminds me of Canadians 👋🏼🇨🇦
ssc00p 14 napja
Don't get me wrong... not trying to take anything from the Canadians (amazing country) but aren't there in Canada a lot of finnish ancestors too which might play a factor?
zan metal
zan metal Hónapja
Really missed those great day in F1 when hakkinen vs schumacher. And of course those v12 and v10
Alvaro Higino
Alvaro Higino Hónapja
This guy seems so much Dave Mustaine.
Johny Jimmy
Johny Jimmy Hónapja
First eye to eye
Johny Jimmy
Johny Jimmy Hónapja
Johny Jimmy
Johny Jimmy Hónapja
Love You man, all time
Johny Jimmy
Johny Jimmy Hónapja
Hazazi Azizan
Hazazi Azizan Hónapja
That is *Vladimir Putin!*
TheThirdMan Hónapja
"We started off with some cones..." and it all went down hill from there!
ZoraZora Hónapja
idkwuisp 76
idkwuisp 76 Hónapja
All you have to do to spell Häkkinen's name correctly, is google "A with dots" and copy-paste the letter "ä". Kind of disrespectful to misspell someone's name and then not correct it, if you ask me.
bigrobsydney Hónapja
Really love Mika's sense of humour. Highly intelligent, confident, and ultimately funny and down-to-earth guy.
Prussian Eagle
Prussian Eagle Hónapja
I actually use this video to Fall asleep 🥴😂 No i am Not joking 😅
Lord Grim
Lord Grim Hónapja
*“Is it quite finnish?”* “Yes”
Brown TBA
Brown TBA Hónapja
Hakkinen very smart driver !!! shows to james that secret of drift !!!! wow
Arindra Fachri
Arindra Fachri Hónapja
8:28 when your friends as you why your gf looks very young
Hölökyttäjä Hónapja
Hold up
Billie Bleach
Billie Bleach Hónapja
“Euuuhm. No”
Diëgo Kartodikromo
Buy do I miss these blokes!
Onni Pelkonen
Onni Pelkonen Hónapja
jkl9094 Hónapja
Elbow grounds for divorce, such a great song for this scene, love it
Fred Schriks
Fred Schriks Hónapja
Mika is a great bloke.
Jack_blitz J&B
Jack_blitz J&B Hónapja
Song of 0:30?
Reijo Kähkönen
Im from the finns
Mr.Mister Hónapja
I don't like loud people either, so I guess I'm a little bit Finnish.
david mallard
david mallard Hónapja
captain "slow",not captain turtle!
CleanestBowl Hónapja
Fun fact: This video has more views than the population of Finland. perkele
Tunturi_Mies Hónapja
Dead Monkey
Dead Monkey Hónapja
im the 43,000 like!
kroyy Hónapja
5:48 no, that's German. Lol.
Thomas Juniardi
Thomas Juniardi Hónapja
The Fins vs the Germans on race track.... classic 🙏
MTBallard Hónapja
Harrison Thompson
James may is lightning McQueen and Mike is doc
Plywoodcar Johnson
I think Brits are quite fearless on the roads. They dont know what fear is. Otherwise they couldn't drive Range Rovers in 140 mph on roads that are two meters wide, between hedges and great walls. Simply to get to work. While sheep are coming at them from all directions like fluffy meteors.
M Hónapja
No, that's OCD
_Hatsune Miku Häkkinen_
VikingWarrior HU
2:37 i love how he said 'i can indeed'
Not Pocketsoviet
so how do you drift mika: *yes*
Marcin Xxx
Marcin Xxx 2 hónapja
Happy Birthday Mika!🎂🎂🎂
Максим Ревякин
Мика прекрасен ))
How Cant a finn speak finish Sisu dosnt mean courage Rather its a trucc brand
Hölökyttäjä Hónapja
Voi vittu
藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac
Mika Hakkinen goes to a McDonalds be like: Cashier:Sir,what meal would you like to order? Mika:Yes
frj frj 2
frj frj 2 2 hónapja
If your from finland this will be epic
Finland isn't even in scandinavia lol
Hendrik Bootha
Hendrik Bootha 2 hónapja
No math homework in finland.......
David Kalavsky
David Kalavsky 2 hónapja
Loose surfaces you always have to be on the gas
sneakernomics 2 hónapja
Darren Tills dad is a pretty decent driver
Speedrunner VS Society
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