Most All-Time Race Wins - F1 Drivers, 1950-2020 

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70 years of F1 Grands Prix - here is a look at the drivers who have set the all-time record for most race wins down the years...
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Cr Karvounis
Cr Karvounis 16 órája
Max will finish his career in the top 6 of this list. Probably Charles and George Russell will make it into top 10.
Dörünber Yurttaşdelen
0:51 İn 2019 Hamilton Have 91 Wins? This İs Wrong
Antonio Black
Antonio Black 5 napja
The mere fact that Hamilton is 5 wins away from that iconic 100 mark and knowing it won't end there is both scary and exciting.
UltraFormula 1
Schumacher goes gas gas gas
Schumacher, Hamilton, Vettel, Prost, Lauda is my top 5 in that order Senna, Alonso, Hakkinen, Mansell, Hill complete the top 10
g sh
g sh 10 napja
Let's go woow🌚❤️lewis
Blaster Anonymous
"Lewis Hamilton wins on Formula 1!" Lewis: *"Always have been"*
Thoriq Saqieb
Thoriq Saqieb 16 napja
They forgot the ice man. Kimi Raikkonen
Eptic gaming
Eptic gaming 17 napja
lewis and Schumacher are like gas gas gas
lone Survivor
lone Survivor 17 napja
Can you do one with race teams maybe ? Like ferrari mercedes etc that would be very interesting
Tee Gee
Tee Gee 17 napja
Ask the drivers who have drove the old V10 cars an the new cars which car is the easiest to drive. An go back to the even older cars an they were even harder to drive that's why the older drivers will always be regarded as better than lewis he would of wet himself in the V10 years an gone home crying after trying to keep up with Alonso Schumacher an Mika
Trilochan velmurugan
Parham Azadi
Parham Azadi 18 napja
Am I the only one who gets sad seeing their wins stop at some point and many overtaking them? Not just Senna, all of them.
Arda AKİN 18 napja
0:49 You just got nicoroll'd
Mauro Foltran
Mauro Foltran 18 napja
Prost Vs Senna needs a movie like rush
stevejh69 18 napja
Nice job, thanks
Ariffin Razack
Ariffin Razack 18 napja
Hopefully Aston Martin F1 delivers, it'd be great to see Seb up in the 90's
Allan Saber
Allan Saber 18 napja
Schumacher will be the best racer, always
Anshuman Kakralia
Samy -
Samy - 20 napja
How much do I have to zoom for the Maldonado bar?
MP Dias
MP Dias 20 napja
Next: Most All-Time Pole Positions
Luca Sebastián Pucheta
Great Fangio
A Resistência
A Resistência 20 napja
Senna, the greatest ever.
AK 7563
AK 7563 20 napja
Should've added gas gas
Ed Mcdanza
Ed Mcdanza 20 napja
LOL @ nico softberg
joel van den aakster
Lewis only has 95 wins cause of his car
Rodolphe Ndessabeka
Prost is too underrated for his achievements.
Saiye Rugara
Saiye Rugara 19 napja
He's #4 all time I think.
Robert Sagest
Robert Sagest 21 napja
Now do ones where the car didn't do it for him. Lewis would drop to about 10 wins and 1 championship.
sBinnala forever
Jean-Marc Bouillet
Ça va trop vite !
Roger Vallve
Roger Vallve 21 napja
wow no max on list, i think he was the messiah
Marco 21 napja
Thats a whacky comparison given how a season has way more races today then they used to have
Racing Statistics
We have one adjusting for the number of races per season, you should check it out!
Schalk Naudé South Africa
Hamilton is on top only because of team orders. Lucky to be in the number ONE seat for the past six years. After George drove his car AND PROVED it's the car and not so much the driver. My heart is still bleeding (for George) after the "so called" slow puncture and the mess during the double pit stop... 🤠
Lightening McQueen
Awesome! I can't believe it's that many wins and I'm finally seeing something like this here!
EE-Anirudh R
EE-Anirudh R 21 napja
Why did I think of slither.io🤔
Mohit Kadlag
Mohit Kadlag 21 napja
Senna would have made that 1st spot 😭
Andy McKee
Andy McKee 21 napja
Totals are irrelevant. Percentages are what counts. Jim Clark and Fangio are the best by some margin if you discount mechanical DNFs which in the early days were almost never due to driver abuse but from poor engineering.
Falcon 22 napja
Seeing Pettersons wins just disappear gave me chills
mark sewe
mark sewe 22 napja
Sir Lewis Hamilton... the GOAT 🐐
xSilverScreenx 22 napja
80s-90s is when one team just started to dominate
Felippe M Marques
Thanks for the best season ever! 👊
Ronan 22 napja
Schumacher dominated v10 era. Seb dominated v8 era. Hamilton dominated v6 era.
Barison Dude
Barison Dude 22 napja
Jim Clark was amazing. The number of races he participated in traveling all around the world while being in F1. He is definitely #1 for me.
Papa Mama
Papa Mama 22 napja
Sir Lewis Hamilton
Amarildo Gojdeshi
Richard Schoonhoven
You should do one that compensates for the number of races per season. Would be interesting where Prost etc end up.
Racing Statistics
I have done that
C A 22 napja
Schumacher, Prost, Senna - the greats. The followers are all car and F1 PR marketing.
TheRealGS 22 napja
Comment #500!
baxwala 22 napja
Fangio still in the list after 70 years. Legend
Lawrence Saunders
Rosberg so underrated
Saiye Rugara
Saiye Rugara 19 napja
Sarge Siddiqui
Sarge Siddiqui 22 napja
What was is the music name being used in this video?
DoggedJoe 22 napja
Copying content from reddit now?
Zygfryd Homonto
Zygfryd Homonto 22 napja
Ηλίας Γρηγοριάδης
the crazy thing is that fangio who hasn't racing for 62 years is outside the top 10
Михаил Локтионов
Schumi > Hamilton
netsonna 23 napja
M D 23 napja
Imagine if Nico did not suddenly stop his F1 career. Would Lewis have as much wins as he does today?
alex albon
alex albon 23 napja
Next video idea : constructors championship timeline . Then number of pole position timeline
alex albon
alex albon 23 napja
Oh come on. Gimme some credit , I inspired you to do this on twitter by posting some wrong findings but I tried
what will happen?
JohnDaWhale3 23 napja
Replace Hamilton's name with "Mercedes"... The only wins worth validating are his wins at McLaren and his very first win for Mercedes seeing as the Merc wasn't overpowered in 2013 (last year of the V8 era).
Kuda 23 napja
When that Senna bar stopped moving and that line appeared. 😢
Emre Demiral
Emre Demiral 23 napja
Hey valteri, its james
Dantox131 23 napja
MSC:I Don't think anyonce can break all my records. Lewis:Hold my Black Race and My Mercedes
lumine NS
lumine NS 23 napja
F1 really said i'm going to copyright claim every channel so I can *be* every channel
Günter v. G.
Günter v. G. 23 napja
you could at least mention the dudes you stole the idea from
Racing Statistics
Well idea can't be stolen and if fans have fun watching these, then why not spread it
Hector Concarne
Hector Concarne 23 napja
just wait until a season will have 50 races! it will take only 2 years for a driver to break the record.
frjoethesecond 23 napja
Disliked because you're taking views away from small fan channels by doing this kind of video.
Berchtold 23 napja
"Still I Rise"
Krishna Shankar
Krishna Shankar 23 napja
I have to say, I was half expecting the background music to be Gas Gas Gas (especially during the Schumacher part)
ANDy JK 23 napja
Sir Lewis Hamilton....... say no more
Aaron Washington
So F1 is never going to admit that most of those Schumacher, Vettel and Hamilton wins aren't really fairly earned then? No? Just gonna keep congratulating and paying homage to the richest teams? What's that about being the pinnacle of motorsport again? As a matter of fact, has there been an era of F1 where a team DIDN'T essentially pay to win?
El Troll
El Troll 23 napja
I feel like this video should have been a little bit longer, being this short doesn't allow you to appreciate it fully.
Robby Woolums
Robby Woolums 23 napja
I am a die hard Senna fan. Cringe if you want to, but this chart just proves that Hamilton, is in fact, the greatest of all time.
Scar Sam
Scar Sam 23 napja
Lol No never dude, winning races in the most dominant car ever along with most races in a season doesn't make one greatest
Marjuk Hossain
Marjuk Hossain 23 napja
Prost's bar went really fast
Yile Wen
Yile Wen 23 napja
haha Gas Gas Gas go BRRRRRRRR
Mamo 23 napja
Cool idea
루미녹스 23 napja
루이스 해밀턴 LH44 👍
Bilgin Başaran
Bilgin Başaran 23 napja
My list; 1-Schumacher 2-Raikkonen 3-Alonso 4-Hamilton 5-Vettel
Battle Parrot
Battle Parrot 23 napja
In the alternative universe "Get on top Lewis" - Bono
Jerônimo Martins
You could make a graph like that showing the number of GP's per driver. Nowadays Kimi is the top driver with more than 330 races. 😉
Carlos Ferrari
Carlos Ferrari 23 napja
Should be done by percentage of the season otherwise it doesn't make sense after all way back the there were what, 8 races a year…?
sanjay kumar
sanjay kumar 23 napja
Just waiting for next wins for seb I pray that seb equals the record of Hamilton till his retirement
Anas Shaik
Anas Shaik 23 napja
I appreciate Formula 1 to hear out the fans needs and apply it to the official channel One of a kind 🔥
ARC NEMISIS 23 napja
Vettel should be on top ,do something Vettel!!!!!,we need atleast 100 wins.
Liam 2069
Liam 2069 23 napja
Fake where is our lord and saviour Mahaveer
Assault 13
Assault 13 23 napja
He is on another level, so we can't see him
Shahir 23 napja
how is fangio here??? mindblowing!
Ferrari FANS
Ferrari FANS 23 napja
Schumacher was the greatest!
Keith Clunk
Keith Clunk 23 napja
I know this is F1, but running this at a more leisurely pace would've been nicer.
Robert Whitton
Robert Whitton 23 napja
Michael Schumacher: Nani?!
Elliott Scott
Elliott Scott 23 napja
Can we have a wins per race comparison?
Darius Edwin
Darius Edwin 23 napja
Gustavo Javarini
Say what you want... Lewis Hamilton is one of the greatest. Period.
NANDu Techy vlogs
B-06 Denpher Micah Dimaculangan
Who is the greatest f1 drivers in South America? Explain why?
Left4Coragem 23 napja
I like watching F1 but comparing driver's number of wins must be one of the most useless stats there is. The first driver of the dominant team at the time is the winner, always. Very rarely you have 2 teams on the same level competing for the lead, so comparing the number of wins is like saying "the guy on the ferrari is faster than the guy on the honda civic". All you're showing is the guy that had the biggest advantage over the others.
Aloter 23 napja
Michael Schumacher : let me introduce myself Lewis Hamilton : hold my trophees
Sean Martin
Sean Martin 23 napja
Do not show this to anyone who you are trying to get into F1
Luqmaan Shakoor
Luqmaan Shakoor 23 napja
Hear is a suggestion it would b amazing if u could do the same for world championships in F1 history, every driver who's won a championship since fangio 👍🏼
Rerags 23 napja
this video contains more overtakes than the spanish grand prix
Jay Tee Kay
Jay Tee Kay 23 napja
Dear media team, we appreciate you 👍
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