Must-See New Video Shows Capitol Riot Was Way Worse Than We Thought | All In | MSNBC 

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Chris Hayes: “It is entirely possible that there were people in that crowd, looking to apprehend, possibly harm, and possibly murder the leaders of the political class that the President, and people like Mo Brooks, and even to a certain extent Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, have told them have betrayed them." Aired on 1/8/2021.
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Must-See New Video Shows Capitol Riot Was Way Worse Than We Thought | All In | MSNBC



2021.jan. 8.






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dave trent
dave trent 3 órája
Heee hooo heee hooo heee hooo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍👌🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍👌
Albert Moffet
Albert Moffet 3 órája
its mad people are talking about this in a negative way. i was so happy and proud when i saw the capitol getting stormed
Edwin Siller
Edwin Siller 3 órája
They should put all trump supporters in concentration camps
Chris Carter
Chris Carter 3 órája
Only white people can do this and get away whit is they where blm then the cops would have feared for their life then they would have opened fire but no not this group
Robert Lyons
Robert Lyons 3 órája
INSIDE JOB...................
Robert Lyons
Robert Lyons 3 órája
Demofraud is real, America knows. Now what???
Chris Carter
Chris Carter 3 órája
Terrorist must be excuted all of them at the capital siege
Chris Carter
Chris Carter 3 órája
If there so proud of what thay where doing y hide your face hmmmm cause they are f.o.s terrorist
TheVoiTube 3 órája
President authorizing this type of behavior is a disgrace to the country. Like one rioter said aftermath, she was only doing what president asked her to do.
Gary Hall
Gary Hall 3 órája
Aren't these the type of people who are always telling blacks to comply and respect law enforcement?
Flash Jazz
Flash Jazz 3 órája
So says the draft dogger. Trump, weakness, says a guy who runs away like a rat!
jean chapman
jean chapman 4 órája
TheForestSaphire 4 órája
This is what happens when you have the most entitled population who thinks the world revolves around them. They destroy themselves and at this point its deserved. They need to learn their place.
cichlider 4 órája
shaqtus 69
shaqtus 69 4 órája
An better way to start a new year
Marc Bear
Marc Bear 4 órája
Mike Pence say's this is the only Presidency that never started a War. Well MR. Pence I have News for you, You all did start a war right here on our own Soil. SAD Time for all of us. I believe this is just getting stated too. This isn't an America we know it has become a laughing stock of the World because of Donald J Trump. They went after Hillary for 5 years over Benghazi. What do you think them same Retrumplican's are going to do to him. We need to fix this Issue now, but with Trump, like his Niece said he will never concede ever never admit he lost fair and square. PEACE MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS !!
Tamara Martin
Tamara Martin 4 órája
Pence is more of a man then trump ever thought of being you lost get over it you ruined this country big ups to pence from Indiana tell trump to storm deeeezzzzznuts
Jess T Life
Jess T Life 4 órája
When America becomes the worlds biggest laughing stalk.
Buff Production
Buff Production 4 órája
fake news channel
articvinter 5 órája
Trump is still president, what if he orders the soldiers to take control and control Biden.
articvinter 5 órája
They protect themselves from an enemy that does not exist.
Patrick Teo
Patrick Teo 5 órája
America America you were once the greatest nation on earth not by appearance not by might but by the awesomeness and majesty & the serenity once the outsiders walked into a church in USA 🇺🇸 in the early days of yesteryears 🙏🙏🙏where are YOU now😭😭😭🔥🔥🔥Please bring back that LOVING feeling & Godly feeling I pray🙏🙏🙏Can America be great again? I cry for you 😭😭😭A heart ❤️ without love for men is nothing! So help us Lord once again😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏
Numbers Ami
Numbers Ami 5 órája
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Robrecht saski
Robrecht saski 5 órája
Soldiers protecting the rotten deep state anti-American criminals..... that stole the election.... and that will soon send them in NEW ENDLESS WARS, to be maimed, even killed !! Demonrat deep state operatives in the US institutions, looking down on every soldier ...calling them dogs and stupid useful idiots !
Nice Person
Nice Person 5 órája
nah, just to msnbc way worse...actual people taking phone vids at the time show the truth...not much ...
Dakota Mathews
Dakota Mathews 5 órája
What would have happened if they had gotten to them well they would be hostages until they got what they wanted plain and simple
Walter Chernicki
Walter Chernicki 5 órája
4 trumpets died
Dr. Restless
Dr. Restless 5 órája
This is no longer the United States. It's now the American States of Anarchy.
Walter Chernicki
Walter Chernicki 5 órája
Brave American
A Hippy
A Hippy 5 órája
When the uneducated take charge you get Brexit.
Walter Chernicki
Walter Chernicki 5 órája
Dude look at yourself
Seef Eldeen
Seef Eldeen 5 órája
Imam Nasser Muhammad al-Yamani (10 - 07 - 1441 Hejri) (05 - 03 - 2020 Kr.) Skrevet Kl. 12:51 Natt ((I følge den offisielle kalenderen til morens-byene (Meka) .(Corona Virus av de lavest pine før den største pine da kanskje de vil vende tilbake(til sin Herre 👇🏻👇🏻 www.mahdialumma.com/showthread.php?p=326682
A Hippy
A Hippy 5 órája
All those supporting this riot should get life sentences
Maggie sa
Maggie sa 5 órája
America is falling apart!
Fovoz 5 órája
With Biden in office there will only be negatively and violence 2020 has not ended its just the beginning. of what’s to come.
sabine cohen
sabine cohen 5 órája
All Lies
Christian Espino
Christian Espino 5 órája
do we as humans deserve to live?
sabine cohen
sabine cohen 5 órája
Spun narrative. Set up by Democrats.
Justice Forall
Justice Forall 5 órája
Fake news
Barry Nichols
Barry Nichols 5 órája
way worse than the D.C., Portland, Kenosha, L.A., Detroit, Chicago, Minneapolis, etc etc etc., looting and burning riots that went for months on end in 2020?
Hai I
Hai I 5 órája
Is the way this guy speaks supposed to make people believe him more or that’s he’s a more intelligent voice in the media? I see Tucker Carlson speak like this as well so I don’t know if it’s just a type of tradecraft news casters use to sound more intelligent or what but it’s kinda weird.
Angelie Avenie
Angelie Avenie 6 órája
Not the way to fix problems, this is a perfect way to destroy the country. Cause & effect...bad idea...politically, socially, economically, and all the ally's I between. Investors will not invest in a country that is not secure... so, now...l we all end up with no jobs, no future, a sicker place than before a divided country that is sad. Government has to choose it's leader and sometimes change is best, in a country. Choose Peace & Love
Gamer Biasa
Gamer Biasa 6 órája
They need mirror and see them self is this what they call make America great again ?
Mike Garzon
Mike Garzon 6 órája
Wow, I am not from this country but all those crazy riots look violent and also I am pretty sure that they don't have any level of education maybe they don't even know how to write or read well. USA education is very expensive and maybe that is the problem that people are not getting the right education .
Rukkah Jack
Rukkah Jack 6 órája
fear mungering
simpaticaism 6 órája
Drama drama drama that’s what these reporters spread and they don’t care how America looks to the world ......
Johanna Bagelius
Johanna Bagelius 6 órája
Gloomy Neko
Gloomy Neko 6 órája
We need a reset button on America I can’t take this country seriously anymore
Stoic Moin
Stoic Moin 6 órája
I am from Bangladesh. Enjoying the reality show of how America is becoming a second Bangladesh, in terms of political violence.
Cali Jokes
Cali Jokes 6 órája
Sill costumes lol
Antonina Garas
Antonina Garas 6 órája
Sad..storming of the Bastille
Carlos colon
Carlos colon 7 órája
Terry Brown
Terry Brown 7 órája
Michael Lawrence
Michael Lawrence 7 órája
Dear media....you incite violence and then you condemn it and then you bathe in it for ratings and clicks.
Willynn Mcl
Willynn Mcl 7 órája
I could not finish this clip. Too painful to watch US democracy under such assaults by the governing party and its followers. It is a big joke that the governing party cried foul in election: it is always the other way. Moreover, it is these traitors that staged a coup to steal a fair and square, legitimate election. When you allow rich people to influence politics and decimate public support for the education system, combined with ultra sense of entitlement and no concern for others, a seditious mob is all you can expect.
Lisa Bowes
Lisa Bowes 7 órája
Because of his ego there are 5 people dead and thousands now implicated in domestic terrorism and murder. All this did was cause him more trouble and make his presidency matter for nothing.
Donald Kanawaty
Donald Kanawaty 7 órája
Antifa did a good job.
Lulls Baby
Lulls Baby 7 órája
Large crowd marches down the street, chanting for change. Gets tear gas thrown at them and dogs unleashed. Large group of terrorists infiltrate Capitol Hill and wound several officers. Nothing.
mathatter91 •
mathatter91 • 7 órája
Storm a building saying you are going to hang someone and get shot. Surprised?
Gin Rummy
Gin Rummy 8 órája
Radicalism is taken form, go live back in nature and people might really understand what life is about... artificial world ain't going to make things better. "I have such a growing need for dominance" but undeniably our own environment will regulate humans at the crossroads.
Khaled Mohamed
Khaled Mohamed 8 órája
Imam Nasser Muhammad al-Yamani (10 - 07 - 1441 Hejri) (05 - 03 - 2020 Kr.) Skrevet Kl. 12:51 Natt ((I følge den offisielle kalenderen til morens-byene (Meka) .(Corona Virus av de lavest pine før den største pine da kanskje de vil vende tilbake(til sin Herre 👇🏻👇🏻 www.mahdialumma.com/showthread.php?p=326682.......
Ali Asjad
Ali Asjad 8 órája
At least they are correct about one thing “Mike Pence is a really traitor”. So many crimes, so many lies, so many lives lost & he stood by his master didn’t do a thing even at the end he could have invoke the 25th but didn’t. The one who hides the crime is equally responsible as the one who commits them. Mike pence is a criminal
Cope with-it
Cope with-it 8 órája
"In any given situation there's always going to be more dumb people then there are smart people remember we are not many"! ~Ken Casey~
Scuba Steve Coulbern
There shouldn't be a such thing as a political class.
Liberty Avenger
Liberty Avenger 8 órája
PVP SAAAN !! 8 órája
hurun.info/to/vide/opGek6N_moHSy7c.html MAGA JOE FOR THE WIN LMAO
Mike Raad
Mike Raad 8 órája
The telling course histologically pretend because child neuropathologically flower despite a wide-eyed alcohol. messy, disgusted drug
Amy Trumbull
Amy Trumbull 8 órája
Stating that Trump incited this is ridiculous. Really twisting his words there.
Rúben Pinto
Rúben Pinto 8 órája
Even the purge has more laws than this guys
KuiProductions 8 órája
It is embarrassing to be an american
VonVron X
VonVron X 8 órája
HYPOCRITES Central Banker Oil/gold war hurun.info/to/vide/c5ODlYhutImrnd0.html Attempts to overthrow Maduro is over oil not elections, It costs 8 cents to fill a car with gasoline in Venezuela... Oil/gold, sovereignty and Weapon Sales.. KEEP WASHINGTON DC OUT OF YOUR COUNTRY INCLUDING AUSTRALIA AND EUROPE
Sheila Fulks
Sheila Fulks 8 órája
Punk azz police, only shooting when there’s an unarmed black person. They were willing to allow their own to be crushed rather than shooting one of those out of control idiots . One shot in the air, even rubber bullets, but no.
ジップリ 8 órája
Did Trump supporters break democracy? I don't think so.
Michael Lambert
Michael Lambert 8 órája
WTH you think finna happen shoot all them mfs
Mister Nobody
Mister Nobody 9 órája
That is terrifying wtf
David li
David li 9 órája
The verdant insulation thermodynamically pump because feature lily sin pro a possible support. volatile, grubby gruesome hallway
Molie 9 órája
I didn't even watch half of the video and I'm scared. I cannot imagine how scared are families surrounding that district.
elsa KUAN
elsa KUAN 9 órája
The one who stolen Poloci’s computer, Just found was shut 8 times in his basement ? Who did it?
Peter O'Leary
Peter O'Leary 9 órája
This is shockingly biased. Cops removed the barriers allowing in the crows led by 50 anti fa domestic terrorists with their lease John Sullivan
Cameron Duffy
Cameron Duffy 9 órája
I have this awful feeling, that history will repeat itself once again, maybe another assassination will happen. So many angry people no matter who is elected..truly sad..
Steven Lovell
Steven Lovell 9 órája
The Nazi Party wasn't disbanded after their first coup attempt either.
anthony lindsey
anthony lindsey 9 órája
How does antifa infiltrate one of the most secure buildings in USA??? They were simply let in. Capitol police removed barriers and waived for them to "come on in" "come on"
JayKay West
JayKay West 9 órája
This is a shame! I am against any violence, burning and threatening to kidnap and hang anyone.
Ilhan Faizal
Ilhan Faizal 9 órája
these people are dumb
Alexis Steele
Alexis Steele 9 órája
I hope everyone involved, especially the president are charged as terrorists. This is absolutely ridiculous. I'm ashamed to be from America and if I could, I would move my family to a more civilized country.
St. Jello
St. Jello 10 órája
He didn't say anything about violence and killing anyone.
Justin Caratachea
Justin Caratachea 10 órája
Was that the lady who got shot in neck??
Thiago Yugovic
Thiago Yugovic 10 órája
So now you care about police officers and the Trump suporters who died now it fits your narritives.
KING LAX 10 órája
Devils at work
fck fracking
fck fracking 10 órája
Watch newsmax!! You’ll hear the TRUTH
Ronelle Pheiffer
Ronelle Pheiffer 10 órája
Is he copying someone's style on Fox news?
teh Yip
teh Yip 10 órája
This entire incident was so utterly ridiculous it wouldn't look out of place in an SNL skit.
Andrés Leiva
Andrés Leiva 10 órája
I can see how this can turn around: FBI agent: sir we have you chanting "hang Mike Pence" Rioter: No, "hang my pants" officer... FBI agent: you tricky mf..
Horatio Williams
Horatio Williams 10 órája
Sarah Donald Trump that is so real
Verk Inkcard
Verk Inkcard 10 órája
Let's see (Pigs in a blanket fry them up) Has msnbc publicized that
Dylan Wormsbaker
Dylan Wormsbaker 10 órája
It’s time for new politicians in office who are not corrupt and hang all the corrupt politicians from the gallows outside the capital. Constitutionally this is 100% legal and the people of the USA own the government. We the people are the ones who run this country not the government
John Domuch
John Domuch 10 órája
Raz3r Gaming
Raz3r Gaming 10 órája
And trump just let this happen😐
Cybe Nood
Cybe Nood 11 órája
Every civilization reaches an apex and subsequently falls; that is just a mathematical certainty. The apogee of the United States of America transpired in the 80s, and it has been in decline ever since. Give the right to own weapons to an alarmingly under educated population, and this is the result. How did people not see this coming decades ago?
Jan Stone
Jan Stone 11 órája
I hope the rest of the USA realizes that this is way more dangerous than ISIS, Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein.
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